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the weird sorts of questions you ask during the process of writing

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“what do they call ice cream cake in England?”

Exo As Minecraft Mobs
  • D.O.: Enderman. If you look at it, it will literally kill you
  • Kai: Wolf. Once you gain its trust and feet it lots of meat it will love you forever
  • Chen: Slime. Usually bounces around cutely, doing its own thing, but has the potential to annoy the shit out of you
  • Lay: Sheep. Innocent & almost too cute
  • Kris: Horse. Walks around like it owns the place & isn't easily impressed, you have to work for its attention
  • Chanyeol: Chicken. Never shuts up, always in the way, secretly probably only around to annoy you
  • Tao: Ghast. Whines a lot, looks innocent but could kill you
  • Sehun: Zombie Pigman. Looks intimidating but is friendly unless provoked
  • Xiumin: Squid. Doesn't get a lot of attention, stays in its own little world minding its own business
  • Suho: Villager. The most innocent creature ever
  • Baekhyun: Bunny. Constantly jumping around & being hyper
  • Luhan: Creeper. Always surprising you at every turn, scaring you for fun & just being an all-around pain in the ass

For a show that focus a lot on the female sex and sexuality, I am disappointed by the fact that Rose Quartz, the epitome of female sexuality and the beauty and sacrifice of motherhood, is relegated as a background character.