unknown territories

You know I’m really impressed by how composed all of BTS look. They are in essentially unknown territory with only one of them speaking the language fluently and of course they’re used to Korean award shows, but this is something else. They’re standing in front of people they have admired for years, some of them worldwide stars. And yet they still managed to stand on stage so composed and graceful and I admire that.

  • Yuuri: OK guys, how do I ask someone out?
  • Phichit: Roses are red, violets are blue, guess what, my bed has room for two
  • Yuuri: OH MY GOD NO
  • Phichit: Twinkle twinkle little star, we can do it in a car
  • Yuuri: STOP IT
  • Phichit: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, I can make you scream
  • Yurio: I feel like that’s verging dangerously close into serial killer territory
Self Care and Emotional Wellness

If you want to boost your emotional health then build the following into your life:

1. Develop a good group of friends. If possible, try and have quite a wide group of friends. That then means if someone moves away, or you change your school, your hobbies and so on, you’ll still a healthy support system in place.

2. Learn to appreciate solitude. Isolation isn’t the same as solitude. Isolation is being cut off from others for negative reasons; solitude is enjoying space and time for yourself – so you can recharge your batteries, and enjoy just being “you”.

3. Invest time in getting fit. People who are fit and healthy generally feel better about themselves. Also, exercise releases feel good hormones so we feel happier, more optimistic and relaxed.

4. Allow yourself to “goof off” and have a laugh – as too much work will drain your energy.

5. Discover your passion and invest time in that. We all have something that brings us alive, and seems to resonate with who we are inside … So investing in your passion is extremely satisfying!

6. Plan for difficulties and problems. We all encounter problems and hard times in this life. Expecting that to happen helps us feel more in control - as we understand it’s normal - so we don’t just fall apart.

7. Work on increasing your self-awareness. As above, we all have blind spots and idiosyncrasies. If we can learn about ourselves, and our natural tendencies, we can learn to master weaknesses, and work to change and grow.

8. Be willing to take risks. Though it’s hard to step out into unknown territory, you’ll find it’s more rewarding to stretch yourself and grow.

9. Watch out for energy vampires. There are plenty of people who will drain your energy so learn how to say “no”, and to set some boundaries.

10. Ask for help when you need it. We all need support and encouragement at times … And offer help to others when things are tough for them.

Something About a Dream

First off, thank you to the many comments I’ve received about the series so far. It makes me feel amazing, and keeps me wanting to post, so thank you again. Second off, I already know where I am going with them, but, if you want, let me know what more you want to see as they grow. x

You can find the past parts here.

To put it simply, Harry was distraught.

He imagined the first time seeing you naked to be some life changing experience, and for the most part he was right, but he envisioned it to be more on the romantic side, with his naked form hovering above you as he reaches into his bedside table for a condom, not when he scampers into his bedroom to find a pair a socks, only to be met with your naked figure bent over to retrieve the towel that had fallen to a heap at your feet – but nothing ever goes the way he wants them to.


For all the times he’s spent his mornings with a hand wrapped around his cock envisioning you rocking greedily against him, back arched and your nails digging into his thigh, he realizes you’re just as flawless as he daydreamed, even if he only got a few second glimpses before he stumbled out of the doorway, not even a peep leaving his lips.

Now, he was expected to share breakfast with the image of your bare arse forever etched in his head.

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nerd!jimin + unknown territory (pt3) 

Jimin stared at the larvae sitting across from him, warily, it was currently trying to eat spaghetti with a knife. He should probably stop it, but that meant touching the thing and then he would—

“Stop looking at my kid like that.” You roll your eyes before replacing her knife with a fork and watching a happy little grin stretch across her face.

“Like what?” Jimin clears his throat.

“Like you’re having an entire internal monologue listing all the reasons you’ll never have kids.” You mutter, using a napkin to wipe stray sauce from Mina’s face.

“I’m not doing that.” He says and he shrinks when you pin him with a hard stare, “What? I’m not! I did that on the drive over here – now I’m just watching in mild fascination at the eating habits of—”

“Oh my God.”

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” He laughs when you move to get up, he tugs you back down by the wrist and you ignore the butterflies erupting your chest when he takes a second too long to remove his hand, “Will you relax already? You’ve barely spoken to me since we’ve ordered. Tell me about yourself, how have you been how did all of this happen?”

“It’s not exactly exciting.” You sigh, “It’s actually a very long story.”

“Let’s start with the basics then – are you still with her father?” Jimin lowers his voice, sparing Mina a glance.

“He left about as soon as I took the pregnancy test so no.” You laugh bitterly, picking up your own slice of pizza to dig in.

You watch helplessly as Mina nearly swipes her pasta off the table but Jimin is on top of it, grabbing her bowl before it makes its crash landing and sending the little girl a stern look before handing her back her fork. She grins unabashedly.

“Do I know him?” Jimin queries, keeping a careful eye on the brat now that she’s decided to make toys out of the cutlery. He sighs but waves over the waitress, “Do you guys have like one of those coloring sheets for kids or something?”

“Sorry sir.” The waitress sends an apologetic smile before moving to refill everyone’s water. Jimin glares but begrudgingly unlocks his phone before opening one of the few games he has stored.

“She’ll crack your phone.” You say mildly, watching in only half amusement as Jimin glares at your daughter when she keeps pressing buttons.

“I’ll buy a new one.” He snaps before he remembers he supposed to be wooing you.

It was too easy, too easy to fall back into the pattern of your old friendship.

You had begrudgingly agreed to dinner with him, only because in turn he allowed you to pick the restaurant, a quaint little mom and pop pizza parlor not too far from your office that you frequented. It wasn’t anything he was used to, at least not in light of recent events and his acquisition of millions, but it was good. One of those places that hand made their crust, they were popular and bustling with business but still managed to find a seat for you. Jimin took quick notice of the warm, familiar smiles sent your way from the old man working the front of house, going as far to boop the little girl you were toting, on one cherub cheek.

He was scared someone might break into his car in this neighborhood and you could only roll your eyes because this place was a suburban dream compared to where you stayed.

“No you don’t know him.” You say when you find your heart doing weird floppy things at the sight of your daughter and Jimin interacting so causally – it was something you wanted to erase from your memory because it hurt. “He was some guy I met at college, well before I dropped out to take care of Mina.”

“And your parents?” He asks, a frown marring his face at the thought.

“Disowned me when I wouldn’t abort her.” You shrug as though the words didn’t feel like nails clawing their way up your throat – an old wound re-opened but you feigned indifference pretty well now a days. Even you almost believed your lies.

“So who helps you? You don’t get child support or—”

“Jimin.” You say softly, because it’s in your nature to treat him with kid gloves on, even if he is overstepping, “I’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s tough but I manage. I’m fine – we’re fine. Now can we talk about something less, I don’t know, depressing.”

Jimin lets out a long suffering sigh but he relents with a curt nod, you don’t miss the way the muscle in his jaw jumps – and what a chiseled jaw it’s become over time. You nearly lose track staring at it.

“Where do you work at now?” He asks, momentarily distracted by a piece of cheese hanging from his chin. He lets out an expletive before wincing at Mina.

You stifle a grin because it’s so much like the old Jimin you couldn’t help the elation that bubbled over in your chest. Instead you choose to rest your chin in your palm while watching him.

“I sale time shares at a realty office, though I’m sure you already know that since you tracked me down and sent me gifts.” You murmur dryly when he smiles, “It was very Tony Stark of you.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me.” Jimin says honestly, putting a hand over his heart.

“Mmm.” You hum sarcastically, “So how are your parents, living lavish at the hands of their millionaire son I assume?”

“Living lavish.” He scoffs, “You’ve met my parents. My mom barely let me renovate our old house and only did so because I threw a bitch fit that she wouldn’t accept the beachside bungalow I had lined up for them.”

You grin at the thought of a very stern and self sufficient Mrs. Park arguing with her mogul son, because she probably won… but still you making tsking noise anyway.

“Well, in her defense you can be a bit… frivolous with your spending.” You say, nodding towards the bag of gifts seated next to him.

“I work damn hard to be frivolous. You two always did love ganging up on me.” He glared, “You’re so much like her it’s scary.”

“It’s why she loved me.” You tease back. “I’m her favorite child, even Jihyunnie has accepted it.”

Something changes in his face and his expression is softening. You scramble to change the topic because you knew how easy it was to get caught up in the old days, where things were much easier and there was less pressure on you, less weighing on your mind.

“How is he now?” You ask suddenly and Jimin’s features shutter closed – back to the calm, cool and collected Jimin that had picked you up.

“He’s doing good. He’ll graduate in a year.” He says mildly, “He’s still a brat and beating me up on visits.”

“I would hope so. You need someone to keep you grounded, remind you where you came from.” You harrumph.

“They miss you, you know.” Jimin says quietly, suddenly unable to meet your gaze. He’s taken to staring at Mina who was currently taking about a thousand pictures with his front camera. “My mom misses you. You know how she always complained about being the only woman in the house.”

He looks up at you and it’s your turn to look away. Because you had shoved back so many memories that were associated with him, but now sitting here at dinner, reminiscing it was easy to remember the bond you shared with the elder Park. It was something you also couldn’t have back and again, it hurt knowing that.

“I’m sure she’d love to see you again—love to meet Mina too.” He says softly.

“Jimin.” You say curtly and he returns your tone.


“I don’t think that's—”

“You think too much is the problem.” He sighs, before signaling the waitress for the check, “Just because you… because we ended on rough terms… I know it’s a lot to ask but, I hope you don’t hold that against my parents. You were great to have around and they miss you. I’ve never gotten so much shit over something in my life—you would think that we were actually dating.”

You averted your gaze for the millionth time that night because it was true. Though there was no official label between the two of you, you were caught in an open limbo between more than friends but not quite dating. Even if Jimin couldn’t admit a lot of things to himself he was forced to acknowledge that things had been almost domestic between the two of you – between the sheer amount of time you spent over at each other’s places, or in his bed, lazing around doing nothing. When his parents would ask for his whereabouts it was always the same—

“____.” He says quietly, before handing his credit card off to the server, “Think about what I said, yeah?”

“I will.” You reply with a stiff smile.

The silence that was once comfortable between the two of you had some how shifted to a stilted, and unwelcome one at the mention of the past. You find yourself fidgeting in your seat at the weight of his words, because despite it all it was something that you desperately wanted as well.

“Tell me more about your job,” Jimin says, returning the topic to a lighter subject, it didn’t take a genius to notice how tense you’d gotten at the mention of seeing his family again.

“I’m sure it’s not as exciting as being a billionaire.” You say off handedly, going to sip at your wine.

Millionaire.” Jimin corrects and you scoff at him, “But being rich isn’t as exciting as you’d expect either.”

“How very modest of you,” you roll your eyes before sucking at your teeth, “I would kill for middle class these days.”

“I could help you get there.” He says lightly with a shrug and your spine straightens, “Not a hand out, a job, ____. I looked into your company the other day—”

“You did what?” You ask, indignantly.

And just like that the switch had been flipped again and you were on your guard.

“Is this really a surprise, you knew I was looking for you, it only makes sense that I would check the companies shares and stocks while I was at it. I know you don’t believe me, but we’re friends and I wanted to make sure that you were doing okay for yourself.”

“No Jimin, we were friends ten years ago.” You correct, ears turning pink at his audacity, “And I know you’re out of practice but friends ask friends how they’re doing, they don’t run a financial background check on them.”

“Hey, I didn’t run a financial background check on you,” he scoffs, “I didn’t even peek at your credit score even though it was right their in front of me.”

You threw your napkin down on the table before narrowing your eyes at him, “You’re a real ass you know that?”

“That may be true but you know as well as I do that you wouldn’t be half as defensive if it weren’t for the fact that the companies going
bankrupt.” He says calmly but his knuckles going white around his grip on the table cloth, “They’re going under and you have—”

“Five maybe six months left there, I’m well aware.” You scowl, “but that doesn’t give you the right to invade my privacy like this. And besides, a job? Let me guess you want me to be your assistant so you can bend me over and —”

You chance a look at Mina, who’s still well engrossed with the apps on Jimin’s phone and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You’re lucky if you have four months there.” He says mildly, “Looking at their financial statements I can tell they barely have enough to pay you minimum wage, so let me guess you’ve been working there for going on six years and you’ve yet to get a pay increase am I right?”

“God, you’re so condescending.” You laugh bitterly.

“Only when I’m right.” He says, “And for the record, you wouldn’t be working for me. If you think I stand chance getting any work done while you’re around you’d be delusional. I have a friend who owns a small law firm, he’s looking for a secretary and you’ve had more than enough experience doing clerical work.”

“Your head must be impossibly thick if I have to say this again but I don’t need your help,” you glare.

“Think about Mina.” He argues.

“I am thinking about Mina,” you say, much louder than you intend. You clear your throat before lowering your voice, “She’s the only thing I think about and you don’t get to bulldoze in ten years later and try to pick up where things left off. We’re not in high school anymore. This is real life, it’s my life.”

“You’re right, we’re not in high school anymore but things sure haven’t changed, have they?” He spat, “You still have to be in control of everything.”

“Of my life? Yes! Of my daughters life? You bet your ass.” You scowl.

“Fine. You’re coming across loud and clear, you don’t need or want my help.” He says, pinching the bridge of his nose, “But at least—”

He stops mid sentence when the shrill ring of your phone pierces through the otherwise comfortably quiet restaurant and you’re shuffling through your purse for your phone. You look up at him before sighing, “It’s work. I have to take this.”

“Hello? Yes, hi Mr. Kim.” You’re already rising to your feet when one chubby hand comes up to clutch your shirt.

“Momma,” Mina calls and it garners both your attention, “It was an accident.”

“Oh no.” You sigh, a frown marring your face as you go to your knees to collect the remainder of spaghetti off the floor, the rest found their way all down the front of her little tank top and you groan, “I’m sorry not you sir, I just—yes I understand the severity of this contract I…. yes sir I'm—”

“Go.” Jimin mouths, before shooing you away with the flick of his wrist. You stare up at him wide eyed, phone still pressed to your ear and an indecisive look marring your face.

Jimin sighs but rises to his feet, lifting you with him and all but pushing you in the direction of the exit before he’s turning to Mina. You send a curt nod of gratitude at him before bustling out and attempting to placate your boss on the phone.

Jimin has never carried a child before. He has especially never carried one covered nearly head to toe in an Italian red sauce delicacy. He had however carried a sack of potatoes and gauging the insufferable little brats weight, she was about the same size. So he applies all the knowledge he’s accumulated in twenty some years of carrying groceries into the house for his mother and keeps the little girl at a giggling arm’s length from his body while he fast walks into the men’s room.

He’s already had her set down on the porcelain countertop before his gaze catches on something in the mirror. A man maybe in his mid twenties is staring at him from the urinal. Jimin’s brows slash down at the inquisitive look before sending him a nod, “What? You’ve never seen a kid before?”

The man is a flurry of movement, zipping up his jeans before sending an apologetic bow at Jimin and shuffling out of the room.

Jimin sighs at the sweet smile Mina’s sending his way, an adorable dimple winking at him, before he rolls his eyes and swipes at her glasses lens where a stray splatter of meat sauce has found its way. He sends her a stern look, “Yah. I bet that smiles gotten you out of a lot of trouble. It won’t work on me.”

You pinch the bridge of your nose in exasperation as you try and explain to your boss for maybe the millionth time (that night) why the Henderson case you got handed a week ago wasn’t moving as quickly as he’d like it.

For all it was worth your boss wasn’t a bad guy, and the company you worked for didn’t cheat you out of money the way Jimin had made it sound. Now, did you deserve a raise after all the time and hours you had put in? Did you need it? Hell yes. But things weren’t always black and white, in fact your entire life seemed to be sat in one huge area of gray.

The company you worked for was family owned and every person in it was sweet, soft hearted, and genuine and all things considered those were good traits to have—except when you were working in the realty field. It was cut throat and competitive. More than once you had seen your boss caught up with loan sharks, renting out time shares at a discounted price to homeless shelters. And then there was the fact that he was just a tad dimwitted, but your heart had gone soft for the old man that had taken both you and Mina under his wing. So you owed him that. You couldn’t give him much but loyalty anyway.

When you returned to the restaurant with a headache you hadn’t had five minutes ago, you look for Jimin to apologize but your footsteps stutter and your heart drops to your belly when you see the two seats still vacant. You turn to the hostess and nearly fall into hysteria when she tells you they left.

Your phone chimes.

Unknown [7:23:45]: meet us at Fro-zone

“What did I say?” Jimin scowls, “One scoop.”

“But Jiminnie,”

“Your moms gonna kick my ass if I—”

“Jimin.” You call out, hair wind blown from the jog over here and when you meet his gaze he tips his head up at you in acknowledgement.

He was hunched over a whining Mina who had shed her white tank top in place of a pink shirt with a sparkling heart in the middle. He was looking at her sternly and if you weren’t careful you would mistake Mina for one of his business associates with the way he was carefully explaining to her why she couldn’t have more than a handful of sugar before bed—it involved you and him in an oiled up cage match which he would inevitably lose.

You took that as your cue to step in.

“Momma!” She cried gleefully, “Where’d you go?”

“Where did you go?” You retort, poking a finger at her protruding belly and making her jump back with a giggle, “I like your shirt.”

“Jiminnie picked it out!” she grins proudly and Jimin sends a dry look your direction.

“It was either this or the neon pink sweater with seven bows on it and a giant pop up unicorn head—I don’t care how old your kid is, not even she could pull off something so ridiculous.”

“She likes pink.” You shrug but Jimin spots the mirth in your eyes.

“Jiminnie knows a lot of bad words.” Mina tattles and Jimin glares at the little demon. “He owes like ten dollars to the swear jar.”

“The fee’s twenty five scents a swear word just how much did you cuss with my kid?” You cock a brow.

“Is that the only way you’re accepting money?” He retorts with a snarky expression, “Let me stick around after you put Mina to bed and I’ll give you enough material for her college fund.”

You grin but don’t say anything as he leads you to his car.

It isn’t all that much later when he pulls up to your car in the parking garage. A glance back in his rearview tells you that Mina is out cold and you sigh with the thought that she is way too big to be getting carried anymore. You turn in your seat to wake her up but Jimin shakes his head at you before opening his car door and heading to the back.

It’s probably the fact that a man hasn’t carried Mina since she was born that attributes more to the pain in your chest than it is that it’s Jimin. Jimin of all people putting a sturdy hand on the back of your daughters head and tucking her tiny glasses in his hand so she doesn’t hurt her face. He waits for you to unlock the door to your car before setting her down in her car seat and leaving you to buckle her in.

He’s still holding her specs when you turn back to him, fiddling with a small scratch on one of the lenses before handing them back to you.

You can’t quite put a finger on the atmosphere that resonates in the otherwise abandoned parking garage—nonetheless words find their way to your lips that you had no intent of sharing with him.

“I’ll take you up on your offer.” You utter.

“The job?” He brightens at your words and you wince.

“No,” you say quietly. “I… maybe if me and Mina have time we’ll stop by your parents sometime. I’m sure your Mom would love to meet her.”

His expression doesn’t dull at your words, if anything it only gets that much brighter at he mention of his parents and for the briefest of moments your caught up in your old feelings, because this was too much like the old Jimin. The one who wore his heart on his sleeve, and was never sly or cool or charming in a way that wasn’t dorky.

“You really mean that?”

“It couldn’t hurt to rekindle that relationship.” You shrug.

Could it?




He was a professor, and you were his favourite.

During your first year of university you found Mr Kim to be quite the English teacher, you always anticipated his class every Thursday and Friday afternoon and it seemed your hard work didn’t go unnoticed either. Late night extra credit classes soon became a place for your deepest and dirtiest desires.

warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, squirting, strong language 

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Valentine’s Gift for @peanut-milk for the @aftgexchange.

The one where Andrew and Neil have their first official date( On Valentine’s Day no less. Blame Allison.)

“So, what did you get your monster for Valentine’s Day?” Allison asks, as she idly types away at her phone.

Anger bubbles up in Neil, “Allison, he’s not—“ he begins, but gets cut off by her.

“Sorry, I meant to say Andrew, your boyfriend. What did you get him for Valentine’s Day?” she gives a quick glance up at Neil, whose face appears slightly flushed at the remark. A smirk forms on her lips, “Don’t try and deny that. I won’t let you.”

Neil sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Nothing. Why would I?” At those words, Allison stops typing away on her phone and sets it down next to her. She arches a brow at Neil, “What do you mean ‘nothing,’ it’s Valentine’s Day, Neil. That one day of the year specifically designated by capitalism to celebrate your love with your partner. Which is Andrew, in your case.”

Love. He lets the word wash over him. He doesn’t know if that’s the word he’d use. It’s a word too overused all around him but too underused in his own life for it to mean anything to him.  He doesn’t think any word is fit to describe what he and Andrew have and yet—

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The Moon signs.
  • Go check your natal chart and find out what your moon sign is.
  • Aries Moon
  • People who have an Aries moon tend to be impatient, they want results quickly and don't want to wait for things to 'just happen'. They like to go out and do it, instead of waiting for what they want. The Aries moon is a very fiery sign, therefore people with an Aries moon also possess fiery personalities and intense passion. They are not afraid to let people know how they feel and are often very direct and upfront and dont like to play games. They also are very independent and like to put themselves out in the world, even through they have good confidence they will go through ups and downs that may cause them to let their emotions run wild.
  • Moon in Taurus
  • People with a Taurus moon are very strong willed people. They like structure and safety, they would rather focus on making a nice comfortable life for themselves then taking major risks. They may seem detached to other peoples feelings because they try and avoid situations that may cause drama or emotional outburst. However when a Taurus moon is committed to do something they will do it!. They are very romantic warm, and particle. They won't make a move unless they know its safe to do so.
  • Moon I'm Gemini
  • People who have a Gemini moon can be a good company witty, and a social butterfly around people. However they may be a little moody around family and other close companions. People with this moon sign are very interesting people, and love to be well informed of information as they are very curious. However they often get nervous and are more restless then other signs, therefore they read a lot, talk a lot, and think a lot. This lunar sign may find it hard to deal with the emotinals needs as they usually like to keep themselves happy, with others however are good at helping people with their intellectual needs.
  • Lunar Geminis have brilliant at using their words and are very social creatures enabling them to befriend people quickly.
  • Moon in cancer
  • People with a cancer moon are very in touch with their emotions and the emotions of other people. They cling to others and are often lost in their own thoughts. They hold precious memories close to them as it brings them comfort. However because they attach to people and things quickly it can cause them to be a little scared of change. They are a very loving sign and if you love them they will give you back more. However they do dwell on the past a lot which leaves them feeling like they are taken for granted which may turn them a little bitter. However they have a very good sense of humour and good understanding which is one of their most admirable traits.
  • Moon in Leo.
  • Lunar leos can be very comical people they are not very outgoing, however they are not afraid to be the centre of attention in their homes with family and friends. They often like to control their family and friends and people close to them as they like to fix and make sure everything is done correctly. They are very creative beings they like to create and entertain and keep people happy however they can be lazy and a little bossy at times. They require lots of love and attention from others in order to cope with problems in the outside world. When hurt they can be a little dramatic but only in front of people close to them, they tend to hide their feelings in unknown territories.
  • Moon in Virgo
  • People with a virgo moon like to be useful and tend to run errands and sort out the daily Chores of life. They like to keep busy and help people as they feel like their best when they are helping people however as long as you let them know you are thankful to them. However it is said that lunar Virgos may be underachievers as they are happy with a simple life, and lack the self confidence too 'reach for the stars' because they do not like overwhelming stress and they know their limits because they are very realistic people. They become doomed and gloomed when they have nothing to do therefore it is always useful that they get a job or keep themselves busy with a hobbie. But without doubt virgo moons are trust worthy and reliable.
  • Moon in Libra
  • Lunar libras reach out for companionship, as they want to share their life with others and tend to get involved in relationships from a very young age. They are peaceful and like to socialise with others they can show good sympathy towards other people. Lunar Aries works better in twos they want constant companionship and work better from feedback form others around them. They can be very charming and flirtatious beings and win the hearts of others easily as they are rarely aggressive. However their constant need of the 'perfect life' can cause much discontent within them when they can't achieve it.
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • People with Scorpio moons are very emotionally intense. They can see through peoples core emotions, and things that may not be obvious to others. To others this may be either intimidating or very very attractive.
  • Lunar Scorpio's life is filled with intensity they often experience a lot of ups and downs and drama, its like an unconscious need to test their strength. They love the idea or rebirth and transformation so this may mean like to better themselves in anyway they can to change constantly to keep things going. However they have a big fear of betrayal and may put loved ones through tests to see if they will love up to their standards. However when committed they are one most loyal and protective people around.
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • People have a sag moon have a need for personal freedom and independent space. They are often happy and easy going when they are free and do not like to be cooped up in a cage as they are very adventurous. They love to meet new people and travel and love big open spaces. They love to help people, however they can be Irresponsible because they are often forgetting things but its hard to stay mad at them because of their upbeat and cheerful persona. When things get tough they have to escape as they don't like being caught in routines.
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Luncar capricorns are very competent and productive people and they like being useful. They tend to keep cool headed even if they are feeling a little 'blue' inside. They have a desire to have clear boundaries and set realistic goals for themselves. Lunar capircorns like to create a safe heaven for themselves. Through they are cool calm most of the time they can have bad mood swings and may fall into dark thoughts sometimes. They have a tendency to be too hard on themselves don't let people in they hide their emotions behind jokes and sarcasm. They hardly ever show their emotions as they like to keep their emotions under control.
  • However out of all the 12 lunar signs they are the most responsible.
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • They are very observent people. Lunar Aquarians love to take an interest in human nature and are curious to know why people do what they do. They can come across as shy and detached as they sometimes feel different from others. They may even often push away deep inner feelings like 'jealously, the, fear' because they have a need be above those things because they are very idealistic. This can cause them to emotionally blocked. They find messy emotions unappealing and take pride in being ditached cool headed and in control.
  • Moon in Pisces.
  • Lunar Pisces are daydreamers and may not always have a good grip on reality however they have very good intuition. They are very good at empathising with others, and try their best to see what its like to be in their shoes. This is both good and bad as this makes them very compassionate and loving, however they can find themselves being overwhelmed by other peoples problems. They hold a weird and silly sense of humour and it doesn't take much to get them laughing. Lunar Pisces need to get away from life sometimes by daydreaming this is why they may seem a little absent minded but they need some alone time to take time out from reality. General Pisces have a soft heart and are very compassionate and have a soft heart for people who are in need.
Different - Klaus Mikaelson // requested

Request - can you do a Klaus milkaelson x reader where the reader is new to mystic falls and he instantly takes an intrest in her and makes caroline jealous?? love your writing!

Pairing : Klaus Mikaelson x Fem Reader 

Requests are open. xx

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Mystic Falls. An unknown territory. Truth is, I never left New York. My parents sent me here to “better myself”. They tried to get me to stay with family friends but I shot that down quick. I’m 19. I can fend for myself. The only reason I came down here instead of bailing was because I might as well do something for them. Family is all you have in the end.

The apartment I bought was right in the town. As I looked from a window I saw town square and a bar across from my building. Smirking, I got dressed into a black tank top and ripped jeans. I grabbed my heels, purse, and leather jacket before stepping out into the cold hallway.

There weren’t a lot of people around as I across the street. And it was quiet.. Living in the city that never sleeps can be very loud. This was the exact opposite and it was kind of nice.

Walking into the grill or bar or whatever it is, I looked around. The door slammed behind me, catching some peoples attention. Music played softly in the background, and I arched an eyebrow. Is this really how people spend their time down here? I sighed and started to make my way to the bar.

“Rum and coke, please.” I asked kindly.

The man looked at me with a questioning look but made my drink anyway. Wow, they don’t even ID down here. I sipped my drink and scanned around the room. Not a lot of cute guys here. The man a few seats down wasn’t too bad, with raven hair and a leather jacket but I could tell that he’s spoken for. Him and brunette over there were speaking with their eyes.

The blonde one who made my drink was okay.. But he looked vulnerable. Reading people around me became a specialty of mine after years and years of boring family business parties. I let out a sigh before downing the rest of my drink. I turned my head and saw a man smirking at me. He was probably the best looking guy in the bar. From his smirk I could tell he was confident.

The blonde girl behind him didn’t look too happy, and stormed off. I smiled as he approached me.

“You don’t look like you’re from around here, love.” The man spoke with an accent. Accents have always been a weakness of mine, but I didn’t let it show.

“That’s because I’m not.” I grinned, looked back to the bartender. “Another rum and coke, please.”

“Put it on my tab, Matt. It’s rude to have a woman pay for her own drink.”

“Oh, so chivalry isn’t dead. That’s a relief.” I let out a light laugh as Matt handed me my drink.

“I like to think my mother raised me better than that.” His voice was smooth.

“Very well. What’s your name, stranger?” I asked, taking a sip, letting the burning liquid slide down my throat.

“Klaus.. And you are?”

“Y/N. Now that we’re acquainted, how about I beat your ass at a game of pool?”

Klaus ended up walking me back to my apartment around 11. I wasn’t drunk, but I wasn’t sober either. I could still walk on my own, but I had a giggly feeling.

“You can come in, if you’d like. It’ll probably be hours before I fall asleep.” I announced as I unlocked my door.

“No. It’s quite alright. Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow.” Klaus smiled. He drank way more than me, yet he doesn’t even seem fazed.

I let out a giggle, “perhaps you will. Goodnight Klaus. You’re not that bad you know.”

“Goodnight Y/N.” He softly smiled before walking to the elevator.

Shutting the door, I stretched and started stripping. Making my way to the closet.

Waking up, it felt as if someone lightly traced their fingers on my bare back. Yet, when I opened my eyes I saw no one around. I stretched and probably let out the most sexual noise ever while I did it. That’s the beauty of living alone. You can make so many weird noises and no one will hear.

After showering and changing into my clothes for the day, I grabbed my keys and walked to the front door. I came to a stop when I saw a single envelope on the floor, as if someone slid it under the door. The writing on it was beautiful cursive. I opened it and saw that it was an invitation to a ball.

Holy shit, I didn’t think anyone threw those things anymore. Thinking it’d be fun I decided to go dress shopping. Flipping the card over I saw, written messily in the bottom corner, ‘Save me a dance. -Klaus.’.

Jesus, I don’t know who this man is… but he’s playing the cards right. I smirked to myself, and finally headed into the town. Walking from store to store I ran into the blonde girl from last night in a boutique.  

“Hi,” she simply spoke, standing in front of me with her hands clasped. I gave her an odd look.


“What’s your name?” She asked.

“…Y/N. Yours?” I responded. I felt awkward talking to her, so I continued to browse isles. Looking at different price tags on beautiful gowns.

“Caroline.” She smiled. I will admit, she is beautiful.

“Nice to meet you Caroline. Can I help you with something?”

She looked around the room, “this might sound weird, but I’m trying to help you.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yeah, just stay away from Klaus… He’s trouble. I should know.”

I smirked and looked over to her, “everyone likes a bit of trouble. Thanks, honestly. But I can take care of myself. It was nice to meet you, Caroline.” I smiled before grabbing a beautiful dress and going to the register.

The ball was at 7, however considering I knew nothing about this town I decided to leave a bit early so I could avoid getting lost. The gown I was wearing was black lace. It was straight and flowed to the floor. I had my hair styled up, with loose curls falling out. My makeup was natural, with a bit of dark eyeshadow to make my eyes pop.

I ended up pulling into the mansion around 8:30. Try to get somewhere early, only to be late. Story of my life. Walking inside, I saw so many people in gorgeous dresses and suits. There were waiters walking about with champagne.

I snagged myself a glass and wandered around. I tried my hardest to look for Klaus - or hell, even Caroline, but no luck. I’m never good at events like this unless I had someone with me.

A few glasses later, I stood by the staircase. Contemplating leaving or not.

“Save me a dance, love?” I heard a voice from behind me. I smirked and turned around.

“Surprisingly, I haven’t danced with anyone. Just drinking your free champagne. If you’re lucky, you might get more than one dance.”

“How come you haven’t danced with anyone? As far as I can tell, most of the men can’t keep their eyes off you. Including my brother, over there.” Klaus smirked, pulling me to the dance floor.

“Believe it or not, most guys are intimidated by me. It was like that even in New York. Which one is your brother?” I responded, placing one hand behind his neck and the other in his hand.

“He’s over there, by the bar. He’s the one staring and trying to find out a way to win your heart.”

I glanced behind me and saw him smirking. I let out a laugh.

“He’s cute. But I’m not really into the whole Peter Pan look he has going.. And plus, I’m not that easy to win over.”

Klaus laughed, “I’ll be sure to let him know that.”

I laughed with him before he changed the subject.

“So, Y/N.. What do you like?”

“What do I like?” I laughed softly, “depends. Are we talking about in general or what I like in men?” I arched an eyebrow.

He smirked, “either one.”

I sighed, “well, I try to like everything. As cliché as this might sound, I like clothing. I’ve been thinking about designing some. I love art. But not that stupid modern art, where someone draws a line and calls it art. I like classic art. Like the Mona Lisa or Creation of Adam.. And as for men, I like them to be brilliant. Sophisticated.. But still dangerous. Every girl has a weak spot for a bad boy.” I laughed.

Klaus lightly chuckled, and looked into my eyes. He stepped away, mid dance, and held out his hand.

“Come with me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him but took his hand anyway. He led me up the staircase and I grabbed another glass of champagne on the way.

Klaus opened up the doors to a room and I walked inside. As soon as I stepped one foot inside, I gasped. Paintings were lined around the room and a desk and easel was placed in the middle.

“Oh my god.” I whispered, walking to one of the paintings.

“What are you? Like a collector or something?” I asked, lightly trailing my fingers down a canvas. I heard Klaus chuckle from behind me.

“No, actually I’m an artist. Or so I like to think.”

“Are you kidding me? These are gorgeous. The way you blended the paints together.. It’s amazing.” I smiled, and turned to face him. “You have talent.”

“Thank you. That actually means more than it seems.” He smiled back.

Suddenly the door opened and Caroline stood there, looking angry.

“Klaus. May I have a word?” Her voice was cold.

I saw Klaus roll his eyes before turning to me.

“Please excuse me, I’ll just be a moment.”

I smiled at him and nodded, turning back to the masterpieces in front of me.

For some reason, the party ended early and Klaus never returned. I was walking into my sad, cold apartment when I noticed something lying on my bed. I threw down my clutch and picked up the piece of paper.

It was a drawing, of me. My hair was down and it looked like I was smiling. I remember that moment, it was the night before when I was kicking Klaus’ ass at pool. The bottom corner had writing and it said, ‘Hope you forgive me for leaving you. I’d love to see you again. You’re different from the rest. - Klaus.’

I smiled like a drunk idiot before falling onto my bed. I think I might like it here.

Hope you like it!! Sorry it’s so late!! xx

Unknown Territory // Jughead

Summary: Reader is Riverdale’s mysterious teenager. Jughead and the reader share a lot of firsts and she’s going to be his first time until feelings are said and plans change. How will everyone react when sophomore starts with a new couple.

Characters: Jughead x Reader, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and Archie Andrews

Words: 1212

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters that appear in this story.

Warnings: Allusion to sex, swearing, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Popped into my head. This is set in the summer before sophomore and Jason is not mentioned what so ever in this.

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Originally posted by juptern

Jughead Jones, little was known when it came to the strange but real teen that was almost always alone. Everybody knew that Jughead and Archie Andrews were best friends; after a short period no one knew why they didn’t hang together anymore.

There was one person that was the true mysterious teen. You were the girl with the trademark dark eyeliner and computer. It wasn’t known what you did on it but the hint was the large studio headphones that more than likely covered your ears.

Last year was when you caught the attention of Jughead more than any other year. He craved mystery but he craved you more.

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Herbs for Spells : Grocery Store vs. Home Grown vs. Edible Wilds 🌿

though not every witch uses plants or herbs in their craft, it is a common question for beginner witches, “where do i get herbs for spells/potions?” 

the short and simple answer is, wherever is most important in your craft

  • do you feel it is important the herbs you acquire commune with nature? 
  • or is it important that these herbs are close in energy to you from time spent growing them?
  • or are all herbs are good as each other, and you prefer where they are most accessible?

all of these are equally valid choices in one’s craft. 

however, the answer is not as simple as this. 

we are dealing with plants, which have the potential to cause harm. merely being a witch does not give one a degree in botany or make one a master in herbalism. the way you procure your herbs/plants does not so much depend on your skill as a witch, but your knowledge of plants. though there may be a spiritual reason for where you would like to get your herbs from, you may want to work your way up to that first, and do the appropriate amount of research and training before you dive into unknown and dangerous territory. 

🌿 Finding Herbs at the Grocery Store

as this is the safest and easiest way to acquire herbs. for the most part, you are unlikely to be hurt by your average spice cabinet of kitchen herbs, spare for certain medical conditions, like allergy or pregnancy. the herbs bought from stores are already prepared to be consumed in recommended amounts,  and though you may not find anything particularly exciting at the store, you’ll never run out of rosemary and thyme. 

🌿 Using Homegrown Herbs

this is the middle ground. you have control over the herbs you plant, and it’s up to you to research them before buying/using seeds, which includes on how to handle the plant as well as its edibility. 

however, there is still the possibility of mistake. outdoor gardens are susceptible to whatever seeds get carried in by wind and animals, as well as whatever pesticides and general pollution that is in your area. how edible the plants you grow varies from area to area, and requires individual research. 

🌿 Finding Edible Wilds 

this is the most dangerous way to get your herbs, as there is the most room for error. there are many plants that can be easily mistaken for their poisonous counterpart, and others that though they are edible, are harmful to touch/harvest. using edible wilds is something only people high experienced with plants should consider themselves able to do, and even then they still put themselves at some amount of risk. 

tl;dr: unless you’re a professional don’t go looking for random shit in the woods for your spells, there’s poisonous shit out there

this is not to say the odd dandelion found in a field can’t be used for your craft, but if you find a white carrot, and can’t remember which poisonous plant it could be, “was it belladonna, nightshade, or hemlock, i wonder?” or if it’s even safe to touch it, you want to take a pass on picking it, for your own safety. 


haha sorry

i thought you were the muscle of this relationship??


did i hurt you tho


In Which Dave Thinks His Bf Can Do The Terry Catch (<- link)

I’m actually super proud of this one because I didn’t use references??? This is unknown territory folks holyfuck. 

Do not repost.

Here’s a bonus: (EDIT: had the wrong version at first whoops)

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Forever and Always

Pairing: lams (laurens x hamilton)

Premise: In the present day, a young historian named Jalisa finds all the missing letters between John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton.

Word Count: 4359 (yIKES sorry)

Warnings: allusions to suicide, angst

*IMPORTANT* a/n: okay, so this was a number prompt that I wanted to flesh out, so here you go anon!! and just a note, in this universe, the ONLY letter found between Hamilton and Laurens was the “cold in my professions” one. also - pay attention to the dates of the letters and the signatures at the end, they’re important…. that’s all!  enjoy <3

Jalisa felt a twinge of excitement as soon as she’d crossed the threshold of the Grange. She stared around at the beautiful old house, trying to take in as many details as she could.

“You have an hour, okay, Jalisa? And make sure to wear gloves when touching anything. Don’t break anything, and don’t mess up any of the displays,” her professor spoke in warning tones, clearly rethinking his promise to her that she could have free reign in the historic house.

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A Commutual Contract

After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive.

And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling. It doesn’t MEAN anything. Or, at least, that’s what Lance keeps telling himself.

Chapter 1

It didn’t matter how many drills they practiced or how in sync their thoughts were—sometimes things just didn’t go as planned. Actually, Keith was learning that, more often than not, nothing ever went as planned. Rather, what defined their situation was their ability to think around it and scrape together something new from the falling debris.

Yet, even that too would fail at some point.

They’d been responding to another distress call, which was hardly out of the ordinary. Any and all distress calls were answered, and so going into unknown territory—territory potentially overrun by Galra—was no new occurrence. Still, each encounter was different, and this one was going far, far worse than even their regular dosage of what could be considered bad to worse.

It’d all happened very quickly.

The distress call had come from another Balmera, this one much, much more alive than the one they’d previously encountered and the people living within a far cry from wanting to submit to the Galra. From what little info was able to be gathered, the Balmerans—who, though were clearly related to the Balmeran’s they’d met previously, were skinnier, taller, and spikier, with darker complexions—had been enslaved for quite some time, but had always pushed forward with underground attempts at sabotage. With the news of Voltron spreading across the universe, it’d only been a matter of time before they’d decided to call for help.

And so Voltron was there, though it’d been split into its five lion pieces. Mostly in attempts to separate the Galra defenses, luring the masses orbiting the Balmera into different directions.

Keith hadn’t intended to break the atmosphere, but he also hadn’t intended to be side-swiped by an ion canon blast, which had left his lion comatose. Victim to the Balmera’s gravity, they’d plunged through the atmosphere toward it, Keith doing his best to get Red up and moving again. Before the force of their drop destroyed them both.

“C'mon, Red!” he said through gritted teeth, slamming his hands down on the dashboard but procuring no response. He knew Red was trying to heal up—to use whatever mechanical healing abilities were at her disposal—but it wasn’t fast enough. They were gaining speed all the time, twisting through the clouds uncontrollably.

“What are you doing, Keith?!” It was Lance’s voice that broke over his com.

“Red’s not working!” he yelled out in frustration. “We couldn’t get out of the way of the ion blast!”

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Japan Unit Theory

First of all congratulations to NCT 127 for their first win today!! We’re all extremely happy and proud.

Now onto the theory…

We’re really not sure how accurate this is because SM is proving to be rather difficult to predict, but having looked at it, we like to think that the evidence suggests this is at least possible, if not accurate.

When SM talked about their plans for the rest of the year, everything was already prepared into a nice little schedule. EXO is this July, Super Junior is later this year, Girl’s Generation will be having a comeback with their 10th Anniversary and other groups ae coming back too. If we follow this plan, NCT is being completely neglected for the rest of this year.

At least, they are in Korea.

NCT has always been advertised as a ‘global idol’ group who can promote simultaneously in different countries at once. They have not had a new unit since Dream almost a year ago, even though SM really wanted to push this concept. Unless they just alternate 127 and Dream with occasional U, they need a new unit soon. With the Korean music shows taken up by their seniors who are very difficult to beat (sorry NCT, we love you and we’re so proud but we don’t think you’ll beat EXO yet), it makes sense that they’ll debut in another country. There are still political issues with China, but there is some evidence that it might be Japan. Japan also isn’t unknown territory for SM either - Taemin is having a Japanese comeback very soon. 

First of all, NCT has already made their television debut in Japan. Not only is this season of NCT Life being filmed in Osaka, but it’s also specifically airing in Japan for the first time before it airs in Korea, as well as alongside all the other seasons. If they want to get promotion over there before debuting, having a reality show is perfect and to be honest, it doesn’t exactly make sense for them to have the show air in Japan if they aren’t debuting there. They have had two seasons in Thailand now, and neither of those have aired in Thailand.

NCT have several Japanese speaking members - Yuta, obviously, and Johnny can speak some. They might also have hidden members from Japan who just haven’t been announced yet. Although, do you know which SM Rookie speaks very good Japanese?

(We hate to keep talking about him, but hey - he keeps coming up and he is rosie’s bias after all)

Hansol speaks Japanese and would likely be a member of a Japanese unit. Especially seeing as he has a very close relationship with Yuta (and by that we mean, basically dating) means he would suit the unit well. Even more evidence? Hansol recently started an Instagram account. As an Rookie, it’s possible that people in Japan might not know him - there were no Rookie Showcases in Japan, for example and he hasn’t been promoted in NCT yet. But Instagram is huge over there - we’re talking 8.9 million Japanese users alone in early 2017. 

Shall we talk facts? Yes, I know - actual facts and numbers in a theory wow. Hansol already has a lot of Japanese followers on Instagram. It is actually a common practice in Japan to promote products and companies on Instagram now. Why? Because through Instagram, you can reach 45% of the Japanese population. That’s 57 million people. There have also been studies as to why Japanese people use Instagram, and the overwhelming answer is that they do it to keep up with non-Japanese celebrities, people and businesses. SM is usually smart with their social media promotions, and they work in Japan enough to know this. And, 55% of the Instagram users in Japan are females age 18 to late 30s, which is the exact target demographic for NCT. If SM are smart, and we like to think they are, then promoting Hansol on Instagram for a Japanese unit is a very, very good idea. Hansol has 90k followers as of today even though he only became active on the account on the 1st June.

 - so, he’s not unknown, and he’s going to be reaching a very high percentage of that target Japanese audience. It will also explain why the majority of his captions have been in English - Hansol is trying to reach an audience outside of Korea. He has also posted and interacted with a Japanese choreographers who have worked with SM.

Hansol finally associated himself with NCT today as well - he liked a post an sm choreographer voting for their win on MCountdown today. It’s not a lot, no, but it’s also something as he has not liked anything to do with nct until this point. And trainees do not necessarily need to have SM or NCT in their bio or SNS accounts. Kun and Renjun both have Weibo and neither have SM, NCT or Rookie in their account (but they do have a lot of cherry bomb emojis…)

However - the NCT Japan Unit has to happen at some point, and we think it’s going to happen very soon, before the end of the year. And if SM are smart and finally want to do something right with their Rookies, and they are intentionally promoting Hansol on Instagram for it - well, we’re actually impressed with them for once.


Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 29,223

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Note: Inspired by 5 Centimeters Per Second. Please keep in mind that the majority of this takes place in the 90s and will be following the Korean school year schedule.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

You’re never the type to try and figure out the answers to those unanswerable questions, but ever since you were little, you always held an utter fascination with how everything worked, both in unison and in discord. You believe that the world is like an unending stream, one that everyone one is thrown into at birth with no other instruction other than to stay afloat. From there, the best thing to do, the only thing you can do, is to let the current carry you through the long and twisting river until you reach the inevitable edge of the waterfall.

This mindset most likely spawns from your mother, much like yourself. She often articulated charming stories and intriguing facts to you throughout your childhood, teaching you all that she knew in order to make sure that you were growing up with as much ease as you could, especially since she was raising you alone. With your mother being the only guardian in your life even to this day, you undeniably find yourself adopting her way of thinking more often than not.

The greatest lesson you learned is that the stream knows where to take you, and the world knows how to continue spinning—all you can do is go with the ebb and flow and hope for the best.

What you didn’t know was that the world would give you the best at such a young age.

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Ignoti Nulla Cupido (16/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 859.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Nope, I’m giving you a break from the angst.

A/N: Sorry for the delay, but here we go again.

Previous Part - Next Part.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

Bucky did not move, not even a blink. His body was immobile, not capable of following his brain instructions as he observed the boy who just spoke to him. Barnes’ eyes were a completely different story, his gaze held so many emotions that it was impossible to signal them but fear and regret were the most prominent ones.

He feared for her, for the child standing in the cell’s threshold that looked at both of them with curiosity. Fear of the unknown, fear of himself not being good enough to pull his family from HYDRA’s claws, fear to say the wrong thing. Regret walked hand by hand with his fear; a regret he has been carrying in his heart since she left.

“Who are you?”

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Anonymous said: heyyy may i request headcannons for a cuddle session with my half and half babe

todokori-kun said: hi, hi! could i please request some general cuddling/relationship hcs? like, how does he act in a relationship, opinion on pda, big spoon, little spoon and so on! Good luck with the blog ^^

How could I say no to HEADCANONS!? Thank you for requesting them! I hope it’s all right that I combined these two lovely requests into relationship headcanons. I may have gotten a littttle carried away while writing this.. <3

Warnings: Spoilers for Todoroki’s past.

Relationship Headcanons

Beginning a relationship, to Todoroki, is like moving into unknown territory. The experiences he has are new, but exciting, and it’s so unlike those he had prior to meeting you. During your early dates, he’s awkward and doesn’t know whether his responses to the questions you ask are the right ones or not, and he worries his inexperience with these things will bother you or, worse, scare you off because he appears too indifferent.

PDA is kept to a minimum. Todoroki believes the most affectionate moments should be in private because he’s seen how inquisitive his classmates can get about each other’s personal lives. It works well for the both of you because you get the best reactions out of him away from prying eyes.

In spite of minimal PDA, Todoroki has no problem answering basic questions about your relationship. A student—he doesn’t have to know them—can walk right up to him and ask, “Are you guys dating?” and he’ll say yes without hesitation. Depending on who’s asking, he might add, “Is that a problem?” When he does Todoroki doesn’t mean to sound hostile, but may come across that way.

Much of his childhood was spent training nonstop under his unloving father, and though this makes Todoroki unaccustomed at first to receiving affection from you, it doesn’t take long for him to warm up to it. Affection is affection, and he’ll take it in any manner he can. He’ll always try his best to return your affection, even when you’d told him at the very start of your relationship that he could take things slow.

Todoroki’s not finicky about what position he’s in when cuddling and doesn’t mind being the big spoon or the little spoon. He sees the advantages of both. As the big spoon, he feels protective of you, enjoying how close you are and how comfortable it is, and as the little spoon, Todoroki loves the feeling of you holding him, your fingers playing with his hair.

He will eat anything you make or buy for him from a convenience store, a supermarket, etc. Honestly, you could slip poison into his food, serve it to him, and he wouldn’t suspect a thing. In his adolescence, Todoroki cooked most of his meals, so he’s a decent cook and recognizes the care that goes into making a homecooked dish. He’s actually the ideal person to go to when you’re not sure about the taste of something because he doesn’t sugar coat. He lets you know if the taste’s off, if you can improve somewhere, or if he simply likes a dish.

Todoroki remembers (almost) all the important dates in your life, such as your birthday, and it helps that his phone has a calendar he can use to keep track of them. On the rare occasion he forgets, however, he feels ashamed and apologizes to you in person if he can. Every time he does this, you reassure him that it’s okay, sometimes hugging him as another reassurance.

Ironically though Todoroki always forgets his own birthday. It actually takes your morning text of “Happy Birthday, Shouto!” combined with emojis or emoticons to remind him of his special day, and what he wishes for the most is to spend his birthday with you.

The first time you meet Todoroki’s father is by accident. Todoroki had invited you to his house, which he didn’t do very often, but since Endeavor was barely there, he’d thought it’d be a good chance to show you where he lived. And the second you two run into his father Todoroki is in front of you, blocking you from Endeavor’s line of sight. Only a few words are exchanged between father and son, and Endeavor remarks that if he’d known Todoroki had been “wasting his time” with someone like you, he’d have arranged for a post-graduation quirk marriage as soon as he’d found a candidate with a strong quirk to match his. It’s one of the few times you’ve ever seen Todoroki so furious.