unleashing the kraken

ps if i hear one word today about “lazy sherlock writers” or “TPTB don’t care about the fans” when they’ve just committed to producing four feature-length films in a single year shoehorned around the schedules of two of the most in-demand actors of their generation while also continuing to write full time for their other projects and appear onstage and at cons and Q&As

i will unleash the kraken

  • me:*unleashes the kraken*
  • me:*burns your house down*
  • me:*unlocks satan's cage*

#TBT to that #awkwardmoment when I felt someone touch my butt during a scene. Still have no idea who it was. @almightyjohnsnz @otangibay @emmettskilton @tribal_x_armband #AlmightyJohnsons #me #thebros 

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Memorable scene from a memorable episode.

And a little cheeky bts info on the shooting of this episode full of angst and difficult moments, in spite of the hilarious (and impossibly hot) costumes.

Friends. As simple as that.

Unleash the Kraken, or how to deal with a sad reality by being wacky

This is an unforgettable episode: the four bros dressed up at Michelle’s mum’s party as the 4 guys of the Village People, with bonus uncle Olaf with an Octopus Kraken costume.

The writers choosing a policeman outfit for Dean did really make him  the hottest guy in the hood…. And who could show off his built up muscles in the skimpy Red Indian outfit better than Jared Turner?

Unforgettable indeed.

Neverheless, all this wackiness helps to cover up with a veil of lightness the bitter reality which pervades this episode, actually one of the saddest of the entire series. 

The return of Johann, the brothers’ father, brings back lots of bitter memories and personal issues to the 4 brothers. They apparently sided with one parent or the other during the troubled years of Johann and Elisabet’s marriage: Mikkel sided with his father, Ty, and Anders, with their mother. Axl was too young to take sides and suffered the most.

Mikkel came out trying to become a father figure, Anders tried to wipe out his sorrow behind an apparently shallow behaviour, Ty became sour and moody.

In this episode, the ever cool Anders dares slap his father because he has made a saucy comment on the make-up sex with their mum.

In the end, Johan goes away, leaving behind him a trail of troubled waters, and there is a big fight among the brothers especially Anders and Ty (another iconic scene). 

The final part is the reconciliation with a game of cricket: the only one who is set aside is Anders- a naughty reverse nod to Dean who had just played a cricket legend, Bert Sutcliffe, and who was obviously the best player.

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Your apolline verse fics are killing me omg 😭😭 any chance you'd write more?? 💕

Literally 30% of my time is spent on the Apolline verse, you unleashed the kraken  :

  • Grantaire brought a tiny teeny kitten home one day, because it was alone, it was raining, he didn’t have the heart to leave it there. Apolline immediately fell in love with it, chasing the little creature around on her wobbly legs. She kept pursuing it everywhere, calling it “Nou”, since she couldn’t pronounce “minou” (aka kitty). They never gave the cat away. His name is now officially Nou.
  • Grantaire works from home, so he takes care of her during the day. Enjolras is SO envious, he keeps asking for pics and snapchats all the time!
  • Enjolras has great original fairytales, stories of destituted princes, of villages saved by ordinary heroes, of despotic kings brought to hell. But Grantaire has epic tales taken from Tolkien and Greek Mythology. He acts them out, taking her toys like props, casting Enjolras as an elf and himself as a dwarf. Bedtime always takes longer than it should, to be honest.
  • Enjolras got a minimalist lyre tattooed on his wrist to symbolise his daughter. Grantaire has her birthday in roman numerals, just under the hyacinth tattooed above on heart
  • If Enjolras has to go away for a week because of work, he’ll get cranky as hell. He’ll only light up but when he gets an unexpected call and hear a little voice : “Papa?”. He’ll tear up man. Don’t test him. He just loves his smol citizen so damn much.
  • Apolline once wanted to dress as a princess for Halloween. Enjolras didn’t have the heart to say no but put one condition : it had to be a badass princess. Well, he didn’t say badass because that’s a bad word, but the idea was there. She dressed as Merida, Cosette did her hair and she collabed with Jehan to make the dress.

My CS Secret Survivor gift for Hookskraken! I’m Nina, it’s a pleasure to officially and properly meet you. 

My deary, it has been lovely getting to know you over this time. You’re sweet and funny and slightly pervy, which is just awesome. I was beyond stoked when I was assigned you because I’ve known about you ever since that one epic gif night (*wink wink*, haha) but I was concerned I wasn’t cool enough to be worthy of such a glorious person. You’re an absolute doll and I hope you like this gift. Inspiration came from our needs for boom boom time and the time I messaged you “unleash the kraken”.

I absolutely suck at all things art on tumblr. Gifs, manips, videos, drawings, etc. I can’t do them to save my life. The struggle is real. But I did befriend the lovely Jenny a while back (fairytalesandtimetravel) and she has generously drawn my gift for me. She’s mad skilled because I send her crazy ass texts in the middle of the night describing the scene I want and she somehow perfectly deciphers my nonsense and creates the best picture ever. 

Anyhoo my dear, I’m super super happy we got to talk so much and I hope we continue to chat more :) I also hope we get a scene somewhat like this in season 4. That would be the bomb. Keep on being hilarious and sweet! I love you to pieces!!!!

xoxo, CSSS/Nina