unless we already have and i just forgot

ejr-horselady  asked:

Are you aware that under the tags section under Ten Commandments you only have 9 tags? You have no tag for Greyroad. That being said here is a question to start a tag; How did Estarossa kill Meliodas in front of Greyroad without being afflicted by his "Thou shall not kill" commandment? He was right there!

Fixed it :3 I did have the tag already, I just forgot to add it to the list XD
And I still have no answer to that question. We’ve thought about that a million times but it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Unless a) it doesn’t work on other Commandments (which doesn’t make sense since the Commandments can be afflicted with their own curses) or b) they can choose to not let their curse activate (which doesn’t make any sense for the same reason)
You could argue that Meliodas didn’t permanently die but the Commandments didn’t know about the curse and no one seemed surprised that Estarossa didn’t die too.
Now that I think about it, I could also imagine that it has something to do with the method Meliodas was killed. Because it seems those sword/that attack was specially made for killing traitors. Maybe that’s a special case that doesn’t activate the curse?