pairing: reader x void stiles.

summary: void stiles has a soft spot for you.

warnings: cursing.

song inspiration: young and beautiful → lana del rey.

Roasted leaves rested on the earth, branches bare from their departure. You had awoken on this cold morning, expecting the day to continue like it usually would. Beacon Hills housed some of the most chaotic creatures, the current topic is the ageless nogitsune that settled itself into Stiles Stilinski’s figure.

Tonight was Halloween, your favourite season. Lydia was hosting a party at her lake house, you had decided to attend as a bloody nurse. It was a classic but you still rocked the clothing nonetheless. Fake blood would be stained across your white dress and you decided that your hair would be in loose curls.

The night dawned over and you had arrived to Lydia’s lake house with one of your close friends. People flooded the hallways and bumped into one another as you tried to fight your way through the crowds.

You stumbled into the kitchen before pouring a drink, the burning liquor poured down your throat as you grimaced at the strength. The small particles of your drink rose to the top of the glass as you placed it down onto the marble counter.

People complimented your outfit and you were the most best dressed at the party. You had some angel white contact lenses in that added to the awesomeness. You leaned against the counter as Stiles walked in, he didn’t seem to add any effort into tonight’s seasonal events but it didn’t bother you.

Stiles’ eyes were unlighted and he looked light–toned. He looked as though he hadn’t slept in years, despite the little endeavour he added to his costume. Your crush on Stiles seemed to heighten as he looked attractive in this moment. 

“C–can you do me a favour?” Stiles leaned closer towards you as his darkened eyes bored into yours. His thumbs lightly brushed your cheeks as you shuddered at the coldness of his hands. 

“Sure, what is it?” you catechized as you glanced at his cold, lavender coloured lips. They were chapped as he whispers delicately in your ear.

“I need you to kiss me, sweetheart.” He growls as it sent chills down your spine. Stiles had a melancholic vibe that made you feel slightly uncomfortable. But you had a crush on him, so the attention was overwhelming.

Music was pulsating in your head as you glanced at Stiles who raised his eyebrows, awaiting for you to heed to his demands.

“Are you sure?” you dithered as storms accumulated in his brown orbs. He tilted his head as you sucked in a harsh breath, understanding that he was one–hundred percent sure with his commands.

“Alright.” you forbade as he briskly became more impatient as each second passed, he gripped onto your waist and crashed his fractured lips against yours. 

Your fingers tousled his dark brown locks, the moment prodigious. You couldn’t process what was happening right this second. You were indulging in an intense make out session with the guy you had a crush on.

As you caught your breath, he had a devilish smirk plastered on his pale complexion. In this moment, you realised that you weren’t kissing stiles. 

Scott rushed into the kitchen as his eyes widened, Stiles’ expression hardened as he grips onto you. 

“Stiles, let go of me.” you struggled to escape his tight hold as he chuckled, Scott’s face was full of concern and panic as he tries to pull you away from stiles.

“That’s not stiles.” you gasped as Scott manages to drag you out of Stiles’ reach. “He’s not stiles.” you repeated as the duplicate of Stiles smirked in achievement.

“Congratulations, you’re one of the last people to work that one out.” He snarled, you backed up against the counter as Scott becomes face to face with the heartless monster that held Stiles’ mind hostage.

“Don’t touch her.” Scott says harshly. in reality, Void Stiles didn’t want to hurt you. In fact, he wanted you for himself.

Stiles’ memories were full of you, he had liked you all this time and Void Stiles seemed to of developed the same affection that Stiles held for you. All the times that Stiles would tell you about his nightmares, you wouldn’t listen to him.

You’d tell him that everyone has nightmares, but these ones that Stiles were having involved you in lots of them. But again, you didn’t listen to his worries. Stiles had devils in his head, they’d manipulate him and drive him insane.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I fucking want you, I want you all for myself.” Void’s jaw clenched tightly as his knuckles turned white from exertion.

Everything made sense now, the nightmares, the sleepwalking and the panic attacks. You felt terrible, neglecting Stiles’ needs and words.

He was possessed, every second that you spent with him was slowly morphing into someone who wasn’t him.

This entity that’s allowed itself into his lanky figure has taken over his life. There wasn’t anything you could do. 

Void Stiles wanted you, and he wouldn’t give up unless he had you…

Liveblogging Death Note With Friends Starters

  • “Is he doing homework for money? Man that’s goals.”
  • “That school looks worse than mine and honestly it’s surprising.”
  • “He looks just like my brother that’s scary.”
  • “___ did a good thing for the world.”
  • “I don’t like you.”
  • “If you are a cheerleader why do you dislike it so much?”
  • “Why are you so bitchy?”
  • “Man I should start doing homework for money too.”
  • “Oh his mom died?”
  • “This guy is the most unlight guy ever.”
  • “Where’s my top of the class, model student serial killer?”
  • “Why does that lab have so many jars on shelves like that in a school that’s such an awful idea.”
  • “___ looks lit.”
  • “I almost called him Ryuunoske.”
  • “Subtitles are great.”
  • “What’s with his voice?”
  • “I don’t have a pen.”
  • “Good thing you have a pen.”
  • “Decapitation? How does a basketball–Oh. OH.”
  • “That was quite the chain reaction of events.”
  • “How is he gonna explain that room?”
  • “Apparently he’s the chief of police.”
  • “Let him eat his steak.”
  • “The lights will flicker on and off, but nobody will be there.”
  • “Apple as a peace offering.”
  • “He looks like a goblin mixed with an ent.”
  • “No shark attacks while on the toilet.”
  • “That guy’s partying it up.”
  • “Our friend impaled himself.”
  • “__ the Room Goblin.”
  • “Why is he writing in gym class that’s awful.”
  • “Why the duck is that bitch reading that in gym.”
  • “That’s so edgy.”
  • “That’s hot.”
  • “Why is ___ so fucking stupid?”
  • “He’s so edgy I can’t take him seriously.”
  • “How not to flirt.”
  • “Aye guuurl come into my room.”
  • “How does your head explode from electrocution?”
  • “Perfect Japanese? Weeb.”
  • “His Japanese was terrible.”
  • “Sleep is the key to strong thought? Can’t agree.”
  • “Sing me a lullaby.”
  • “I would not fall asleep listening to that.”
  • *Hacker noises* “I’m in.”
  • “Rest your glutes.”
  • “If I had a death god I’d sass him as well.”
  • “Congratulations. You’re now smarter than Light Turner.”
  • “Don’t pat yourself on the back that’s no achievement.”
  • “Is he gonna kill his dad? Bye dad.”
  • “Thirty one hours since sleep.”
  • “You don’t fuck with someone’s ice cream buddy.”
  • “He didn’t get proper sleep.”
  • “Wait did his haircut change between scenes?”
  • “Who just left candy sitting there on the floor?”
  • “I’m gonna kill you unless you give me a notebook.”
  • “__ WITH A GUN! ___ WITH A GUN!!!”
  • “That’s a great way to end the school dance.”
  • “LET ___ KEEP HIS GUN!!!!”
  • “Death can be handed out from a calculus textbook.”
  • “Math kills me as well.”
  • “Aren’t you glad I talked you into watching this?”
  • “Only if I suffer with friends.”
  • “What’s with the cheesy music?”
  • “Calculus is truly the bringer of death.”
  • “In the end Calculus was the real enemy, and stabbing was the friends we made along the way.”
  • “Knock on the door even though he’s in a coma?”
  • “So glad we suffered through this together.”

“And through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time; the detestable pounding and piping whereunto dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods”

— the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep.
—H. P. Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep

Got on a Lovecraft groove and Nyarlathotep was such an intimidating figure among the mythos. So I ended up looking at depictions of him and decided I’d give my go at it.

7.5 hours Photoshop

voltron characters and weed

lance - made a promise to never do drugs in his fifth grade DARE program and won’t even THINK about weed because of it

hunk - saw his cousins “smoking” those candy cigars when he was a kid, panicked and called the cops a la that one “CHRIS, IS THAT A WEED??” vine style. he was five.

keith - once ate an unlight joint at a party. instructions were unclear. 

pidge - constantly makes 4/20 jokes, has never seen a weed

shiro - lowkey stoner, parties hard on 4/20

allura - the same as hunk except with the altean version of whatever those candy cigars were

coran - biggest fucking stoner in the galaxy

zarkon - stoner

haggar - stoner

lotor - owns a fancy-ass pretentious looking bong, drinks the bong water


Thank you & farewell !!




(Album: Those of the Unlight, 1993)



Voice ov an aeon,
Angelus Satani.
Ora pro nobis Lucifer,
You alone have suffered.

The fall and torment ov shame,
I’ll smite Heaven’s golden pride,
And never pity thee,
Immaculate divine.

Satan ov Elohim,
None dare to stand in your way.
Thou bow to none,
Ov Eden’s feculence.

Conjure the serpent messenger,
Saviour (order in) world’s decay.
Concord in temptation,
And in the fall of Eve.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the power.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the glory,

Scholar ov the unlight,
Great volcano ov excrement,
Rippling eager to erupt,
Reconstellate the firmament.

Behold the great accuser,
A megalinga of throbbing zeal,
Raptor yearning to pierce,
To rape the seventh seal.

Destroyer ov cosmos,
Implore the ungod,
Implode the sun,
There is none wronging the serpent’s cult.

Untouched and ignored,
With the serpent’s might,
And the trumpets blow,
In the shadow ov the horns.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the power.

For thine is the kingdom,
And the glory,

Lightning that stabs the heavens,
Thou quiver the mount Sinai,
Split rocks on tablets ov covenant
Listen for the tempest’s rasp.

Azazel! Apolyon!
The black sun never sets,
For it never rose.

Habemus Satanas,
The Caesar’s wrath.
Empire’s fall,
Petition the lord with fire,
Santa Sede burns.

Phallus Dei,
Erect from pole to pole,
Viva blasfemia,
In coitus infinitus.

Hear the universe scream,
Bleeding from black holes,
Whom horns caress,
And whom God mourns.