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I hit 1k! Yay! I was a little bit worried about moving from my old blog (gainsboroug), but so many of you followed me here from there and I’m really grateful. Thank you for following me, whether you came from my old blog, or you’ve just started following this new one ♥

These are friends and/or blogs whose content I love, so you should check em all out! I always forget people, so check my blogroll out for more 10/10 quality blogs.


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ships and blogrates ((:

im 10 away from my first thousand so i decided to say thank you, like seriously thank you to everyone who has followed me and talked to me, you make me so happy.

ok on with the ships

what you have to do-

reblog this

follow me

send me an ask!! it could be anything. fmk, what you did today, phan, anything :)

please please please have a face or about page, or describe yourself to me, or you can direct me to where i can find pictures of you (ex. your facebook, twitter.. i wont stalk you unless you want me to i promise lol)

what you’ll get-

ship + gif + why

bff + gif

brother + gif

has a crush on you + gif


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am i following? no im sorry ily a lot though / yah ofcourse / already was you’re great / OHMIGOD YES ILY

if this doesnt get notes i’ll cry