You don’t make spending decisions, investment decisions, hiring decisions, or whether-you’re-going-to-look-for-a-job decisions when you don’t know what’s going to happen.
—  Michael Bloomberg

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His last clear recollection: the warmth of the sun, the wind whipping at his hair and being held. The only conclusion that the preteen could reach was that somehow, his uncle Peter had found and was bringing him safely home. “Don’t drop me,” he mumbled, sometime shortly before he gave into his exhaustion and his little muscles relaxed for the first time in days.

When Franklin awoke, it was in an unfamiliar bed and a bandage slipping out of place on head. He came from a family accustomed to bruises and maiming; were he concussed (or worse) he would be in a hospital with both of his at his side. Head wounds were simply bleeders and he recalled tripping out of his portal and landing flat onto his face.

As looking around proved useless for discovering where he was, Franklin called out for the one adult in the Baxter Building whose room he had never seen. “Alicia –? Can I have some water?”

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I used to have a huge crush on you for the longest time. I couldn't help it, and I couldn't stop. You were just so beautiful and funny. Everything you did gave me butterflies, and you never saw that. You'll never see it.

Leah’s birthday is in ten days. I will give her a present a day until then I couldn’t fit the other five of these presents on top of the first five cause let’s be real the tower would fall over and I’m not dumb.. Unless you call showering your girlfriend with presents ten days running up to her birthday dumb THEN IM A FUCKING IDIOT


hey trash team! i have been getting a super lot of asks and i absolutely adore it! unfortunately i’ve also been kind of bogged down in work and my other projects. so i apologize if it’s taken me long to answer you, or if i’ve completely not answered you. i do read every ask i get!

if you have a question, i will always try to answer it (unless it’s something really dumb that you ought to google–then you should just google it my friend). if you send me something off of anonymous, i will ALWAYS try to reply (although ok i haven’t even started working through aftermath asks but ilu all honestly and the comments mean so so much holy shit)

this is just to let you know that if you really have a burning thing you want to talk to me about, it makes it way easier for me if you do it OFF of anon. i’m happy to answer you privately. 

long multi-part asks from anons are fun but they get SUPER jumbled (especially when i have a few coming in at a time) and sometimes they become super hard to understand. consider sending something as a submission if you have something that will take 5 or 6 asks to express. also consider the amount of time it takes me to get to the computer and stitch your asks together and make them more coherent (yeah i do edit them, sorry??) when they’re longer than two or three installments. i love these stories but… they belong on YOUR blogs! tag me and i’ll read them and come to your blog and talk to you about them! 

if you don’t have a fandom blog… well, start one! it’s not hard and it can be totally anonymous.

and please know that i love you and i love talking to you but i am but a humble smut peddler with a full time job and more stories going than i know what to do with. if i ever let you down, i’m sorry! 

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English doesn’t follow it’s own rules its dumb and hard unless you’ve been speaking it like forever. I’m a native speaker and i do fine with grammar and spelling but i struggle with pronunciation of words I haven’t heard said before bc LOL rules.

Yes tbh, in English a word spelling is so different from pronouncing????? I’m like why? why don’t you spell it the same way as you pronounce it? English is a really werid language and tbfh, the grammars sucks, It’s doesn’t follow it’s own rules as you said.

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Suits? Not really sure what your cup golf tea is haha Samurai Champloo is also pretty good

I was thinking about watching Champloo again!! I love the soundtrack so muuuuuuuuccccchhhhh~ 

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I know this is a really dumb question, but I honestly do not know- what is a binder?

It’s not a dumb question!

Unless you’re someone who gets super excited about back-to-school supplies, binder usually refers to a chest binder, something (usually transmasculine) people can wear to make their chest appear flat(ter).

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My muse has like a huge crush on urs, bye ~~~

What wait no come baaaaaaaack 

(I don’t know if this is a confession or a “Make me blush” thing but omgomgomgogmogmg) 

Babe if I’m ignoring the signs it’s because I’m so dumb with picking up signs unless you hit me in the face with it. (And so Wanda suffers from that too)

(Fun fact; 7th grade me was crazy in love with this boy and we were super cute and everything then one day he said he loved me and my answer was “Really?” And I haven’t grown out of that)  

Honestly, I’m just:

Crush? You? On me? 

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(2/2) that if I were to break edge it'd lead to bad things, but that doesn't mean I can't have friends who smoke or drink,2 of my closest friends smoke, and I respect their choices and they respect mine. Sorry this is 2 parts btw.

I done goofed guys. Anyways yeah.. If people think drinking a little alcohol or smoking will change you forever, unless you actually do change, are dumb and worst of all petty. I hate when people are petty and pick little things out that don’t concern them it’s a pet peeve of mine.

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Because to some people it tastes good :) Each to their own. I personally don't eat meat for environmental reasons but still, everyone should have the choice if they really want :) Be more open :)

omfg i can’t even reply to this i can’t even…

if they can eat it while watching a lamb getting slaughtered or better, hunt the lamb themselves w their super sharp canines and claws and eat it raw then fine.

are you seriously fucking telling me to be open? this is why i fucking hate people? you sound like a naive dumb cunt unless you are completely apathetic and indifferent to unnecessary animal suffering. it’s not a fucking personal choice bc the fucking animal never got a choice. are you fucking serious.