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Do you have a twitter to credit you for your photos? :)

I do. BUT I also have a tumblr, you know, the one you send this ask to, where you’d be taking the photos from, and where I actually posted them to.

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Ok Annie i rly need your help...... i think for all my life ive been pretty lonely and horny too tbh. and theres this guy who can be my friend with benefits but i'm still a virgin, do you think i should go for it? or should i wait for someone?

Virginity is dumb unless it really means a lot to you so if you’re horny get it while you can

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For someone who's against body shamming you sure do promote it if Kendall feels better editing her waist what's it to you ? You defend all of Kylie's advancements to help her self esteem what's the difference ?

I never knew body shaming was pointing out someone who clearly photo fixed her image to look thinner, leading young teens to believe she is smaller than she already is and making them do drastic things to be like her. Do not say you want to be a good role model and then do stupid, careless actions like that. It’s tacky as fuck. Kylie on the other hand, clearly changed lips etc. That doesn’t need pointing out, unless you’re dumb and can’t see. I’ve stated many times for you crustaceans that my blog is for me. Not you. For me seeing her clearly change it made me feel better because I always felt the need to be thinner after seeing those photos.

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No offence but why are doraelin shippers so mean to chaolaena shippers? What did we do to you? In fact, most of chaol's active haters are doraelin shippers? I never see chaol lovers dissing dorian and that probably does happen but not excessively like what goes on w chaol??? Why really

ummm lmao, when have i ever been mean to chaolaena shippers? the only one i attack is chaol, the character, which i have the right to considering he’s, you know…notreal. and every doraelin shipper i’m friends is the same as me, lmao what….— if i ever said anything or reblogged anything that was rude to y’all it’s because there was an actual reason and not simply because chaolaena so chill out and don’t send dumb messages like this again unless you got actual receipts ok anyway….

I am both excited and terrified of being able to park next to you every day.

There is a huge argument going on on my dash about religion and it is literally making me physically ill, I cannot stand how the person making the flawed arguments is devolving into calling people stupid and I want to say something but at the same time I don’t want to go anywhere near this topic. Partly because I’m not educated enough on the actual subject, but also because it makes me so tired even just seeing the initial post with additional points every hour or so.

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ok this might be a dumb question..., but when bath spells say to take a bah with your crystals, do they mean to put them on the rim of the tub, or to actually submerge it into the water with you? or is it a matter of choice?

Dude, nothing is a dumb question. Especially when it comes to witchcraft, you know? How else are we going to learn if we don’t ask questions?

Unless you’re me. Then you ask super dumb questions. But I think I’m cute, so it works out??

All joking aside, I believe most of them mean to put the crystals in your bath, but a lot of crystals don’t do well in water after a smidge. I, personally, put the crystals in the dry mixes and just let that shit soak up the energy there or leave them on the rim of the tub. Sometimes, I sit in the tub, hold them in my hands above the water until I feel I’ve soaked up as much crystal goodness as I can and then set them back on the rim. All in all, Crystals cost way too much money to have them destroyed in water or swallowed by the drain so use caution either way. <333

Thank you for asking!

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I like your voice. It's great. If someone judges you based on your voice (unless you're auditioning for something using it) then they're dumb. You're great. Don't let anyone make you feel like you arent.

Thanks ^_^

So many mixed feelings lately. I feel extremely backstabbed and betrayed.
Friends come & go but its never easy when they hurt you.
(Unless they were dumb bitches, in that case it’s a blessing when they fuck off)

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ok this is just something i'm really excited about and it's super dumb but i played guitar for the first time in over a week today and i missed it so much but i had the whole house to myself and i just played for a really long time and i sang loud and awfully but it was so fun and i just love it so much

^-^ That does sound like fun! I’m super glad you have something that can make you so happy! And it’s not dumb if you enjoy it (unless you enjoy murder, if so pls get help)

When I still lived in my parent’s house, and I was alone, I would play the only song I know on the piano. I played it for more than two years and I still always made mistakes, but it was so much fun to say, “Hey, I can do something somewhat complicated and have it sound halfway decent!”

Singing loudly and poorly is the best thing in the world, you will often find me singing when I’m alone, too, so ROCK ON MY COMRADE IN TERRIBLE SINGING. YOU PLAY THAT GUITAR AND BE HAPPY YOU LIL’ BISCUIT

Sleepover Saturday!!