unless you are actually drawing princesses

point still stands though, it’s hard to push original content on this site unless it hits a particular niche others are looking for, just because of how this site works. I could draw as many black princesses as I wanted but if it’s original, then the tags are super generic, and no one’s really looking for keywords like ‘princess’, and consequently ‘black princesses’ is also probably not content actually being looked for

however, if one drew black!Zelda or black!Peach, then bam - there’s keywords and franchises that are known and being looked for. that’s how you would get someone to look at your gallery and find your original work!

as for getting supported even with all that, well……………………………………..

anonymous asked:

I'm really staring to hate the argument harry bottoms becuase louis is tough. People seem to forget that Louis basically showed that he is insecure when he covered his tummy with his shirt and tried to put his pants over his tummy so it wouldn't show anymore, that doesn't exactly scream tough. When I look at Louis I see someone who is guarded because he had four little sisters (5 now) growing up that he probably wanted to protect, which is why he probably isn't as connected to emotions as Harry.

The argument “Louis is more dominant” makes no sense because we’ve only seen Harry and Louis in front of cameras, so there’s no telling what they’re like when the cameras aren’t around. The whole argument of dominant!louis can easily be forgotten when you realize that Louis never actually tells people what to do unless it’s in they’re best interest , that’s caring for someone not being dominant. If anything Louis is protective and someone who makes sure no ones hurt, like a mother.

i get what you’re saying but the real issue is the fact that there are people out there turning harry into a genderfluid princess, calling his pectorals boobs and tits, and drawing him in lacy panties as “daddy’s little girl”, but as soon as one of us says “nah i like it when louis takes it up the ass, rather than harry” or artists use girls as position references for pictures of louis it’s fucking world war three.

Bottom!harry people need to just mind their own business and let us have our fucking preferences.

louis is gorgeous and curvy and needy as hell (go to Mel’s blog for more info about that) and if i only wanna think about him as bottoming i very well will.