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crawling out of pitioss dungeon like

Joji: My friend was talking to me and he was about to cheat on his girl, and I was like, “I dunno, you can do it if you want.” 

Me: Why didn’t you advise him against it??? 

Too gay to function


Montgomery De La Cruz X Reader

Word Count: 725

Requested: Anon 

Request: Can you do Montgomery imagine based on Closer by The Chainsmokers songs? I love love love your imagine so much 💘

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Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you

I drink too much
And that’s an issue, but I’m okay
Hey, you tell your friends
It was nice to meet them
But I hope I never see them again

Monty never expected to see you but here you were sitting at the bar chatting with your friend, he wondered if his friends had planned this somehow, you had never given an explanation for leaving and all he ever did was mope around, he waited until you were alone before he approached he never really liked your friends and they never liked him. “(Y/N)?” He asked and you turned your eyes widened as you registered who was calling out to you.
“Monty?” You asked and he nodded. “What are you doing here?”
“This is a public place.” He smirked and you nodded looking down at the floor. Monty gave a soft smile before sitting down next to you.

I know it breaks your heart
Moved to the city in a broke-down car
And four years, no calls
Now you’re lookin’ pretty in a hotel bar
And I-I-I can’t stop
No, I-I-I can’t stop

“You know I’m not mad.” He said and you looked at him.
“What?” You asked.
“You know disappearing for 4 years not even telling me why.” He explained.
“If you here to argue with me then I’m leaving.” You said getting up and putting some money on the counter.
“No, wait!” He said and he realised that he sounded almost desperate

So, baby, pull me closer
In the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

“I was actually hoping that we could talk.” He said.
“About what?” You asked.
“Well, anything.” He answered. You both spent the rest of the night talking you didn’t even realise that you friends had left until you both got up to leave.
“You want to come back with me?” Monty asked and you looked at him frowning. “I promise nothing will happen.”
“Okay.” You nodded.

When you got back to his place, he watched as the familiar wonder moved across your face you always loved his house, people always talked about where he lived but no one really knew unless you were a close friend most people assumed that because he was close friends with Bryce that had to live in some big house on the better side of Crestmont but actually he didn’t have a big house with more rooms than any human knew what to do with it was small, homey and you loved it, every time you walked in you loved it. That night you guys talked for hours and watch the old movies that you loved and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

You look as good as the day I met you
I forget just why I left you, I was insane
Stay and play that Blink-182 song
That we beat to death in Tucson, okay

When you woke up you realised that Monty was still sleeping you looked at him and smiled he still looked the same, he didn’t seem to have aged at all, it had only been 4 years but people change, only he never did, you sighed before sitting up and stretching you moving seemed to wake Monty. “Stay.” He mumbled.
“Hm?” You hummed.
“Stay, play that song you always used to sing when we studied together.” He said pulling you over to him. You smiled and grabbed your phone and played I miss you by Blink 182 and hummed along to the song as you drew patterns on his arms.
“I’m sorry.” You finally said.
“For what?” He asked lazily.
“For leaving you.” You answered. “I don’t even know why I did it.” You mumbled.
“Then stay this time.” He said pulling you closer.

We ain’t ever getting older
(No, we ain’t ever getting older)
We ain’t ever getting older
(No, we ain’t ever getting older)

You realised that nothing had changed between the both of you in the 4 years that you had disappeared and now that you were back together it didn’t seem like you were ever apart.

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Imagine Dean having feelings for you but trying to not let it show.

“Hey.” he greeted with a nod the person at the front desk, walking inside the shop and looking at the food all around him. 

Getting Charlie’s snacks was the best way to leave an get away from that book even for a little while.He needed some air, but he hatted having said no when you asked to go with him.

He grabbed a bag of chips here, some drinks he knew she and you actually liked and turned towards the cashier. He picked two small bags of candy that was there and placed on the counter as well.

His eyes fell on a row of stuffed animals. He knew he shouldn’t be looking at them for so long, much less actually be interested in the thought that ran through his mind but- He couldn’t help it. You could be such a child when it came to toys like this and as much as you denied it Dean knew you had a stuffed animal or two in your room somewhere. Besides, truth be told they looked pretty cute; there would be no harm in buying one of them for you right?

Well, unless you were friends. But you were. Best friends actually but- as much as Dean wanted to stay macho and pretend that there was nothing going he couldn’t deny it. He’d been hiding it for so long except for these small kinds of moves that let everything show. He was glad you were so adorably clueless and never took notice.

With a roll of his eyes and a ‘Screw it’ he grabbed one and threw it along with the rest of the food. He was being cheesy as hell, but it wasn’t the first time with you. He was going to play it off with a ‘Don’t get used to it’ and roll of his eyes.

“Uh add that too.” he gave the person a tight smile.

“Special girl?” he raised an eyebrow and Dean sighed.

“You could say.”

Basket Case (part 1)

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Genre: High School Au with angst, comedy/crack idfk, fluff, maybe smut in the future

Characters: (Y/n), All of Got7, and other kpop idols

Warnings: Cussing, Bullying, Mentions of self hate, mentions of underage drinking etc. (some of the stuff put here isn’t until later chapters. If there’s anything else that needs to be tagged as a warning please tell me)


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State of Grace~Remus Lupin Song fic

A/N: Look at that, I had some inspiration. ALSo look at the fricking gif a jsd;kf He is adorable, I can’t get over it. Also, random thing I did today, I asked my friend to give her phone because the wifi wouldn’t work on mine and wanted to look at pictures of Ben Barnes 😂 Lately, he has disappeared from my dash and it makes me sad

Based off: State of Grace by Taylor Swift-Red

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Word Count: 2858

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, bad dancing (it’s pure awkward and that is a worthy of warning)


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I was not one to go to dances. Or quidditch games (unless my friends were playing). Or parties. Or school activities. I just didn’t like being in such a crowded room with all the yelling and music and the limited space. I would much rather be in the common room or one of my friend’s dorms with them and only them. Especially Remus. He and I had a lot in common and I was sure that when they announced the Yule ball, he would stay back with me while Sirius went and got drunk while listening to James complain about how Lily had rejected his offer to be her date for the night. Turns out, I was wrong. As soon as we heard about the dance, Remus turned to me and asked me if I would go with him as a friend. Of course, going as friends made me a little disappointed (it was pretty clear to me by now that I definitely wanted to be more than friends with the boy that stayed back to read books with me rather than go to a noisy quidditch game), but I was even more disappointed that he wanted to go. I had thought we could have another night alone in his dorm, discussing the latest books we had read and joking around. However I still didn’t want to give up a night of hanging out with my favourite gryffindor, so I accepted.

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Dating Jane Would Include:
  • Shy little baby would be so nervous to ask you out. It would take her like three months to pluck up the courage and even then she’d stutter the entire time. have mercy on the poor girl and ask her out yourself
  • Its so easy to make her blush. Just give her the smallest complement and shes tomato red.
  • It takes her a while to get comfortable and be herself around you (unless you were close friends b4 dating)
  • Loves PDA but wont instigate it (but she wont like make out with you in front of people)
  • Insecure about herself and your relationship
  • Shes never been in a relationship before so she is Nervous™
  • Loves grand romantic gestures
  • It becomes a competition to out do each other
  • One of you surprises the other with a romantic date? Send a Gatsby amount of flowers as a thank you
  • She takes relationship advice from Evie once and it goes wrong somehow
  • But the advice she got from Mal worked
  • Mal doesn’t let Evie forget about it
  • Charming the shit out of her mother and becoming like a second child
  • “I told you you’d find someone who liked you for whats on the inside.”
  • “I like whats on the outside too”
  • She’s so tiny! Carry her everywhere!
  • You defending her from assholes
  • Her shocking everybody by defending you too
  • She says you’re the reason shes gained confidence but you know she did that herself, you just helped
  • If you’re a naturally flirty person you might smirk and wink at other people but you have a special smile reserved for her that makes her knees weak
  • Try to get her to rebel a bit, the girl needs to have a little fun
  • Just don’t get her in trouble, she doesn’t deserve it and definitely cries when shes in trouble
  • Also don’t force her to do anything she really doesn’t want to
  • You two dont argue much
  • Any disagreements are delt with by talking it out like people in healthy relationships do
  • her roommates s/o’s HATE you bc you two are so perfect her roommates complain that their s/o’s aren’t as romantic
  • Your relationship raises the bar for all relationships at Auradon Prep
  • You can barely stand to keep secrets from each other
  • You dont tell other peoples secrets to each other but if it involves one of you its essentially the same thing as telling both of you
DAD JOE - a Joe Sugg imagine

Joe felt blessed. He had always wanted two children, a boy and a girl, and that’s what he had. His boy was in his early teenage years and his daughter was two years younger. They took after Joe with their shining blue eyes and rusty brown hair. They also had Joe’s sense of humour; always helping their dad plot pranks for Caspar.

Having a good sense of humour that was approved by the viewers he once had, his children and wife, Joe could differentiate between funny and the typical ‘dad funny’. He loved to embarrass his two kids when he picked them up from school. Their reaction was almost as priceless as Caspar’s after a solid prank. His children knew that their dad was just putting on a show, so they often just laughed along (though that didn’t make it less embarrassing).

Joe pulled up into the school car park and wound down his window when he saw the two. He grinned to himself as he prepared for yet another attempt to fluster his kids. Turning on some gentle rap music (the kind Jack Maynard would listen to in his twenties) to the loudest volume, Joe waved fanatically and called his children over.

“Howdy, little Sugglets!” he yelled in an impressive Southern accent.

He laughed as he saw the two blush when some other students began to stare. Joe’s son quickly said goodbye to his two best friends that they had been walking with, before heading to the car.

In his normal and cheerful voice, Joe called, “Hey, mini Lee and mini Pieters!”

The blonde girl and tall boy cheered and waved back; they loved their Uncle Joe.

“Do you want me to drop you two home?”

They nodded before running to catch up with the two Sugg children. The three older kids piled into the back seats as Joe’s daughter excitedly hopped into the front passenger seat. She never got to sit at the front unless her brother’s friends were with them and she loved it.

“So James Bond walked up to a rooster and introduced himself as Bond, James Bond. The rooster then replied with ‘I’m Ken, Chick Ken’,” Joe joked, laughing at his silly, lame and typical dad (or Caspar) joke.

“Dad,” his son whined from behind him. “You don’t have to embarrass us now, these two know you’re not normally like this!”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Joe said, making a silly frown at them in the rear view mirror. “But alright, I’ll stop. It is getting a bit cringey, isn’t it?”

Joe drove on, dropping Josh’s son off at the Pieters house and Caspar’s daughter at her house. As soon as they were alone as a family, Joe began to ask them about their day and what they got up to. He listened and took everything in, making mental notes and filing them away in his brain. Joe had hated it when he had told his parents something small and they forgot about it a few days later. So he always tried his best to remember the things his beautiful kids told him, no matter how big or small.

“Alright, you two, get out!” Joe would say mockingly as he parked in the driveway of their family home. “You better get that homework done before Mum gets home!”

Part of the DAD series.

the “you can’t be friends with your ex” is bullshit tbh

My insecure, anti-social, sweet and innocent boyfriend

my boyfriend who barely uses Facebook and wouldn’t message someone out the blue unless they were a close friend 

my boyfriend who has messaged the girl who was once infatuated with him, who he once asked out on a date and nothing came of it. 

my boyfriend who once told me she used to leave him notes and buy chocolate and leave it in his locker, who he called creepy.

my boyfriend who whilst messaging his so called “love of his life” about having a break, and about how it feels like its turning into a friendship, decided to message this girl, and has continued on.

my boyfriend who doesn’t even double text the “love of his life” but will message this girl again when she doesn’t reply for 2 or 10 days

I thought we had a mutual agreement of respect to tell each other if anyone we had history with got in touch

My insecure, anti-social, sweet and innocent boyfriend.

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I've gotta ask, when did you first realise you're gay?? Sincerely Another filthy lesbian ❤️😍 PS: i love your blog ❤️❤️ PPS: If you're ever alittle lonely. You should message me! Any girls should!

I realized when I was young tbh. I’ve always had an interest in girls and as a child, I was always different. I never enjoyed a boys company unless we were friends and even then, I preferred gay guys. They’re just amazingly funny and outgoing people. I’ll remember to message you if I feel the need to. Don’t worry sweetheart

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I thought Oliver ate people though? I'm confused why he is okay with eating an adult and not a kid. In previous posts he seems like he didn't really care about a human life unless they were friends but now he has morals on the subject?

Okay, let me break down lol

Ollie is a predator. But he has standards - he doesn’t eat any ol’ human that comes his way. He iffy about them because of a few bad ines but Ollie is curious about humans. He only eats what he kills and killing humans ks like maybe 1 or 2 in a month or so.))

aughuguagg I’m trying to draft a post re: the differences in how “nakama” is approached in BNHA and Bleach and it’s all over the place b/c I’m a dumb but essentially I’m really seeing how somber of a hero Ichigo was and how much of Bleach spoke of Kubo’s depression (was this confirmed? idk if it’s ever been officially mentioned). seeing how well communication is being handled in BNHA, in comparison, for Bleach it was all muddied not for lack of story-telling but because Ichigo burdened and isolated himself so much and it feels like his friendships came with a lot of pain and like I’m hurting a lot ugh

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York is probably the episode I’m most critical of so far? I’m glad they chose this lesson, but I feel like they really played it safe, and it almost makes it hurt worse that they got so close to being able to talk about the broken and painful foundation our country was founded on, but instead glossed over it in favor of the “acceptable” horror to talk about. 

The Holocaust is horrible, and I have been incredibly emotionally moved when I think about the great atrocities that happened, and how long we overlooked them, and how often antisemitic hatred continues to this day. I’ve been to the Museum of Jewish History in Berlin, the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, The Anne Frank house and the museum of Dutch Resistance in Amsterdam. It is a truly horrific event that deserves to be remembered and never forgotten. 

My issue is that it’s also the one we most often like to jump to, and by WE, I mean white folk, as the go to tragedy to sober people up and remind them the world is actually an awful and unjust place, with unspeakable pain and suffering stamped over history. And I think it is in part because white folk can picture themselves playing a part in this story because jewish folk “pass” for white, and because we love to grab onto all the undercover Christian resistance workers who helped smuggle and save people (as GMW did this week)… so again, a clear “hero” we can identify with when remembering, plus we get the big victories of D-Day and liberation of the camps, so we get to pat ourselves on the back because, yes, this was horrible, but good on us, we stopped it. 

Whereas Zay’s family story and equally if not more terrible suffering is just glossed over and alluded to even less obviously. I do appreciate they had Zay clearly being the only one who understands the pain Farkle is facing when he realizes the horror his ancestors went through, but it felt wrong for Zay to just gloss over the line “my family was brought from Ghana” BROUGHT, like they put it in there, they were clear, but also Zay doesn’t dwell, and doesn’t force any of his friends to stop and put it together that Zay’s family were slaves. Yes they eventually were freed and built a free life in Texas at some point, but his family came to America as items to be bought and sold, against their free will, and ripped from their homes and culture back in Ghana. 

Zay glosses over it and gives a sugar-coated happy ending, “but everything’s all right now” when instead it could have been such a perfect opportunity for Zay to reflect on how painful it is to know this about his family, and how much his family continued to struggle, and how much original culture was lost, etc. Anything, really, would have been better than what they gave us, which was the “talk about it but make sure it’s in a way no white person has to feel any white guilt for how terrible their ancestors were” 

Like, give me the story about how Riley discovers her ancestors were slave owners and connects that Zay’s family were slaves. THAT’S a story of America. In fact, one of my friends just this week has been struggling with the realization that her great-grandfather was a cop in Atlanta in the 40s, in a jurisdiction she discovered that was basically all klan members- all the cops were in the KKK there basically. And she’s married to a black man and has 4 beautiful brown kids ages 2-7, and she struggles daily with how to raise them to see representation and to love themselves, and this week has been grabbling with how do I reconcile my family’s history with my current family, how do you find peace knowing that your ancestors were hateful, oppressive, evil? And just TODAY, one of her children said “I don’t want to have black skin,’ those words came out of a 5 year old’s mouth. That is America, that is America today. 

Give me Riley and Zay having to confront their different histories and the conflict their ancestors were once in, Riley having to accept that pain, and them recognizing their history while rejoicing in their friendship and having hope that the future will be better, because they will remember the past and not let it repeat. 

Heck, give me Farkle realizing his ancestors were Nazis. That’s not an easy story to tackle, that’s not a fun thing to confront, but that’s the story a large part of their audience NEEDS to. I need to confront the fact that my ancestors were racist, that my family is privileged because of centuries of oppression of an entire race of people in this country. That’s not fun, but it’s important. 

Or, with the Cambodian story, which was beautiful and I’m glad they included it…. how easy it would have been to talk more about the pain, fear of refugees, and how still today many must flee their country, how America has often been the safe place for refugees… again, a perfect opportunity to touch on the Syrian refugee crisis…. in fact, let’s pull back in the Holocaust and talk about how many human rights are being violated, how people are being starved and gassed and attacked in their own country still today. 

There was just so much MORE it could have done, and to me the episode fell incredibly flat, and was deafening with it’s silence on these harder topics. 

Yes, let’s celebrate the rich cultures we come from, but let’s not shy away from the pain and conflict looking into our history might bring up. Let’s talk about it, really talk about it. Don’t gloss over it, act like it wasn’t a big deal, didn’t matter, didn’t have a lasting impact….  

I WILL say that the show 1) emphasized to ask people about their stories, and genuinely listen and care about the answer and 2) was written just obviously subtle enough that I think it will make kids who are watching it ask their parents “what was that about? what did they mean by that?” and I will at least acknowledge that the opening to have personal, direct discussion at an early age IS a good thing. I just wish they had been brave enough to push a little bit harder. 

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who r some of ur favorite people? ^.^ both irl and on the internet

irl my favorite people are my best friend and this other really close friend who are always there for me and caring about me 

on the internet my girls keeana, elissa, also my boy misa which y'all probs don know unless we were peach friends when it was alive dgjbvf but if u meant tumblr then uhhh @darkhairsuga @yoonnmini @nahqam @2blushy @semisweetae ……yeah


yall defending a rp and its members that were unbelievably toxic and made people uncomfortable and admins that played favorites and treated others unfairly unless they were friends is rly gross. people are getting blamed and banned for leaving a rp that was toxic to them and speaking out about it but the people who were actually awful and made people uncomfy and got away w it and actually GOT PEOPLE KICKED OUT OF RPS BC THEY JUST DIDNT LIKE THEM dont have any consequences lmao like ummmm ok. like is 2017 just the year of siding with the actual problematic people and treating the victims like complete shit? bc ive about had it up to HEEEEEERE with this bs.  

oh btw, if someone speaks out and says u bullying their character makes them uncomfortable then u should uhhh.. idk… stop?????? instead of turning it around and saying its all ic lmao sorry not everyone wants their character to be fucking bullied whether its ic or not and when u refuse to stop it after its been addressed, thats u turning it ooc. goodbye and fucking do better



Now Mark was quite a struggle for the sorting hat. He contained attributes of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but it seemed that he would go far as a Hufflepuff. This boy would be extremely focused in class, unless his friends were in the same subject as him. Because of that, it’d result into him laughing constantly and little hiccups interrupting the professor. His laugh was cute though, but some people would find it annoying during class.  He’d have a soft spot for animals, concluding his favorite class as Care of Magical Creatures. Mark would also be a natural at Quidditch, even at his young age. He would be a chaser. Now you two would meet as you were a new student at Hogwarts. In one of your classes, you’d be trying to focus but would be interrupted by Mark’s giggle. Annoyed, you turned back and met with his face, red and out of breath. Mark would stop as he saw you and blush which then lead to your friendship.


Jaemin would be placed into Ravenclaw quickly, for his bright mind and witty personality. He would be pretty popular for his friendly nature. Girls would fawn over him constantly though Jaemin would never care. During his free times he’d decide to duel some of the first-years. Would that be fair? No, not really. He’d be the top of his class in Divination, which would make him extremely proud since it was such a hard class. Jaemin would be close friends with some Hufflepuffs not wanting to be friends with Ravenclaws since he doesn’t like being one-upped in conversations. Jaemin would be pretty good at flying but wouldn’t prefer to play Quidditch since he’d rather cheer for his team instead. For one exam, you realized you had a higher score than Jaemin did in one class. He didn’t really enjoy the constant bragging from you but you two decided to build a friendship from there.


Jeno would be sorted into Gryffindor due to his extreme determination and courage. Now this boy would be pretty quiet during class, probably dozing off in the back with his cloak covering him. Muggle studies would be his favorite class since he’d be fascinated how Muggles would live their everyday life. “Cars? How come they don’t have brooms? Gosh, they’re boring.” “Mobile games? Do they have nothing else to do with their life?” Jeno would be pretty into Quidditch, buying the latest hot new broom as soon as it came out. He’d be placed on the team as a Keeper. You’d be helping him understand that cars come in different variations and that not all muggles are boring. “Muggles don’t have screaming plants. Of course, they’re boring.”


This boy would immediately be put in Slytherin, being startled how loud the hat belted out “Slytherin!” right away. He isn’t exactly like a stereotypical Slytherin though. He gets quite annoyed about those stereotypes though. Donghyuck would have thick square glasses that he would pull down every time someone said something something offensive to him only to be struck by one of his famous comebacks. He’d take a real interest for his potions class. There would be textbooks filled with recipes lying all over his room. Donghyuck would be one of the best in his house at Quidditch, making him as a Seeker. You’d be pretty impressed by one of his witty comments at this stuck-up bully in your house. You’d confront him about it and take in some of his go-to comebacks that he taught you. Both of you soon became best friends.


Jisung would be new to the world of magic since he was a Muggle-born. A lost boy in Hogwarts, he’d be a first-year. He wouldn’t exactly know what “houses” were except the ones you live in back at his world. Not knowing where to go once a magic hat that was on his head screamed “Hufflepuff!”, he’d quickly shuffle to the table that were clapping and cheering as loud as they could. Jisung would quickly get used to the wizarding world though. You would be one of his first friends, helping him getting adjusted. Since Jisung was still new to magic, he’d be amazed at most of his classes and enjoy learning from them lots. He would have have a special liking for Charms though. “Jisung it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosAR!” He’d be pretty bad at Quidditch though. Jisung would stumble constantly trying to even get on the broom. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it one day Jisung!” Both of you would easily consider yourself as best friends since then and till the years come.