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Today, Initiate.

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REQUEST: Can I have a divergent request where y/n is divergent and she has like a huge crush on Four but Four is like a jerk to her and Eric talks to Four about how rude hes being (but not like straight forward) and Four finds y/n crying in a corner somewhere AND JUST A LOT OF FLUFF

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: bullying

He caught me staring and in one second, his veins would pop out of his neck and forehead. “Look away, initiate.”

I was sitting at the table while my friends were joking and laughing at the jokes Peter made. I just sat with my untouched food, averting my gaze everywhere to get my mind off Four who told me to “look away”.

Finally I looked away with my cheeks flushed with a bright color of red. It was odd and maybe even wrong that me, a puny and weak Dauntless initiate would had a huge interest on one of the Dauntless leaders and trainers who was named after a number.

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Wherever You Go I'll Follow (Multi-Ship Harry Potter AU) - Bramble

A/N: Was the wait worth it? I’ll let you decide. I am in no way a Harry Potter expert, in fact there are probably way more people out there more capable of writing this than me, but I can appreciate amazing literature and films. The ships in this fic include: Sashea, Trixya and Shalaska. You will learn each of their backstories as time goes on. There are time jumps back and forth throughout. If you have any suggestions for this fic – or any of my fics in general – feel free to message me at dragqueenlayouts or unhhhjustsometrash.

Lesbian Harry Potter AU. Enjoy!

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OKAY, let’s do 125! :D

125.“Don’t you ever do that again!”- Harry Potter au. They’re in their fourth year in this drabble.

(Killua’s bday requests, 4/10)

“Gon, someone’s waiting outside the dorm for you!”

Gon’s stomach dropped to the floor. Oh no. There was only one person who would be waiting outside of Slytherin’s dormitory- a person with silver hair, blue eyes and a Ravenclaw badge pinned to his chest, to be exact.

And it was those exact blue eyes that narrowed dangerously at Gon as he sheepishly climbed out of the Slytherin Dungeon.

“Hey, Killua,” he said.

Killua continued to glare at him.

“I, um.” Gon gulped. He was in big trouble. He could tell. “I get that you’re not happy with me, but-”

“Oh, you know that, do you?” Killua asked sharply. “Tell me, then, why am I mad at you? Huh, Gon? Tell me why what you did was beyond stupid and idiotic.”

Gon grimaced. “I- I know. I shouldn’t have tried making friends with the giant squid in the lake, but-”

“No but’s!” Killua hissed. “Do you even understand what you did?! You made the giant squid float out of the lake and almost made it crash into the Whomping Willow! You were nearly expelled!”

“But it looked lonely!” Gon protested.

Killua threw his hands up in the air in exasperation. “Does it look like I care?! The giant squid is in the lake for a reason, Gon!!! It’s not supposed to leave! It can make friends with the mermaids or whatever other shit is floating around in that thing!”

“Killua-” Gon started and Killua abruptly shoved his wand in Gon’s face.

“Shut up,” Killua growled as Gon went cross-eyed trying to keep his friend’s wand in view. “Just- shut up. I mean it, Gon. Don’t pull this kind of stunt ever again. Not unless I’m with you. I won’t let you risk getting kicked out of here without me. Got it?”

Gon’s eyes grew wide with understanding. His heart tightened and swelled as his mouth turned suddenly dry.

Killua wasn’t angry at Gon for what he did. He was furious at Gon for doing it without him.

So Gon nodded vigorously and Killua relaxed. He lowered his wand, a grim expression on his face. 

“Good. Now go back inside and grab your books, we’ve got a potions quiz in two days and I got Kurapika to tell me all the answers.”

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What members do you think are dominant/submissive? ;)

Shownu: Both. Despite his intense masculine aura, I think that a lot of the time Shownu would want to be the dominant one but I also feel like some days he’ll just want to lie back and watch you ride him ;-)

Wonho: Both. As well with Wonho, I feel like he could be found being the dominant most of the time, but I also feel like he would find it super sexy if you were to take charge every once in a while. I can see him smirking to himself but totally submitting to you.

Minhyuk: Submissive. I feel like Minhyuk would be more submissive in bed than dominant. A lot of the time, you would have to initiate any intimacy because Minhyuk’s more of the type to go with the flow and enjoy what’s in the moment.

Kihyun: Submissive. Despite being the naggy type, I feel like Kihyun is more likely to be submissive. I feel like he would just have a preference for letting his gf take charge and he would find it sexy. Especially if you tease him that this is your repayment for him taking care of you, oh, he’d go crazy.

Hyungwon: Both. But I feel like it’d be 75% submissive, 25% dominant because Hyungwon would be a more lazy lover. Lazy as in he would do less work unless he really had to. I feel like he’d get a real kick out of you initiating and watching you go down on him while you two watched a movie in bed or something ;-)

Jooheon: Dominant. Despite having that fierce outer appearance, but super softy inside, I think he’d still be very dominant in bed. He’d cater to all your needs and wants but still give it to you rough and hard af. Of course he wants you to feel good, but seeing you melt at his touch would give him a slight power trip.

I.M: Submissive. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I see I.M being with an older woman but I feel like he would be a submissive type of lover. I think he’s still pretty naive and being submissive would allow him to experience another type of world. I also feel like he would find great pleasure in seeing his gf ride him.

anyone else lost the motivation for everything???

it has come down to asking donations yet again.

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I really hate to ask for this but I kinda don’t want to get kicked out of school yet unless I want to spend my life working at mcdonalds If I wont get fired yet. If you’re willing to reblog this, or even donate a small amount of money, it would be very much appreciated. You can send money to my paypal which is aaronvnoort@hotmail.com