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Warm Embrace (Chato Santana x Reader)

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“Harley, no!!” Floyd shouted as she hit the floor, unconscious. You looked around. Your squad was scattered across the pier, either knocked out or stunned. You mind was filled with fear of losing them and you stormed off towards the monster you were fighting, yelling.The next moments were a blur. You attacked to the monster unleashing your full power while yelling. Floyd was stunned and amazed, Tatsu had a confident weak smile, while Chato mouthed several ‘wow’s.

The monster was taken aback too and in a blink of an eye it was shattered to pieces and you were in the freezing water, sighing in relief. “Woohoo!” you shouted shortly after.

Soon your team-mates regained consciousness and their powers and you were pulled out of the water by KC. You had forgotten how cold the night was; your teeth started chattering just second after you were out of the sea.

“G-Gu-Guys.” You managed to say, your lips had already gotten a shade of blue. The team turned around to you, congratulating you and then resumed to whatever they were doing. Floyd was attending Harley’s scrapped knee and her cut on her right arm, KC and Digger were drinking from Digger’s flask, in order to shake the dizziness off. Rick was helping Tatsu up, while she winced as she touched her ribs.

You took a few sharp breaths, trying to get warm while rubbing your hands on your arms and hopping around. “Take five.” Rick said as he saw the state of the group.

You scanned the pier to see if you could find to cover up with and just then your eyes landed on Chato. A devilish grin formed on your freezing blue lips as a brilliant idea crossed your mind.

Your shaking legs managed to guide you towards him and you gave him a small nudge on his arm. “Hey, Cha-Chato, would you mind gi-giving me a hand?” you stuttered. He turned his face towards you and his eyes widened. “My God, (Y/N), you look horrible!” he replied.

You giggled and moved closer to him. “Thanks for the compliment. Now, will you warm me up, pretty please?” you batted your eyelashes, for extra charm.

He quickly wrapped his arms around you and you blinked in disbelief since he wasn’t much of a hugger. Your cold and wet head was pressed on his warm chest and you instantly felt way better.

“Thanks for saving our asses, Chiquita.” He said while he hugged you tighter, drying you off. You smiled as your lips returned to their normal colour. “No biggie.” You replied.

“Looks like the princess found a radiator to warm herself.” Digger ruined the moment.

“Well, she deserves a hot guy, don’t you think?” Harley snapped as she winked at you. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks as Chato looked at you, after rolling his eyes on Digger.

“Did I warm you up more than I should have, Chiquita?” he started letting you go. “No, no. Your temperature is just right.” You quickly buried your head in his arms as you faked a quaver. His grip tightened as you shivered and you raised your head a bit and winked at Harley, sending her giggling.

Text From The Signs Part 3
  • Aries: tell him you don't want his penis. it'll work. it's like instant penis repellent.
  • Taurus: fuck you, ham sandwich
  • Cancer: 🎂🎂 you said you wanted some candles. here, have some fucking candles.
  • Leo: i'm drinking alone, how sad is that? but i have a burger so i'm in heaven.
  • Virgo: the hurricanes were the fishes evil plan
  • Scorpio: my mom just got home. she brought bae with her. bae is food.
  • Sagittarius: i'm going to get cryogenically frozen. when you need me, stick me in the oven to defrost me.
  • Capricorn: some kid just asked for my soul. i told him to get in line.
  • Aquarius: if you fall asleep, i'm going to use my magic powers to come into your dreams and sing thrift shop until you wake up.
  • Pisces: what does a normal sock smell like
We’re Free

Wow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the over 1000 notes on You’re Free I have written a little drabble, warning it may make your heart bleed a little.

The war was over. The fighting was over. They had won.

The Night Court was not celebrating, not yet, because half of her heart was missing. Not gone, but missing, unreachable. Just like before. Not even Azriel’s shadows could reach him.

It had happened so quickly, the battle before the final fight had shifted in their favor and the King knew it. Before he admitted defeat he had one more card to play, the King had lunged to grab her, to take her, but instead of her, he stole away Rhys. He had sacrificed himself to save her. Feyre had screamed and in her wrath the battle was over.

The King in his arrogance had made a mistake, one that turned the tide. He had unknowingly unleashed her powers, and such powers she possessed. She would tear the world apart to find him.

The final battle was barely a battle, in her rage, within her desperate need to find him, she unleashed her entire being against those that stood between them. The enemy did not stand a chance, she had misted an entire army. She chuckled as she remembered a time when Rhys thought freezing an army could change a war, she wished he could be here to see her triumph.

Alas, the inner circle, his family had no idea where to find him. It felt like they had searched the entirety of Prythian. They searched every court, Hybern, the continent. Through the bond, she knew they were on borrowed time. She needed to find her mate.

When they had finally found him, her heart broke. She ran to her fallen prince, her death incarnate, her warrior, her friend, her lover, her salvation, her mate.

His beautiful wings had been pierced once again with ash bolts that anchored him to the granite floor. He was only recognizable by the tattoos and hair, his face head been beaten, swollen beyond recognition. Blood slowly dripped from him. His arms had both been broken to the pinky.

With Mor’s help they freed him from the chains and bolts. She held him, the bond coming back to life. She loosened her breath, whispering in his unconscious ear, “You’re free.” A chant that had once calmed her, a chant that brought her back from despair.

She looked at Mor. It had once been her decision to decide the fate of the Hewn City. And Mor understood that time had passed. For what they did to him, she would cleanse this mountain, cleanse their court of the traitors. It was a quicker death then they deserved.

She held him repeating, “It’s over, you’re free,” while healing his broken body.

Her heart sang when she heard him whisper, “No, Feyre darling, we’re free.”

Spells and Sigils for Energy

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Can you redesign your icon? The pink triangle is holocaust imagery

“By the end of the 1970s, the pink triangle was adopted as a symbol for gay rights protest. Some academics have linked the reclamation of the symbol with the publication, in the early 1970s, of gay concentration camp survivor Heinz Heger’s memoir, The Men with the Pink Triangle.

The AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) adopted an inverted pink triangle along with the slogan “SILENCE = DEATH” as its logo shortly after its formation by six gay activists in New York City in 1987.”


“During one of the first shows the Chili Peppers ever played, we unleashed this power that we didn’t know that we had or knew existed. In this dark dingly room, someone was swinging a beer bottle over his head, and the erupting foamy beer formed a white halo. The image froze in my mind.
I felt like I was floating and I was free from any pain earthly constraints.
If you’re a street kid, like me, and you didn’t really have a funcional family at home, you searched for that sense of family and camaraderie
elsewhere. I found it by making music with other street kids.
Ultimately, it became a quest for love.” - Flea, 2014

Flea photoshoot for the book The Art of Discovery by Jeff Vespa, ‘14.

I just really want to see Rhysand do something super badass in ACOWAR. I think that we have seen a lot of Feyre in action, and the whole fandom has a lot of respect for her badassery. We know Rhys has all this power, but we haven’t REALLY seen him use it. We know it’s there, we know he’ll use it, but I feel like he hasn’t defended his title as “most powerful High Lord”- yet. 

I want to see him fight. In his POV. 

I want to see him unleash his power and protect and defend the way that Feyre protected and defended The Rainbow. 

We all know he can do it. We all know it’s going to be awesome. I just can’t wait to see it. 

fecipher twitter, 18-11-2016: “Prince of the White Breeze, Takumi“

[Card Reveal] The users of the dragon veins… It is they who command the powers of nature, akin to the gods themselves! When Takumi, the prince garbed in the breeze, unleashes the power of the dragon veins, the seas part and a new path is forged. Thus, the course of the continent’s winds changes, and the state of the battlefield is utterly transformed! (Illust. Aoji)

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Once you said you want Loki demonstrating his competence. My wish for future movies is that he unleash great amount of power against enemy that everyone around will be dumbfounded because nobody saw Loki perform magic like this. Maybe Thor might be badly hurt by some enemy and Loki will just snap (and it would look like Galadriel vs Sauron in Hobbit:)) and destroy that enemy for good.

Man. I have a THING for competent BAMF!Loki, too.

I know I’ve said this a dozen times on this blog, but I really want a prison break fic of some kind. Like, I want to see him to school some guards with his badassery and then rip the door off his cell with his magic.

And then walk out like a gentleman, all prissy and pretty.