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Nothing On

Summary: Basically, you have a weird dream and you can’t stop seeing Ichthys naked. Fuck. [#5]

Notes: Smut. Another story that kids shouldn’t read. Anyways, I don’t think I’ve seen enough Ichthys smuts in the fandom so here we go! Inspired by this prompt (x). This is quite a playful smut because you can’t stop Ichthys from killing the moment. At least that’s how I imagined him to be. Still a fun thing to write. Alright. Let’s get naughty.

After a few hours, you stirred from your slumber on the couch. Waking up with your glassy eyes blinking multiple times. You eventually rubbed them until your vision was clearer. You heard a voice but it felt so distant. Which was why, you were taken aback when the fuzziness scrubbed off and you could make out someone’s face ripping into your sight and your name was shouted by a different voice.

Out of shock, you squeaked and ducked back under the spare blanket.

Unbeknownst to you, you were already on the edge of the couch so your frantic antics led you to roll off the bed and almost hitting the ground if Ichthys didn’t catch you. “Hey, hey—I’m sorry, are you okay?” The panic wasn’t well-hidden and Ichthys scrutinized you for anything he might need to heal. The god had scooped you easily in his arms and you had to hold on from his playful swinging.

“Be careful now, you don’t want make any more accidents,” chuckled Teorus while Dui shook his head. You made a face at them and Ichthys disregarded their silent commentaries on your relationship. “I’m done with work. It was a whole lot of fun!”

He set you down and you clumsily straightened out your mishap shirt and mini-skirt while studying Ichthys from head to toe. Unlike the other gods present in the room, he was dressed in his modern clothes. Ichthys was growing more and more accustomed to it (and also, it annoys both Zyglavis to see that he was the only god not in his uniform).

“I guess you’ve been giving yourself that rest you deserved, huh? I missed you.” He nuzzled you against your neck and you shied away from his ticklish breaths and also out of the awareness that you weren’t alone.

“I was just right here sleeping and waiting for you to come back—why’d you guys wake me up like that? you spoke with your tongue-in-a cheek although you loved how close he was. He chuckled as readjusted his grip on you.

“Better than Scorpio who would tip the couch over,” said Teorus pleasantly. Almost too pleasantly. You could practically see Scorpio doing it though.

“I was having a nice dream,” you griped.

“It did sound like it,” chuckled Ichthys. “What did you dream of?”

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coletterogers807  asked:

Hey :) you deserve all of those followers love x anyways, for requests, maybe one of the twins fall deathly ill and wont tell any of the avengers or the reader...





I LOVED writing this one! Thank you for all your support babe and hope you enjoy it x.


I smiled as I caught sight of a group of nervous newcomer agents who were being led around the facilities by Natasha who saluted me with a small smirk.

The new agents all gaped at me as walked past, giving them all a wave and a large smile, their whispering becoming even louder;

‘Oh my god thats agent Y/L/N!’
‘Oh shit she’s looking, does my hair look okay?!’
‘She’s so pretty up close!’
‘Pretty? She’s hot!’
‘Do you think she really as badass as they say she is?’

‘If you all keep talking like that about agent Y/L/N then you’ll get an ass kicking!’ Natasha said to the group who quietened down at this instantly.

I let out a chuckle slightly and shook my head, the agents reminding me of the days of when I was a young agent.

I was a well known agent since I had been on so many agents with the rest of the Avengers, also having to escort many special scientists and politicians.

I made my way through the corridors, nodding back and smiling at agents who saluted me or waved at me.

I finally stopped at my room door, unlocking and opening it only to stop at the entryway in horror.

There was broken glass, vases and books all over the floor. Ripped pages scattered across the room, water spilt in patches and the red table cloth draping the floor.

I walked carefully across the room, trying not to step on anything sharp, wondering how on earth this could’ve happened since I always locked the room whenever I left.

Unless, Wanda might’ve left it open by accident since we share a room or one of the agents might’ve done this as a prank.

But just as I was about to cross to the landing to bathroom, I looked to the floor to find Wanda, spread eagle and eyes closed.

‘WANDA?!’ I screamed, now carelessly making my way to her, kneeling down and placing her on my lap, shaking her gently, ‘Wanda? Wanda can you hear?’

‘Mmmm, what-what happened?’ She said softly and confusedly, raising a hand to rub her head, staring up at me.

‘Are you okay Wanda? What happened?’ I said as she began to sit up and try to get to her feet.

‘I’m not sure … Ah! My heads pounding! I must’ve just blacked out-Whoa!’ She cried out slightly as she stumbled, unable to stand on her own two feet, grabbing her head before falling.

I caught her in my arms quickly holding her up before putting her arm around my shoulder, holding her up, ‘Come on I’m getting you to the ward.’

‘I think thats a good idea …’ She said softly as I helped her out the door and through the corridors hurriedly, many people giving way at the sight of us.

‘I need some help here!’ I shouted throughout the ward, now holding up Wanda with all my strength as she was nearly unconscious in my arms.

Thor, Tony and Steve had been conversing when they heard me shouting, and at the sight of Wanda.

Steve was instantly at my side as Thor made up a bed quickly, Tony getting his things together to examine her, ‘Get her over here quickly!’

Steve picked her up in his arms quickly, carrying her over to the bed and laid her down as she struggled to stay awake.

‘Stay with me Wanda, I need you to stay awake,’ Tony said as he flashed a torch in her eyelids gently, checking everything instantly.

‘What happened lady Y/N?’ Thor said as he stood beside me in worry.

‘I just went to my room for some things when I found her on the floor unconscious! When she awoke she was complaining of her head pounding-’

‘What else do you feel that has been different Wanda?’ Tony said as he checked her pulse, placing to fingers on her wrist as he times her heartbeat.

‘I’ve just been feeling very weak and heavy headed. Like everything is just a blur and I’m always having hot flushes …’

‘How long have you been experiencing these symptoms?’

‘A few weeks, but it hasn’t been that bad …’ Wanda muttered as she struggled to keep herself awake, Tony instantly frowning at this.

‘Okay … I’m going to get you through a scan right now. Steve, I need you to contact Bruce and get him here as soon as possible.
Thor I need you to find Pietro right away, he would want to know what is happening to his sister. Y/N I need you to stay here and bring up Wanda’s files and look through them to see if she’s had these symptoms before.’

We all nodded, dispersing at these orders.

I quickly helped Tony tow Wanda’s bed towards scanners, holding her feeble hand tightly in mine, ‘Your going to be okay Wanda, your going to be okay.’


I sat beside Wanda, comforting her as Tony continued to check her vitals and scans, also taking tests more and more tests as the time past. Bruce had also arrived and had joined in on helping.

I held her hand in mine, moving the hair out of her face gently as she tried to get some shut eye before Tony and Bruce ran some more tests on her, grumbling slightly.

I looked towards the window of the scanning room to see Pietro pacing, more like racing up and down the ward in a blur non-stop.

I chuckled slightly before stepping out to corridor, walking over to Pietro who was still pacing, ‘Hey big guy …’

Finally he stopped pacing at the sound of my voice, stopping right before me and giving me a very weak smile, ‘Hey …’

‘Come ‘ere,’ I said opening my arms up to him and letting him fall into them as he hugged me close and tightly, nestling his head into my neck without hesitation.

I had been close to the twins ever since they set foot in our headquarters, having been the first one to take care of them and look after them.

I looked up to them as if they were own older siblings, and I knew how protective Pietro was over Wanda since they were all each other had.

I ran my fingers through his hair carefully, rubbing his back comfortingly as I heard his breathing heavy and light, ‘Everything is going to be all right! It might just be a small virus or something.’

Pietro nodded but still kept his hold on me, letting me rocking him sidewards comfortingly as I could.  ‘Y/N? Pietro?’

We turned to Tony who looked at us, beckoning us into the room which we did, both standing instantly by Wanda’s side.

Bruce turned to us, a saddened expression etched on his face, ‘Guys, I did a bit of research on these symptoms that Wanda has been having. And we might actually know what the actual sickness is …’

‘What is it then that you think it is?’ Pietro said from beside me, his leg shaking continuous as one of his signs of anxiousness. 

Tony sighed before taking over, ‘Its called “Vision Disposition,” only common to people who can harness the power of telepathy.’

I shook my head instantly at this, ‘Thats great and all, but what is it?’

‘It is illness that causes the brain to send disorderly messages to the body, especially when the telepathic powers are in use which makes it even more dangerous for the user. In this case, since Wanda has only been using it for such and such a time and is a beginner at it, which makes the case for her even more deadly.’

‘What do you mean?’ Pietro instantly perking up at the word “deadly.

Bruce sighed heavily, removing his glasses slowly, ‘It means that there is a limited amount of damage that can be taken to the brain. So when she uses her powers frequently, that is when the sickness will kick in and damage the brain, and can even do it when powers aren’t in use.
Meaning that in a matter of time that there will be too much damage to the brain that she won’t be able to even move her own body. She’ll be worse than dead. She’ll just be existing without a mind really … An empty shell …’

Pietro let out a horrific gasp, covering his mouth with his hands as he walked off somewhere, leaving me speechless as I stared down at Wanda in sadness. 

‘But she’s been fine all these weeks! She can’t-can’t be dying all of sudden! She just can’t be …’

‘That’s the worst part about this entire virus, it strikes at the most unlikely of times … and is very, very deadly …’ Tony said quietly as he watched Wanda, her chest heavily. 

‘Is there a cure?’ I looked up in time to see Tony who just stared at me, his tears gathering in his eyes by the second.

I shook my head instantly, leaving the room quietly and shutting the door with a loud ‘bang’ that echoed throughout the corridor, leaning against the door as my tears fell heavily. 

At the sound of sobbing, I looked up to see Pietro leaning against the wall, crying into his arm that was lent up against it. 

I walked over to him quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder slowly, making him look up at me instantly and wipe his tears, ‘I didn’t think it would be this bad …’ 

‘Neither did I Pietro … Neither did I …’ He shook his head as his tears continued to fall down his cheeks, ‘I just-just don’t want to lose her-I can’t-’

‘Shhh, it’s okay …’ I said, pulling him into a hug which he gladly accepted, hugging me close and sobbing hard into my shoulder, his body shaking violently as mine did too, leaving us in the dark, cold corridor. 


Anybody want a Pt.2? You know the drill x. ;)

P.S. Just saying I would LOVE to continue this story ….


There are a lot of times when I want to talk to everyone and just write something that doesn’t really mean anything but unfortunately, this is not one of those times. It probably doesn’t matter to like any of you but my inbox has been closed, and will be for I don’t know how long. Many things brought on this decision and they all have to do with this fandom. Not just Tayvin shippers but the Taylor Swift fandom as a whole. It starts with the fact that there is an unlikable amount of competition in the fandom. Taylor comes here and she likes to see all of her fans having fun and enjoying what the does because well she’s an artist and what artist wouldn’t enjoy that? But it’s the after math that destroys so many and rots a person’s character. That’s when a person’s true being is revealed and you know why people are here. Some take it as a type of wave and smile from Taylor….a calm appreciation. Others take it as a gold star and some new sense of self worth like suddenly you’re so much better than that person who hasn’t even been able to see Taylor perform live. That’s not the case at all. If you look for validation and your own self-worth in Taylor then you really need to sit back and think about a lot of things……a lot of things. If I’m scrolling through my dash and see one person complaining about how much their life sucks in all caps making a show of themselves with an “ @ taylor swift “ at the end of their OD ass paragraph and i only ever see posts from this person when Taylor is online then?????what are you even doing on my dash???do you love taylor or the thrill you get from a notification from her? just a question (i think I’m progressively getting fired up as i type this please just bear with me) There was once a time when posts were made for the enjoyment of it…not for Taylor. And like, it’s cool, it’s fine, you don you…you can’t just ignore the fact that one of your favorite people could possibly interact with you in just a click of a button. But please, do not feel some type of way when your reblogged post disappears from my dash after i unfollow you because I’m not here for that. i got better shit to see then that post you’ve kept saved in your drafts 48381038750839 times for when some type of alert tells you Taylor is online. Then God forbid someone actually gets attention from Taylor. You and i both know she has certain blogs she visits almost on the regular we won’t even act like that’s not a thing because it is. But hey, someone give me a logical reason to try to bring these people down for getting her attention. Who’s fault is it that she decides to feel drawn to certain people? There are probably so many eyes being rolled at me right now….a few scoffs like “oh who are you to talk she’s like always on your blog” and you’re right….who am i to talk? but no matter what you feel like, there is no reason for you to make someone actually feel so bad about themselves and so undeserving of what Taylor has given them that they actually cut off any way of taylor communicating with them again because she could follow so many other blogs and like so many other posts that would be more worth her time and attention (yup i blocked her) It’s one thing to judge someone but to hate them because they have something you don’t is fucking disgusting….im not sorry. I love Taylor to hell and back but i have found too much stability in myself and the people around me…..in the REAL world…to let her or any of the people in my inbox change that. I’m too happy right now and that’s incredibly rare for me….i have reasons to smile….i have people to smile for and i won’t let anyone break that…not even taylor. That being said, it becomes almost unbearable for one even digest anything Tayvin related anymore because everything is magnified to the point off near explosion tbh. I can’t talk about being extra haha i know i am….but really…..still stuck on “I love you’s”? they’ve been together for damn near a year, of fucking course they love each other. I don’t know….im like the OD queen so i shouldn’t say shit but god if i could just not make a face at my screen or phone when i see people banging their heads against a wall about these two doing some normal couple shit like holding hands, it would be a great world. And if you don’t like someone else’s opinion about something then don’t fucking give them hell about it. It’s literal basic common sense. Stay in your lane. Someone doesn’t ship what you ship? Cool….they don’t fuck with you, you don’t fuck with them….easy. There is no reason for people to be running around here trying to act like warriors with swords in their hands ready to fight anyone who doesn’t agree with them. STOP. THE. UNNECESSARY. MADNESS. IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS.  I’m gonna shut up now….maybe open my inbox but limit messages….i don’t know haha I’m just…fucking….done. lmao. 

Fic Snippet

Okay, I’ve been so busy working on my submission for big bang, I haven’t had time to participate in all the things that have been happening in fandom lately, so in honour of Hannigram day, and in celebration of having nearly finished this beast, have a sampling:

The garden annex was tucked around the side of the building, in the wall that ran the entire perimeter of the community. In this area it was mostly hidden by rows of trees and the climbing vines. The door was a small wooden and metal opening with a knocker attached and above the handle was a small, strange opening. Like the Receiver, Will must have seen this door before, but he had somehow slipped his notice. Apprehensive, he lifted his hand to tap the knocker against the door.

In the brief moment he had to wait, Will considered running away. Fuelled by a burst of fear he thought of following the wall to where it ended at the water and jumping in. Swimming and swimming until he ended up somewhere different, where there wasn’t all this expectation and the promise of pain he couldn’t even imagine. But it was so absurd, he had to swallow back a nervous titter of laughter at the notion.

Then the door opened and the man stood before him in another of his strange outfits that accentuated his tall and slender form, his longish hair falling swept back from his brow. “Will.” He beckoned Will. “Please come in.”

There was nothing in particular about the man that should give him any cause for concern, nor anything about the room they stood in, a small, dark alcove with three doors similar to the one he’d just entered. Still the sound of the door closing behind him made him jump. The Receiver turned a knob on the door, and at Will’s curious look, said, “It’s a lock.”

“Lock?” Will echoed, scanning his memory. He’d heard the word of course, knew what it meant in relation to computers. Restricted files were password locked. In this context, however, he was at a loss. Why put a lock on a door?

The Receiver said, “We don’t want to be interrupted, as unlikely a prospect as that is. And on that note…” He reached for the speaker on his wall, the same as every speaker in every dwelling, save for one detail. The Receiver’s had a switch on it, which he now flipped over to off. Will had never seen one like that before.

They stood in silence for a moment, the Receiver examining Will’s face. “You’re nervous,” he said. Will almost jumped a second time when the man touched his shoulder. “I wish there were something I could tell you to reassure you, but I’m afraid that what the Overseer said at the ceremony was true.”

Will swallowed. “The pain, you mean.”

“Yes, there will be pain, and sadness. But there will be pleasure, as well. We will begin with something easy. Come.”

    Through the door to the right was a room unlike any Will had ever seen. A wide staircase spiraled down into great room. As he descended, Will stared around himself in wonder. Row upon row of shelves lined the walls, each filled with books of varying shapes and sizes. In Will’s dwelling they had a small shelf with a few books–references, dictionaries, and the rule book–but this…There were hundreds of them. Could they be more rules? Perhaps for other communities? References for the various jobs?

    “Those are fictions,” the Receiver said, interrupting his reverie, and Will tore his gaze away to meet the man’s.

    “You mean lies.”

    The Receiver tilted his head to the side, eyes narrowing until they were nearly closed. “Stories,” he corrected thoughtfully. “They were created not to deceive, but for entertainment and enjoyment.”

    “That sounds…” Enchanting. Wonderful. Will turned back to the nearest shelf, drinking in the glossy words written on the spines. Names like Dickens and Twain, Tolstoy and Orwell, Shakespeare and Frank.

    “They cannot be taken from this dwelling, however there will plenty of time for you to enjoy them here.” The Receiver gave a slight tug on Will’s elbow. “At a later point in time.”

    “Of course,” Will agreed obediently, though he still longed to peruse the books. He allowed the Receiver to lead him to a pair of chairs set before a giant window that stretched from floor to ceiling, over-looking the water. The early morning light was nearly blinding, reflecting on the surface. The Receiver snapped closed the curtains, thick, heavy fabric that completely blocked out the light from the outdoors, plunging the room into darkness.

    The chairs were luxurious, the cushion thickly padded, the material plush and soft under his palm. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the wall sconces, Will caught a glimpse of a desk covered in detailed sketches, the details of which he couldn’t quite make out.


    “There is only one Receiver of Memories,” the Receiver said curtly, taking the seat across from Will. He pulled it so close their knees nearly touched. His eyes were piercing when he looked into Will’s. “That’s you, now.”

    “So…” Will faltered. “What do I call you?”

    “You may call me Hannibal. There is no need to stand on pretence.”

    That was easy for him to say–Hannibal was the one in the position of honour. Will was just a new trainee, fresh out of childhood, not yet an adult. “Alright. Hannibal.” Will tested the name. “How does the training work for the Receiver? There was nothing in the folder I received, nothing to help me prepare.”

    “I could fill these shelves with words of explanation on what your position will entail, and reading them would do you no good. There are things you must simply experience in order to understand.”

    Will rubbed his hands, damp with sweat, on his slacks. “Then how do we begin?”

    “Like this.” Hannibal reached out with both hands, cupping Will’s face in his palms. Long fingers curved over Will’s cheeks and into his hair. Outside of his family unit, it was a rare thing to be touched, especially by a virtual stranger. It was so shockingly intimate, Will would have pulled away, would have protested, but he raised his eyes to Hannibal’s in outrage, and suddenly the room before him disappeared.

    He was seated at a long dining table, covered in trays of food. There was something on the wall, doing that thing that Freddie’s hair did from time to time, but far more impressive, crackling and snapping as it flared within its brick confines. Will stared, entranced, and wondered if he might reach out and run his fingers through it. If it might feel like water, the way it flowed like liquid.

   Fire, something in Will’s mind supplied. Dangerous. Don’t touch.

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