unless you have pizza

Expensive Headphones AU: Say No To This

“Shit man, are you going to be okay?” Rich now sat at the side of Jake’s hospital bed who laughed a little.
“It’s fine, they’re going to let me out tomorrow. Given in going to be crutches for a while but still, beats hospital food. Seriously look at this crap.” Looking at Jake’s food tray Rich saw what looked to have once been chocolate pudding but now had a thin layer of fuzz coating it. “It’s giving school a run for it’s money. But who cares about what happened to me? According to the photos Jenna posted you have a boyfriend?”
“Ugh, I’ve been hearing about that at school. It’s nothing, really.”
“If you’re sure, can you at least tell me who the mystery guy is?”
“You know that anti-social kid with the headphones that used to hang out with Jeremy?”
“Didn’t you right Boyf on his bag?”
“Riends actually. Michael, he helped me with something last night.” Jake raised an eyebrow at Rich. “Not that kind of help.”
“Whatever you say bro.”
“So what are you going to do now? I mean your house is gone.”
“Two words: insurance, money. Enough to get me a place to stay for a while. Probably need to get a job after the play though.”
“That sucks.” Jake laughed at Rich saying sucks causing him to unconsciously cover his mouth.
“S…sorry just, I don’t remember you having a lisp since like sophomore year. Where’d you guys go after the party?”
“I, ugh, spent the night at his house.”
“Dude that’s gay.”
“Shut up, I just didn’t want to go home.” Jake didn’t say anything. Rich sometimes spent the night at his house when stuff was going on at home.
“Now I kind of feel like I owe him something I mean, he gave me pancakes.” Jake responded by digging through his jacket pocket and pulling out a coupon he handed to Rich.
“Free two topping pizza, gave it to me last night after accidentally delivering a ham and pineapple instead of pepperoni.” Rich let out a disgusted noise.
“At least I know what that awful taste in my mouth is now.”
Michael took a sip of his slushie watching a cat video on his phone when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Looking up from his phone he saw Rich holding a pizza box as he sat across him. Pulling his headphones off Michael looked suspiciously between Rich and the pizza box.
“Okay, what do you want?”
“What do you mean?”
“You get me out of detention and now you have pizza? Nobody does this kind of stuff unless they want something.”
“Come on, you gave me pancakes and now I give you pizza.”
“That seems disproportional.”
“You’re turning down a bacon pepperoni pizza?”
“And like that all my self control has flown out the window, gimme.”

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Where would Reaper, error, fresh, UT, UF Sans (and US Pap) take their SO on a first date~?

Let’s see… ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Chances are Grillby’s. He loves that place, and he’s sure you’ll like it too. The food’s great, so don’t worry there. Sans will actually order good food, too.

UF Sans

He’s not taking you anywhere. The world he lives in is hell, and he’s not risking taking you somewhere for a date. Instead, he’s gonna actually try to make you food at his house.

US Papyrus

It takes a while, but he actually tries to get you to NTT Resort’s Restaurant. He figures you deserve better than he’d normally do. Besides, Muffet’s isn’t one for dates.

Reaper Sans

He doesn’t know. Where does one have a date with death? He’ll probably just do a simple park picnic or something.

Error Sans

He’s going through the multiverse trying to find the best place. He may ultimately decide to go somewhere random, though. Either that, or he’ll go straight into Outertale or Undernovela for it.

Fresh Sans

He’s bringing you to his universe and getting you pizza. Unless you can’t have pizza. Then he’ll get you something else.

A New Beginning

Winter Sonata Miraculous AU.

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Marinette spent the first part of her seven and a half hour flight to New York City stewing in guilt. Of course Nathanael had agreed to postpone their wedding. He knew she was stressed about the collaboration and everything it entailed: more publicity, more work, and months away from the only home she’d ever known. He’d even offered to come with her, help her get settled and stay until she felt more confident.

She hadn’t told him about seeing “Adrien.”

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Joshua (G)

Request from: Jisoup Anon
Prompt: Studying sucks, unless you have pizza and Hong Jisoo.
Word Count: 1385… sorry ><
Genre: I tried to fluff… sorry ><
Ello friend! Sorry, it’s been long. I suck at writing, and I especially suck at writing fluff, so I had Scooped to help a little with the fluffy fluffy parts. I hope it’s readable at least hehe. Byeee~ 
junnie :>

(If you’re slacking, here’s Joshua staring into your soul telling you to do your work.)

Another day… another exam… another subject to study for. It’s annoying.

And it’s starting to piss you off because spring break has started and you’re missing out on all the fun.

Your friends are either out on shopping sprees in the day or partying and having sleepovers in the night. Some are even petting polar bears and dancing with penguins on the other side of the world. Holidays has even started for your boyfriend, Joshua, even though he takes three more subjects than you do.

However, here you are burning the midnight oil for the paper in two days. At times like these, you absolutely regret signing up for additional subjects during the holidays. Everyone tried to talk you out of taking classes during the holidays but, being the stubborn kid that you are, you refused to listen. Completing more subjects beforehand means that you have less subjects to worry about after spring break is over. But this also means that you have to sit for six exams before you can enjoy spring break. What’s worse is that you have less than two days to prepare for each paper. Luckily, the paper that’s coming up in two days is the last, but also the hardest one.

“Hey, I brought food!” you heard Joshua calling out behind the front door of your tiny apartment. Knowing that he had his own keys to enter, you didn’t even bother getting up, let alone glance at him once.

“Jagi, you there?” Joshua called again as he removes his shoes and heads off to find you.

“Mmm…” you hummed, not fully paying attention to your boyfriend who was now standing in front of you.

“Hey jagi, come eat first,” Joshua instructs as he tidies your mini study table, placing the box of pizza in front of you.

You don’t have much time left to finish studying 20 chapters for the exam, let alone having the time to even think about eating.

“I’m not hungry. Can you move it away?” You nudged the pizza box away, retrieving the papers from his hands.

“You can study after we finish the pizza okay?” Joshua smiled sweetly. If it weren’t for your exams, you would’ve gave into him as soon as he entered your apartment.

But passing the exam was important to you and since it was the only obstacle hindering you from spending the greatest spring break ever with your boyfriend, you wanted to get it over and done with. Also, you felt that Joshua should’ve known how you felt, and leave you alone to study.

Joshua placed the box down on the counter, grabbing a slice to bring it over to your desk. “Just one slice. Here let me feed you.”

Fed up with his constant pressing, you unconsciously smack his hand, causing the pizza in his hand to fall on the floor.

“Joshua leave me alone! Just eat by yourself!”

You didn’t even bother apologizing or cleaning up. Studying was your top priority there and then.

Joshua stared at the slice of pizza lying on the floor.

“So much for caring,” Joshua sighed, picking up the pizza slice and putting it in the trash, along with the rest of the uneaten pizza. He left your apartment afterwards without saying another word.

You were being stubborn, and you knew it. Joshua was only trying to take care of you, like he promised, since the very beginning even before you two were an item. And yet you still had the cheek to push away his care and concern just like that.

You immediately regretted, but passing the exam was still important.

“Ugh, why am I such a jerk.”

As soon as the bell rang, everyone rushed out from the classrooms, in attempt to leave the school quickly so that they could enjoy their spring breaks. You walked behind with your friends who were busy discussing about what they wanted to do during their holidays.

“Can’t wait for my London trip!!”

“My family’s taking a road trip down to the lake”

“Finally have the time to see my grandma”

“No more studying!! Yassssss”

“KDramas all day err day, goodbye world”

“What about you y/n? How are you spending your spring break?” One of your friends asked when they see you spacing out, “Are you gonna hang with Joshua?”

Your thoughts went back to two days ago when you were being stubborn and how he left without saying much. The both of you did not even text each other during these two days, which was very unusual as the two of you used to text each other about anything and everything the entire day.

“Oh, uh, maybe not.”

“What’s up? Did you two fight or something?”

“Erm, kinda, but it’s nothing much. I just think he has better things to do besides hanging out with a killjoy like me.”

“Who dares call my girlfriend a killjoy?”

That voice. That sweet voice. Ahh, there’s no wonder he’s one of the main vocal of Seventeen. That sweet voice that made you fell for him even harder the first time you met him. That voice that you’ve missed so much after not hearing it for two days.

The group of you turned your heads to the voice, and you find yourself coming face to face with an angel from outer space.

Everyone else started giggling and whispering among themselves whereas you just stood your ground staring at your boyfriend, clueless as to why he was there. “Remind me again how you managed to find an angel”, one of them nudged you and whispered.

Joshua started walking towards your group, stopping right in front of you. His lean structure towers over your small one as he puts an arm around your shoulder. You turned to look up at him, but he was looking at your friends instead.

“Excuse me ladies, but y/n has to go right now.”

Before they got the chance to reply, Joshua gave them his killer smirk and intertwined his hand with yours, guiding you out of the school. Your head was filled with questions and your heart was thumping out of your chest after that knight-in-shining-moment, but all you could hear was the squeals coming from your friends as Joshua pulls you away.

Sigh, what a prince he was.

“Joshua,” you muttered suddenly, abruptly coming to a stop. You turned to face him, looking into his gentle eyes. “I’m really sorry about that night. I was really stressed and i wasn’t thinking clearly. Sorry for dropping the pizza. Sorry for making you throw the pizza away. Sorry for not spending time with you. Sorry for making you sa-”

Before you could finish, you felt his hand at the back of your head as he pulled you closer so that your lips are millimetres apart. He paused for a moment, staring deeply into your eyes before closing them and leaning in to lock his lips with yours.

It has been quite long, actually, since you’ve kissed him. The last time was probably before your exam periods started, which was probably a good month ago.

You kept your eyes open, surprised by how he reacted to your apology. You expected him to lash out at you for treating him so coldly, and yet here he was being such a lovely sweetheart his fans know him to be. Joshua was always known for being the gentleman of Seventeen, and you can totally agree with that statement. “What a beautiful human being. How could I have ever deserved you?”, you thought to yourself as you look at his long, curled eyelashes with his nose slightly nudging your cheek, deepening the kiss.

Joshua pulled away a few moments later, giving you a smirk. “I was never mad at you, silly. I understand what you had to go through, and no matter what I’ll always be there for you when you need me, ara? So please, stop apologising…”

“Is kissing your way of telling me to shut up then?” you retorted, throwing a light punch on his chest.

“That,… and I’ve missed you,” Joshua slides his hands around your waist, holding you tightly against his body, “Why jagi, do you mind?”

Your hands slid around his neck as you smiled up at him, “No, I wouldn’t mind at all.”

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I'm going to japan in a month and I was wondering if there were any restaurants/food places you would recommend going to? :D

well considering the fact that i have no clue where you’re going i can only recommend popular chains in which i hope is okay with you?

any themed cafe that i’ve mentioned, if you’re in tokyo

if you’re 20+ (but they never card… not that i know of so if you look old enough???)

  • an extremely popular izakaya to go to is torikizoku, everything is 280 yen and delicious! i go there pretty often actually -_-
  • izakayas in general because they’re awesome
  • simple tip: never ever ever ever pay 700/800 yen for a beer or cocktail because that’s a fucking ripoff unless you really want to, i can’t stop you.

for the experience, just because

  • mcdonald’s! i don’t know if they’ll still have the sakura drink and all that special stuff but i think you should try it out of curiousity, also the ebi filet-o is sold here, etc
  • mos burger because its not available outside of asia (that i know of.. and i don’t know where you’re from either)
  • domino’s because i have never seen a corn and mayonnaise pizza outside of japan and they have other really interesting toppings
  • KFC the menu is a bit different, so if you want to try something familiarly unfamiliar~
  • partyland because according to one of my followers, it used to be yogurtland but for some reason they changed the chain completely. they also have frozen yogurt crepes, which is something different :)

because japan

  • mister donut because pon de rings are life
  • basically any crepe or parfait place because god sweets are just amazing in japan, i usually pay about 700 yen (if you’re on a budget like me)
  • sweets paradise for 1500 yen all-you-can-eat sweets
  • saizerya because it’s cheap “italian” food and i put that in quotations for a reason, but its pretty great for cheap people and you get interesting stuff there too
  • kaitenzushis (kurazushi, kappazushi, etc) because 100 yen per plate sushi.
  • pomme’s because omurice is delicious there
  • coco ichibanya if your town/city/whatever doesn’t have curry house or if you’ve never had japanese curry
  • lotteria if you want to try another japanese burger place
  • freshness burger too
  • beard papa’s if you don’t have that back where you live
  • gyoza no oshou because gyoza
  • first kitchen also has interesting burgers and fries with different kinds of seasoning, like soy sauce, consomme, etc. i personally like their fries :3
  • yoshinoya/sukiya because gyudon/beef bowls are awesome.. unless you already have one at home
  • pizza-la see domino’s explanation

i mean if you ever feel stuck on what to try next, feel free to just click the random button on my blog, i hope that helps though? just keep an open mind and walk into whatever restaurants look great, that’s what i’ve been doing :3

if you’re in osaka, i can give you some restaurants i’ve really enjoyed, but i can’t really do that for anywhere else, sorry!

breaking point

It’d been a long week.

Work was stressful, though that wasn’t new and she could handle it. What didn’t help was a whole new kind of stress – Marley. She didn’t know she was doing it, Quinn was sure, but her little sister was driving her absolutely crazy. She seemed to never wear a bra at home, and she constantly wore loose-fitting tops and tiny shorts while lounging around the house, and what Quinn was sure were meant to be comforting hugs and touches were lingering long enough it was easy for Quinn to imagine they were more.

It was like living with a really affectionate girlfriend. A girlfriend she could never admit she was attracted to, anyway, and every time Marley cuddled up against her to watch Netflix, her body warm against Quinn’s, she felt guilty as sin about the thoughts she let herself think. If Marley, her innocent ball-of-sunshine little sister, had any idea of the things Quinn wanted to do to her, she’d never look at her the same way again. Everything would be ruined.

So she took care of her needs in private, and repressed herself beyond that, not letting a single crack in her resolve show. She was very good at self-repression, after all, and though she was out of practice, it was apparently like riding a bike.

Evening found Quinn unlocking her apartment door while balancing a heavy pizza box in one hand, pushing the door open with a wince as Max immediately started bouncing on his paws in the doorway, whining, torn between his usual excited greeting and trying to lunge up for a bite of whatever smelled so good. “Stay down,” she said firmly. “Good boy.” She called out, “I’m home, Marls!” and set the pizza down on the kitchen counter. “And I have pizza! Unless you want Max and I to eat it all.”

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A Bellarke take on the movie The Holiday, perhaps with Linctavia as well?

“Hi, Bell!”

The artificial good cheer in his sister’s voice is not even a little bit surprising. She’s lucky she’s in LA, or he’d find her and kill her.

Okay, he wouldn’t. But still. He’s pissed.

“What the fuck, O!”


“You switched houses with someone? You didn’t even warn me?”

“Warn you about what? It’s my life. I don’t have to tell you everything I do.”

He rubs his temples. He can just feel a headache coming on. “Fuck, of course you don’t. That’s not what I meant. But if I left town for three weeks and rented my house out to some stranger, I’d–”

“What did you do?”

“What do you mean, what did I do? You’re the one who bailed with no warning.”

“To Clarke, dumbass. What did you do?”

“Nothing.” It’s mostly true. He and O had a fight last week, and when she didn’t call or stop by, he finally decided to just go to her. It had been a shock, to see an unfamiliar woman opening his sister’s door, and he honestly could have dealt with it better. “I thought she was robbing you,” he admits.

There’s a pause, and then, to his profound relief, she laughs. “Because she was in my apartment? Why would a burglar open my door? Come on, Bell.”

“It wasn’t my finest moment, okay? She explained. It’s fine. You still should have told me.”

“It was spur-of-the-moment. Really.”

It’s not like he doesn’t believe her, exactly. It’s one of the things he’s never been able to relate to, when it comes to his sister. Octavia does things on impulse all the time; when he does it, it’s a sign that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. But with O, it’s not a big deal. She just does these things.

“It doesn’t take long to make a phone call,” he says, but he makes sure his voice is mild, easy. She didn’t call him. That’s all there is to it. “How’s LA?”

“It’s good. Nice. Did you know there are places in the world where it isn’t cold and miserable in December?”

“Do you know some people like winter?”

“Nope, that’s a myth. Definitely never happens.”

“Definitely not.” He lets out a breath. “So, you’re not going to be here for Christmas? The kids are going to miss you.”

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  • LYDIA: You aren't allowed in your girlfriend's house unless you have pizza in your hand.
  • LYDIA: Just so you're aware.