unless it's stupid

The signs and crushes
  • Aries: Realises they're developing a crush and then overthinks everything and how they'll never be together so it's not worth liking them
  • Taurus: Is super shy but devotes their time to their crush
  • Gemini: Attempts to make them laugh... but then again they try to make everyone laugh
  • Cancer: Decides they have a crush... but then again maybe they're just friends... nah i like them... but we're just friends
  • Leo: smiles and laughs at everything they say unless its REALLY stupid
  • Virgo: admires their body and makes many innuendos
  • Libra: Follows... Stalks... no personal space remains
  • Scorpio: Crushes on anything with a pulse
  • Sagittarius: Becomes shy which is weird until they unleash their full personality on their crush
  • Capricorn: Pretends they don't have a crush but makes it very obvious in their behaviour
  • Aquarius: doesn't need to have a crush, everyone crushes on them
  • Pisces: Twirls their hair and stares at their crush until they fall in love with them

What if Dan and Phil one day post a photo of them kissing on a secret Phan account they run, but nobody will freak out because everyone will think it’s just someone with really good editing skills and so Dan and Phil are honestly dying of laughter bc they put Phan proof right in our faces, but we’re too idiotic to see that it’s actually them.

theanonymousmight  asked:

I follow Sixpenceee and I like a lot of the content, but some things that annoy are: 1. When she spams her tumblr selling asspulled shirt designs so that she can make more money (unless i'm stupid and it's all to support charity), and 2. she constantly reblogs chains of people 'supporting' her content. So not only do I have to see the same content over again but this time it's with her reblogging other peoples' comments so she can seem more likable. Those are just some things that annoy me.

how do people NOT tag their things, talk in the tags, do anything with them????? i can never shut up in mine :(


Rainbow memes

heh heh I win this round, take a look at it from my perspective…….

……the one in the corner right is terrifying though

[3/3 asks, Madam President will soon revert back to normal]

It’s so stupid and fucking unnecessary when people are like “I hate when these kids take out their phone during the concert like seriously just enjoy the show”

Ok but consider this 

  • i am tiny and can’t see anything except when I look through the camera of my phone
  • or I wanna take a photo or video to remember the show
  • or I lost my friend in the crowd and I need to text them 
  • or I just want to have my fucking phone like Jesus fuck mind ur own damn business
  • get you pretentious head out of your ass 

Kageyama gets stupid when he’s drunk. 

Hi cilecile!!! Thank you so much for your kind words, they made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I couldn’t stop smiling after I read them! Kagehina, you say? Anytime ;) Hope you like these texts!!

Bonus Crack:

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You know you’re drunk when you hallucinate getting texts from your milk

*insert quiet jittery typing noises of a very excited squish*

Now accepting applications for people willing to fight my dad nd take his position. Must be able to:

  • Assume a position in the community [fire cheif not required but firefighter preferred for community sake]
  • grill meat
  • get along with animals
  • support me and bro, in all matters unless its a stupid idea

interviews will occur after applications are reviewed

Lloyd is not trans. It’s completely impossible. I wish people would stop saying it.

I was supposed to be sleeping, but I couldn’t help drawing these two :3