unless hes just tired

i’m trying to figure out why Damien had a cane or whatever that thing was.

was it just for him to be even more extra than he already is?? did he actually need it, did he have a limp or something? did he use it to whack people (the colonel) when they did something that they weren’t suppose to do? or is it some keepsake from something???

why did he have that i need answers

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ok but is it ok to request Dom!RFA+Saeran to MC (No V because he's precious ;~;)

yES I personally find everyone 1278621 times hotter if they’re dominant so yesyesyes (This is NSFW!) Yoosung’s turned out pretty long but dom!Yoosung is something I truly believe with my whole heart and need the world to know


  • Everyone says that he is totally a sub but I do honestly imagine him being dominant 
  • Sure, he would act all shy and flustered in the beginning because he is inexperienced, but would warm up fairly fast when he saw you responding positive to everything he did
  • Would do anything to make you whimper and moan
  • The first time you made out heavily on the couch and you took the next step and sat in his lap, he squeeled suprised but recovered quickly by grabbing your butt
  • He started kissing and sucking your neck and you could feel his growing boner against your thigh, making you moan
  • A soon as he started muttering all the filthy things he wanted to do to you in your ear, you realized that you had totally misjudged him
  • He wasn’t always flustered because he was shy, but because he wanted to ravish you and had to hold himself back
  • Loved to pin you down against the bed or couch, as it made him feel taller and more manly to look down at you
  • His usually cheerful and innocent voice would always go deep with lust when he was horny and it was the hottest thing ever
  • In the middle of LOLOL matches, it wasn’t rare for him to order you to blow him or get youself ready in bed for him (he always made sure you were in the mood though, consent is key)
  • Will definitely get turned on by you wearing his hoodie, as it confirmed that you’re his


  • Despite usually being a gentleman, he can only hold back The Beast™ for so long
  • Even when you were making love instead of him fucking you senseless, he made sure that you knew who was in charge
  • “Princess, I’m the man, it’s just fair that I do all the work”
  • Unless he was tired after a long day and ordered you to ride him
  • Loves to make you whimper and beg for him by teasing you
  • Tell him how much you enjoy him inside of you and he will lose it
  • Always touching you when you’re out in public to remind you that you belong to him
  • Likes to pick you up and carry you to the closest place he can fuck you


  • Because Jumin always bossed her around, she loved finally being in control over you
  • Has quite a few toys for revealing herself of the stress Jumin always puts her under
  • Which she liked to use on you, sometimes she would make you have a vibrator in your panties all day that she would turn on at random times
  • Totally a pillow princess, telling you exactly how to please her not that you minded
  • A master with her tongue, will eat you out untill you practically scream her name
  • Sometimes, if it was quiet in the café, she would drag you to the kitchen and push you against the counter, kissing your neck


  • Are you actually kidding me I’ve never heard of anyone this dominant in my life
  • He was really confused about you jokingly calling him daddy ”I am not your father, MC”, but he definitely has a sir and/or master kink
  • You were his kitten, he was your master
  • Would always buy you expensive lingerine, then order you to try it on while he was watching hungrily and touching himself
  • Liked to tie you up with silk ribbons or his tie
  • Sometimes he made you go without underwear to his business meetings so he could punish you when you got home
  • Liked to call you into his office, bend you over his desk and fuck you after making you beg for his cock
  • Bonus points if you wore a tight/short dress or skirt for easy access and the risk of anyone seeing that you didn’t have underwear on


  • His constant teasing wasn’t just innocent and fun, he often said dirty things just to get you riled up when he was busy with work 
  • Had another camera installed in your room, so if he was too busy he would just call you and instruct you to play with yourself while he watched with one hand on his keyboard and the other stroking himself
  • Liked to overstimulate you by continuing to fuck you after you’ve cummed
  • Is a confirmed sadist so you’re probably gonna get bitten (if you’re into that)
  • He’s a switch so he would sometimes prefer you being dominant, but most of the time he was the one on top
  • Roleplay sex! Often revolving around something like cop/prisoner or teacher/student
  • Like Yoosung, will probably cum in his pants if you wear his hooddie


  • Doesn’t like to be the bottom as it made him feel vulnerable, he prefered being the one who gave orders
  • Be prepared to always feel owned by being covered in hickeys
  • Always pushing you against the nearest surface and kissing every part of your skin he can reach
  • No hand cuffs as it gives him bad memories, he likes being the one who held you down
  • Probably growling in your ear every time you have sex and ordering you to say who you belongs to


headcanon that jesse is the type to just leave a tea bag in the cup while drinking and it causes hanzo to full-body shudder when he sees it

I find it quite funny that everybody seems to think Nico would sleep until really late and people seem to think that in every relationship you could possibly put Nico with

Me, otherwise, think Nico would wake up really early because of nightmares, unless he was extremely tired

Idk why everybody thinks that, and I’m just curios to know if I’m the only one who doesn’t think like that ‘-‘


Dean sits beside you in the floor, annoyingly clicking his tongue as he picks up his father’s journal. He flips through the pages and clicks his tongue some more. You start to get fed up, having read the same paragraph five times since he entered the room.

He rocks back to his feet and lightly bumps you with the toe of his shoe. “Sorry.” He doesn’t sound apologetic, especially with that grin on his face. You just ignore it and finally continue to the next page.

You swing your feet a bit faster as the story picks up. You start to visualize the town a little better, seeing the story pop inside your mind. You clearly see the girl and how beautiful the book describes her as. You fall in love with the love interest, wishing you had a boy just like him.

Dean squats down beside you and nudges you. Again, you try to ignore him. He would grow bored and go somewhere else. But Dean didn’t. He picked at a strand of hair that kept finding itself in your face.

“Dean.” You warn after the third time he tried pushing the strand behind your ear. “Honey, go take a nap or something.” You plead.

Smirking, Dean knows he just won. “Nahh, I’m not tired. Unless you want to join me.”

You glare at him. “I want to finish this book. I have three chapters left and I’m not about to let some bored, grown ass man ruin this enjoyment for me. I am this close to reaching up and smacking you if you bother me one more time, Winchester.” You hold your fingers real close together for emphasis.

“You love it.” Dean smirks. “Admit it, Y/N.”

“I would love it even more if you left me alone for thirty minutes. Let. Me. Finish. My. Book.” You said through clenched teeth.

Dean held his hands up, still smirking, and got to his feet once more. “Okay, fine, heard you. But I’m going to need something extra special tonight.” He winked.

“That’s it.” You found the nearest object and threw the cellphone at Dean’s head. He sees it just in time and ducks, bumping into the wall. “Out!”

Everyday (Calum Hood Imagine) - Dangerous Woman Album Series

Originally posted by 5sospenises

Summary:He giving me that good shit, that make me not quit, that good shit, he give it to me everyday…”

Requested: si! this was like the most anticipated one.

Warnings: swearing + smut 

A/N: Tell me what song you would like next from Ariana’s new album and gimme feedback on this! This has not been proof-read :) and i can’t write smut so apologies for the suckage. Dangerous Woman is part 1 :)

Everyday - Ariana Grande feat. Future || Dangerous Woman Masterlist

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""how would kihyun, jooheon, and wonho react if you just bluntly said you wanted to have sex that night?"" BUT WITH HYUNGWON PLS! (Hyungwon biased here if you couldn't tell ^^ hehehheheh) <3

HyungWon would be taken aback, but he would get really mischievous after you say that. He would pretend to take it into consideration and then just go on like you didn’t just say that, but throughout the entire day he would be teasing you on purpose just to get you roused up. He would be totally up for it though, unless if he had just come home from an extra tiring day and just wanted to rest and relax with you.

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