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So, I hit an exciting new milestone and I decided since I’ve never done it before, I really wanted to try to do a giveaway for this fandom and my followers.

The winner will receive a mystery box of vampire chronicles and vc inspired items (some of which are guaranteed to be ridiculous).

| Rules for entry |

  • You’ll have to be following me. I want this to be a gift for one of my followers. The point is a thank you to them.
  • You may like and/or reblog this as many times as you wish but, each url will go into the drawing only once. I will write down each url and draw one scientifically from a hat or bowl-like structure.
  • The winner will have to provide me with their current address or a designated address I can send the prize.
  • The winner will have 7 days to get back to me before I draw another name.
  • Contest is open to  personal blogs and rp blogs only. No giveaway blogs, etc… eligible for entry. VC related-content blogs and their owners, however, are eligible.

The giveaway will end on May 5th! It is not limited to my US followers. I will ship to anyone who wins worldwide. 

Good luck to everyone who enters and welcoming me with such open arms these past few months.  <3

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would it be okay for you to do a college au for lee daehwi please? ;3; your college au's are always so amazing and I love reading them!

  • major: psychology 
  • clubs: book club, part of student government as treasurer
  • is that kind of student. the one who does their homework three days in advance, teachers are the ones emailing him about recommendations, tutors others in english, and still manages to look very handsome doing so
  • even though it’s only his first year in college,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,How
  • daehwi claims he has a “system” but when people ask him what it is he just winks and is like ;) a magician never gives away his secret!~
  • (cheesy, but we love it)
  • he initially wanted to go into the literary department, but something about psychology really fits his personality. he kind of likes to over analyze and make predictions 
  • which he claims is NOT the case
  • but his best friend somi was like “daehwi on our first day you literally introduced yourself to that kid daniel and went “from your handshake i can safely assume you’re in the emt field” and now daniel is convinced you can read minds.”
  • but daehwi is like please! that’s not over analyzing- 
  • youngmin: you told me i had a complex about my hair after i told you my favorite color
  • daehwi:,,,,,,,,,,but youngmin it has to do with the fact that people who like green tend to-
  • somi: you’re doing it again
  • but daehwi,,,,,is just a sunflower,,,,,a positive hardworking boy who sometimes comes off a little demanding but he’s,,,,not he’s just trying to help
  • lots of people have already resorted to being mean about him because of their own jealousy but daehwi does his best to push it away,,,,even to the point where he always apologizes in class if he talks too much or seems like he’s looking for attention
  • and somi is always like don’t do that bro but daehwi,,,,as collected and cool as he looks walking through the campus with his psych textbook in hand and a cup of coffee in the other
  • daehwi is just as nervous and scared about being unliked like everyone else,,,,,
  • which is why you really like him
  • see if daehwi is the clean-cut, proper student then you’re the opposite,,,,the type to sit with your legs up on the desk, doodle on your homework, maybe not even show up
  • and you have psych 43 with him,,,,human emotion and,,,,the teacher is always droning on and on about the reading and the only person who ever talks is daehwi
  • who seems so damn bright in a class that is so damn boring
  • and you’ve heard the way people sneer under their breath when he brings up a point, the eye rolling, the ‘whats the point of taking this class if all we hear is that brat talking?’
  • but you’ve also seen daehwi grit his teeth, keep raising his hand, and completely strive to do the best even in a room full of negativity
  • and sure,,,,,you’re not the straight a, study in your free time kind of person daehwi is friends with but you like people that fight for themselves 
  • and one day as daehwi is explaining something you hear someone make a joke calling him something rude and it’s annoying you so you suddenly stand up
  • causing daehwi to freeze mid-sentence and the teacher to raise an eyebrow
  • and you point to the person and you’re like “wanna say that louder, i heard your friend laugh and i want to laugh too.”
  • the teacher is motioning lazily  for you to sit down,,,,but tbh it doesnt really look like he cares all that much and daehwi is like “it’s ok -”
  • but you’re like “c’mon say it. i wanna hear it. make me laugh.”
  • and the person looks terrified,,,,because you’ve never been known to take things with a grain of salt and you’re crossing your arms waiting
  • and the teacher is like “this isn’t high school, sit down-”
  • and you’re like “uhuh i will, but you-” you point at the person now cowering in their seat “ill see you after this lecture. i wanna hear that joke up close and personal.”
  • the teacher just mumbles for everyone to calm down and when you sit back you smirk to yourself knowing god damn well that person will bolt the minute class is over
  • but you also feel daehwi scoot over and he’s like “hey,,,,i don’t usually whisper in class but you shouldn’t fight anyone!!! college expel people for that-”
  • and ur like “don’t worry there’s not going to be a fight that coward wont wait for me anyway”
  • and you look to the side to see daehwi’s obviously concerned expression,,,,,,and ok what - why is he so freaking cute???? 
  • quickly you look back toward the front where the teacher is pointing to something haphazardly on the board 
  • but you feel it,,,,,your heart beat,,,,,,your stomach doing flips,,,,,
  • and with one peek to the side you see it again,,,,,,,,,daehwi’s,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,,cute cute cute,,,,,face
  • as expected with class over you see the stampede of kids run out and the first person infront is that guy you called out
  • and you chuckle to yourself until you suddenly feel someone’s trembling hand on your shoulder
  • and you turn and daehwi is there,,,,,,that face of his flushed pink,,,,,and he’s like “i,,,,,know he was joking about me,,,,,,yo-you didn’t have to stand up for me-”
  • but you’re like “no, i did. daehwi you’re too good for most of the people here. for me especially, but also for those scumbags who try to make you feel bad about being smart. sometimes though, you need to say something so they’ll shut up.”
  • with that you sling your bag over your shoulder and you turn again to leave
  • but daehwi’s voice reaches you again and he’s like “im not,,,,,too good for anyone. but most of all,,,,im not too good for you.”
  • like for a moment you’re confused what does that mean-
  • but then you see daehwi rush over to stand in front of you and that pink flush has gone fULL on red
  • and he’s fiddling with his fingers but he’s also like !!!!! i,,,think you’re amazing and ,,,,, i wish you’d pay attention more in class because i can tell you’re very smart and i just,,,,,,,,l-like—-lik—–aPPRECIATE who you are,,,,,,a lot,,,,,,,,and-”
  • you feel a smile tug at your lips because,,,,oh,,,,is daehwi,,,,,trying to confess something?? but at the same time you’re like thank u,,,,for thinking im capable of more,,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,daehwi
  • and he’s shaking a bit with embarrassment but he’s like y-yes
  • and you step closer to push some hair from his eyes and you’re like “i like you too ^^ or appreciate if thats what you smart kids say.”
  • and daehwi is like RGOJFDLgiefd REALLY but also he’s like,,,,,,,,i m-meant it in a romanti-romantic way
  • and ur like yes i know baby
  • and he’s like baby???!??????? and ur like,,,,oops sorry ur just so cute i had the urge to call you that~~
  • and daehwi is like gijkl i knew u were straightforward,,,,and confident,,,,but ur also,,,,,,flirty,,,
  • and ur like hey hey don’t over analyze this rn mister and he’s like !!!! right!!!!!
  • but it’s cute because you never would have expected the sweet, dedicated student to fall for you,,,,,,,,,,(especially since ur pretty  sure uve slept through ur class with daehwi like 10 times)
  • but apparently daehwi is fascinated and when you reach out to hold his hand u think he might be overheating but ur not 100% sure 
  • college boyfriend!daehwi is,,,,,,amazing. mostly because he really likes sappy things even if he tries to hide it at first,,,,like he likes candles and flowers and romcoms,,,,,,tried to watch a horror movie with you but ended up curled in your lap asking if it was over,,,,,is too shy to come over to your dorm ever which is like so angelic and pure of him he’s always like we should meet up somewhere comfortable like a cafe!! ooo what about the library??? even better,,,,study hall?? like what a nerd but also what a sweet human being???, but he also has a fun side too sometimes daehwi will say something about someone that’s so blatantly savage but he thinks he’s being like observational and you have to put a hand over his mouth before you burst out laughing, makes handmade cards for every holiday, tries to recopy and organize your notes for you but you’re like letsssss cudddllllleee insteeeadd and for a good amount of time he can resist your charm but at some point he melts too, but you melt more than he does because daehwi is soooo good at being obliviously adorable that it hurts, when he’s concentrating and cutely making “aha!” sounds when he solve a problem to sleepily asking you to pet his head, isn’t big on pda but got super giddy over the idea of having matching phone cases, totally made you his phone wallpaper, his phone background, has a photo of you two on his nightstand, sometimes learns corny pick up lines from jisung but is too smart to actually try them out (unless he really wants your attention then you get a text thats like did it hurt when you fell from heaven and ur like ,,,,,,,,daehwi ??? do you have a cold??), refuses to admit he’s sick when he’s sick you have to practically drag him by the ear to the uni nurse, likes knowing you’re thinking of him especially when you two get a moment of alone time and you kiss him and mumble that you wanted to see him really badly and he still gets all shy and squirmy about it but on the inside he is DYING of HAPPINESS, thinks stuffed animals are cute so you guys got couple ones (you almost physically fought samuel when he said that was corny), stays up to study but still manages to have better hair than you and it drives you nuts like hOW, sent you a recording of him reading his notes from that class you have together and it was so smooth and nice you fell asleep to it LOL, wears soft cardigans that you always want to steal but daehwi is like we can just go buy you one?????, you hold daehwi’s face and tell him he deserves the world whenever someone says something dumb or he feels down, somi loves you guys and keeps telling everyone on campus that you and daehwi are set to marry soon, does this cute thing where when he has a surprise for you he can’t help but jump around and get all excited which lets u know he’s hiding something up his sleeve tBH he’s kinda easy to read, has an amazing singing voice that you didn’t know about until he actually wrote you a song for your birthday about how he loves you like a lot and you practically threw yourself into his arms and he laughed against your neck but seriously daehwi is so perfect you never understand how you got sOOOOO lucky (he says the same thing about you tho hehe) 

find others here: ong seongwoo | kang daniel 

okay one last thing about bootlegs before i’m off for the night

hamilton could literally give out professional recordings for free tomorrow, and it would not put a dent in any of it’s profits. there’s literally another album for it coming out on friday, it’s made three million dollars, it’s double platinum, people up charge tickets in resale to like 400 bucks and people still buy em, the lotto, merch, hamilton chicago/atlanta/los angeles/wherever else it’s gonna be next year. 

this isn’t some small show like tuck everlasting and american psycho was. it’s not gonna close anytime soon like fun home. it’s not being overshadowed by any other show like waitress and school of rock. and it sure as hell isn’t gonna lose any money if they put out a professional recording, free or not. 

so bottom line: if you’re one of those people that’s still bashing fans that watch bootlegs, not just of hamilton, but of any musical, you’re elitist/classist/and probably racist (cause yes, these things do go hand in hand believe it or not), and really just need to shut the fuck up cause the hamilton bootleg isn’t hurting a god damn soul. 

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i get what you're saying about iw but like. it's directed by the russos. i'd be worried as fuck if it was whedon but it's the Russos.

Civil War was directed by the Russo’s and it was garbage so I stand by what I said.

Handwriting Tag Thingie

I was tagged by my boo @sim-bubble 

Yes, I am super smart so I wrote it with a double “t”. I know you wish you had my English skills. Also, I uploaded this image upside down and with no text like 5 minutes ago because I am, like I said, super smart. Anyway, this is my handwriting, it’s cool I guess.

I usually don’t like to tag people because I never know if they have already done it or not, and I always seem to forget people but oh well, I tag @inquisitive-simmer , @our-dazed-sims , @ughplumb , @fatpandasims , @zauglom , @nadinemaee , @shysimblr , @loniden , @sapphiresims , @ohmypominit, @vicarious-sims@sportingsims@suzychi-sims@simwithsparkles, @lxcysims and anyone who wants to do it. 

edit: forgot @furiouslydecaffinated, oops, sorry hun

Paved With Good Intentions

When you heard about Output Busan’s launch, you already cleared your schedule for that weekend. You weren’t even invited to come with the CEOs, not like you needed one anyways, but you could already taste all the seafood you could eat. When the weekend to Busan was fast approaching, you couldn’t help but keep a good mood for the week.

You had planned to go to Busan via car the day before the event with Simon D’s girlfriend, Jinri. Both of you wanted to take your time with the trip and enjoy the scenery on the way to the Bay City. But Jay kept on overhearing your planning on the phone with her and forced his partner to hijack your girl trip and turned it into a double road-date.

On the morning of the trip, you went to Jay’s place to pick him up and wait for everyone to come. While he was preparing, you and his mom sat in the kitchen, updating each other. Whenever he’d hear his name come out of his mom’s mouth he’d pass by the kitchen and narrow his eyes at the two of you. When Jinri and Kiseok finally arrived, the trip was finally in motion.

Everyone could drive except for Simon. You and Jinri agreed to take turns in driving, leaving Jay out of it not wanting to tire him out before a show. You volunteered to drive first while Jay called shotgun and the older couple taking the back seat. The drive would usually be a little over four hours but since you weren’t in a hurry, everyone decided to stop whenever tourist spots would be passed by. No one had any idea that the relaxing trip was going to get messy real quick.

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Sure vagoos can stretch but sleeping around constantly makes it look like roast beef. Enjoy your flappy lips skank, no one respectable will touch you with a ten foot pole unless they are really desperate. Lmaooooooo

you think… even if sleeping around did in fact affect the state of the vagina, you think that it would be the labia that would be affected?  

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Di piano e forte 01

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pt. 1 ↠ pt. 2

↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin.

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature things.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy!

“I’ll be home around 6, lock up before you leave, bye!” You shouted loudly, rushing out the door with a bag heavy on your shoulders. Hopping frantically, trying to slip on a shoe yet keep down your dress, like a kid late to school (which you were). You threw the bag in the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition and stomped on the gas. You arrived at the university in the nick of time.

Having grown up taking music lessons here and there, you’d think it would’ve stuck with you. But that wasn’t the case, you hadn’t played since you were a little girl but you still had a deep connection with instrument. You’ve been looking for a teacher and finally found one who didn’t live far from the school. He had one opening left so you called him immediately. A music student at the college was giving lessons and you were far too excited for someone your age but you couldn’t help it. He asked you to meet him at practice room 2B at the school. With a backpack slack on your shoulders you went up the stairs in a hurry. You weren’t late, you were actually a few minutes early. You just wanted to make a good impression, you didn’t actually know much about him, only his name. Min Yoongi. 

You knocked lightly on the door, no response. You knocked again, still no response. Propping yourself up on your tippy toes you peeked through the small glass window on the top of the door. He’s in there. His fingers danced on the keys and there were ear buds in his ears. Slowly you pushed down on the knob and were met with your proposed piano teacher stalling the movement of his fingers. 

“Oh, hi, you’re early.” Steadily he got up from his seat, he held his hand out shook mine. “What was your name again?” His cold fingers grasped yours briefly and you squeezed your fists instinctively.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you so much for taking me so last minute. I left class early just so I wouldn’t be late.” You smiled nervously, he grabbed a chair from the corner of the room and sat it aside the piano. Hesitantly, you sat down your bag and stood awaiting his instructions. 

“That’s thoughtful of you- I’m Yoongi by the way.” He said pulling out the stool, “You can have a seat.” He gestured to the stool, you flattened your skirt against your thighs before you taking a seat. “Have you ever played before, at all?” 

“I played around when I was little, that’s about it.” Pressing your hands in your lap you awkwardly nodded your head, agreeing with yourself.

“Well, the first thing I’ll teach you is posture. Sit up straight.” His hand pressed against your lower back to straighten you up. This small fraction of the lesson was making you more excited than it probably should have. For years you dreamed of learning the art of this flawless instrument and here you are. You were finally doing it. You looked to him for approval. “Is this good?”

“You’re a bit stiff, relax, just don’t slouch.” he laughed breathily, demonstrating by stretching his arms and shoulders. You did the same, shaking off your nerves and taking a deep breath. “Now put your hands on the keys like you would if I wasn’t here, go on.”

“Ok…” Your fingers steadily approached the ivory keys and you looked at his expressionless gaze. It was hard to tell if I was doing it right.

“That’s good.” He praised. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged on your lips. The whole hour was exciting to you. All you did was go over scales, pretty basic stuff you already knew. “You know your scale patterns.” He commented, somewhat taken aback by your poised form. The thirty minute lesson consisted of you going over every scale you knew and some of the ones he showed you. 

“I think we’ve covered enough for today, you did good.” He stood to his feet and you did as well. You maneuvered your legs between the piano stool and his chair before reaching down to grab your bag. 

“Thank you.” You smiled, "Oh! I have something for you.” You reached in your backpack and pulled out a little box.

“What’s this?” He was a bit surprised, he’s never really received a gift from his students, not on the first day at least.

“It’s rice cake, I make it to sell as sets sometimes but I made this one for you, I hope you like strawberry.” When he untied the thin pink string and opened it he smirked to himself, bringing a smile to your face.

“I do, thank you.” When he smiled a weight was somewhat lifted from your shoulders, but at the same time you had the thought that he might think you’re overbearing or too excited. “Well…I’ll see you next week then.” You waved. “Bye.”

When you closed the door he sat on the stool with the little box in hand. He could already tell that teaching you would be more than interesting. In a good way. Most people your age came to him for maybe a month lesson and they’d give up but you didn’t seem like that. You were just as eager as a little girl, it was cute.

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His Wedding | seven

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 

Pairing: N/A (lmao)

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: language

Characters (by appearance): Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff

A/N: I wrote this over night and the edited it right now. PHEW! But the wait is ove because this part gives an insight of Bucky’s POV. I know, fucking finally. I think it’s time ya’ll know what he’s been up to. Please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS

Tags are CLOSED now! Please don’t put in requests asking for tagging, y’all I don’t feel good rejecting asks. | Sorry for any typos and ENJOY READING!!!

“His Wedding” Masterlist

Previous Part | Next Part 

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You want to quit all this and run?

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somebody @ mcclain-and-kogane screenshotted and reposted one of your klance posts??

!!! Thank you so much for telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out their blog and while I am not too happy about it, you can still see my url on it: 

so getting into a potential argument over this simply isn’t worth it for me. I mean, I would absolutely appreciate it if people wouldn’t repost my things, and I definitely thank you for telling me and encourage everyone to keep doing this, but in this specific case I’ll just leave it. I repeat: for me and in this specific case. I really just spent 5 minutes on the post and it was more intended to be a joke than a serious contribution to the fandom, so it’s whatever.

As a general rule though: Don’t Do This. It’s not cool. Why do it when you are literally in front of the post and are able to just click reblog? Your followers will see it anyway and in this case the screenshots almost ruin the proof because the pics I used were slightly pixelated from the beginning :P Other people might have spent minutes or hours on their posts though, so just. Don’t take the credit away from them like this. Because that’s what you do - while the url is still on it, people can’t click it anymore. And especially don’t do this with art. Other people, like artists for example, might already be struggling with gaining an audience for their posts, so it’s not fair to them. And especially don’t crop out the signature or url, don’t even get me started on why that is wrong, that takes any and all credit away from the creator!

Alright, that’s all :D Sorry for the mini rant at the end here. And thank you again, anon, it really means a lot to me that you told me about it <3 I’d mean even more to me if you and anyone else that sees reposts (url cropped out or not) kept notifying the original creators! It’s really reassuring to see that there are people out there that care for giving them the credit they deserve^^

[PS: don’t send the reposter any hate. don’t. do. it. just don’t. thank you <3]

lol, gay

Reggie Mantle x Reader: The Set Up


I love your writing!!! Could you write a Reggie x reader imagine where the reader and Reggie are secretly dating so b&v set the reader up on a blind date and Reggie gets jealous and what not!

Hellooo, so I love your imagines and I’ve never done a request before (yeah this is my first) and sorry in advance if I misspell something, I’m from Spain. Here goes my request: Reggie and the reader have been dating in secret during the summer and they keep it that way when classes start, but somehow Jughead finds out and he tells the rest of the gang, they don’t like her dating Reg but she defends how Reggie is and not how everyone thinks he is. All the fluff is up to you, thaaank you 💜

If you’re taking requests, can I get an imagine where the reader is like smol, innocent bean and the whole gang just treats her like a kitten? Reggie finds her adorable and the gang tries to keep him away from the reader, but he tends to sneak into her room through the window & cuddle w/ her and stuff? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Okay so I was going to do all of these separately, but then I got this idea in my head and this came out. Hopefully you guys enjoy this and to the people who requested these I hope I did justice. Unless like you really don’t like how I did this you are welcome to request your prompt again and I’ll see what I can do. I know I was supposed to post this morning, but my Wi-Fi went out.  I don’t know how I feel about this, but I hope you guys actually like it.

Words: 2584

Summary: You start dating Reggie during the summer going into your Junior year.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Like one swear word.

One day you decide to go on a walk because the clouds and the sun ratio was perfect. You ended up in Sweetwater River enjoying the smell of the flowers during the summer. Although as you were enjoying your day you saw him sitting in a rock, eyes puffy from crying. He looked sad and you weren’t a person to ignore that. You approached him sitting next to him and handed him a sunflower you found.

“Do you need someone to talk to?” you shot him a small smile rubbing your thumb in his face to clean up the last residue of his tears a bit shocked by your motion he grabbed your hand against his cheek and you both just looked in each other’s eyes for a while. You could see the hurt in his eyes, so you pulled him for a hug and he held you tight like he never wanted you to leave.

You guys got to talking and Reggie confided to you things you were pretty sure he’d never say to anyone else. He told you about the troubles in his family, his best friend Jason who was murdered last year and how that sometimes affected the way he played thinking he could never amount to how Jason played. You reassured he was great since you’d seen him play as you went to every single game and supported your friends.

For two weeks you both met up near Sweetwater River and just talked about anything and everything. For those two weeks you saw the real Reggie, the one he didn’t allow anyone to see. You were delighted that Reggie would let you see that side of him. Soon your friendship would end and the relationship started when he asked you out on a date to Pops to keep it simple. Although at the very end of your date your friends arrived to Pops and disrupted your date because they thought he was bothering you not letting either of you speak a word they dragged you out of there.

They had always been your protectors against the bad world. They claimed you were too sweet and innocent and the world didn’t deserve a person like you, but were elated you existed in their lives. Anytime anyone that wasn’t them would try to talk you they directed them to an exit because your pureness was not to be corrupted by anything or anyone. Sometimes they would be so strict as to only watch PG-13 movies and were certainly surprised when they caught you watching a horror film once. They made you swear to only watch those kind of movies on their turf and you gave in pleasing your best friends.

Although your new found friendship that was blooming into a relationship may catch them off guard you decided to keep quiet about it until you and Reggie spoke further about where it was going.

To: Reggie

Hey, I’m sorry I got dragged out of our date. They can be a little over protective when they want.

To: (Y/N)

A little?

To: Reggie

What can I say I have good friends, although I was quite enjoying myself this time. 😉

To: (Y/N)

Can I stop by or is the police still hogging you?

To: Reggie

Police is gone lol, window is open Mantle.

To: (Y/N)

Be right there 🙈

It all became routine, when you were not the gang and their over-protectiveness during the summer you were with Reggie on dates as you made your relationship official, but you hadn’t told any of your friends because you weren’t sure how they would react. He would climb your window and into your heart every day. Because of your overprotective friends you found it quite surprising you didn’t get caught especially because he was your first boyfriend and kiss. You wished to tell the details to Betty and Veronica but your lips were sealed for now until you and Reggie could find the perfect moment.

One day Betty and Veronica tried setting you up with the new kid Jake, but you denied it and told them you weren’t ready for a relationship because you were with Reggie and they stopped insisting after a while because as always maybe he wasn’t the best for you. Nobody would ever be enough for them to choose. They just wanted you to find someone so that you four could go on double dates. Though to you, you had the prefect guy, he was sweet, tough, cheesy, and he loved you back; so you texted Reggie to meet you in your house to talk about your status.

“Hey baby” he spoke climbing through your window “what happened?” he saw the nervous expression plastered on your face.

“B and V keep insisting I go out with the new kid” you sighed as he sat down next to you and put his arm around you.

“Well he’s gonna have to wait forever because your mine” was all he said as he placed his lips on yours a sensation so close to home, yet every time he did it the butterflies in your stomach would go crazy.

The next day though someone was about to reveal your secret relationship with Reggie.

The brooding writer who’d never leave anywhere without his beanie gathered your friends without you to tell them his new findings.

“Hey Jug, what are you big news?” Archie spoke across the booth at Pops.

“(Y/N)” he spoke a bit out of breath from rushing to Pops.

“What about our kitten?” Ronnie smiled.

“Well yesterday I was walking home and saw Reggie Mantle leaving her room through the window” he confessed.

“No way” Kevin gasped.

“That can’t be true Juggie” the blonde protected.

“You must have seen something in another house, but certainly not our girl” Archie reassured.

“Pics or it didn’t happen Jones” the raven haired girl challenged.

Thank god no one believed Jughead, but this also meant they didn’t think Reggie was good enough for you and that hurt a bit when Ronnie and Betty told you about their secret meeting and you laughed it off not wanting to blow your cover.

After you hangout session, you couldn’t risk Reggie meeting you in your room so you texted him to meet you at your spot in Sweetwater River.

“Hey (Y/N/N) what happened this time?”

“Jughead saw you leaving my room last night and he almost blew our cover” you answered with a small smile “they’re getting pretty close why don’t we just tell them.”

“Anything for you babe, why don’t we tell them this weekend” he kissed you and you nodded “You wanna know something princess?”

“What?” you smiled in his arms.

“Sweetwater River is named after you because you’re sweet” he grinned at his cheesy line.

“That was terrible” you chuckled as he kissed you again.

Except now he had finally caught you both. Jughead Jones in his regular sleuthing routine spotted you two, and did a double take and then he saw you kiss and he really freaked. He realized his friends weren’t going to believe him without evidence so this time he took his phone out as fast as he could and got a picture of the two of you kissing, thankfully though he hadn’t paid his phone and he couldn’t send it to your friends and it was far too late to show them so he’d have to wait till the next day.

Thankfully though Jughead Jones was nowhere to be found during the school day and since he had the reputation for sleeping in none of you bothered but go look for him, just texted him on what he was “missing out” that always bothered him.

“Hey (Y/N)” a familiar voice spoke to you as you peeked out of your locker.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with our American Government homework” Trev announced.

“Sure when?” you noted.

“Today afterschool at Pops” he paused “if you can of course” he stammered.

“Sure yeah, I’ll move things around” and you texted Reggie you had to cancel since you were an assigned tutor for that class and had to help the students if they asked for help.

Later Trev met up with Betty and Veronica in the student lounge.

“So did she fall for the tutoring thing?” they squealed at Trev.

“Yeah were meeting today at Pops” he gave a small smile.

“Yay! Okay well don’t forget your homework or else it will be so obvious” Betty grinned hoping you both would hit it off.

Later you were sitting across Trev in a booth at Pops with your textbook in front of you.

From: Reggie

Just ditch the guy and come with me babe😍

Babe please😧

Answer me!

We’ve been dating for like 3 months and you still don’t understand I’m needy.😍😍

Kitten please don’t ignore me 😋

Fine princess, I guess imma have to go see he keeps to himself 😉

Those were all the messages your boyfriend Reggie bombarded you with on his way to Pops. You ignored them as you apologized to Trev and put your phone on silent reassuring him you were there to help him. In this moment Jughead finally resurfaced trying to get the gang to meet him to reveal the news.

“Okay how about we start with some definitions, they usually help me out the best” you directed at Trev.

“Sounds good” he smiled “thank for this, you are an angel” he smiled.

“It’s no problem really” and continued “so electoral college, do you know their part in the presidential election?”

“No sorry, they help with the votes don’t they?” he placed his hand and yours which made you a bit confused.

“No actually, they’re the ones who choose the president, the government likes to make the people think it’s their choice; but that’s not true. The people actually didn’t even start to vote until like our 3rd or 4th president which is understandable because we were a beginning nation, but I just laugh it off when people get mad over the election because our votes are practically pointless.” You blabbed removing your hand from his and tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Oh, well see I wouldn’t have known that without you” he smirked.

“Right, okay onto the next word is Legal Standing which is pretty much you must pass a two-step test which says you have to be able to present that you were harmed and that there is a remedy. If you can’t prove either your case or you has no legal standing” you answered as he started writing down everything you said and you were soon distracted by a bit of commotion outside, but you kept your eyes on your textbook ignoring the voices who sounded familiar.

“Why can’t we go inside to talk about this?” Jughead asked Betty and Veronica who were blocking the entrance to Pops.

“Because sweet sweet Jones, we finally got (Y/N) on a date” Veronica proclaimed.

“What?” Archie peeked and saw you sitting in a booth across Trev.

“No offense babes, but it looks like just another study session” Kevin addressed.

“Oh c’mon soon Trev will turn on his sweet charm and she’ll fall for him and we will finally have a couple to go on double dates” Betty chimed in.

“Well sorry to be a buzzkill, but she’s not into Trev” Jughead rang back.

“What do you mean Jones?” Veronica rang back at the beanie obsessed boy.

“She’s with Reggie, I’ve been trying to tell you, I saw them kissing at Sweetwater River” Jughead stated triumphantly while showing the group the picture he took of you both last night.

“Is this photoshopped?” Archie questioned mad that their sweet girl would pick Reggie.

“Omg our kitten with the biggest jock” Betty confused about their sweet girls choice of first boyfriend as well.

“Damn she beat all of us” Kevin was struck by your friends for encouraging the relationship.

“Well here comes the man of the hour” Veronica pointed at Reggie arriving at Pops.

“Hey Reggie” Archie gave him an annoyed look.

“Hey Andrews, can you let me through” Reggie ignored the death looks shooted at him.

“Nope I’m sorry, you might ruin (Y/N)’s date” Veronica sassed.

“What?” Reggie gritted his teeth.

“Why do you care so much?” Betty challenged.

“My man” Kevin patted his back, and the group pushed him again.

“It’s just tutoring” Reggie tried to contain his temper knowing how you felt about him acting like a jerk.

“How do you know she had tutoring?” Jughead asked.

Inside Pops Trev moved to sit aside you, he claimed it would help him better as he looked through your notes.

Reggie just stared at you through the window, his blood boiling from not being able to go in and get him away from you. Though something broke it, inside there sat his girl laughing at a joke Trev had just told her. He broke, pushed your friend’s barricade and swooped into Pops all you saw was Trev being forcefully removed from his spot next to you.

Your friends rushed in as Archie tried to remove Reggie away from Trev.

“Reggie what the fuck?” was what came out of your mouth and it shook everyone, they had never heard a swear word come out of your innocent mouth.

“He had his arm around you! You were giggling at him, I couldn’t take the police keeping me away from you, I- I- I was jealous you’re my girl!” Reggie let out.

“Oh my god” Kevin gasped.

“I was just tutoring him Reg” you exclaimed oblivious to the set up Betty and Veronica planned.

“Oh c’mon he’s a guy, to him this was a date, B and V set it up” he confessed coming closer to you.

“What?! You did what?!” you looked at the couple who gave you a shy smile “and you, you agreed with them?” Trev scratched his head.

“I can’t believe you guys, this is why we never told you anything” you confessed which caused them all to gasp and Reggie just wore the biggest smile as he held your hand.

They all had wide eyes plastered on their faces so you continued “I like him, he makes me happy, and I hope you guys can accept that because I’m not letting him go.”

“If you hurt her Reggie I swear…” Archie gave in.

“I don’t have the heart to hurt the most amazing girl in the planet” he added as you blushed.

“Swoon” was all Veronica said.

“We’re sorry (Y/N/N), you guys are adorable” Betty pulled you in a hug.

“Does this mean you’ll leave me alone” Jughead directed at Reggie.

“My girl wouldn’t have it any other way” Reggie pulled Jughead in for a small bro hug.

“For the record I was all for this” Kevin smiled.

“Okay so can we go on a double date this weekend” Veronica smiled at you both.

“Sorry after what you pulled you’re gonna have to wait a while” you sassed at them.

“Oh c’mon” Betty and Veronica groaned.

You were so caught up with your friends and revealing to your friends your secret relationships you didn’t realize when Trev left, but you honestly didn’t care. Your friends welcomed Reggie with open arms which is what you were hoping for. You all were the loudest group in Pops that day squeezed in a booth. You sat on Reggie’s lap happy about how it all turned out.


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‘the dream lab’ | yoongi

Words: 14k
Genre: Slice of Life–mentions of depression, suicide, mental illness (warnings: profanity because yoongi)
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Notes: It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and I wanted to make it worthwhile if I did. It’s an accumulation of many feelings I’ve had, many of the things I’ve experienced but still haven’t fixed. But I guess that’s just life. Please give me feedback or comments! I dedicate this to @itsrainingmin for being a phenomenal writer, and also rooting me on throughout this whole thing! Thank you for being you, always. 
**gif found through weheartit with no name. Let me know so i can credit.


People tried to convince you that you were good. Good at speaking. Good at writing. Good at art. Good at socializing. Good at caring. Good at smiling. You weren’t quite sure how to feel about those words. They often floated in your murky cloud of thoughts as if to give you some kind of consolation. That you may possibly amount to something in your life. Yet, on long midnight walks where there was only the scent of vulnerability and the chill of air, did you really feel it all meant nothing. Words were words. Unless you really felt them did they really mean anything.

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EXO Reaction when they see their childhood (guy) friend looking good after some years

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really shocked* “Is that… really really you? when did you… what is your secret man?”


“I can’t believe this… I almost didn’t recognize you! And here I was thinking I looked handsome” *Someone wants to change his style now*


*Graphical description* “Damn….. woah”


*Someone’s a bit jealous* “I still love you tho… but how dare you? xD”


“Oh look at you! You are still as cute as you were in high school! Let me pinch those cheeks!” *A sweetheart as always*


“so… do you want to go out and tell me how you did it? Maybe share some other things with me? ;);)”


*Feeling intimidated* “Why can’t I stop staring at his flawless face… who is he and what did he do to my childhood friend….”


“Never on this Earth I thought someone would be manlier than me… you boy… just became my idol”


*Trying to show off a little* “See? I became handsome and strong too!”


*Kyungsoo approves* “I always thought you would become the most handsome one! I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken” 


“Come here… I want to see your face closer. Lay likes this!”


*Really nervous* “Oh hey there… how u doin… remember me? I’m.. Suho… you know…. hi”

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That Which Fades Chapter 6 | Archive of Our Own
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The thought that started it all for me when it comes to this ship.
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A Birthday Picnic - Thranduil

Request: HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!! can i request some thranduil x reader where its the readers birthday? ((anon))

Pairing: Thranduil x reader

Warning: None? Fluff, lots of it. Kissing. Picnics. Trees.

A/n: I set this after Sauron’s defeat, but for the sake of this imagine we’re gonna pretend that he was never married and never had Legolas (could you imagine). This is also the first time I’ve written for Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit, and it’s my birthday today!

Originally posted by acebarduil

You were walking through the forest within the Woodland Realm. You felt at home there, you could smell the fresh grass, the trees, you could even hear birds chirping above you. Most of the time you walked at night, the guards at the gate let you come and go as you pleased, for Thranduil loved you and there was nothing he wanted more than to see you happy.

But it wasn’t night, it was morning, and Thranduil was walking beside you. He wore his crown on his head, blossoms woven into the sides. You were wearing your own crown, smaller than his but no less beautiful. Your arm was looped through his as you walked.

You couldn’t help the think about, as you always did on walks with Thranduil, how different you were to him. You were human, and though you were immortal because of the magical stone that hung around your neck, you were still different from the elves. You seldom spoke elvish, unless you really needed to, and you saw the world differently than they did. But yet, Thranduil still loves you, and when you think like that you can’t seem to find a reason why.

“Where are you leading me?” Thranduil asks, looking around at the trees. You smile.

“Somewhere beautiful. I found it on my last walk.” He hums and you continue walking.

You came to the spot, a clearing, lined with weeping willow trees all sprouting pink and white blossoms. On the ground the grass was green, and beautiful bright yellow dandelions grew wildly. In the middle of the clearing was a large oak tree, blossoming with flowers that would soon become leaves, that was where you wanted to have your birthday picnic. The grass was covered in pink and white blossoms and they blew up around you and Thranduil in the wind. They tangled in your hair and in his, neither of you tried to get them out.

With the blanket set under the shade of the tree you eat breakfast on a blanket. You talk of what the year might hold, what you could do, how you could do it. You talk about going to Rivendell soon and traveling through Lothlorien on your way back. Thranduil doesn’t say much, he sits against the tree, eating and watching you talk. You have flower blossoms in your hair and your eyes shine with happiness as you talk of visiting Rivendell, seeing Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, Lord Celeborn, and your old friend Lindir again.

“Thranduil? Did you hear what I said?” He’s thrown out of his haze when you say his name.

“I apologize, you captivated me with your beauty and I stopped listening.” You blush and he gives you a smile.

“I said that I’m going to miss you when I’m gone.” He reaches forward and holds your hand in his.

“I will miss you too.” You smile at him.

“I love you.” You say, smile widening.

“And I love you.” You smile even wider and he kisses you. You don’t think you’ll ever get tired of him kissing you.

“Happy birthday, my love.” He says when you pull away before pulling you in for another kiss.

And a happy birthday it was indeed.