Upon leaving the Chernobyl 30-kilometer Exclusion Zone, our bus drove through this portal monitor, which contains a sensitive array of radiation detectors to detect any radioactive contamination we may have picked up along the way. I took this instant photograph of yet another point of transition towards the next part of our journey.

It was 3 am in the middle of Kazakhstan. Our bus was speeding down roads of various paved quality, sometimes nearly coming to a complete stop to make a sharp turn.

Most of us were exhausted, and the gentle voice of Carl Sagan describing the endless bounds of the universe kept soothing me to sleep, and then waking me again a short while later.

We stopped for a ritualistic pee break, and the bright headlights of the bus shining into the night illuminated our immediate surrounding of dusty piles of dirt and the occasional truck in the distance. Liam Young agreed to pose for me in the beams of the bus, and I made this photograph of him.