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worldbuilding | | : dwarven body hcs ( beyond “short” and “hairy” )

- Dwarves may often be born with six toes. Those that do are called a ‘stone-bound child’, nadan abnulmahtakhyili, and are said to have a deeper connection to the earth.

- Small sensory organs in dwarves’ hands and feet help them detect vibrations and minute details in anything they touch. These organs are slightly raised and look similar to callouses. 

- Biologically, dwarves have adapted for high-protein diets.

- Dwarves’ eyes have a very small sclera. Instead, the iris is almost all that can be seen. Their pupils can expand in the dark until their eyes are an empty black, enabling them to see in the dark better than any other race.

In days that are now nothing more than a memory, flash blindness was used as a method of trial. After being left in the dark for a long time, the dwarf would be shown a blinding, brilliant light, far too much for their massive, expanded pupils. If the flash blindness passed, the ancestors were said to have deemed the dwarf innocent. If it did not, the now-blind dwarf was guilty – and had already received their punishment.

- The hair of a dwarf is immensely strong, even compared to metal threads of the same thickness. Still, it is never used in tools or crafts, despite being plentiful and strong. 

- Shaving one’s beard is a mark of shame. 

- An old tradition, still honored by some, demanded that a leader send a piece of their hair to another if they wished to declare war – both to signify that they were serious, given their sacrifice of something so important to them, and to force them to acknowledge the shame of having been able to achieve peace through nonviolent means. 

- Dwarves have historically had no inherent concept of gender / gender roles.

- Most dwarves display one of three reproductive anatomies. This confuses humans, and has resulted in the not-quite-accurate factoid that “dwarf women” ( already a fundamentally difficult category to use, given that the human understanding of ‘women’ really isn’t applicable to an entirely foreign race ) make up only one third of the population. 

- In dwarven medicine, the concept of masinthul is at the center of any individual’s health, the way humans once believed humours to be. This concept represents the entirety of the immune system, which in turn symbolizes dwarven hardiness and strength. While naturally immune to almost all human illnesses, dwarves do have some illnesses of their own, not to mention physical strains. Dwarven healers often recommend exposure to plants, animals, the earth, and the like in order to strengthen one’s masinthul and guard against dwarven illnesses and physical frailties alike. 

- Dwarven bones are denser and thicker than human bones. Their heart and lungs are also larger.

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Realm of Eternity: Part 7

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Elide had listened to the entire conversation between the Fae warriors after they had stalked by with their bloody comrade in the middle of the night. She had been unable to go back to sleep afterwards, after seeing Lorcan with that body slung over his shoulders.

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