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Genderbent Hamilton, amirite?

I see people talking about genderbending Burr and Washington, which is freaking awesome, but why stop there? What if every character were changed to be a different gender from how they are in the original? How would that change the show?

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Alexandra Hamilton, the orphan daughter of a Scotswoman and a Caribbean sex worker, who managed to move to New York at the dawn of the American Revolution, where she meets:
  • Erin Burr, the agender advocate for a peaceful, sensible resistance movement, and their girlfriend Theodosia,
  • Jen Laurens, the gender-fluid black rights advocate who starts a relationship with Alexandra,
  • and Elias Schuyler, one of the heirs to Philippa Schuyler’s vast wealth, and his brothers, Angelico and Johnny.
  • George (Georgia) Washington, the general in command of the revolutionary forces, ultimately hires Hamilton, who has managed to piss off
  • Samaya Seabury, and
  • Jane III, Queen of England.

Huh? Huh? Anyone?


Hogwarts AU update!

Poor Hinata feels so bad about where he got sorted, and who can blame him? Being a muggleborn and knowing nothing about Hogwarts, the first thing he hears about Slytherin is that it’s bad. Good thing Suga Mama is there to set things straight x3

‘s one of those days my guys

lol, gay


The Vermilion Bird… I won’t let anyone lay a finger on it.

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Funniest thing about Fate Extella is that Takeuchi's waifu Artoria is barely in the game.

thats ok, he got nero and jeanne in there to compensate

Goal check in for January 9th - 15th

1. Run 4 times
❌ I got 3 runs in

2. Drink 2L water daily
✅ I did this but I need to start consistently tracking this again

3. Park run
❌Did not park run as I had a shoot to go on.

4. Say yes to everything I am invited to, unless I already have plans
✅ I did this, and while I didn’t get invited to much it was really nice to go and make new friends

5. Stick to my budget
✅ I had $7.61 leftover this week

Goals for January 16th - 22nd
1. Run 3 times
2. Drink 2L of water and post intake screenshots daily
3. Stick to my budget
4. Speak to one person about gift cards

Hey lovely followers, unfortunately due to a severe financial crisis, I’m going to have to stop working on my current cosplay projects, and I probably won’t be attending any conventions this year, so unless I already have the materials, I won’t be posting any updates or wip’s for a while, I literally have less than no money, hopefully I’ll be able to get myself sorted for next year.

Sad McCree 😞

A Gentle Smile Flickers

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Thranduil x Reader

Warnings: FLUFFLES. I love Softie!Thranduil so much. It’s unreal.

Word count: 1,096

“Quiet,” Thranduil says, holding his hand aloft to silence the Elf that walks alongside him, two paces back as he fills the king in on the newest greenhouse and its construction; Thranduil had noticed something amiss as soon as the two had walked into the throne room but it is not until they had reached the staircase leading to his throne that a gentle smile flickers onto his lips.

“Is that –“

“Quiet,” Thranduil whispers forcefully, turning to face the Elf. “You are dismissed for the night.”

“But, my lord,” the latter whispers back, “we have not finished the report.”

“It can and will wait. You are dismissed for the night, like I have already said, unless you would rather be dismissed from your position altogether.”

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I can understand that reason usually most people stay away cause she makes the main characters believe they might be siblings yet they love eachother which using incest as a way to sell romance is kind of sick. I read her cause of malec ship

Besides godfrey the cast in the movie weren’t great. The tv show cast awesome. I just hate clary’s mom…..i would tell u why but it would possibly spoil future parts of the show. Now i have an urge to make gofrey gao sirius black headcanons.

Also im jessie by the way i run the hp blog nextstopknockturnalley

Sorry!! I fell asleep lol

Yeah, there’s the incest thing, the plagiarism thing, the fact that, apparently, Alec’s only personality trait in the books is “gay” and he’s sidelined most of the time anyways….. I really just have no desire to read them

I LOVE the TV show cast. They’re one of my favorites for all the live action media I follow. Kat and Em are stunning, Dom, Matt, and Isaiah are utterly charming (well Matt’s ‘udderly’ charming lolololol) and I’ve been a fan of Harry’s since Glee, so it’s really great to see him in a role that isn’t “The Asian”

I did see something yesterday about Jocelyn that might be part of the reason you hate her, but until that actually comes up in the show I’m going to continue loving how beautiful she and Luke are together lmao

Hello Jessie! I am Jules and obviously I run this blog :P (I also run @immutable-queens and @captain-rum-rogers ) Very nice to meet you!!

You know what kinda fucks me up to think about? We call s76 ‘old man’ and stuff all the time, but he doesn’t have a confirmed age. And Reinhardt is the oldest character, and he’s 61. And Jack worked with mercy, mccree and Genji back when Overwatch was still around (or, er, was still legal), and they’re 37, 37 and 36 respectively. 

What if he isn’t even that ancient. What if he’s like, 42 or something, and Gabriel’s bullshit just added 30 yrs to his life and made him grey prematurely.

What if

Isn’t it so good?! Ugggghhhhh. I love it so much. I’ve gotta go back and write a whole dumb thing about it (unless I’ve already done that which I probably have) because I appreciated that the theatrical movie was dark. I did. I love silly Puffs but it felt like it was just on this huge, big, amazing scale of awesomeness… and it gave kindergarten girls this awesome action-y story on par with some of the most famous superheroes. It’s great. So very great.

And yeah, haha, I think it totally gets better the older you get. :,D There’s a lot to appreciate in terms of storytelling and art in the movie.

Goal check in for January 2nd - 8th

1. Run 3 times
✅ 3 runs and one extra long walk!

2. Drink 2L water daily
✅ did this everyday!! It’s been hot!!

3. Stick to my budget
✅I had $10 left to spare this week!

4. Finish the ‘about’ section on my website
✅ finished this too!!

Goals for January 9th - 15th

1. Run 4 times
2. Drink 2L water daily
3. Park run
4. Say yes to everything I am invited to, unless I already have plans