unless it's on tv


if you can’t imagine your characters’ faces in your daydreams, that’s completely normal! our brain can’t imagine a face you’ve never seen before, so (pls) don’t stress over your characters’ faces.

I want to hang out with Taylor. Phones down, TV off (unless its Friends, duh), and just spend the day talking and telling each other about our lives. I want to know what her favorite Christmas memory is, and if she likes Cheese Nips or Cheez-It’s better. I want to tell her about grad school and show her old pictures and I want to look through her old pictures. I want to laugh and I want to hear about what makes her happy. I want to listen to her talk about her hardships and how she overcame them, and what she’s struggling with now. I want to tell her that, even though I don’t really know her, I feel such a connection with her and that we must be long lost sisters or something. I want to be her friend.