unless you get to live an undead life too


Genre: S/A/F

Inspired by: The Last Of Us

Reader x Jungkook

Part one~

Author note: Hey guys, although this was not a request, I really wanted to post one of my stories I’ve been working on. I finally got Part One done. Survive will be a series so there will be more parts. Hopefully I can squeeze in part two soon as well as other request. Also, this is my first ZombieAU! so I apologize if its shitty.  

Please Enjoy. 

-Admin K

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It was not to long until the world began to acknowledge the epidemic of the undead. People began to steal, kill anyone in sight for “safety precautions” and break into homes only to survive this now treacherous place we call Earth. No one knows how, where, or even when this epidemic started, the only thing the humans (that we still have in this world) know what to do is how to survive. That includes not feeling any sort of emotional connection between one person and another. Family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. None of that matters when you are trying to persevere and outlive this terrible disease. Which, that was easy for you. Being someone who been in the armed forces for so long and not having any chance of seeing loved ones or even finding love made you use to the idea of being alone. You were always alone. Although you had your men, you never saw them as being someone significant or important. You went in to do your job, not make friends. Although you were a lieutenant back when this world was still alive a year ago, you still remember the basics of how to react in life-threatening situations.

Wait for your attacker to approach, Listen carefully for anything unordinary or in this case growls and moans of the dead, Position yourself to strike and lastly to Believe you’ll survive and make it another day. That’s all you remember from your past. A few months before the epidemic began, you were sent from a mission after being attacked from a random mindfield. Although most cases, someone would of died from that sort of attack but you only suffered a life-threatening coma. After awakening from your coma you acknowledge that you were suffering a slight amnesia which only made you remember bits of your life, things that matter to you. Your name, your lieutenant position and your basics. Everything else seemed to disappear and it’s been like that since. Although you were a lieutenant in heart, you were now just another survivor on the streets looking for food and someplace to crash for a good 10 minute nap before you continue on with your journey for survival.

Survive. That’s the only word that seemed to be stuck in your head now in days.

You needed to survive. For what purpose though? You weren’t quite sure yet. Maybe you believed this world will become normal again? Or maybe you just didn’t live life the way you wanted too. Maybe, just maybe, if you lived through this apocalypse your life would finally have meaning behind it. So you couldn’t give up. You refused to give up.

It’s been two years since the start of this disease. You were certain it’s been longer though. It feels like hundreds of years for you since this started, why? You were used to the undead now.No one suffering through this should be used to the undead. But you were. Once you saw one, you kill it. Unless you had the ability to get away safely but still successfully achieve what your mission was.

The usual “missions” you do on a daily bases are finding food and finding shelter. Unlike your old missions back in the day these were a bit more…. Complicated?

As you run down the road, passing abandon broken down vehicles and destroyed houses you were certain there were about 20 of those bastard chasing your ass down. You made one mistake and that was not killing that bitch sooner. Before the attack of the zombie army down the road you were searching a house for food trying to keep as quiet as possible. Apparently not quiet enough though.

You were searching in the dusty, old cabinets of the broken down home, not taking the time to go search the rooms of the house for any sort of alive corpse running around. Although the house seemed quiet, there was one of those things hiding in the safety of the living room where you didn’t check. He came in in silence grabbing you from behind. Flaring his disgusting teeth and rubbing his rotten flesh and fungus like skin against your body. The feeling when the blood dripping from his very much decaying face onto your own made you have no other choice but to shoot it, ending in a result of taking most of your bullets. This certain type of “zombie” was to strong for even a lieutenant like yourself. This type are called Clickers. You weren’t even sure if you killed the damn thing. It was injured enough for you to kick off and run. From the sounds of your bullets being shot got the attention of the other, none rare, diseased freaks. You would think these things were dumb, considering their brains were pretty much decayed, but they were certainly smart and very much hungry. As they chased you down you decided to hide behind a flipped truck, just long enough for you to catch your breath and think of a quick and reliable plan that would get you out of your situation. You try to calm yourself, thinking of your basics.

“Wait. Listen. Position and Believe, Wait. Listen. Position and Believe.” you repeat to yourself.

You look over peeking to see if the coast was clear for another run, only to see nothing but yourself surrounded.

“Fuck…” you whisper to yourself, rubbing your forehead in distress. You quickly turn, leaning your back against the truck to see how many bullets you had left. “10..” you sigh. The feeling of being watched by something other than the undead made you look out into the distance only to see a strange man in a crouching position pointing his handgun towards your audience. You look closer as he gestures you to quietly crawl over to him.

You didn’t trust him, not one bit. But you had no other choice for survival. You couldn’t outrun this many. It’s impossible. So you obeyed. Slowly and gently crawling to the strange man. He quickly grabs you by the hand pulling you into a safety hole made of bullet and grenade proof metal where you could hide as he threw out a grenade, jumping into the hole with you. The sounds of growls soon turned into screeching which then turns into the satisfying sounds of silence you certainly missed. Keeping his hand over your mouth he quietly looks out to see if the area was clear. You look up at him, fear written all over you and you forcefully remove his hand, “W-Who are you? And why did you help me?” you ask. He sighs in disbelief  as he removes his scarf covering his face and his hoodie.

“My name is Jungkook. And a thank you will be very much appreciated”