genermaly i ddont trust myself withh anything bit unles i want to llose any sense of diginitmy i had left theres no way id post here while sleep deprived


try to science how in the world fairy wings work tbh

To be quite honest, I’m not sure how would I approach that topic but do give me a chance! Now, I haven’t done any research in how wings work in animals and the like so consider this an attempt to dump ideas on how fairies in Gensokyo fly.

Wings tend to be very big in comparison to the creature’s body but fairy wings are normally seen as small so it would hard to imagine that they can take flight unles they’re THAT light. Perhaps that might also explain why they’re so small (and cute.) in size.

Another angle would be taking Flandre’s entry in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense where the author (Akyuu) says that it might not be necessary to have wings in order to fly. Using that example, it would be possible that the fairies fly with the same method all non-winged creatures use. That said, their wings might work as a way to maneuver their bodies with ease as they dance around the skies. Like an airplane.

That be my headcanon.

Tfw u feel dysphoric unles ur hair is tied back a certain way n ur job was fine w it but then they r like u can’t do it that way😌😌😌

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_:(´□`」 ∠):_

Send me _:(´□`」 ∠):_ for my muses reaction to finding your muse laying across their bed dramatically in lingerie

>you raise your brows as you enter the room, pausing for a moment to lean in the doorway and properly enjoy the view. 

Well….I t}{ink my d<><>r will stay unl<>cked m<>re <>ften if I }{ave t}{is waiting f<>r me~.

>you laugh softly, stepping into the room and closing the door behind you.

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Not rerated bt unles I go on Spotify I can lister to music unles am premier plrzzzz unswer

I don’t understand what you are asking???? You can go on Spotify for free but are limited to most things. I don’t have a premium account but I use it on my laptop. So it is useable.

i want to be more like you

        i want t b mre like yu

              i wnt t b mr lik yu

                 i wn t b mr li yu

                   i wn  b mr l yu

                         i w b r l yu

                                i b l u

                                  i b u


                                       u n m

                                       u i n m

                                       u i n w i m

                                       un i c nw w i m

                                       uns i c nw w i m

                                       unls i cn nw wo i m

                                       unles i cn knw wo i m

                                       unless i can know who i am