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so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

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edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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Hellooo👋🏾 , so I was thinking about building up newcrest and I want the world to be cohesive and not just random architectural styles placed everywhere , so my question is how do you keep your building style and your worlds so consistent and cohesive ? Do you just know what the features are for your style of architecture , or do you always look at references or something else ? And also would you have like a recommendation for which architectural style would fit for newcrest ?

Hi Anon! I feel like the only consistent world I’ve done has been Newlyn Hills/Newcrest - everything else is a bit of a mess! XD There are so many styles of architecture I like and things I want to attempt to build, that it can be tough to keep things cohesive. But I think if I tried to do an entire world in one style, I’d get bored pretty quickly. Jumping around a bit keeps things interesting. :)

Newlyn Hills was kind of a compromise in that regard - instead of deciding on a style for the whole world, I picked a style for each neighborhood. I tried to choose styles that I am familiar with and that I enjoy building (Craftsman, Victorian, and whatever you would call downtown - Small City Main Street?). Those styles allow for some variation - if you look at the Victorians in Newlyn Hills, they’re all fairly different from one another. Each one was inspired by a different picture that I found on the web. And yet they’re all Victorians that would have been built around the same time.

I think that’s part of the key to consistency - imagine how the neighborhood was developed. Pick a time period and look for houses from that era. They don’t have to be the same exact style (unless you want to emulate tract housing! :), but should be a similar size and shape. For example, you don’t want a three-story Victorian next to a one-story bungalow (well, you might, but if you’re going for cohesiveness, they may look a little odd together!).

More under the cut!

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Omg I'm in love with your blog 💘 the latest ep 19 of snb had me shook!!😵 hope they make up and MAPPA gives them the happy ending they DESERVE! Do you by any chance know and recommend me some charinina fan fiction? Haven't found many 😢... Also what's ur prediction on so ep20😱 I've seen pic of nina in her doctor suite it appears .....what if nina got hurt battling that psycho!! What if they told charioce they killed and he believes it!!!!! *sorry if I asked too much*

Omg this is so cute and nice thank you so much. Don’t apologize you didn’t ask to much and your ask made my really happy.

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

I’m sorry it took me so long to respond but adult live and all the responsibilities that come with it sucks. I couldn’t finish writing this until now.  Please pardon my english since is not my native language and sorry because this is kind of messy.

Now let’s go in order here. Are nina and charioce gonna make up?? I think they would. I mean they give us this moment? 

We’ll probably get a “putting the glass shoes on cinderella” kind of scene. They ending hints that after all.

That is unless mappa decides that the shoes should suffer the same destiny as other significant objects in the story such as charioce’ ring or the chili pepper that had potencial be used more but were lost forever and never brought up again. But i have trust in Mappa so i think they’re gonna have more beautiful scenes and an good ending that fits their love history.

About the fanfiction disgracefully I haven’t been reading to much of it lately. I just have been busy and in the actual free time I hace i’m either doing more fanarts for my portfolio or discussing the chapters or simply speaking with other in discord. On top of it just as you said there’s really little amount of charinina fanficts so apart from this one here I can’t really give you more recommendations i’m sorry. Please take into account that this fanfict is:

  1. In completely in spanish so if you don’t know the language you won’t be able to understand it
  2. If you can actually read it I have to warn you that is little angsty. The story is about charioce pov in all his encounters with nina, what he think of her and all his feelings until episode 13 more or less. Is beautifully written and the angst is nothing heartbreaking more is really tasteful but taking into account how angsty ep 19 was maybe you wouldn’t like to read it

Now if you ask me about my predictions I have to say that I don’t really have one. I have many xD i’ll put a tl;dr here with what I actually think is what gonna happen in episode 20:

Basically what I expect to happen the next episode is: Nina fights the hunter and transform into a dragon to do so. The explosion free kaisar and favaro and then they help her. Nina manage to defeat the hunter but gets badly hurt in the progress. Her transformation attracts the other knights that were searching for them. Just when the three of then are about to get killed. Azazel and co. appears after speaking a bit with Jeanne and Sofiel as they also saw the light of nina transformation and went to save them. They manage to escape and then rita has to health nina. Episode end with charioce eating the next day only to be informed falsely that the red dragon was killed. 

Apart from all that we also may see more of Gabriel and her possible transformation(?) in a fallen angel?? I mean she isn’t glowing anymore and dark feathers are around her.

Or maybe Lucifer will finally finish his book and do wharever he was planing??

I also have some analysis of a theory i heard and other options I thought about that scene with rita in her doctor clothes but that would go under a read more because this have become way to long xD.

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EXO reaction when their GF accidentally sends a naughty sms/pic  to another member

I hope that the anon who requested this, had a lot of luck in her exam and did great! Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Guys… why are you all staring… I only called Kyungsoo to tell me what to do…. guys?” *Everyone’s so concentrated XD*


*Almost dies*


*Suho takes his phone* “Don’t delete it hyun! I mean… forward it to Kris… why are you so angry by the way!”


*Doesn’t even have the number saved* “What?! who sent this!… Why are they talking about… what did I just… my innocence…”


*Stares at Sehun like this the whole day* “Now I know his secret….”


*Doesn’t open it* “Baek… I think your girl sent me something by mistake… do you want to open it?” *Such a good boy*


“Run Chan Run! We didn’t see Kyungsoo’d girl’s underwear! We never did… but run!”


*Is about to break* “I just saw… something I shouldn’t… what is this Xiumin!”


“What did I just read? Didn’t know you could use all those words in one sentence… what does going downfor a banana means…. down-down stairs?”


*Has to read it like ten times to know it’s not for him* “Say… what?!” *Innocence lost*


*Literally throws his phone away* “My sister sent me something weird…. ugh”


“Do I have to give them the talk again!?” *Suho Mama*

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Ah, can I ask for a Ochako x Bakugou fanfic then? Maybe Ochako trying to make Bakugou smile? :)

Sure thing! (Sorry this took me so long; I kept getting stumped XD)

“Say cheese!” Ashido calls out, holding her cell phone as far away from her face as she can.

“Cheese!” Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Uraraka, Asui, and Hagakure cheer together.

“First official selfie of Class 1-A girls!” Hagakure squeals. “Post moving into the dorms, I mean.”

“We should see if we can get one of the whole class!” Ashido exclaims.

“As if,” Jirou snorts. “I mean, unless you think Bakugou is physically capable of smiling, that is.”

“He smiles all the time!” Uraraka protests.

“Sure he does,” Asui agrees, nodding. “But it’s a really scary smile, ribbet.”

“We could take a selfie of everyone except Bakugou,” Yaoyorozu notes, thoughtfully. “I don’t think any of the others will mind.”

“Iida will,” Uraraka says immediately. The others look at her. “He’s not gonna let us take an ‘everyone-but-Bakugou’ pic. Too exclusive.”

“Sounds like him,” Hagakure mumbles, disappointed. “Guess that’s a bust.”

“Not necessarily,” Uraraka says slowly. “I mean… tell you what. You ladies get everyone else to agree to the selfie, and I’ll handle Bakugou.” There’s a silence.

“Uraraka,” Yaoyorozu begins slowly, “you know we all care about you very–”

“We don’t want Bakugou to explodo-kill your face,” Jirou interrupts.

“I think Ochako-chan can do it,” Asui says.

“Alright!” Ashido whoops. “It’s up to you, Uraraka!”

“You want me to do what?” Bakugou snarls at her.

“The girls want to take a picture with the whole class, of which you happen to be a part,” Uraraka repeats. Bakugou looks at her for a moment.

“Fuck the hell no,” he says, and closes the door. Uraraka sighs.

“Bakugou, if you don’t open that door and let me talk to you right now, then I promise to embarrass you like no tomorrow,” she warns him.

“How the hell do you plan on doing that?” he scoffs through the door.

“I’ll tell everyone that you stole a pair of my panties,” she says bluntly.

“Literally no one is going to believe that,” he sneers. She grins.

“Doesn’t matter,” she chirps. “It’ll be all over the school by tomorrow, and your career will be ruined.” The door opens, and Bakugou glares at her.

“All this over a fucking photo?” He demands. He glances up and down the hallway, and then grabs her wrist and yanks her into his room. “I am seriously going to kill you,” he grumbles.

“That’s the spirit!” Uraraka says happily. “Now, will you do the photo?”

“Fucking fine,” he spits. “One fucking photo. You ever pull any shit like this again and I’ll–”

“Explodo-kill my head?” she asks, grinning. He grins back, viciously.

Deku’s head.” He corrects her. Uraraka wants to protest, but something else catches her attention.

“We need to work on your smile,” she declares.

“Fucking. WHAT?” Bakugou roars. Uraraka raises a finger to her lips.

“Shh!” she hisses. “You want everyone to know I’m in here? That’ll be bad for both of us!”

“You’re the one who blackmailed me,” he reminds her. She shrugs - he’s got a point, after all.

“But yeah, you need to work on your smile,” she says again. “Can’t be in a photo like that - you’ll scare the children.”

“First off: what children?” he sneers. “Secondly: I agreed to be in the picture. I did not agree to enjoy it.”

“Panties~” Uraraka sings. Bakugou gives her the most psychotic grin he can manage. “And any kids you might have in the future - god have mercy on them - if you ever manage to attract someone with you shitty personality. You can show them your old high school class, and all the friends you made! By which I mean Kirishima and not really anyone else.”

“Fuck you, I have friends,” he snarls. She raises an eyebrow.

“Name one person who doesn’t tolerate your presence solely because Kirishima somehow befriended you,” she says drily. The obvious answer is Deku, of course, but it will be a cold day in Hell when Bakugou admits that there’s anything resembling friendship when it comes to him.

“You, apparently,” he growls.

“Aw, that’s–” she stops. “Wait, are we friends?“ she wonders aloud.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” he tells her bluntly. She hides a smile - it’s not an outright ‘no’, which, when it comes to Bakugou, is essentially ‘you are one of the only people I am openly okay with admitting that I tolerate’, which translates to friendship, apparently.

“So… no smile?” she asks, hanging her head.

“No fucking smile,” he confirms. Uraraka sighs.

“Oh well,” she laments. “But it’s fine. I’m sure Deku-kun can smile enough for the both of you. He’s got a nicer smile anyway.” Bakugou makes some sort of strangled choking sound, and Uraraka hides her grin. Victory.

When Ashido happily passes out copies of the class picture, Uraraka sees what might be the world’s smallest (yet still genuine) smile on Bakugou’s generally grumpy face. Somehow, though, it feels like the biggest smile she’s ever seen.

Hope you liked it! ^_^

Rant/Opinions of Irritating Things I Seen in the LiS Fandom as of Today(possible spoilers below).

The moment I  finished up episode 5, I was so ready to join in this fandom like,

Past me: ,“Oh the fandom is gonna be so cool, and nice can’t wait to talk about it among my fellow Lis Lovers.

Oh  naive past me ,you really got so moved by the  sacrifice chloe ending, you forgot two things:

1.) The people on internet 

2.) The people on tumblr

Like omg I’ve seen a lot of: 

*Pricefield bullying other shippings.  Posting their pics of their shipping and negative opinions of other shippings , Mainly on grahamfield or scottfield, in other tags besides their own! 

*So much hate on warren for no legit reason other, than He’s a threat to my shipping, to the point they find any small things to make him look evil . Like I don’t get it, He doesn’t force max into anything she doesn’t want to,knows when to give her space/ not being touchy,helps her out Whenever she ask and see that she needs it. I honestly feel like Warren has to be a girl at this point for some of his haters to like him……..

*Anyone that dont like the pricefield like it’s the OTP, gets called either a homophobe, a lesbophobe(……didnt even know that was a real thing, till I walk into this fandom) retarded,just a bunch of other mean things. 

*People just ignoring how Chloe acts and  even say,” Chloe’s the perfect bae ,she do no wrong”……..cept the fact she guilt trips whenever you DON’T do whatever she say (let’s not forget her guilt tripping/blaming even cause Max to feel bad and try to go back in time to make her happy,which that’s when things gets bad, and what do you know even in wheelchair Chloe’s time line, she still tries to guilt trip her pal…..)  Lets also remember she gets Max into trouble and never really apologise till around episode 5 . Also people said she had character development  throughout the game. Unsure about that, seems to me she has some character development in episode 5, when she decides not to be selfish and realize it was wrong to blame things on others, when it’s not their fault. Hell I applauded her when she was willing to not be selfish for once and sacrifice her life to save arcadia bay,but idk she could have have some depending on how you play but I doubt it. She just reminds me of Kenny from walking dead and he also never realize hes behavior/actions, until he’s facing true death. Since they haven’t talk in 5 years to the point Chloe replace her bestie with another gal, who she clearly had fell in love with.  You can like chloe ,I like chloe feel free to ship her with Max in a romantic way no hate from me ,but at least don’t pretend she hasn’t done bad things to max.

*People stating max is straight out lesbian: Don’t think she is. Think she bi/demi/pans due to her thoughts and how the player can chose who she like-like can kiss both and have never said, “ugh I would never date boys/girls only boys/girls.” She hasn’t in any of that in the playthroughs thus far I seen, but if you seen it and have proof let me know. Feel free to think it ,but if someone doesn’t ,no need to to call them a homo/lesbophobe.

*People saying that if it's an action that didn’t need a choice its cannon. I mean it’s true, but how they try to use it in arguments is just dumb…..so dumb 

*People stating max hates or is a afraid of men ,as if it’s a fact and not treating it as a theory due to the nightmare world. And if you were to disagree to this thought fact then You arn’t paying attention to crucial detail.” To me if that was the case, why would she go to a co-ed school, be friendly to luke, daniel, justin, trevor, befriended warren who is a “clingy as fuck stalker even before you try to be friends with them”, had respected and Like jefferson, as a teacher or act like she did. Quick someone be a dick to all the males somehow ,and tell me how it goes.

Sigh  it’s most likely pointless and no one will care I type this out, but I  really needed a way to vent this irritation and thoughts out. It pretty much feels like naruto shipping wars all over again. Crazy intolerant shippers want to ruin a fandom for their own pleasure.Usually why I don’t really draw fanart or talk about fandom things unless to my friend(to bad for him XD).  Again had to rant a bit about this sorry

EXO Reaction to their hand getting super glued to their crush’s hand for a day

Imma do that next time I see them xD Jk. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Has to take pics all the time* “Smile!! We have to remember this as the day glue brought us together! This has to go on Insta”


*Somehow he starts to talk about deep stuff* “I mean… we are already connected… by glue. Might as well talk about what is inside of our heats” *Very deep this boy*


*Shy boy* “So.. would you like some bubble tea? My treat okay?” *In his mind this is a date*


*Gives you a special tour* “I’ll show you how the life of a real panda is… but it has to be a secret between us too” *only you know what … happened that day*


“You! You’ve been chosen to be Jonging’s awesome partner for a day!” *Takes it with philosophy, even tho he is dying inside*


*Living the dream* “Woohoo… this is my chance… we are holding hands…” *Is he high?*


“Want a private dance? Yes? Well it’s not like you can say no because our hands are glued… Now.. this is specially for you”


“Just hold on to me… and I’ll hold on to you… forever” *Romantic deer during all the day*


*Really really really embarrassed* “I just have a question…. what are we going to do when one of us wants to go to… you know… there…” *Baby Chen really needs the men’s room*


*So nervous that he starts speaking his mind* (Probably will die after)


*Deep thinking here shhh* “So… your superpower is… being like really sticky? Woah… sounds awesome”


*Trying to spend some time to get to know each other* “So you want… you know… like… ehem…. go shopping?” *That’s his thing xD*

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random prompt: nursey forgot that snapchats send notifications when you take a screenshot and, well, that's gonna be hard to explain to his teammate tomorrow.

(warning for overuse of XD and a pun)

Okay, I have never used snapchat, so if there’s anything wrong here, please let me know, and I’ll fix it (unless I’m feeling stubborn XD).    

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy  :-) xxxx


Nursey was bored.  He had work to do, but he couldn’t seem to make the word “work” and nothing he wrote seemed right (write ? XD  (Sorry)).  Thankfully, Dex had recently downloaded snapchat, and he was messing with filters, and sending everything to Nursey, who obviously had to respond to everything with a better snap.  Really, it was Dex’ fault he wasn’t doing his work.

They snapped back and forth for hours, mostly making fun of each other’s snaps, and trying to outdo each other.  Without Nursey even noticing, the evening had slipped away, and it was nearly 11 pm.  He only realised how late it was when Dex sent him a snap from his bed, saying goodnight.

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