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Omegaverse Masterlist

Ω - In a rotten world where crimes occurred and criminals with unsteady blood changed into unknown creatures, types/dynamics were determined by physical and psychological test. Only the ones with strong blood and the ones with pure blood were allowed to work under the government.Katsuki Yuuri was the only omega working in the Ministry of Defence and was thrown to the Border for his mistake. He came back to the Ministry of Defence almost two years later, trying to recover his former alpha partner and protect his present alpha partner, reflecting from his past mistake, dealing with hatred from others.

Helping with the Heat -  Viktor is an omega, and while at Yuri’s house, he goes into heat. Yuri cannot resist his instincts, so he decides to help relieve Viktor of his problem. The heat gets heated and steamy, causing their heads to get foggy. Their true feelings for each other are then revealed.

Rubatosis : The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat - Can one heart beat for two? Yuuri sure hoped so.When Katsuki Yuuri found out he wasn’t only an omega, but also an alpha, his universe changed. But coming out in a world that both denied the existance of people being both second genders and also outlawing it in some parts of the world was never an option. Yuuri stopped skating, stopped everything. Opting for a life where he denied and pushed down his alpha side. Knowing he was destined to be alone and never mate.Because who can love an OA?
As it would turn out, at least two souls.

Una familia de verdad - Viktor y Yurio no eran una familia normal, parecían dos desconocidos viviendo en el mismo departamento pero todo cambia drásticamente cuando a un lado llega un nuevo inquilino, Yuuri y les muestra lo que es una verdadera familia.Universo alterno. Omegaverse.

Surprise? -  Yuuri just wanted to surprise his husband. This, however, was definitely not the way he wanted him to find out.

Chrysanthemum -  It’s in your lip and in your kiss. It’s in your touch and your fingertips. And it’s in all the things that make you who you are, and your eyes irresistible.

The Sound of Rain -  Tales of married omegas have always been riddled with darkness and uncertainty, so it’s with a tremendous amount of fear that Yuuri weds an alpha who he believes has very little to gain but so much to lose.

You and I, Complete -  Alpha!Viktor had been alone for way too long he could not even remember the last time he had a close relationship with someone else. On one fateful night, he found one stray omega that somehow had him drawn towards it. Then everything changed. For both him and the omega.

The Ballad of the Powerless - Viktor Nikiforov is the Emperor that conquered the world in less than nine years. He raised the percentage of able-bodied people working, abolished slavery in all the states he ruled over and made an entirely new law book for their new golden era, as people believed it to be. He is a beautiful and charismatic tactical genius, and on top of that, he’s an Alpha.
Yuuri Katsuki is the front person of the Omegan rights movement. He is seen as fearless and brave by some, and incredibly stupid by others.One day Yuuri receives a letter that says that he has been granted an audience with the Emperor at the palace.
He knew that this would change his life forever. He just didn’t know how much.

шестнадцать стаканов -  Yuuri nodded, trying to remember his humiliation over the mind numbing scent of Viktor. He leaned forward, until his nose was almost nestled in the man’s neck. He’d never smelled an omega this close, never mind had the opportunity to sleep with one. He hadn’t slept with anyone, full stop, but he knew that finding an omega willing to accept what might as well have been a beta was difficult. His body still ached for them though, he’d seen enough videos and photos to know how they melted when they were feeling good. He wondered what Viktor would look like, the clear and crisp look of his blue eyes replaced with a lust ridden glaze.

Home -  Katsuki Yuri is an omgea struggling to keep from Victor Nikiofov his secondary gender. Will he succeeded or fail? And what relationships will he have in the meantime.

My Little Omega -  When Viktor gets pushed into a gentlemen’s club primarily for Alphas, he gets to meet the lovely Yuuri Katsuki. The Alpha then makes it his goal to get the sweet Omega to fall for him.

teeth and claws -  A series of drabbles and one-shots set in a feline omegaverse universe. Worldbuilding will be abound, as will explicit stuff later on.

Always One, Never Broken -  Demisexual (adjective): A person who is sexually attracted to people only after a strong emotional bond has been formed. 

To Woo a Prince - Yuri Plisetsky was eight when his village was attacked by thieves. When his family was murdered.He was also eight when he became the crown prince of Yu-topia Akatsuki.He was fifteen when he presented as an omega.And Yuri was nineteen when he offically met his alpha, Otabek Altin.

Mystic Messenger Characters In A Nutshell
  • Yoosung: LOLOL I have crippling depression and you're just like Rika
  • Jaehee: I hate this job, and life, and Jumin, and his cat, Zen is cool
  • Zen: I'm so beautiful I could fuck me right now
  • V: *hits a wall* oh yeahhh I forgot I'm blind
  • Rika: fuk I am ded
  • Elizabeth 3rd: meow
  • Zen: I still can't believe you two are dating. The more I think about it, the more I shake my head. Like, how...?
  • Yoosung: To be honest, at first I didn't think it'd work. But, hey, Saeran is amazing, he's smart, he's funny... sometimes... he's ridiculously attractive, and he's always there when I need him.
  • Yoosung: (looks expectantly at Saeran)
  • Saeran: Oh? Yeah, what he said. Plus, uh, the sex is great, because, eh, he's got a big dick.
  • Zen: ...
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Saeran: I'm sorry. Yoosung said all the things that I too wanted to say and I, kind of, you know, panicked.
Avatar The Last Airbender: Katara [ESFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Unknown (I can’t find the name of this post’s original author. If you catch this one, please send us a note and I’ll add your name) and mysterylover123

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Katara judges and makes decisions based on her feelings, which usually circle around other people. She is very outgoing and friendly, having no trouble to start a conversation with strangers (for example Haru in “Imprisoned”). Because she feels so strongly for others, she can’t just turn her back on people in need (starting the revolution in the Earth Kingdom, helping the lake village in the Fire Nation in “The Painted Lady”) or take injustice (The Waterbending Master”). “I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!” She holds the gaang together, taking charge and keeping her hopes up when everyone else has given up (“The Desert“). She’s very protective, even wanting to shield people from an ugly truth (“The Southern Air Temple“). Since she cares so strongly for everyone, some characters feel that she is too motherly (“The Runaway“). (anonymous) She wears her heart on her sleeve, telling everyone how she feels at any given minute. She tends to interfere and mother others, even those who are not related to her. (mysterylover123)

Introverted Sensing (Si): Being both providing and practical, Katara makes sure that the gang has all they need on their trip around the world. She mends her brother’s pants, buys supplies, and knows how to help as a midwife. She is a hard worker and learns to be a Master Waterbender that way, in contrast with Aang’s natural talent (“The Siege of the North, Part 1). Being so emotional and having an excellent memory makes Katara prone to hold grudges and finding it hard to forgive deep wrongs (“The Awakening,” “The Western Air Temple,” “The Southern Raiders”). She prefers familiar ground and doesn’t take much joy from new, physical thrills (contrast penguin sledding with the mail system roller coaster in “The King of Omashu”) or breaking the rules for fun (“The Runaway”). (anonymous) She holds on to her powerful subjective memories of a variety of incidents for a very long time, and allows them to shape her future. She often compares things to how they were before, like what she says to Aang in The Day of Black Sun Part 1. (mysterylover123)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Katara is much more open to new ideas than her brother, though not as susceptible to them as Aang. She immediately embraces the idea of Aang being the Avatar and becoming his new family, she enjoys visiting the fortune teller, and challenges old systems if they are unjust. She can be creative in her ways to help others, for example taking up the guise of the painted lady, and she is able to connect things quickly, for example getting the clues and solving the mystery of a crime quicker than Sokka (“Avatar Day”). (anonymous) She’s frequently creative and thinks up fun new potential concepts (mysterylover123).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Logic and analytical thinking don’t play much of a role in Katara’s decision making and more often than not she’s offended at Sokka’s rational approach to a situation in which people are involved. She strives to understand people’s motivation though and struggles when she can’t make sense of it. (anonymous) She’s usually open to reinterpreting ideas and tries to figure out the pieces of the information she’s learned.

PLEASE NOTE (FELLOW MODS): Avatar: The Last Airbender is a western animated series, not an anime, despite appearances. Therefore typing Avatar characters is not a violation of the no-anime rule. Please DO NOT DELETE THE AVATAR TYPINGS; Past Avatar typings have disappeared, so I’m retyping the characters. As a mod, mine won’t be deleted (I hope.) - mysterylover123

Lowkey unknown songs each type should listen to.

ISFP: Hold Me Closer (by LANKS)

ESFP: Wild And Loud (by WILD)

ISTP: Pretty Little Gangster (by Ryder)

ESTP: Bullet Train (by Stephen Swartz)

ISTJ: Ghosts - Cinematic Mix (by Mako)

ESTJ: No Place Like Home (by Jakwob)

ISFJ: Like You Used To (by Kidnap Kid)

ESFJ: Follow You Home (by Matt Millz)

INFJ: Biting Your Limbs (by kp.)

ENFJ: Into The Air (Bruno Merz)

INTJ: Black Crown (by Silent Rider & Camille Corazon)

ENTJ: Victory (by Sound Remedy ft. Effy)

INTP: Volatile (by Christopher Norman) I think this is the most INTP song I’ve ever heard

ENTP: Raise Hell (by Dorothy) currently my obsession

INFP: PART II (by Sam Pinkerton)

ENFP: Circles (by Machineheart)

Ships of the Federation

Science/Exploration Classes

Ambassador Class (Enterprise - C)

Constellation Class

Constitution Class (Enterprise)

Constitution Refit Class (Enterprise - A)

Excelsior Class (Enterprise - B)

Galaxy Class (Enterprise - D)

Intrepid Class (Voyager)

Nebula Class

Norway Class

Nova Class

Oberth Class

Sovereign Class (Enterprise - E)

NX Class (NX-01 Enterprise)

Medical Classes

Olympic Class

Warship Classes

Akira Class

Centaur Class

Daedalus Class

Defiant Class (ship of DS9)

Miranda Class

Prometheus Class (can split into three)

Saber Class

Soyuz Class

Steamrunner Class

Galaxy Refit Class (aka Galaxy Dreadnought Class)

Small Craft

Danube Class

Peregrine Fighter

Delta Flyer

Type 6 Shuttle

Type 9 Shuttle

Other Classes

Dauntless Class

Enterprise J Type (unknown class name)


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“It’s a life form, an unknown type, 
some kind of alien organism. 
It’s extremely dangerous.” 

the beginning // this is ripley; sigourney weaver – flight recorder located // new order; elegia – welcome to sevastopol // detroit; disasterpeace  – explore the station // airlock; steven price 

encounters // lost and found; lost radiance – the alien // title; disasterpeace – hide // the way he looks at me; trent reznor & atticus ross the descent // to hourglass; survive – the trap // fall; daft punk 

desolation // sevastopol abandoned; alien isolation tomorrow, together // the two great lights; talvihorros – isolation // like home; trent reznor & atticus ross