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The signs as Sonic games

Aries: Sonic and the Black Knight

Gemini: Sonic Lost World

Scorpio: Sonic Colours

Aquarius: Sonic Adventure 2

Cancer: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Leo: Sonic Unleashed

Virgo: Sonic Generations

Libra: Sonic Heroes

Pisces: Sonic Adventure

Taurus: Sonic Free Riders

Sagittarius: Sonic 06

Capricorn: Sonic and the Secret Rings

Tag, Your It || Sam Drake x Reader ||

Characters: Sam Drake x Fem!Reader 

Fandom: Uncharted.

Requested: Yes! My first one!! [A request for Sam where you two are good friends, but both have feelings for each other. You’re always flirting and stuff but no one has made a move yet. One day you’re playing lasergun with Nate, elena and Sam, girls against boys. Sam finds you and sneaks up to you from behind, putting his gun to your head and holding you against his chest. But instead of shooting it ends up in a hot make out session. Later interrupted by Nate and elena who are wondering where you are :) xx love your writing!]

Prompt: Taking a break from the treasure hunting business, you, Sam, Nate and Elena all decided to unleash your inner children in a free for all game of Lazer Tag. Given the dark environment years of built up sexual tension between you and Sam finally crumbles down on the both of you. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit (Message me if you want to be tagged to get notifications of posts!)

Word Count: 1,798

A/N: Lmaooo so I wrote half of this and saved it as a draft but good old tumblr didn’t save it so heck. Y u gotta do me like that tumblr? SEND THROUGH REQUESTS TOO LOVELIESS <3 its also 2 am so i tried to edit it as best as I could but lmao heck/

Cursing under her breath, Y/N had made a break for the barrier, her heart pounding in her chest. It was dark, hard to hear but she knew they weren’t too far behind her. She leant up against the barrier, panting to gradually gather her breath back before jumping back into the action. 

Despite the fact that Y/N was in the centre of a large foam arena and the gun she had in her hand was actual a lazer gun, it was almost as if she was back in Madagascar trying to fend off shoreline mercenary’s or as if she was back in the ruins of Avalon the legendary Island of King Arthur.

The fact was that Y/N, a grown woman and three of her other supposedly more ‘mature’ friends, decided that they’d spend their well deserved break from treasure hunting in an adults arcade filled with games like Lazer tag to fuel their childish needs. 

Once Y/N caught her breath she bounded up and over the barrier just in time to see a silhouetted figure dart around a corner. She smirked and chased down the figure, not holding back the trigger when she rounded the corner herself. The lazer shot beamed from the barrel of the gun and hit directly at the chest plate which lit up and triggered the lights to flick on. 

“This rounds winner, Y/N.” the autoplay system announced, she grinned proudly and bit back a laugh after discovering her victim was Nate. “What can I say, you gotta be sneakier.” She shoved his shoulder and stepped back awaiting for the next rounds instructions. 

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Bloodline - Preliminary Thoughts

I’m in the final stretch of Bloodline now (I haven’t read this fast since Deathly Hallows!) and it really is quite something. I have never read a Claudia Gray book before, but I’m in love with what she has pulled off - the best thing is that she keeps everything centred around the characters and their emotions. While the writing is very good and the action is engaging and well described, the book has held my interest because it’s so focused on the characters’ emotions and inter-relationships - you understand everyone’s perspective, and one of the best and most sympathetic characters collects the SW equivalent of Nazi memorabilia (i.e. Imperial artefacts). It’s straight-up impressive.

Since I now legally own the book and can judge it for myself, I’m open to answering questions about it and engaging with discussion. I also have every intention of getting back to the questions I got when the #Bloodgate drama was first unleashed. (For anyone avoiding Bloodline spoilers, all posts on the subject will be tagged with #Bloodline, #bloodline spoilers and #sw spoilers - blacklist those tags if you want to stay clear.)

I dive into spoilers beneath the cut (I’ll do a much more thorough breakdown at a later stage), so don’t go below if you don’t want to have key moments spoilt for you:

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I’ve always adored tags like this one that promote self love. Confidence about my appearance isn’t something that I’ve ever been good with, and it hasn’t come naturally. BUT it’s something I’m working on!

What I’ve come to realize is that beauty shines from within, and what all these pictures have in common is that they were taken on days that I was very happy with who I am. And who I am is an ethereal queen with a heart of gold. 💛

To unleash my inner Harry Styles, all the love to fookinglouzer for starting this amazing tag and for thinking of me when tagging it. ILY.

SO, now I tag: oatmeal-queen, andlouisisthesun, louserz, iworkedinabakery, nottooldforthisship, dauntlouis, larrymvp, viplarry, viplourry, hazza-and-lewis, loueii, fire-ben-winston, recoveryandrunning, larriez, larriesrepresent, elkseanor, dmdhoe, since-he-was-eighteen, bestfriendswhoaremarried, followthecompasshome, and broken-larries!

Selfie on, lovelies.. Let your beautiful souls shine! 🌻✨