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Before anyone can say anything……. I have no idea why i did this…. literally! This just, popped out of my head! Ghad! Or is it that, i wanted an episode where “a great unknown villain kidnapped Star to suck all of her magical powers. Then Marco would go through hard and deadly obstacles to rescue her” Or i’m just a hardcore Starco shipper… lol… XD im sorry im such a trash! *hides under a rock*

it’s 2:09am and all i can think about is how adrien loves marinette so much and he doesn’t even know it!!!! marinette, not ladybug, marinette because he watches scared, insecure marinette gather up the courage to face off this unknown villain and he falls in love with her he literally says he loves whoever is behind the mask. he’s literally only ever seen ladybug as the girl behind the mask and can you imagine when he finds out it’s marinette like he’s going to lose his mind!!!!!! adrien has always loved marinette i am so overwhelmed by this

She had started to be a little cautious these days. Especially given the more unknown heroes and villains that now shared one world. It seemed strange and yet not. Considering she, a Tamaranean, was living on Earth, it didn’t bother her much. But that didn’t mean she took anyone lightly. Especially while walking through Gotham streets alone. Then again, she didn’t have much to worry about. She was after all a trained warrior. “For how long are you planning on following me?” The red head alien finally asked, turning around, a little exasperated at being followed. “What would happen if I were to take to the skies?”

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I saw the selfie question and for some reason it sent me on the path of wondering if you were in the Overwatch universe, who would you be? A hero? A villain? An unknown? An omnic? A civilian?

Uhhh I’d probably want to be part of the Shambali, I guess I’d be an omnic, because I love zenyatta and the Shambali seem pretty chill so yea~

Sorry If this isn’t that great of an answer I never thought about this before lol

What do you think the BNHA OVA/special is about?

Based on the ANN article posted by @cloversdreams here, we’re sure that Kohei Horikoshi himself has written the story, so technically it is canon.

And then based on the trailer posted by @izuquhere, what do you think it’s going to be about? So far we’ve seen:

  • Lots of Todoroki Shouto
  • Endeavor was there too!!!
  • The location is in USJ
  • Aizawa is still injured with bandages
  • Number 13 is back in his suit
  • There’s a new villain not in the manga
  • Deku carrying Tsuyu (that was cute)
  • Todoroki in a dilapidated building looking all contemplative
  • Only the popular or prominent students are present at least in the trailer: Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida, Uraraka, Asui, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Mineta, Yaoyorozu

Based on these info, it seems like they’re doing another Rescue Training again? Probably because the previous one was, you know, interrupted. Unfortunately, it seems their 2nd Rescue Training is interrupted again by this unknown villain!

It also seems like the focus of this special will be on Todoroki Shouto. I think this is very important since, not to be too spoilery, in the next story arc he has a bit more prominence with the story. Bridging that gap can be very insightful both with the anime watchers and manga readers since this is an entirely new material.

What do you think?