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All I want from the Big Damn DCTV Crossover is emotional resonance in the form of:

1) Barry finding out that Len died a hero (I will sob).

2) Barry, Felicity, Oliver, and Cisco’s poor reactions to Ray teaming up with Mick, and Ray defending his husband partner.

Just…give it to me. Please?


Yay a Yanderewatch AU “:³

Day 4: AU

This is something random I came up with during a convo with a friend of genji having a shrine for Zenyatta XD

His shrine consists of an orb of Zenpai’s (seewhatididthere) that went too far away from him, a cherryblossom that Zen pretended to sniff as a joke, and a photo of him that Genji drew on with red sharpie
(he draws little hearts on all the photos he takes of his precious zenpai)

He legit has a drawer dedicated to his photo collection of Zenny

Hey guys.

I apologize for being the wet blanket at the mo. The news about Carrie Fisher is really getting to me. Like, bad. The kind of bad where I’m gonna need to call my therapist while she’s on vacation bad.

Yeah, I know the whole “But you never even know her! Stop making this about you!!” thing and I get that. I’m not trying to make this about me.

I grieve for her family. I grieve for her. I grieve for a world without her in it. I grind my teeth at the fact that just yesterday, we were being told she was stable. I grieve for the complete suddenness of this. It feels like I’m one big ball of grieving.

I’ve always been attuned to people’s emotions. Call it bullshit if you like, but when enough people are sad or hurt or angry, you *feel* that. It’s in the air, in your veins. It becomes you.

Today is a grieving day, and the fact that I can’t lay in bed and sleep through it is turning me into a major depresso grump. I don’t take feelings like this and turn them into art, as much I’d love to for Carrie Fisher’s sake. I shut down, I reboot, I make things than after a nice joke or two.

I’m in shut down mode right now.

And the plain fact is, I can’t be on here (Tumblr) right now. Every other post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, or a gifset, or whatever. Which is good, it’s deserved. But man, I can feel my chest tightening up just thinking about. I’ve been crying most of the day, and lemme tell ya, that is not easy when you sit in a crowded office answering phones for eight hours a day.

I probably won’t be on for a bit. I just can’t handle this place right now, and I hope you peeps understand. (I’m not even sure why I’m making this post. Trying to explain, I guess, but words are just *pzzzrtblght* right now. It feels like I’ve lost someone I knew.)

Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t *shrug* You are who you are.

And, sorry for being the drama llama. Happens. I’m gonna go now.

Other people’s fanfic

1. Share a fic you’ve read that surprised you (in a positive or neutral way).

2. What’s a fic you’ve reread more than twice?

3. If you read them - fav reader insert fic? (Pls specify if you’re looking for a particular pairing.)

4. What’s a rare ship fic you really loved?

5. Fav hurt/comfort?

6. Is there an angsty fic that’s really stayed with you?

7. What’s an rpf fic (slash or otherwise) that sticks in your mind?

8. What writer will you read, no questions asked, even if they write your NOTP?

9. What fic would you write a sequel or coda to, and what would it contain?

10. If you could watch a movie version of any fic you’ve read, which would you pick?

11. What’s the first fic you usually rec to a fandom newbie?

12. What’s one of the first fics you ever read, one that pulled you further into the fandom?


(Idea borrowed from @winchestersinthedrift​, slightly reworded to be fandom generic.)

Alternative fashion problems: Black lipstick

•Forgetting it’s on your lips and then smudging it if you touch your mouth.

•It’s even harder to fix, especially in a place where you can’t get out makeup remover and clean it up.

•Even worse, not having makeup remover to help fix it up.

•It smudges easily and might make you look like you have a beard (unless you’re a guy, in which case good for you for breaking gender roles).

•It stains easier than other lipsticks

•Comments from family members (usually older ones).

•Comments from family friends (usually older ones)

•Comments from your doctor (yes, this happened)

•People who stare in horror (okay, this is actually kinda funny because it’s an easy way to spot the judgmental people. It’s even funnier if you’re doing something nice like volunteering because it says “hey, this weirdo is being less of a jerk than you.”

•People (usually boys between the ages of 12-20) who just scream “GOTH” or “EMO”

•Those creepy catcalls about where they’d like the lipstick to stain.

•Kids who say to their parents, “I want that lipstick!” And their parents who give you the, “You corrupted my child,” look. (Okay, half of this one is adorable.)

•Being afraid to use any sort of cup, spoon, or mug because you don’t want it to stain; especially at a restaurant or cafe.

•Those people who try to flirt with you (and fail) by giving shitty pet names based off your lipstick.

But hey, it’s all totally worth it, cause if you can pull it off, it looks f*ckinf awesome.

Have an alternative fashion problem? Submit them to me and maybe I’ll mention it (and give credit)

While maybe some of the sentiment behind this is okay… This is fucking bullshit.

Men are not born to pursue women. That is how society has trained them to be. Women are “prizes” and that is the patriarchal societies fault. Not being born. It’s not human nature.

A relationship should be two way unless you like it the other way. Pursuing a guy does not mean he is not interested. It could just mean he’s not an entitled asshole. Some won’t make advances until they know the girl is comfortable with it? It’s a two way street.

Like yeah, it shouldn’t be one person doing all the stuff… On either side.. Unless both parties want it that way.

Is anyone else kind of very uncomfortable with this post? Blech. I can’t even formulate all the words to describe why this is gross. Feel free to add on.

I just really don’t like how this is acting like women are supposed to be passive.



Aurora: Speaking of which, is this a date?

Taycion: I considered it more to be a thank you dinner. 

Aurora: Oh… uh… of course, a guy like you would have a girl-

Taycion: Unless you want it to be a date…

Aurora: Can it be one? 

Taycion: I would like that. Also I don’t have a girlfriend but I do have my eye on someone who is smart and pretty and tutors. 

Aurora: Oh.

Taycion: Is that a good oh or a bad oh. 

Aurora: It’s an oh, ‘oh’.

im starting to settle into my internship & i kinda feel rlly cool and good abt it…like today i had to search historical archives for old photos and i contacted a couple museums about research,,,, and i interviewed an old guy from mississippi on the phone who works at a battlefield our crew is filming at…. i also got to talk to my production coordinator abt Stuff for abt an hour bc we had to walk to our storage unit, and i dropped that i like to draw and he was like oh!!!! we can use that, ill let you know. so i might be helping to recreate old documents that havent aged well that they want to use in the show. i think im starting to prove myself, i think they like me bc i do the work and i actually watch the show, and its very chill and kind. its different than im used to, but i guess that makes sense bc ive never worked w a production company before. so its all a little manic, and a little discombobulated, and i do everything from transcribing to scanning paperwork to research to writing episode descriptions to interviews, so i do. kinda everything. its really neat. its different, and im still a little anxious there bc of who i am as a person, and i still shake whenever i stand up, but im genuinely happy there i think. im excited to go in and see what other weird shit they have lined up for me to do every day

randomgaylord  asked:

So america is pretty fucked? I mean Australia has it's own problems, but fuuuuuuuuuck you guys are screwed. Unless is like some good things happening in 'murica? Do the good things balance things out or what?

I don’t know, the American government is a pretty massive and slow moving thing. Which gives me some hope that maybe, possibly, most of Donald Trump’s most unpalatable positions won’t make it to see the light of day. That said, I won’t sugar coat it, Donald Trump has shown no desire to moderate his positions, the entire campaign or as president elect. He has put forth nominations that will actively destroy American institutions I think are very important and that millions of people rely on. He has both houses of congress behind him in that endeavor and over 60 million people who agree with it enough to vote for it. 

That really bothers me. Still there are a lot of good things happening. There are a lot of good people doing good work. It’s impossible to say who’s work is going to bare more fruit over the next few years, but I’m hopefully it won’t be as bad as it could be. There are millions of people with that same hope so hopefully that means something. 

At the same time though, there isn’t a lot of substance behind that hope. It’s mostly just wishful thinking, because power gets things done and liberals have very little power at the moment. 

Posting the less disturbing version of the drawing


anonymous asked:

This is totally un gc bitterness (aka im not bitter i think its hilarious) related but i feel like i cant interact with you guys unless i have atleast over 1000 because i feel like people wont tag me in stuff or think about me really if i tried to he friends with them? Like i guess i need to find a friend circle that i can grow followers with like you guys did?

hmm in a way i guess we do have a lot of people we interact with because we’ve made a lot of friends and acquaintances throughout our time here and so you may not be entirely off bc we simply just have a lot of people to attempt to stay in touch with. however idk if it’s about how many followers you have, rather how you gain them? like as a gif+edit maker i may be more likely to pay attention to other gif+edit makers as opposed to, say, writers or artist (though there are exceptions of course). so for example if you make good gifs and i see them on my dash, or if you message me and i stalk your blog (i tend to do that) and i see them there, i’m probably gonna remember you better than if we didn’t have that in common?

did that make any sense rip? idk like on tumblr you can never really tell how many followers someone has anyway unless they tell you, so it’s more about the content you see than how many people it reaches out to. however as blogs with good content obviously tend to gain more followers it’s easy to see why one might think it’s all about the followers