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99 Ways to Turn Zen On (NSFW-ish)

A small thing that @michiigii-writes-mysme and I did for fun while chatting. Some also came from @vess-hs ! You guys are amazing :33

There are only 2 things that can kill Zen’s beast

  1. Cats
  2. Jumin

But what about what turns it on? What gets Zen riled up enough that he’s just tempted to pounce on you? LET’S FIND OUT. 

99 Things that Turn Zen On:

  1. Holding your hand
  2. Your smile
  3. The smell of your shampoo.
  4. The cute way you sneeze. If MC has allergies, spring becomes mating season
  5. How you have to stand on your toes to kiss him. Extra points if you’re short enough you have to jump
  6. The way you say his name
  7. The way you say his real name
  8. The way you stretch when you yawn. Bonus points if your shirt lifts up and your belly button shows
  9. The way you roll around in your sleep Wrap your leg around him
  10. Your sleepy face when you first wake up in the morning
  11. The way you giggle every time he kisses you good morning or good night
  12. The way you pout when you don’t get your way.
  13. How cute your face gets when you’re mad at him or at anything really. Unless it’s serious, he can’t help but want to hug you
  14. Your expression when you’re deep in thought. “So cute…! …I’m  gonna sex you up, now.”
  15. The way you scratch your nose or twirl your hair when you lie.
  16. The way you watch him when he’s saying some particularly dramatic lines.
  17. The way you can’t keep character and end up laughing     whenever you help him practice lines
  18. Whenever you bend over to pick something up off the floor. Or out of the oven. Especially if you’re wearing a short skirt
  19. The way you throw flour at him whenever the two of you attempt to bake.
  20.  When you play with his hair.
  21. When you pull his hair
  22. When you “accidentally” leave the door open while you shower.
  23. Joining him when he’s showering
  24. The smell of the fabric softener you use.
  25. When you wear his clothes because you don’t have fresh ones of your own
  26. When your hair gets a little windswept so it looks a little wild…he finds it sexy.
  27. Those moments when you subconsciously start braiding his hair when you’re just cuddling
  28. Sitting in his lap
  29. Grind on his lap
  30. The way you sway your hips when you dance.
  31. The way you dance at home when you don’t think he’s watching
  32. When you sing with the radio when you think nobody’s around.
  33. When you try and sing duets with him for fun, even if you’re off-key
  34. The color of the lipstick/lipgloss you always wear. it makes him think of kissing…
  35. When you’re brushing your hair in front of the bedroom mirror and humming a small tune
  36. Holding an umbrella for you when it rains
  37. Those random times you just run into the rain with neither an umbrella or a care in the world. Bonus points if you’re wearing a white shirt
  38. Form-fitting sweaters
  39. Sleevless tops
  40. Short skirts and knee-high boots
  41. Those special nights when you just put on sexy underwear and heels
  42. Lace
  43. Push up bras
  44. Hairstyles that reveal the back of your neck.
  45. When you wear clothes/hairstyles that show off your hickeys. Now the world knows you’re his
  46. Shirts that reveal your midriff or lower back in certain positions.
  47. Long socks that squeeze your thighs
  48.  Anklets
  49. When the temperature is cold in the apartment and you’re not wearing a bra
  50. When you link arms with him while you walk and he gets a little sideboob…
  51. When you wrap your arms around his waist, only to give his ass a good squeeze
  52. When you rub noses with him.(“Nose Graze?  More like nose humping, it was so sexually charged!” -The OC)
  53.  When you lightly kiss him anywhere on his face
  54. Watching you walk away
  55. Those rare moments when you actually get sassy and throw a really sick burn at some rude fan or pervert
  56. Watching you pick your outfit out for the day
  57. Watching you cook/bake in the kitchen, since you told him you could handle dinner yourself Boy is still learning how to cook something that isn’t microwaveable
  58. When you spoonfeed him something. “Say ‘ah,’ oppa~!“
  59. When you open your mouth for him whenever he offers his own food. Sticking your tongue out a little will have a 120% chance of unleashing the Beast
  60. When you stick your tongue out at him while you’re teasing  him
  61. Being so focused on something your tongue sticks out of your mouth
  62. Seriously, just stick your tongue out
  63. When your clothing slips off of your shoulder
  64. Putting your legs on his lap when you’re both relaxing on   the couch
  65. Running your foot up and down his leg
  66. Wrap your legs around his waist if you jump up and hug him
  67. Ghosting your fingers over the back of his hand
  68. Nibble/Suck on his  fingers
  69. 69
  70. gently grazing your nails across his skin to make him shiver
  71. Kissing him right in the hollow of his neck, just under his Adam’s Apple
  72. Nuzzle his neck, especially when you’re both in bed and just sleeping
  73. The little sounds you make when you sleep
  74. The way you just stare at him before he completely wakes up. He knows that you’re peppering kisses on his face, thinking he’s asleep
  75. Calling him “oppa”
  76. Teasing him about the Beast
  77. Letting him take the lead
  78.  Letting him chase you around the apartment. Extra points if you let him catch you. “The big bad wolf has you now, my princess~”
  79. Telling him how manly and cool he is
  80. Run your hands over his muscles. Even if it’s just a massage.
  81.  Running your eyes over his muscles. Even if he’s onstage.
  82. Cheering him on the loudest during the applause
  83. Licking your lips
  84. The way your eyes glint with just a tiny hint of jealousy when his fans gather around during a date
  85. Melted chocolate
  86. Implications that someone may be watching
  87. Seeing you lean against a mirror. Makes his imagination run wild.
  88.  Seeing you on top of and straddling his Motorcycle
  89. Taking off your sweater/jacket to reveal…a backless dress!
  90. Casually run your hands across his thighs, especially if you’re both seated at a table and there are others around. Bonus points if it’s the rest of the RFA
  91. Licking your own fingers
  92. Licking your fingers when they’re coated in a sticky substance
  93. Asking him how a new outfit/article of clothing looks on you. “Let me show you how much I like it…”
  94. Wearing his trademark white jacket. Bonus if that’s all you’re wearing.
  95. Watching you/visiting you at work.
  96. When you ask him to keep costumes on during quickies in his dressing room
  97. When you praise his acting
  98. Taking videos or photos of the two of you during intimate moments. All intimate moments
  99. MC
RFA: First Date Headcanons

more rfa shenanigans 


  • “Hey, MC,” he called you up a day after the party. “We haven’t really gone on our first proper date, have we? What do you say, wanna go have lunch at the park?”
  • “Sure, Yoosung. I’d love to!”
  • “How about I get you at 11:00am?”
  • “Sounds good! See you then babe!” *click*
  • His face is all red
  • Turns out Zen was in the room and he wrote on a bunch of flashcards on what to say. Yoosung skipped the “intro cards,” much to Zen’s dismay
  • You set out your favorite casual outfit, and Yoosung decided to just wear his usual attire.
  • Luckily, Rika’s apartment (well, yours now)was a 15 minute walk from the park.
  • He greeted you, sparkly as ever. He offered his free arm and you took it
  • You chose a spot on a little hill, right beneath a big tree
  • You helped him lay out the checkered blanket and you both enjoyed some sandwiches and soda.
  • You guys talked about anything and everything, staying for a good 5 hours.
  • His hand was inching closer to yours
  • ….and then Saeyoung jumped down from the tree
  • “OMG! My little baby Yoosung all grown up!” he wipes a tear from his eye and snaps pictures of you guys.
  • Text message to: 707
    • Hey, Seven, can you send me those photos?
    • Haha what? I thought you were too embarrassed
    • I wasn’t just send them to me!
    • Fiiinnne. You drive a hard burger *exasperated emoji*
    • If u know that reference, i<3
  • Yoosung recives exactly 707 photos, most of them blurry


  • He takes you to one of his opening night performances
  • You were slightly disappointed because other girls would be fawning over him more than usual, but you tried to have a good time.
  • Zen had picked you up with red roses and brought you to the best seat in the house.
  • Well, not best view, but the best view of him
  • He’d casually wink at you each time he went to go back stage
  • “How was it babe? I was great wasn’t I?”
  • “Yeah, Zen! Fantastic!”
  • “Awe, what’s wrong?”
  • “Oh, nothing nothing! You were handsome as usual! And that passion! I wish I was her,” you sighed.
  • “Oh you do, do you?” His fingers ghosted on the small of your back. “Are you sure? She doesn’t get to have me like you do.”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • “Show me more then,” you stammered
  • “Babe! It’s only our first date. I have more class than that! But the beast…it’s being unleashed!” he dramatically sighed.
  • When he brought you home, he gave you a kiss on the hand and begged to stay the night for cuddles


  • You treat her for a nice date at a cafe.
  • It’s a little ways away, so she’s surprised at how you found it
  • You told her you had gotten lost and wound up there asking for directions
  • Squabbles on who actually pays for the food
  • You listen to every complaint she has about jumin and all the little things
  • It was very lowkey, you both didn’t like over-the-top things
  • It actually becomes a regular for you two, and the baristas always know your orders
  • They’re always happy to give advice for her own cafe
  • All the people around you gushing about being “gal-pals”
  • “I’m gay, goddammit.”


  • Fancy fancy fancy fancy
  • Brings elizabeth the 3rd too
  • Brings you to the 2nd most fancy restaurant
  • “Oh, I wish they had some carne asada actually.”
  • He leans over to his bodyguard: “get some stat! My woman needs that! Whatever it is…”
  • “Sorry, did you just say you don’t know what those are? Waitress, cancel those orders! We must treat the poor uncultured baby!”
  • You drag him out of the resturant and bring him to your favorite taco stand
  • “Yes, I’m ready to order…I’d like two of these and some chips and guac and some sodas, please!”
  • He’s already pulling out $100’s
  • “Love, they don’t accept those bills. They’re too large.”
  • “What do you mean? This is all I’ve got.”
  • “It’s okay. I’ll treat us.”
  • “Uh, no, the gentleman has to pay for the lady’s food.”
  • “It’s already done.”
  • He really enjoys this commoner’s food
  • Next, you’ll have to get him to try instant coffee
  • elizabeth does not like the mexican food


  • You guys decide to rob a bank
  • Thats it
  • Its 2:00am and ya’ll are decked out in black from head to toe
  • It’s pretty fun
  • Until you hear the sirens


  • He can’t see well but he still takes you to his favourite art museum.
  • Many of his photographs are on display in the photography section
  • Surprise surprise, a couple of them are of you


  • “Get home by 10:00pm, kiddies! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Saeyoung sends you off with a wave
  • Very awkward
  • He takes you to the theatre
  • He takes you to a scary movie
  • He tries to do that yawn-arm-side-hug-thing
  • Tbh saeyoung told him to do it
  • He didn’t know why
  • You noticed and were laughing so hard you had to actually get up and leave
  • “Saeran, what are you doing? That’s so not like you!”
  • He sulks. “My idiot brother told me to do it…”
  • “That’s not you though.”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow, okay?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “You’re so cute.”



Here’s a couple of more Halloween pictures, as well as new additions to my Sonic series. Sonic as the Werehog and Lah.

I still never got around to playing Unleashed, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from generally non-bias Sonic fans (though they all say avoid the Wii port), and I adore the soundtrack and visuals. I kind of hate even typing “werehog”, but that is the official title, so… I mean, “were” just means “man”. Sonic’s really already half man half hedgehog. The “werehog” is clearly half anthropomorphic-hedgehog, half wolf. It should be wolfhog or hedgewolf, but I guess they didn’t like the sound of those. Anyway, I decided to make him look beast as hell.

There’s also Lah, the cute ghost from the “Night of the Werehog” special. She has a fetish for were-beasts and the look of terror on people’s faces… she’s kinda kinky I guess.
I can’t get over how good the animation was in the videos for that game. Good enough to be a theatrical feature.

Anyway, happy Halloween! Hope you all had a hell of a night. I might do a pic of Chip to finish up this little batch.

falling-tear-drops  asked:

4."I've never seen you dance before." Samantha Mason x Danny Fenton.

4.“I’ve never seen you dance before.” - Samantha Manson x Danny Fenton

Samantha Manson, preferably Sam, had been introduced to all the rich families’ kids as soon as her parents moved them into town. Therefore, she had been sitting with Paulina Sanchez and Valerie Gray and Dash Baxter at lunch, and so didn’t really know Danny Fenton or his friend Tucker Foley. They were the outcasts of the school, and kept to themselves.

She’d never really known why they were outcasts. They flirted just like every other guy, they stumbled, they goofed off, they seemed…normal. And then her parents had a problem with a ghost haunting their home all of a sudden and it all made sense when the Fentons came in with their son and his friend to take care of the problem.

They’d set up defenses, but the ghost seemed to be very good at hiding. The parents got called away for another job and left the teens to handle the job. Apparently Amity(ville) Park was full of ghost troubles. What did she expect with a name like that?

Their defenses required them to stay the night and guard the place. While her parents were very firm about where they weren’t allowed to go, Danny had quite plainly stated that they would be going wherever the ghost manifested, even if it ended up being the bedrooms or bathrooms.

Currently, they were “scouting” the ballroom. Sam peeked in at the teens as they goofed off on the dance floor, singing some song in all the wrong keys and laughing about it. She sighed and leaned against the doorway, watching them.

Danny was doing most of the dancing, from break-dancing to moon-walking and then he and Tucker started to waltz around as they continued to goofily sing.

“Ugh, you guys SUCK!” Sam jolted in place as the ghost she’d seen in her room before appeared. “Do you HAVE to butcher my SONG like that?!”

“It worked!” Danny cheered, laughing.

“Oh, I’ll show YOU ‘it worked’!” The girl ghost aimed her guitar at them.

“Whoops! Time to unleash the beast!” Danny opened a watch he was wearing and a glowing boy with white hair and a black and silver outfit came out, taking a fighting stance. He instantly summoned a shield that blocked the ghost girl’s attack and then fired his own blast at her.

“Quick, the thermos!” Tucker said, pulling out a…thermos? Really? Why were they having soup at a time like…oh. They sucked the shrieking ghost girl into it with a glowing light and then high-fived each other and then the glowing boy before the boy disappeared back into his watch.

“We did it! We won! We rocked her socks off!” They chanted as they boogied together. Then they started to head to the door and stopped short when they saw Sam. “Uh…how long have you been standing there?” Danny asked.

“Uhm…since the bad singing started. I assume you intended to sound bad?” Sam asked. “I’ve never seen you dance before.”

“Well, you’ve never really spent time with us before.” Tucker said, shrugging.

“We’ll get out of your mansion now, Miss Manson.” Danny said, putting the thermos in his bag and zipping it up.

“Sam. You can call me Sam.” She held out her hand. “And…I’d like to spend time with you again, if that’s okay.”

Their eyes lit up with their smiles and they both shook her hand at the same time.

“We’d love to!” They said in unison. Geez, they could be twins if they weren’t different races.

“Oh, we better get back home to the portal.” Danny told Tucker as they released her hand.

“Yep. I think Phantom might be hungry after that, too.” Tucker nodded.

“Uh, who’s Phantom?” Sam asked.

“My pet.” Danny said, moving past her carefully. “Avoid you at school, I guess.”

“See you after school.” Sam smiled.

Tucker grinned and headed out after his friend. Sam sighed a bit and watched them go. Okay…Danny Fenton was way cuter in person. She might have to consider breaking ranks and stirring the pot to flirt with him.

Plus, she was kind of curious about his “pet”, the guy in the watch. She wasn’t stupid, it was clear that’s who they were talking about. And if she could find out more about this Danny Fenton guy and add some excitement to her life – and maybe some romance – she was all for it.


Menagerie Menace: The Hunt!

Hello Berries, let’s prepare for our second meta-game! The one time where meta-gaming (in certain parameters) is encouraged.

A wide array of mythical beasts have been unleashed on the town just in time for Halloween! A few of these animals have found their way onto this game’s main graphics and need to be rounded up. For a silly spooky prize players are invited to look for the creatures listed below and tell us where they are. For example.

The Basan: Example hider, Difficulty: None

It resembles a large chicken and breathes ghost-fire from its mouth. It is described as having a bright red cockscomb and spits an equally brilliant-hued fire. The fire is a cold fire, a glow, and it does not burn. When the Basan flaps its wings, an eerie rustling (“basabasa”) sound can be heard. Supposedly, if a human hears the sound and looks outside, the bird’s form will suddenly vanish.

Just send in what they are and what page they’re found:

eg: The Basan (or the fire breathing chicken), Ephram’s picture on the masterlist

People are in no way obligated to play but those who find the pictures and send in the correct locations of four animals will get a silly* icon in commemoration of the event and a job well done!

*Spooky Icon Deadline: Answers in by October, 27th.

Autumnal Icon Deadline: Answers in by November 10th.

*Disclaimer: all icons are going to be made by Mod Mary and while their special-ness is guaranteed there is no promise of quality.

Meet the animals below

Keep reading

Ghost!Graves headcanons


- Ghost!Graves giving Grindelwald the middle finger as he is captured and taken to the cells. 

- Ghost!Graves wondering what the fuck he’s gonna do now. 

- Ghost!Graves asking if he can still be a teacher to young Aurors. The President accepts. 

- Newt proposing to Graves that he stays with them, at least until Newt gets back to Britain. He accepts. 

- Graves looking longingly at every dish Queenie makes, thinking that he’d really have loved to eat some of that strudel. 

- Ghost!Graves taking matters into his own hands when it comes to Credence. The President owes him a favor, so it’s not difficult to get Credence out of that terrible home and make him a legal adult, paperwork wise. 

- Ghost!Graves looking after Credence wherever he goes, making sure the boy’s not hurt. 

- Ghost!Graves spending a lot of time in Newt’s suitcase. The animals can sense him and seem to like him. It becomes his safe space when he feels like he is going to burst from all the pent up anger, sadness and frustration inside him. 

-Ghost!Graves visiting his father and grandparents and telling them he’s sorry for dying before his time. 

- Ghost!Graves leaving New York with Newt and Credence, and accompanying the young wizards all throughout the five movies. 

-Ghost!Graves spying on Grindelwald and his followers, because he sees and hears what other people don’t. He did get good grades in Stealth at the Auror Exam. 

- Ghost!Graves helping them watch Grindelwald again by any means when the wizard escapes. It’s not like he’s got much to lose, at this point. 

- Ghost!Graves helping during the final battle by unleashing an army of ghosts upon Grindelwald.

- Ghost!Graves chilling in the air, giving advice and sarcastic comments on everything. 

- Ghost!Graves watching as Credence develops into a fine young man and falls in love. 

-Ghost!Graves being named the godfather of Newt and Tina’s first child. 

- Ghost!Graves being called “Uncle Percy!” by the kids 

- Ghost!Graves watching as his father dies and as Newt and Tina and Credence grow old. 


Concept art from seventhsonmovie featuring heroes, monsters and the fantasy realms they battle in.

Heroes: Humanity is protected from the forces of darkness by the Falcon Knights: an ancient order of noble warriors. There once stood 1,000 Falcon Knights; now, only 1 remains - and he can’t win this battle alone. When an army of dark creatures rises to unleash their wrath upon the world of man, only the power of the Seventh Son can save us.

Monsters: This world is populated with creatures that take many forms, from haunting ghosts and ghasts, to giant boggarts and ferocious dragons. And beware of shape-shifting witches and warlocks, with the power to transform from ordinary humans into wild animals and flying beasts. In this world, nothing is quite as it appears…

The Land: Discover a limitless fantasy realm with haunted forests, gleaming cities, towering waterfalls and castle fortresses carved in the heart of mountains. Welcome to a world where legends and nightmares are real.

sunnydaleprecinct  asked:

So you should totally write a fic around the time Laura almost died and Carmilla saved her by turning her and how it affected her as a person and stuff since you're writing is amazing just saying



Laura was kind of a magnet for danger, that much was clear after the incident with the Light. Carmilla knew that (as did the rest of their group), but she didn’t really expect it to be this bad.

A pack of hellhounds had been unleashed (thanks to a certain blonde and a certain scientist wanting to open a hidden door without getting a weapon first) and, currently, Laura was running for her life. The slobbering beasts were hot on her trail, so close she could feel their unearthly warm breath ghosting along her neck.

The creatures were almost as tall as her, and their strong bodies were muscular and scarred. Their crimson eyes were locked on Laura and LaFontaine, their powerful jaws snapping, revealing dangerously sharp teeth that could probably chew through anything.

Laura can’t even remember a time she’d been this terrified. She wasn’t this scared when she fought a cult of evil vampires. Maybe because she was doing it for a reason, then. Now, her running was purely for survival.

But the hound were catching up to them and Laura was only human – exhaustion was just around the corner.

“LaF, go get Carm!” Laura ordered, her breathing just a few quick gasps. “I’ll lead them away.”
“Laura, you’re gonna-” LaFontaine began, but Laura cut them off.

“Just go! I’ll be alright.”

LaF nodded once before sprinting towards the dorms, a newfound energy pushing them forward.

Laura clapped her hands and whistled. “Over here! Come and get me!” She threw a book that had been in her hands at one of the mutts and it snarled louder.

She continued to run.

She couldn’t do this forever.

She was on the brink of her breaking point. White dots filled her vision. She wouldn’t give up, though. She would keep running. Running, running, running until she got help or she-

No, I can’t think like that! She told herself.

Suddenly a horrible pain filled her shoulder. The feeling was so intense she swore she saw constellations in front of her eyes.

One of the three hounds had yanked her to the ground, its jaws tearing into her shoulder.

An agony-filled scream pierced the air and it took Laura a moment to realize it was her scream.

The other two joined the first and began to rip at her legs and arms.

Their jaws were unnaturally hot. It felt like, with each bite, another part of her flesh was set on fire. It burned. It freaking burned and Laura silently wished for a swift end.

She could feel herself fading from the world.

Suddenly the dogs went flying – literally. Their yelps echoed throughout campus as Carmilla, Danny, and a few Summer Society members joined the scene.

A large red wolf was attacking a hellhound, and two gray wolves soon took on the other two.

“Laura!” Carmilla gasped, leaning down towards the human.

Crimson stained the ground beneath them, and Laura was a disgusting shade of pale.

“C-Carm?” She whispered.

“No, no, this can’t…” Tears fell down the vampire’s cheeks before she could stop them. “If I got here sooner, you wouldn’t be…”

“Shh,” Laura shook her head. “Carm, I love you, okay?”

“I’m not letting you die, Laura.” Carmilla sniffled firmly.

LaFontaine and Perry finally came into view and they both gasped as they looked at Laura.

Danny, the large red wolf, now peered down at Laura with fear.

“Can’t you do something? Turn her?” Perry’s eyes watered.

“Is that alright, darling?” Carmilla asked fearfully.

She always knew the choice would come. It was inevitable. Either she turned Laura, or she watched her die. She just didn’t think it had to be made so soon.

Laura nodded. “I- it’s okay.”

Carmilla hated the thought of turning Laura into a monster, but she wouldn’t lose her humanity – not all of it.

Fangs pierced Laura’s pulsepoint.

For a moment, the blonde stilled in Carmilla’s grasp, and the brunette feared the worse.

Silence filled the air around the group of friends.

Danny was now in her person form, her eyes clouded. “Is she…?”

After several minutes (a time that was entirely too long) brown eyes flickered open, looking around a bit fearfully.

“What happened? Are the hellhounds dead?” Laura’s voice was back to normal and she sat up.

Carmilla smiled softly and she pulled Laura into her, her tears escaping once again. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Turning you.”

“Carm,” Laura pulled away with a grin. “You don’t have to be sorry. An eternity with you is… it’s perfect.”

Their lips connected for a moment.

In the back of Laura’s mind, she knew the day would come when she had to see her friends die. But it was worth it, as long as she had Carmilla by her side.

“I love you.” She murmured.

“I love you, too.” Carmilla whispered.