Does anyone know what this symbol is, or where I can find out? I found this necklace at my grandma’s house, and have no idea what it is. It may actually be nothing, but I thought I’d see if anyone in the Tumblr world could help me out. It looks kind of like a cross between a Fleur-de-lis, an Ankh, and an Anchor. 

The pictures are a bit blurry, but they were the best I could do being so close. If you know anyone who might know, feel free to pass it along. If the symbol has any meaning, I’d like to find out what it is.

Se-user problems?

I’ve realised that when subjects involving abstract concepts are taught without drawing any links to practical applications or utility in real life, I find myself starting to lose focus and my attention wanders.

If visualisation of the concept is difficult, it further compounds the problem as I find things hard to understand if I can’t see how they work and what different things represent. Take physics for example. A whole bunch of formulae with so many symbols and unknowns - it doesn’t tell me anything. I need to understand what they represent, and I need to draw a mental picture about how they work together in my mind, before I can finally comprehend it.

And if the concept is completely theoretical in nature and I won’t be able to utilise or practice it, I lose interest. For example, lecturers can talk all they want about aggregate demand and supply or multiplier effects, but if they’re just basing it off general terms and not showing how each component is represented in real life events, it not only makes it difficult to grasp; I also feel like I’m learning something just for examinations and that I’m not benefitting from learning it at all.

Any other Se-users relate to this?

Been having a hard week, but I finally got to do another “rune of the day” Enjoy everybody! Hopefully I’ll be starting to do this regularly again.

Rune of the day: Perthro

Meaning: Perthro is a more modern rune with the “p” sound. Perthro does not appear in the Younger Futhark and the rune Berkano takes place of both the “b” and “p” sounds. However in the Elder Futhark the origins of Perthro seem to have come from Old Germanic to describe a tool for casting lots, in fact the rune itself can be seen aesthetically as a cup.

Symbolism: Since its creation the rune Perthro has been the rune of chance, luck, and lots. It is a rune that symbolizes the unknown of the universe and fate. During the era in which runes were commonly used, the casting of lots or dice was a mix of entertainment, ritual, and resolution. It was not unheard of to have the fate of ones life or land tied to the outcome of a casting. In divination and modern rune magic Perthro is the rune of runes. It symbolizes the runes themselves and the forces of guidance that lead them. When Perthro appears in a rune reading, it can be a sign of a unknown factor in the persons life, or that luck and chance is influencing their path. In modern witchcraft runes, especially Perthro can be used in chaos magic as the power behind runes is one of chance, mystery and divine chaos.

Personally: For me Perthro is a guiding rune. When I have question and I draw Perthro it reminds me that I can’t control everything in my life and sometimes I need to trust fate to decide the outcome. Perthro also reminds me to take care of the runes themselves. Like any tool runes need to be taken care of with love and devotion. They need to be clean, cleansed and infused with your energy in order for them to work.

A Mind's Quest & Fight

A Mind’s Quest & Fight

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A Mind’s Quest & Fight

(If you missed a part of Quest, find it here on its TOC.
Picks up where A Battle & A Quest left off)

Istan’d seen in the Maelstrom’s wind-whipped eye,
a snowy mountaintop crowned with a cross.
A symbol unknown, its blue shadow, sky-
wards reaching, casting all to doubt and dross.
Crawling up that snow flecked slope to shelter
by this thing whose call he didn’t understand,

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I have in my hands a valentine from my TC. For right now, it’s everything. It’s possibility; it’s shine; it’s the future; it’s the unknown. It’s a symbol for everything that might happen. Someday, it’ll be ruined. She’ll get married and the valentine won’t be anything except a felt heart and a bunch of sequins. But for right now, I’m holding it in my hands, and it feels so fragile and so powerful, and it is all at once so much more than glue and red ink and construction paper. I’m in love. I’m in love.

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Living Mercury

Pseudo-Eleazar, an 18th-century alchemist, using the pseudonym of Nicholas Flamel’s legendary teacher, considered the 5th page of the Codex to be of special importance. He said: “Should you lose all writings, just copy these figures or paint them for your children, and they will easily understand them”. The Old Oak Tree is “our black and heavy lump, our Alabon (Antimony). From it we Grow Red Roses as the Blood of the Ancients or our Secret Gold, and the Moon-White-Water, called Our Python - Mercurius Vivus.
Art: ‘Flaming Rose’, Artist unknown

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The case of a forgotten chest (v87)
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The case of a forgotten chest (v87)

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Story Location
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