Yooo this is punkasheckie’s follow forever all these nugglets are real perf yo (bolded are my totes faves man)


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i recommed following all these blogs they rock 

(ive never spoken to like 98% of these people i just admire them from afar but ygm)

Promo Winners!

Best URL: joshuabuttceschi, unlesstheylistentonickelback, thefaultinourfries, thestupidsofar

Best Theme: sempuhternal, jackwankattack, folieastump, foreverjalex

Best Posts: alltimehoot captainzackmerrick solongandthanksforallthejalex stillnotgettingany

Best Blogs: helloutboy, xheartburn, bloodforbloodheartsbeating vicfxetes

Best Overall: jalexjalexjalex

Looking through all those blogs and choosing was actually very hard, I had to add extra spots because there were so many good blogs and not enough slots.

If you didn’t win, there is a good chance I will follow you because I am not even kidding, 75% of these blogs were top notch.