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How are you this good at ranked? Every time I try ranked, my team always ends up being bad.

I think a lot of people have that mindset and they get discouraged and give up. Yes, ranking up can be hard if you get unlucky with trolls/afkers but if you are better than others in your rank, you should be able to advance if you play well consistently. 

I was Plat 4/5 for a long time and I know it’s hard to imagine that you will rank up, even I got discouraged at one point but I kept spamming games and got through it. You can’t blame your team all the time unless you somehow play perfectly every game. The only thing you can really do is keep playing, maintain a positive attitude and try your best to carry :)


People really need to watch this.. AND READ this https://imgur.com/gallery/Z46S9.. You all know how tumblr is by now. I think it’s best to do your own research, or look around or ask people who’ve played the game or whatever before you take what someone on tumblr has to say to heart completely, in order for you to get a better understanding of something AND to see if it is actually 100% true or not, and not just someone being hyper sensitive or someone taking something way the fuck out of context(which I can can be understandable if you’ve been through or had friends who have been drugged in such a fashion)

I was quite skeptical to begin with, mainly because fire emblem doesn’t reallyy seem like that type of game(to me, anyway).. but hey, it’s japan, Japan has weird… and controversial shit. Since I can read a little Japanese, it’s quite plain as day.. Unless you actually play the game yourself, don’t really believe a ton of rumors that get spread over the internet.. She wasn’t “drugged.” The magic put into her drink was to make people appear as the opposite sex and it was used to help her get over her weakness of cute girls… It wasn’t used to make advancements on her

I guess the only thing that can be iffy is that she was never told about it. But I guess just that one part can be triggering towards a few people.. But from my understanding of it all.. rape was not being implied at all.. in fact she takes advantage of the magic to go see if a bunch off men end up looking like cute girls due to it…. HOWEVER, I DO think they should have went another way with the whole magic… like idk using a different method to cast the spell that isn’t triggering and similar to drugging someone, should have been used in order to avoid a lot of mistranslated, over-exaggeration, and and controversy SO…

Watch it.

The line “love’s a fragile little flame it can burn out” in I Know Places reminds me of the line “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right” in State of Grace. They are both such simple lines, but when you break them down, it is kind of mind blowing because they both make bold statements about the nature of love and they kind of carry the theme of their respective albums.

DM Thoughts 22 : Players Will Be Players


As humans we are both gifted and cursed with emotions of many colors, which reflect in our characters for better or for worse. On occasion, some of these more-aggressive emotions can be seen in the party, perhaps it is the rivalry between players, or perhaps it is downright animosity. Either way, it is conflict that has built and finally arisen.

Perhaps the wizards fireball went awry, or was it the rough and tough fighter cutting your halfling rogue out of his fair share of the loot? Beast Masters, did the witch raise your wolf from the dead? Whatever happened, there are two or more players with beef at your table, and there are a few possibilities of how it could go down, including ways that you, as the DM/GM could either fuel or cut it at its roots, just as there is a variety of conflicts and rivalries the players could have.

To start this off, let us begin with simple rivalries in the party…



  1. competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.

Rivalries could arise from the simplest things to more complex events. Generally it could come from two players seeking out the same object or the same goal, yet only one can obtain it. However, it could also be a contest, playful or not, of arrogance, or seeing who’s better in an essence. 

While managing the game, it is relatively easy to break rivalries if they are of the first examples as described above. For if it is an item or position that both players strive for, simply make two of them, both slightly different, but still fitting and fulfilling to each character. 

However, stopping an rivalry of superiority and arrogance is a bit trickier. Something that would at least make it less tense would be to put both players in a life altering event in which they would both have to put aside their differences to work together, thus building a better relationship between the two.

Encouraging rivalries can be much more enjoyable for the sake of role playing. If there is an item or goal that both characters are seeking but only one can achieve, then it is very possible that keeping it opportunistically mono-purpose, great story based opportunities can arise. If you are looking to create tension in the party, then allow one of the characters to achieve the item more easily than either expected, thus pitting them against one another with even harder force, for now they have become more envious and will build stronger animosity towards.

Arrogant rivalry based on a competition of betterment can be much more easily encouraged, however, it tends to make the characters more playful and joyous about their rivalry to one another (similar to Legolas and Gimli). If you wish to make rivalship a more bitter arrangement, then consider having one character get praised for their actions who happened to be in the right place at the right time, while the other is ignored by the good press. However, do not make this personal and do not forget to award both players- bias in the party does not make a good DM!

Physical Conflict.

Sometimes characters will take their rivalries and conflicts a step further and actually bring them into the realm of PvP; physically harming and maiming other party members, and even possibly… killing.

This can be both interesting or troublesome depending on the type of game you are running.

If you are as lenient as I am, you will allow your party members to kill one another if they so choose, but perhaps you will follow their decision to slit their friends throat in their sleep with a, “you sure you want to do that?”, telling them that they can feel free, but it may not be as promising as they foresee it being.

Though it could be sudden deathblows on an unconscious character, it too could be straight-forward and mutually assured destruction. A way that I am more fond of, if my party should so choose to kill one another, is that they make it dramatic, or at least make it fair and interesting. One way of doing this is in the form of a duel, let both of your characters go at it, whether it is to-the-death, or only until unconsciousness to blow off a bit of steam and sour rivalry. 

However, I also mentioned the dramatic aspect, when I say this, it does not necessarily have to be a fair fight, but at least let it be more interesting then using your daily power on the bard while he slumbers. To me, a dramatic betrayal between party members can be perfectly seen in the death of Caesar (i.e. “hey guys let’s chill out, oh shit are those knives?”). Make it cinematic, as if it were something to truly change the outcome of the story, Walder Frey-Esque, if you would.

Encourage this by talking to both players separately and telling them what is going on, and making sure they are both okay with it for the continuity of the story. It can be discouraged in the same way, by talking both players down, telling them that “you’re supposed to be a family godammit! Act like it and kill the lich instead!”.

Whatever it may be, it can be entirely in your hands as the DM to see these off-the-books events through, and I have full faith that, hopefully keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to make conflict, rivalry, and tension interesting in your campaign back home, for it certainly is becoming in my campaign. And it may just be that one of my players is not even aware of it ;) I’ll let them think about that.

-A, a humble Dungeon Master

EXO reaction to you wanting to be spanked

I find this one really amusing :’D I’ve been listening to “Tell daddy- Maejor ft. Ying Yang twins”and that really instpired me xD Admin M <3

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Xiumin: “Oh so  you want to play a dirty game with me huh?”

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Luhan: “You want me to spank you? I will spank you~“

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Kris; “Oh, you will get to know what spanking means”

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Suho: “Oh baby, daddy will punish you for being such a bad girl~”

Lay: *stares at you and does not understand what you want from him*

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Baekhyun: “Ohhh I get it. You’re joking!”

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Chen: “Oh my god.. I’ve been waiting for this day for like years”

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Chanyeol: “You want me to do what… daddy what?”

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D.O: “I will spank you all night, but first you ride me~“

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Tao: “This is what I wanted to hear~”

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Kai: “Oh god.. even the imagination makes me go insane”

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Sehun: “Then come to me, Jagi~I will spank you hard~“

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Full Confession:

In just about any HM game, you can prevent your character from having kids after you’re married by not upgrading the house or other similar methods, but Animal Parade stole my heart when your spouse asks you if you want kids or not. I like children, but I know I wouldn’t want any of my own and definitely not biologically. In AP, you can save the day, get all of the upgrades, and live your life without worrying about waking up with a child on the way unless you specifically say you want that. I loved that this game asked you first before dumping a kid on you, and even if you say no, your spouse doesn’t love you any less. That meant the world to me.

Exo Reactions To You Having Dirty Humor & Always Making Dirty Jokes

Hopefully this is interesting… I wasn’t sure if it ended up being stupid haha also, it’s a little short but my next one will be longer. xo

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Baekhyun: “Oh, you want to play this game?” *proceeds to have a dirty joke contest*

Chanyeol: “Jagi, I didn’t know you were such a pervert.” *gives you side eye but is amused by it*

Chen: *laughs at literally every joke as hard as he can*

D.O.: *slightly amused sometimes, but only smiles at the really dirty things*

Kai: *gets caught off guard by the dirtiness occasionally but it makes him laugh*

Kris: *doesn’t totally appreciate the art of dirty jokes so he just stares at you with confusion a lot*

Lay: *they usually take him a while to figure out but he tries his best*

Luhan: “Finally… someone who gets me.” *happy because he’s a dirty joke lover too*

Sehun: *entertained like a little kid watching someone slap themselves in the face*

Suho: *no reaction whatsoever because he’s trying to ignore the jokes* /Chen is not amused either apparently/

Tao: *rolls his eyes so hard that they get stuck up in his head but you can see a smile sometimes*

Xiumin: *on the outside he looks like he’s judging you so hard but on the inside he’s dying over how turned on he is by your filthy sense of humor*


“Right. Ok. So you’re sure you want to do this?” Dan asked as he took his seat in front of the computer.

“Yeah. Home alone and a scary game,” you grinned. “Unless you’re scared.”

“What? No, no. I’m not scared. Are you?”

“Not even a little,” you said, but looked to him to see him wiping his palms on the front of his jeans. “But you know, maybe I could control the direction and you could control the mouse.”

“How does that help things?” he asked.

“Well, then we could hold hands. For safety.”

Dan looked at you a moment, possibly looking more scared than he had before, but he held his hand out to you.

“If it makes you feel better,” he said. You took his hand in yours and didn’t miss the small smile just at the corner of his mouth as he gave it a small squeeze.


I think it’s time I address something that’s been eating away at me. Youtubers getting girlfriends and the shitty shit that happens with the ‘fans’

today i got yelled at in all caps while battling the CFO for telling the other 20-somethings that toontown is a game meant for children

“ADULTS!!!! PLAY!!!! THIS!!!! GAME!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT!!! UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


still amazed by the ‘butch women aren’t masculine’ contingent because like, all the Real Life butches i’ve ever known have talked about butchness in terms of masculinity? like unless you wanna play word games butchness is about masculinity – which isn’t a value statement, just a historical one?

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What Fire Emblem class would you think each main Pokeani cast member would be, and what would be their unique Skills? I guess for the sake of convenience, all classes from Awakening are available for use, unless you can think of classes from other games that would fit.


Ash Ketchum: Lord -> Great Lord

Pretty self-explanitory. He’s the main character, after all. In his base class, his skill would be Underdog, which increases his Hit and Avoid if he’s a lower level (the reason should be self-explanitory). After promotion, he’d gain Galeforce, a rightfully overpowered ability that lets him take an extra turn after he defeats an opponent. It’s representative of his favoring quick speeds.

Misty: Pirate -> Berserker

It seems only fitting to give Misty the only class capable of walking on water. It’d also be interesting since Misty would effectively be the only female example of this class to exist. Her base skill in the Pirate class would be Daunt, which reduces the hit and crit rate of all enemies close to her, representing her intimidating nature. Equally terrifying is Misty’s Wrath, the skill of her promoted Berserker class, which increases her Crit rate by 20 when her HP is below half (and Berserkers have a ton of HP).

Brock: Priest -> War Monk

Brock always seemed to be something of a healer, but he’s also never been quite defenseless, so it makes sense to give him a class that can eventually fend for itself while support his team. The boring-but-practical Healtouch boosts his healing by 5HP in his base class, while after promotion, his Renewal would allow him to stay healthy while supporting on the front lines.

Tracey:  Archer -> Sniper

Known for his sharp eyes, the ranged attacking Archer seems like an easy fit for Tracey. It’s also a kind of supporting class, which suits his really secondary nature. Prescience lends to his “stay hidden” nature of watching, increasing his hit and avoid when he attacks first. Of course, after he promotes, he won’t have any problems hitting with Hit +20, the skill of his promoted Sniper class. Plus he gets to use Ballistia!

May: Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

A highly-skilled class with flimsy defenses yet a high critical hit rate seems to fit May, who seems more skilled at battling than her closer counterpart, Dawn. In her base class, her Avoid +10 helps ease her low defenses by making her harder to hit. In her promoted class, May gets access to Astra, which lets her attack 5 times in a row, inflicting massive damage to her targets in a very stylish way.

Max: Pupil -> Mage -> Sage

Max is one of the two youngest main cast members, and so he gets a “trainee” class. I can see him with Paragon, owing to his studious nature which doubles his Experience Gain. Once he promotes, he gets Focus, which increases his critical rate if he has no allies nearby. As a Sage, Max’s love of books earns him Tomefaire, which boosts his Magic if he’s wielding a Tome (and a Sage SHOULD be wielding one.

Dawn: Pegasus Knight -> Falcon Knight

Another graceful class, Dawn seems pretty fit for a Pegasus Knight, especially with her Togekiss. She gets the relatively boring Speed +2 which does exactly what it says on the tin in her base class. Promotion brings her Rally Speed, which lets her increase the speed of her nearby ally units when used, making her helpful for support. Just keep her away from archers.

Iris: Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord

The stronger, more offensive flying unit, Iris is a natural fit for the Wyvern Rider with her affinity for all things draconic. Her base Tantivy skill goes with her loner nature, offering +10 Hit and Avoid if she’s out on her own. After she promotes, she gets Swordbreaker to teach that little kid Ash and other sword users not to underestimate her by granting her a whopping +50 Hit and Avoid if her opponent foolishy approaches with a sword.

Cilan: Cavalier -> Great Knight

Cilan would get the class that’s seen as the general “Jack of all trades” class, wouldn’t he? As a Cavalier, he can become a Connoisseur of just about anything with his Discipline skill, which doubles his Weapon Experience rate. After he promotes to a Great Knight (which can wield Swords, Axes, and Lances), he can punish his foes with Luna, which allows him to strike his opponents after halving their defenses.

Serena: Dancer

A female-only class for the female-only Performer? Makes sense to me! Dancers do not promote, but she does have access to the special Dance command, which allows a unit (most likely Ash, let’s not kid ourselves) to move again after she reinvigorates them with a lively dance. At higher levels, she gains the Special Dance skill, which also boosts the stats of the target of her dance.

Clemont: Dark Mage -> Sorcerer

A counterpart to the geeky Max, nerdy Clemont not only wields powerful Dark Magic Tomes but also has a pretty solid defensive capacity. However, his speed is lower (which if you watched the show, you’d know that). As a Dark Mage, he gets Anthema, which reduces the avoid of all of his nearby foes. As a Sorcerer, he gets to tap into his Vengence, which increases his damage based on how much damage he himself has taken. I guess all those exploding inventions have finally taken their toll.

Bonnie: Thief -> Trickster

While she starts off as an unassuming Thief, Bonnie specializes in getting into places she doesn’t belong. Her Locktouch skill in her base class lets her open locked doors and chests without requiring a key. Her Acrobat skill in her Trickster Class lets her move over any terrain as if it was open plains. As a Trickster, she also has access to Staves.

If anyone is interested in more of these for rivals or other characters, hit me up! This was really fun!

I don’t think I even want to go back and view the fe14 tag after what happened regarding the M!Kamui/Soleil supports. Cause HOLY SHIT YOU PEOPLE.

Like yeah, I thought the support was bad and I can see why people would find it uncomfortable, but was the reactions I saw really necessary? Not to mention that support may get changed in localization so we may very well not experienced it ourselves (unless you got a japanese version of the game).

Plus shouldn’t we be focusing on the gameplay aspects of the game since you know, Fire Emblem Fates is a VIDEO GAME. Granted I haven’t been doing much in regards to that either but… well… *looks at unfinished draft about personal skills* I’ve been having trouble finding time to make such posts myself.


Characters from Giga Wing 2, part II. The sequel offers five characters compared to four in the original. It’s not a huge leap, but it’s an improvement. Moreover, the Naomi hardware offers up these characters in gorgeous high-resolution images with 24-bit color scanning of what was likely original painted art; note that none of these are doubled with scanlines, as they would have exceeded Tumblr’s image restrictions.

Whether or not the actual character designs for Giga Wing 2 are better than Giga Wing is a matter of personal preference. However, it’s hard to make an argument that those designs aren’t presented better in the second game unless you simply must have the “hand drawn” pixel style look in your games.

I was tagged by disgruntledpomegranate to do this thing! Put your tunes on shuffle and list the first 15 songs that come up, then tag 10 other people.

Friends, be prepared, as my music is like grabbing all of the cheeses available to you at a salad bar. Its most likely unhealthy for you, doesn’t really go well together, and is still somehow appealing. 

1) Lonely Boy - Black Keys

2) Short Change Hero - The Heavey

3) Brick House - The Commodores 

4) Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

5) When You Were Young - The Killers

6) Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

7) King of New York - Newsies

8) Feel Good Inc. - The Gorillaz

9) Mowgli’s Road - Marina and the Diamonds

10) Don’t Trust Me - 3OH3! 

11) Music of the Night - Phantom of the Opera (at the royal albert hall)

12) Killer Queen - Queen

13) Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra 

14) Hellfire - Notre Dame Soundtrack

15) The Beautiful People - Marylin Manson 

And there it is. I’ll tag rorzeebubbles wadewihlson beigeandgreen thehipstermcgee360 skystarcat teenypear -last-of-the-time-lords- berlinirving suburbanmomdavey lucikd and anyone who likes cats and the color green. 

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"I dunno man Heaven just seems boring. Sign me up for hell."

Hellstrom heard her, but then chuckling a bit; he put his glass down after taking the shot.

“I relate to you on that one, im ready for hell’ im sure Lucifer is ready to welcome me gladly. Now pick your card, remember we have a bet on this game; unless you were too drunk to remember” He says, teasing her now before chuckling as he stuck the card saying “Phantom of the Opera” onto his head.