Paid an overdue visit to A Mother’s Milk on Unley only to find out the desserts they offer were ordered from the patisserie I used to work at. Having said that, it was a good trip. We managed to secure an outdoor table of simple black/wooden concept, ordered slightly bitter coffees which weren’t of my usual preferential taste, them lemon/salted-caramel-milk-chocolate tarts were delicious as expected, the weather was excellent, the sky was beaming in bright blue and white fluffs, and the sole company of Nat Liew made it a memorable one. During this time, I retold her the stories of my mis-pronounciations and I realised I’ve been pronouncing my favourite colour wrong this whole time. It’s fine. I had to learn and she graced me with her wisdom only after laughing at my mistakes. She laughed quite a far bit.

Although I’ve only gotten 4 hours of sleep, it has been a good Sunday.