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Okay, so I didn’t want to post this yet, but I really really REALLY wanna show you guys what I’ve been working on for months. AND since it’s Aaliyah’s birthday… might as well post it lol. So SURPRISE!!! I’ve been working on an animation of Aaliyah! This was supposed to be for the 20th anniversary of her album ‘One In A Million’ in August, but let me tell you something… animating is hard, and it takes a lot of hard work. Even with my hand cramping right now, it’s all worth it. And that’s what Aaliyah taught me. My passion is art, and even though the work is painful, or it makes me bone-tired, it’s all worth it because just seeing something that I created come to life, it’s the best feeling in the world honestly. So, yeah it’s not fully finished yet, but I am planning to finish it by the end of this month or next month. Just wanted to show you guys what I was working on, and that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Babygirl and her music. I’ve been listening to her music for over 20 years, since I was little (and her music video, ‘One In A Million’ was the first video I’ve seen of hers on MTV lol), and she was the only artist I really admired, and her music helped me find what I truly love doing, and I thought an animation would be a perfect tribute for me to pay my respects and thank her for inspiring me and millions of other fans out there. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Aaliyah!! Love you and miss you always!!!! 😘💕

So, this is not really about studies, but I think it can be pretty useful so I wanted to share this « idea » with you guys.
Sometimes, in life, we have dark moments. We feel sad, depressed, hopeless… Whether it’s because of school, grades, family, work… Anyway, it happens (unless you’re an unstoppable optimistic, in this way I’m so jealous). I have something that can help you to deal with anxiety and « down moments »
It’s called a comfort box. It works, I swear.

What is it ?

A comfort box is a box (boohoo, surprise !) where you find things which are supposed to make you happy -at least, less miserable.

How to make it ?

Choose a shoes box, or a cardboard box of any style, something big enough to contain a few things. It should at least be the size of two books (not a manga, more like a Harry Potter book).
You can paint it in your favourite colour - unless it’s black, remember it’s supposed to comfort you, not to make even more sad. Nice pastelscolourss are a good choice, and especially blue (it has scientifically proved that blue is a calmingcolourr). You can write or draw something on it if you want to decorate it a bit.

What to put in the box ?

  • Something to smell : A little pot of perfume, a hand cream of body cream you appreciate, a piece of fabric with your perfume or your mom perfume on it… Whatever smell you like.
  • Something to touch : A little teddy, a no-stress ball (you can make one by putting some sand in a balloon) - A thing that will keep your hands engaged.
  • Something to see : A picture of you with a friend or family, or in a place you really like… It will remember you a happy moment of your life and make you realize not everything is bad.
  • Something to listen : A list of songs you really like ; I personally have two play lists : one really calm, with only instruments, like piano, violin - and another one which, on the contrary, is really punchy and dynamic (because sometimes all you need is a little bit of motivation)

Bonus : A « self-help jar ». It is another box or a jar in which you put little papers with activities written on it. For example, it could be « call a friend » « take a long shower » « Watch an episode of your favourite show » « eat a biscuit » « Drink a hot milk with honey » « Take a nap » etc. It will distract you for a while and it can be really helpful.

             Motivation quotes. A few words can really make a big change in your behaviour. In times like those ones, quotes about self-esteem are essentials. My favourite one ? « If you have a bad thought about yourself, tell it to go to hell -because it is exactly where it comes from. »

How and when use it ?

Whenever you feel sad, having a bad time, having thoughts like « I’m useless, I’ll never Donna make it, no one needs me » : you just pick your box, you open it and you play with what is inside. You put the music on, you watch your photos and remember those happy moments… Everyone has its own way to do it. The goal is to make you feel better.

If you have school anxiety or panic crisis, you can make the same in a match box. You can’t put everything listed above in here, but you can put some perfume on it, and have a picture in a quote. Put it in your bag or in your pocket. It happens to me sometimes and knowing that I have those happy memories with me can help me to calm down, event without opening the box.

Hope this will be helpful ! If you have questions, I’m right here waiting for you.

By Leaf-study

on r*yharpers/l*gorobin aka solo/roy

( tw: inappropriate sexual behaviour/mentions - racism - manipulation - children - anti-blackness )

i’m getting tired of getting asked about this because every time i just have to remember every thing he did and now he cries about, or pretends to be a victim about nevermind the fact i talked to him about it extensively. so like, i don’t really have any “receipts” on him besides other people who i don’t want to imply unless they want to imply themselves (feel free to do so)

so you can call me a liar/bitch/whatever you want, idc. basically on the shit he’s done to me and my friends it’s:

  • being sexual in an environment supposed to be for minors (he also didn’t start tagging his nsfw posts until his ex asked him to, and this was after i confronted him about being too sexual around kids. this started in the supertwitter rp (a rp supposed to be safe) where he posted a picture of an uncensored dildo, and even before that he did lots of sexual comments/implications/outright written content)
  •  i have to comment that this is mostly because we’re from a groupchat that was made as a safe gc for people that like dc comics, since people who knows about it know.. how complicated it is to enjoy without running into bad people. i am also 18+, and so is my girlfriend, however we make a clear border between us and the kids as it’s more of the purpose of being able to protect them if they’re attacked (again). meanwhile solo constantly interacted with them as if he was also a minor, which is another reason said minors didn’t want to be around him.
  • he’s racist, which also showed in the supertwitter. major ones is the fact that when the admin of the group, who is not white, called him out on his racist drawings and also on him wanting to rp a jewish character when he’s not jewish (no matter what he says), he ranted to me until i said they (the admin) were right, and then he ranted to a non-white minor as to get validation. now he’s iding as a jewish character, harley quinn. on a minor note, he disregarded dick grayson being roma and has admitted to never actually meeting a black person irl. he also sent me white-guilt asks which, um, yikes lmao, especially since he tried to use me as an emotions-bin just because i’m black-latinx.
  • he also uses his emotional trauma and mental health to attack other people, even those with mental health issues (including me)
  • he’s manipulative towards minors. after i told him this and he blocked/softblocked me, he started talking to minors asking them if they ‘hated him’ and he even said to many of them that he wouldn’t know how to deal with it if they stopped being his friend/implicated that he needed them to stay his friends despite knowing they’re minors. 
  • he also vagued about me and about said minors after they expressed discomfort and cut contact with him. i don’t have a picture of what he said, but i screenshotted my post (first picture under the cut) about calling him out on it because he had blocked me, before he asked me to deleting the post (after lying he’d work on it, which, he didn’t.)
  • he posted once that he should be able to act the way he wanted around minors because he’s emotionally/through trauma a minor (and by ‘whatever he wanted’ he means being sexual/making kids uncomfortable).
  • also idk if this is problematic but three kids felt so pressured by him linking his wishlist in said chat (and on his blog.. over and over and over) that they bought him things due to that reason, and they told me this personally… i think it’s important to highlight.
  • also after i said i wanted him not to talk to me nor interact with people around me, he constantly tried to get in contact with me and even went so far as to message my girlfriend. he also wrote posts implicating i’m attacking him with this information when i talked to him about it. (also this is more personal but he accused me of lying and being an evil person for ‘lying about being his friend’ which um i never did and we never talked, he just made me uncomfortable.)

tl;dr solo has done a lot of shit that he consistently refuses to recognize, and while he posts and says he’ll work on it, he does it by constantly making excuses for himself and crying about it, as to make the person calling them out the ‘bad guy’ (and tries to manipulate other people into hating said person too), then continues doing the same thing over and over. 

also another thing.. that’s unfounded and i don’t know.. if it’s wrong but there’s a lot of people who have DID who have told me personally that he’s most likely faking his DID, since he started iding as roy harper around the same time he started dating mav, who id’s as jason todd (for those not in the fandom, it’s a popular pairing). also he’s dating his alter which is apparently not a common thing/something people with DID do? (also he used to be really insistent, even to a point of erasing other people’s sexuality/validity, about being gay and his alter is a woman… feel free to message me about this and i’ll delete this part of it if this is ableist in any way

edit: “i’ve seen people w/ did date headmates. it happens. what doesnt happen is you realize yr a system and start dating yr headmate withing a few months. that’s weird as hell tbh. as someone in a system: the fuck man. personally i think his system is fake but i wont say that on record bcos i have no real evidence. i just… no one ever goes through all that so fast. it took me YEARS to be comfortable w/ being a system and i still dont have it all figured out and hes dating his headmate in like 2 months? k”  “ just yeah… system shit is complicated but he had nv heard of systems when i strted dating him and like…. it happened so so fast i have a hard time believing its real. i told him i was part of a systme and he was immediately part of one too, i told him i had bpd and he immediately had it too…. i get not being aware of everything but it was weird” (this is by mav, his ex, who gave me permission to upload this. he has DID).

i talked to him about this, several times- the last time i did he blocked me everywhere, then unblocked me when i accused him of doing so- i had a long conversation to him in which he said he would ‘work on it’ before blocking me. and then i got told by a friend of mine that he went into another chatbox and tried to manipulate people into hating me by showing them screenshots of what i said. which, thankfully, didn’t work. (i have pictures of this under the cut, too.) something to know is that i used to id as a trans guy and went by ‘gabriel’ or ‘leo’ then, so some screenshots allude to that.

also he was a fucking shithead to mav, his ex-boyfriend, and mav actually posted about it here so you know, make of that what you will. tw: sexual harrassment, racism, anti-blackness… )

also there’s more stuff that also goes beyond what he did to me and my group of friends that said friends screenshotted. 

screenshots + more things he’s done under cut.

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heyo! i’ve been wanting to make a ‘draw me’ video for a while so here i am! how this works is you can tag any photo of yourself (or an original character, if you prefer/feel more comfortable) with #drawmeRoby on Instagram

i’ll be accepting pictures all week as i will be randomly choosing a handful to draw in a new video and just for fun as a thank you i suppose c: 

this will be only for instagram this round as its easier, but in future draw me’s i will be accepting through other social medias too. 

 please be sure that your account is not on private btw! i can’t see those photos unless I’m following you, so just a heads up. you can tag an old pic if you want too, thats not a problem. i will not be checking DMs for this though so please don’t send through there!! 

 anyways, thats all i wanted to say! I’m really excited to do this ^^

“When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs ev'ry morning to help me get large!”

“And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly the size of a BARGEEEEE!

Strange Love - Poe Dameron x fem!Reader

Anonymous asked: ‘Can I get a one shot of Poe and reader where they act like Han and Leia used to, sarcastic remarks and bickering then hot hot hooking up? :)

A/N: Kind of got carried away… I don’t write smut only implied as people get really uncomfortable over it… ALSO 

IF anyone wants to request a Male Character x Male!Reader or Female Character x Male!Reader insert/oneshot, Don’t hesitate to ask.

Warnings: None I suppose, unless you call the SW universe slang offensive. Implied smut.


“Watch where you’re going, Laser brain!” You fumed, picking up the datapad from the ground. You looked up at Poe Dameron who just so happened to have to bump into you of all people and cause your datapad to malfunction from its fall.

Poe snorted and crossed his arms, “Should have watched where you were going, I don’t think General Organa is going to be so pleased that you destroyed one of her goods”, Your face dropped with horror and you looked at the X-Wing pilot in absolute disbelief,

This wasn’t unusual, people on base were starting to get fed up of your constant arguing and back and forth insults to the point they would just roll their eyes and walk through the arguments casually.

“What absolute Bantha fodder!” you cried out clutching the datapad to your chest, “If you weren’t too busy bragging about being ‘best pilot in the galaxy’ you’d have room in that scruffy-looking head of yours to admit that you were the one that bumped into me!”, by now you were beyond furious to say at least.

Stop being such a-a.. moof-milker, you walked into me!

Oh really flyboy? That’s a name I would call someone when I was ten!

There was a silence as you and Poe glared at each other for a moment, you straightened and gave a sly smirk. “What is it, Dameron? Loth-cat got your ton-,” you were cut off and caught off guard by a soft lips connecting with your own hungrily while pinning you to a close wall.

You wrapped an arm around his neck while he deepened the kiss, “How about finishing this back in my room?” Poe broke away the hot kiss, you nodded and pecked his lips one more time before he escorted you down the halls quickly.


<< We don’t fight that often. We fought more in the beginning, of course. And then … >>

the taller Gardevoir’s facial expression changed to that of a somewhat embarrassed one and he lowered his ears.

<< No one else really wanted to be my … companion, if you will. I suppose I don’t blame them; maybe the idea of pairing up with a former bounty hunter made others uncomfortable, after all, not all of these ‘freelance workers’ come from savory backgrounds. Unless something else was the cause? I don’t know.

Due to the wide variety of these jobs, and the fact that much of them involve hunting something down, it’s quite dangerous to do them alone. Asgeir saw potential in me as a partner or something, so, there you go. >>

[ @ask-a-deaf-gardevoir ]

Ive been submitted the “I draw fat girls but theyre really just thicc/have big hip” shit already lol dont send it anymore

I know what Im drawing they arent supposed to be fat or skinny

idc about what you think about it, I draw what I want

and I dont post my “diversity” purposly

 as Ive said I’m a sellout y’all dont care about my art unless theyre thicc with a tiny waist so thats all I post lmao,

 I got thin characters, fat characters, characters with missing parts, mentally/physically disabled characters, characters with backgrounds but no one gives a shit so I dont either

I got characters I actually care about

so the just of it is, if y’all dont care I dont, and Im not going to post shit for no reason so dont annoy me with salty bullshit I couldnt care less about

now I already know someones going to send me those stupid ass posts again, so Ill be reblogging this, just block phoxtalk if you dont want to see it

here we go – like this for a starter, my dears! or comment/im me if you’d rather plot first!

savannahofasgard  asked:

i'm not quite new to hellenism, but by no means am i learned in it. how does one become Oathbound to a Theoi?

I hope you’re asking this just for the sake of knowledge, because I highly don’t recommend that anyone takes an oath to a deity unless they have a very good relationship with that deity.

Before I answer, I want to say that anyone who’s thinking about oaths need to take them seriously and not back out after a month and say “Oh, well, it doesn’t really count because xyz” because it does. If you break an oath, own up to it.

Now to answer your question: there’s many ways to become oathbound. Historically in Hellenismos, you really weren’t suppose to, and that should tell you how serious the Greeks really took it. Here is a post I found that describes more historic ways of oathing, giving examples, formality, and so on that may be of your interest.

On to modern times though. Oathing tends to be a very personal thing for each worshiper who is oathbounded, one reason is because we each go about it in a different manner. How I made my oath will be different from the next oathbound worshiper, not only the oath itself would probably be different, but just the way we made the oath.

So, honestly, it would be up to the worshiper on how they become oathbound to a deity. Mine was very informal right when I made it but then I re-established it formally. I’d recommend that any oathbound worshiper writes down their exact words, time length, what they want, what the deity wants, ways to communicate, all the specifics. 

I hope this helped? If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me more messages.

My only real hope for Devilman Crybaby is that they animated the final battle thoroughly instead of the manga skipping over it. It was never really the point of the story, and you can sorta get away with skipping that stuff in manga form, but in an anime it’s something you really want to see first hand. Although it might spoil the twist ending unless they’re clever about it, I suppose.

Turtle Tot Head Canon #2

Okay my next turtle tot head canon is about Donnie. I picture him as being one of those babies that stares at everything…. just curious/nosy about everything going on around him. I don’t care how many goofy faces you make at him or how much you baby-talk with him, Donnie’s more interested in putting his hand in your mouth to see where all those silly baby-talk sounds are coming from…..that is unless he finds the toaster behind you more interesting.

And oh man, I totally see him tearing apart and dismantling every toy that Splinter brought home for the boys. Donnie doesn’t mean to make Mikey cry, he just really wanted to see what made his toy robot’s eyes flash red and blue and make bleepy noises. How else was he supposed to figure that out unless he pulled off its head and found the little light bulbs inside? Splinter spent a lot of time telling Donnie how naughty he was being for breaking his brothers’ toys until he started watching his inquisitive son a little more closely. He watches Donnie destroy toys and try unsuccessfully to put them back together again. He realized Donatello wasn’t destructive as he originally thought but learning in a very tactile way. That’s when Splinter started bringing Donnie building blocks, making him peg boards to play with, and giving him other toys to play with that were actually meant to be taken apart and put together.

Man, I’m on a roll with these head canons! @linturtle, @drummergirl231 I think we share the same Donnie tot head canon 😉

“So what’s it like, raising phoenixes?”

She thought about it for a moment.

“Like raising chickens,” she decided. “Pretty much exactly like raising chickens, except the chickens have a tendency to light themselves on fire. Then they run around in utter panic because THEY’RE ON FIRE, and light everything else on fire too.”`

“…Isn’t the whole self-immolation thing supposed to be normal for phoenixes?”

“Yeah, that’s what you’d think,” she sighed. “That sure is what you’d think, alright. Word of advice, don’t get these things as pets unless you really know what you’re getting into. I keep telling the dumbass noblemen that, but, noooo, they ALWAYS want to get a glamorous phoenix as a pet so they can brag to their idiot friends about how rich they are. Then they burn their manors down and blame me. Don’t do that.”

“I’ll, uh, try not to.”

“You’d better.”



sincerelysoft replied to your photoset “i did it..”

tbh I dont know what any astrology things mean… I just try to look at how sites talk about it. its interesting how havign different things are supposed to affect you/interact with each other differently

yeah… i’ve always been really :/ about it and kind of didn’t want to learn bc i don’t like the idea of my personality or how i interact process things…how my emotions manifest being some predetermined thing????? i just.. don’t like that :(
also everyone hates scorpios… :( and astrology blogs are scary!!!!!!! they feel hostile fjkdlsfjsld i don’t want someone to analyze me unless i ask!!!
but you’re right!! i think it can be interesting :DD and fun to try to learn more about yourself 

okay i’m getting really fucking pissed off. i tried telling people to kindly fuck off but i guess people don’t see where i’m trying to say. on twitter, the hashtag #HispanicGirlsUnited is suppose to help us hispanic girls unite and help us take a stand in our culture and race. but no. you have these people (i don’t just want to say white people, but most of them are white) saying they don’t understand why we are complaining. that’s why some of us are STILL getting deported back to our country, even though we are legal. that’s why no one pay’s attention to us, UNLESS we are sexualized. that’s why we still have to take really racist jokes about fucking gardens and stealing your jobs. that’s why if our native language is Spanish, we get bullied for not having perfect English. but when we speak English, we aren’t a true “mexican” because we don’t speak spanish. that’s why nothing of our natural beauty  is beautiful until white people make it trendy. just please, if you’re white, please don’t act like you know what it’s like to be part of racism. because you don’t.

What’s the proper response

When an American says, “How’re you?” as a greeting how are you supposed to respond?

I ask because I usually go, I’m good/fine, thanks, you? Expecting something along similar lines in Canada (at least where I’m from?). Sometimes people will tell me more than I was expecting, but I stick with the generic because people don’t often really want to know more than “ok/good/fine” unless it’s something relative to the situation (ie, wet but ok! in the rain, or something).

I’ve noticed Americans (at least where I am) say, How’re you? as a greeting, and when I respond in kind with my usual response I’m met with absolute silence, sometimes with the person not even looking at me anymore, like the conversation ended before I even said anything, and it kind of stuns me. Like, all I’m expecting is a “good thanks for asking!” response, regardless of how it is, but I leave the conversation feeling like I was just shunned, lol. Culture shock, I guess?

@emperorwebrunner has pointed out it’s used in place of “hello” and he usually says, “oh hey!” or “how’re you?” in response, and nobody questions it or blinks an eye.

However, people could be just being polite.

What is the proper response, Americans?

Exo Reactions To You Burning The House Down While You Were Trying Cook

I kind of had to rush through this so I hope it’s okay. Sorry for any errors, I didn’t have time to proof read it before posting. <3 xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *thinks it’s a joke at first & laughs about it until he actually sees that the house is completely gone & just stares at it, totally speechless for once in his entire life*

Chanyeol: *lectures you for hours about how you aren’t supposed to cook without his supervision, not bringing up the fact that he has almost burned the house down too*

Chen: *has to try really hard not to make jokes about it but he’s also irritated, he doesn’t want to make you feel bad about it so he holds his tongue but he’s slightly annoyed*

D.O.: *gives you a good talking to about how you should have been more careful, but doesn’t treat you too harshly, knowing it was an accident & you probably feel bad*

Kai: *doesn’t know what to say or do, just looks around blankly, trying to figure out what’s going on, unable to figure out if he should be mad or relieved that you’re okay*

Kris: *laughs hysterically because it was you that burned the house down & not him, happy he can bring this up whenever you tease him for doing something stupid*

Lay: *so confused about how you managed to burn the house down that he’s not upset or mad, just bewildered to the point that he’s happy you’re okay & that you didn’t die*

Luhan: *lectures you for it constantly & never shuts up, mentioning it whenever you use a kitchen, though you can tell he’s just concerned & wants you to be more careful*

Sehun: *isn’t too surprised because he knew you would do it eventually, he just thought it wouldn’t be until you were older so he accepts it but is still a little bit annoyed*

Suho: *has to stop himself from crying when he hears about it, but not because the house is gone, he was just so terrified that you could have been hurt that he gets upset*

Tao: *wants to laugh about it because it was your fault & not his, but then he remembers that all of his expensive stuff was inside it & suddenly wants to cry his eyes out*

Xiumin: *concerned & surprised but not upset, just relieved that you didn’t get hurt, not caring too much about the house because it was just a building to him*

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Unexpected Meeting


In celebration of Mingyu day, I wanted to share with you readers a cute fluff <3 I hope you enjoy (:


Genre: Fluff | One Shot

As you were about to head home from your last lecture, a hand grabbed onto your arm, preventing you from leaving the lecture hall. “Y/N! Can you please come to the gouken today?” Bonnie pleaded, her grip tightening around your arm. You released a sigh. “Bonnie you already know my answer."As you tried to shake her off, another hand grabbed your other arm. "Please! Just for today. We wouldn’t be asking you unless we were really desperate. The girl who was supposed to go is sick so she can’t make it,” Clara added. “Guys, I can’t. I have midterms all of next week, I can’t afford to-” “You just have to be there until we introduce ourselves. We promise you that you can leave once introductions are over. Please?!”

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EXO reacting to eating oreos with you

The full description is EXO reacting to you eating oreos with them, and you tease them with the cookie by eating it instead of feeding it to them <3 Sorry for the late reply! I finally finish the first half of my tests!

Hope you like it! 

Please read my guildelines before requesting a reaction <3

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Welp! You asked for it! I scanned the comic! I indeed drew this in one evening a few days after first splatoon test fires (and thus was the start of my squid insanity). I was just starting to learn how to draw inklings and this comic was made without references and markers, so no erasing. Anything I did, staid there. This is why I’ll upload the  pages under the cut because I don’t want anyone to suffer through these pages unless they really want to. 

So yeah, I suppose this is how Orange and Blue met (even tho they don’t look like them here). I dunno. I change stuff with them all the time. Enjoy none the less! Hope you can read my horrible handwriting.

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