unladen european swallow

Because all the kids are doing it...

So you wanna be my Valentine?

  • Name:
  • Romantic, platonic, or antagonistic Valentine? 
  • (Friendly Warning:  Si cupere pacem, para bellum)
  • Generally speaking, do animals like you?
  • Do you like surfing?
  • Tattoos? Piercings?
  • What’s your perfect date?
  • What do you think is my perfect date?
  • Physical affection, yes or no?
  • Are you big spoon, little spoon, N/A or switch?
  • Past, present or future? Why?
  • Money or power? Why?
  • What’s the worst thing you’ve done this week?
  • Someone you love calls needing help to bury a body. What do you do?
  • Have you caused grievous harm to anyone I care for in the last…ever?
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow? (Bonus points if your answer is in the form of a mathematical equation.)
  • If you could wake up in an alternate universe, who would you be?
  • What makes you a good Valentine?

dark-ones-of-hyrule  asked:

Excuse me, google! Could you please tell me what the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow is?

“In the end, it’s concluded that the airspeed velocity of a (European) unladen swallow is about 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second. But, the real question is not about swallows at all. King Arthur in the movie had two coconut shells that he banged together to simulate the sound of a horse galloping.”