How to Write for Scholarships

Writing for scholarships (including statements and essays) can be kind of a pain. There are countless scholarships and each has their own requirements and essay grading criteria. But if you put the work in and take the time to really rock it, there could be tons of money in it for you. Here are some tips that’ll help you nail writing for scholarships.

Write About Things You’re Involved With
Clubs, athletics, and volunteer work—any organized activity you do outside your schoolwork is fair game. It shows that you’re well-rounded and dedicated to not just your studies, but a bunch of other cool stuff.

Write About Obstacles You’ve Overcome
Write about where you come from and how got to where you are now. “Perseverance in the face of adversity” is a phrase people like, so show how you’ve displayed perseverance in your life.

Talk About What You’ll Do with Your Education
Give them a reason to give you money. Show the scholarship-granter that the money they invest in you will be well spent.

Keep It Short and Dense
Like brownie. It’s delicious and satisfying and it doesn’t take too long to eat. Do the same with your writing. Just don’t eat it.

Write Multiple Drafts
Your best essay will likely not be your first one. So rewrite a couple of times. You’ll find errors to fix and better ways to word things. 

Get a Second Opinion
Get your friends, teachers, parents, older siblings, pets, etc. to read your writing and provide their opinion. They might have an insight or two that you hadn’t thought of.

Toot Your Own Horn
Brag! This is your time to sell yourself to the scholarship-granter. Prove to them that you’re a good investment and you’ll put their money to good use.

#Preparing for College

so everyone was making dialovers kids

so i made my @sanin-oni-lovers possible children~! ( yes akumu can produce children with the help pf his ability )

Sakamaki Kuragari
-silent beast
-he doesnt say anything, he’s extremely quiet but when he gets ticked off he suddenly throws around objects
-has super strength, illussions and fire and ice abilities, so does levitation/flying.
-favorite is mama akumu( yes akumu dont mind being called mama )
-he admires papa subaru very much.
-he hates noisy places
-inherited only subaru and shuu’s abilities
-likes surfing the web a lot
-likes wolves best
-hates karl old geezer
-loves meat
-has a crush on Tart
-is the big brother
-an inch smaller than kashoku
-fist fighter
-hates unle kanato for being so noisy

Sakamaki Kashoku
-happy go lucky
-happy sadist
-he likes to mentally toy with people first before making them physically suffer
-inherited all of his parent’s abilities including akumu’s multiple blood’s abilities.
-ticking time bomb
-is yandere
-dont touch his big brother or you die
-big bro complex
-loves cats/lions/tigers/cheetahs/panthers/leopards
-loves taking selfies a lot.
-outgoing and is everyone’s senpai
-loves sweets
-loves crowds
-hates tea ( including his uncle reiji because he’s too unhip and bitter like tea )
-crushes on auntie yui
-likes cute cheery and vulnerable people. ( he loves to tease so )
-evil little shit tbh would always pull a prank on uncle rei-rei
-host-like to everybody
-hates uncle laito’s pervertedness towards auntie yui
-loves music a lot

-they are often mistaken as non twins
- kashoku is a vocalist as well as a bass guitarist along with kuragari who is the lead guitarist for their school band
- their intellect is equal but there are times kuragari is just simply an airhead
- kuragari calls kashoku as “sho-tou”
- kashoku calls kuragari as  “kura-niiwe”
- kuragari cooks 100 % while kashoku… fails to thus he refuses to cook
- kashoku is kuragari’s chill pill as well as the other way around

more tba l;ater


Naughty & Nice Valentines Day AUs (Part 1)


♡  I brought your coffee on Valentines morning even, at least walk and talk with me

♡  Beautiful stranger conveniently leaves their phone on the bus, I must find them

♡ We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year now and have never met in person, tonight I’m going to surprise you by turning up on your doorstep

I’ve been leaving gifts in your locker all week. Why won’t you notice me?

♡ You’re girlfriend/boyfriend’s a douche and because I love you so much as a friend, I’m going to show you what a real Valentines Day should be like.

♡ Your my best friend’s sister but I overheard you talking to your girl friend’s about your perfect Valentines Day, so I’m going to do that for you.

♡ We’ve waited for our first Valentines Day to finally sleep together, now it’s come, we’re both super awkward and nervous and we’re just stuttering our way through this date before we go back to my place.

♡ I’m a famous superstar, you’re a groupie/dedicated fan. Little do you know, you’re all I think about.

♡ It’s Valentines Day and I’ve found you crying on a park bench. You can shout and call me a creepy stranger all you want but I won’t leave until you’re okay.

♡ It’s Valentines Day and I’ve argued with my girlfriend/boyfriend again. Now I’m banging on your door, singing “All By Myself” at the top of my lungs and I just really need you right now.

♡ You’re my ex and your boyfriend is about to propose to you at the restaurant I work at but I loved you first, so I’m going to do everything I can to stop it.

♡ I completely forgot it was Valentines Day but I told you I had something elaborate planned, so I’m totally winging this date that we’re on right now. I hope you’re buying it.

♡ We’re both single parents and my kid has invited yours over for a sleepover. You’re here to drop them off and hey, do you want to come in for a coffee? You’re actually a really sweet person. Want another coffee? Wow you’re attractive. How about we open a bottle of win? Oh my, you’re so interesting. Let me refill your glass. Oh god, is that the time already.


♡  We’re not even at the back of this packed out movie theatre, but I’m going to kiss and touch you everywhere anyway

♡  You’re at my sisters “Anti-Valentines Day” sleepover, yet here you are hanging out with me in my bedroom…alone…at 2 O'clock in the morning…

♡ I’m on a girls holiday, you’re on a guys holiday, we met drunk in a bar and decided to get married…So, I guess we should spend Valentines day together?

♡ I saw you walk into the restaurant with your girlfriend/boyfriend whilst I was pretending to listen to my girlfriend/boyfriend talk about themselves again. You’re hot. Meet you in the parking lot in half an hour?

♡ I came to this nightclub to forget about the fact that I’m alone on Valentines Day, and you dancing on me like that is making it so hard to do that right now. How dare you. Don’t leave, though.

♡ Me and my girlfriend booked a romantic stay at a five 5* hotel for our Valentines weekend. Too bad I’m starting to like the look of the receptionist in the lobby a lot more.

♡ Me and my girlfriend sat next to you and your boyfriend at this outdoor movie theatre, when will they notice that I have my hand on your thigh?

♡ I told my husband/wife I was away on business this weekend so keep it down, because I’m really in the apartment below having sex with a man/woman whose husband/wife really IS away on business.

♡ Excuse me boyfriend’s best friend, I need you to come underwear shopping and tell me which set he’d find hottest. Oh, can you also come and help me unclip this bra though? I think the clasp is stuck…What do you mean am I flirting with you? Don’t be silly. Why is it working?

♡ Did you seriously just knock on my door and introduced yourself to my parents as my girlfriend/boyfriend? Now I’ve got no choice but to spend the entire night with you…and I hate your guts. Why? Because I thought you hated mine too.

♡ Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I’m finally getting married to my girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s if they don’t find out that instead of having a hen/stag night I’m taking you on one last date before I commit to them…

♡ We’re both interns who were dragged away on business from our partners on the most romantic day of the year. It’s not like they’d know if I took you out on a date tonight, right? There’s no strings attached - I doubt we’ll ever even see each other again. Wait – What do you mean you’re not an intern, but my bosses daughter? 

♡ Yes, I’m single on Valentines Day. Yes, I’m spending it at Disneyland with my Mum, Dad, younger siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and every other person still alive on our family tree – but how many people can say they’ve made out with Tinkerbelle/Peter Pan/Prince Charming/Cinderella etc. in a public bathroom?

seventeen as iconic things I regret saying
  • s.coups: Daddy, give me the cummies
  • jeonghan: If anyone else heard me say that they'd fuck me straight up the ass
  • joshua: incest is the best. put your brother to the test!
  • hoshi: ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass...
  • jun: you have two choices. 1) shut the fuck up or 2) suck my ass
  • the8: I lost an arm
  • vernon: don't be a hoe unle$$ you makin dough
  • wonwoo: a baby fits in a grill
  • mingyu: our friendship is tighter than your vagina
  • DK: *twerks on a live broadcast*
  • woozi: my titty out
  • seungkwan: even harry potter would know that i'm dead serious
  • dino: their stylist either really hates them or is helen keller

I was supposed to write this yesterday but anyway, some Kunsel headcanons:

I have trouble categorizing Kunsel’s orientation because occasionally he just becomes sex-repulsed for a while even if otherwise he’s all for it though with a low drive, and he never shows/feels interest in anyone unless the other does so first - so I’m not even sure he feels attracted to anyone that he isn’t close to outside of drunken escapades that are at least 10% self-destructive in nature.

Kunsel’s hair is also very losely curly, but its unnoticeable unles he grows it out.

Not counting the whole Zack ordeal, Kunsel’s other main source of unhappiness is the way how the SOLDIER program starts being managed, losing the structure and respect he grew accustomed to as Heidegger and his shity decisions kill more SOLDIERs than ever before, and as he promotes people not ready for it solely to maintain the right quota in the ranks.

Kunsel gets his own fanclub when he reaches 1st class, but it is “officially” disbanded due to questionable content when it came to news about Shinra - said fanclub never got to see his face.

Kunsel might seem to over-react to small things, or read into things his friends say too deeply - but its all because he is honestly terrified by the thought of his friends leaving him, worse even if for someone else. A reassurance does much more to calm him down than criticizing his actions - though boundaries for his behavior can definitely be set.

Not often, but Kunsel does get ito these random spikes of mood between mania and depression, where he is extra irritable and may seem completely unlike himself.

Kunsel also most definitely gets in fights sometimes, either to get something out of someone or because he’s dealing with something by making brash decisions and not dealing with it in anyway except making it worse for himself - but we’re talking about a real low mental state here.

One main reason as to why Kunsel isn’t in the Turks, is cause before SOLDIER he really had the minimalest of fighting experience, maybe the basic concepts of self-defence, and he only started to “work” on things larger than gossip once he joined SOLDIER - thus making his craftiness visible, along with how he sometimes does some pretty basic mistakes as he learns.