unless its cosplay

Too gay to function

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How do you feel about non binary people wearing binders? I'm just wondering bc I want to get one but I don't want to offend anyone and I know you don't think cis girls should wear binders unless it's for cosplay. I'm sorry if this ask bothers you, if it does just ignore it

omg dude, whatever helps with your dysphoria, but I’d still advise being careful

the most interesting thing to me about the zamii070 hate is the damara cosplay debacle.

it’s interesting because suddenly cosplaying damara is suddenly being called “yellowface” and now she’s “racist.”

it’s even more interesting because never once before on this website or any other have I seen anyone called that who’s cosplayed damara “yellowfacing” or “racist.”

it’s interesting to go through the damara cosplay tag and see several people of different races cosplaying damara without getting bulldozed by hate comments like zamii070 is.

and by ‘interesting’ I mean it’s kind of terrible.

i don’t care if you’re gonna criticize someone. but make sure you’re criticizing that person for the right reason and not out of spite.
because it looks like most people are just attacking for the sake of attacking.

sorry that’s been on my mind for a few days now and I just had to say something.

what if I told you axel knew how to pole dance though

because he does