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Okay so I am legit thinking Sherlock will have to choose between John and Mycroft. The “I love you” adressed to both because he actually loves both and this is his last opportunity to tell one of them (probably Mycroft because let’s be real, John won’t die) also Mycroft’s “Is this supposed to be a game?” That would be earlier in the scene because Mycroft’s probably not understanding what this is about or doesn’t want to understand. And then there’s the shot with Mycroft weirdly dead-looking in the background while Sherlock cries with the gun in his hand. And then there’s the scene where John takes the gun from Sherlock but there’s also another unknown guy in the room, but Mycroft’s gone? Guys I’m legit scared, I don’t want Mycroft to die

Unknown Route In A Nutshell...

MC: Hi Saeran~!

Unknown: *flustered* stfu bitch get out

MC: …*Leaves*

~~3 Minutes Later~~~

MC: *Enters the room again*

Unknown: *close to tears* ohmahgawdIwasoWORRIEDABOUTYOUDON-*hic*D-DON’T DO THAT AGAIN! *SOBS*

MC: …


The Signs as Weird Clash Stories

Aries- The Blockheads show up at the studio dressed as police, causing the band to panic and flush all their drugs

Taurus- Topper and Paul are arrested for shooting pigeons from the roof after someone mistakes them for terrorists.

Gemini- Mick and Joe fly to Jamacia, spend the whole trip smoking weed while hiding in their hotel room, because two tiny white boys severely underestimated how different life was in Jamaica.

Cancer- Members of the clash are arrested for stealing pillows from hotel rooms. Reasons unknown.

Leo- Mick Jones sends Johnny Green out to get cocaine. The store Green was buying from is raided, people are arrested, and Green barely manages to sneak out. Upon his return, Mick is pissed that Green didn’t at least smuggle out some cocaine.

Virgo- Topper calls Johnny Green and asks him to come over, rambling about some pool table he just bought. When Green arrives, the table isn’t even set up, and it’s clear to him that Topper was just lonely and wanted someone to come over.

Libra- Mick Jones sits outside of the tour bus and refuses to move until someone gets him a joint.

Scorpio- Paul auditions for London SS, and it is immediately clear why Paul doesn’t sing. He is still kept in reserves, because Mick Jones thought he was very attractive.

Sagittarius- Paul begins bass and is terrible. His original plan was to stand on the front of the stage and jump around so much no one would notice he couldn’t play.

Capricorn- Joe Strummer is sent a death threat. Despite the danger, he still wants to play at the location he was told he will die in. Mick, Paul, and Topper refuse to let him.

Aquarius- Mick Jones writes Train in Vain and is immediately shut down by Joe Strummer, who despises heterosexual love songs.

Pisces- Joe sees a group of sad punks outside a venue he was supposed to play at and walks up to them. They couldn’t get tickets and were upset, so, naturally, Joe brings them in and gets them up front.

I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing… I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.
—  H.H. Holmes
Holmes was one of the first documented American serial killers. He built a murderous hotel he could lure unknowing victims to before killing them and hiding their bodies in the many unknown rooms and entrances throughout the hotel. Holmes confessed to 27 murders but some believe his body count may be as high as 200.
Crushing On You

Request:  ah i want more aaron imagines you write them so good! could you do one where you’re cameron’s cousin and you move to LA and he develops a huge crush on you?

a/n: I will never get tired of writing Aaron imagines

Word Count: 709

Pairing: Aaron Carpenter X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Thanks for letting me stay here Cam.” I smiled thankfully at my older cousin. “No problem.” He shrugged, “Hey Cam!” I heard some guy shout from the front door, I walked out there to see a guy standing in the living room. “Um, can I help you?” I asked him confused as to why a stranger to me was standing in my cousin’s living room. The unknown guy whipped around at the sound of my voice. 

He looked at me and looked awestruck, I couldn’t say that I didn’t feel the same way. He’s definitely easy on the eyes. “Oh, hey, Aaron.” Cam said coming up from behind me, we both snapped out of it and looked at him. “Sorry, Aaron, this is my cousin, Y/N. Y/N, this is, Aaron.” Cam introduced us. I went over and held my hand out for him to shake, “Nice to meet you.” I said as he shook my hand, “You too.” He replied, it felt like time stopped as he spoke well our hands touched. I know, I must sound crazy.

– 3 months later

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Aaron and I have grown extremely close since then, I even started developing feelings for him. I just don’t know if I should tell him or not.. Part of my thinks he likes me too but then I think no he doesn’t besides he’s got thousands of girls crushing on him. 

I shook the thoughts away as I parked at the airport. I’m picking up Cam and Aaron, they just got back from the last magcon event. I pulled my hood up and put my sunglasses on as I got out of the car hoping that the fans that are here won’t notice me. I smiled to myself as I walked in to already see Cam and Aaron taking pictures with some fans. They purposely got a flight that would land at a crazy hour of the morning so there would be less fans here. 

I stood off to the side until they were done. They came over to me as I started walking to the car, giving up on covering my face from the fans, most of them know who I am because of me staying with Cam. I hugged both of them quickly before security started getting mad at all the commotion from the fans. 

I sighed as we reached the car, I yawned, “Who’s driving?” I asked hoping it wasn’t going to be me. “I’ll drive.” Cam offered holding his hand out for my keys. They got to sleep on the plane well I’ve been up all night waiting for them. I climbed in the backseat as Aaron sat in front by Cam. 

My eyes closed and I instantly fell asleep.

I woke up as I felt someone carrying me, I wrapped my arms around their neck. I opened my eyes slightly and saw Aaron glance down at me. I gave him a small smile as my forehead leaned on his upper arm. “You can put me down you know.” I mumbled to him, he chuckled knowing I enjoyed not having to walk when I’m this tired. “It’s okay, I’ve got you.” He replied as we walked down the hallway to Cam’s apartment. I smiled at his words.

Finally he set me down on my bed. “Aaron.” I said making him freeze as he went to walk out of my room. He turned and looked at me, “Yeah?” He asked walking back towards me bed. He crouched down to be eye level with me, “I have to tell you something.” I said my confidence building up. He nodded waiting for me to go on, “I really like you.” I told him. He looked at me for a minute trying to see if I was serious or just crazily tired. 

I stared at him my eyes slightly wide, did I just ruin things between us? 

He started smiling widely, I let out a breath of relief. “I like you too.” He assured me. I nodded as I once again started falling asleep. I felt him kiss my forehead before I heard him walk out of my room. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. 

Funtime Freddy

Status: Clinically insane; Isolation from the rest of the members is recommended.

Location: Moved from the Funtime Auditorium and into Breaker Room west of Ballora Gallery.

Circus Baby: As the leader of the group, Circus Baby’s heart reaches out to Freddy and she visits him daily.
Ballora: Freddy reaches out to Ballora now that his room is west of hers, but is constantly rejected by her as she finds his new state repulsive.
Funtime Foxy: Freddy’s old companion in Funtime Auditorium. With what happened and Freddy’s sudden transfer, their relationship is non-existent.
Bon-Bon: His only companion while isolated in the Breaker Room; Bon-Bon is Freddy’s strongest companion amongst the group.
Bonnet: Bonnet has a special place in Freddy’s heart and she spends all her time with him and Bon-Bon in the Breaker Room.
Unknown: There is going to be a new mechanic working alongside the others. A doctor’s recommendation? Stay away from Funtime Freddy …

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About José in 50 shades of Grey: Christian for some ~mysterious~ reason already think if "And the little prick smokes weed? I hope he doesn't smoke around Ana" and Grey decided to perform a background check on José (it happened after Christian Grey track Ana’s location via her cell phone, Take her to an unknown hotel room while she was drunk, remove her clothing and almost raped her... But of course Grey is the """good""" guy)

Well, we’re talking about the same author who said something like “[Grey] wondered if that’s how [Ana] liked her men: black and weak”. Sooo
I’m not surprised, absolutely EVERYTHING related to 50 shades is garbage and should be burnt to ashes. Ugh.
Mod A.


Female!reader, ReaderxHongbin.

He had you pinned against the wall, your skirt pushed up to your hips. Hongbin knew he had you in the palm of his hand, your ragged breathing and your needy whines were a dead give away.

Slowly pressing kisses to your neck Hongbin made his way down to your breasts. Removing your bra he took one of your rosy buds into his mouth, sucking and nibbling briefly before moving on to the other one.

Letting out soft moans you ran your fingers through his hair, gripping the silky strands and tugging slightly. Dropping down onto his knees Hongbin pulled down your skirt, throwing them into an unknown corner of the room though neither of you cared. Hongbin toyed with the hem of your panties before pulling them back and letting them snap against your skin.

You let out a whine at the sensation, your senses on overdrive from the intense arousal. He tugged the soaking wet fabric down your legs getting rid of it quickly, he gripped your left thigh pulling it over his shoulder for better access to your dripping cunt.

Pressing a teasing kiss to your clit Hongbin licked a stripe up your pussy, moaning softly at the sweet taste of your juices. Switching between lapping at your slit and flicking your clit he massaged your cunt, slurping up all of your juices before taking your leg off of his shoulder and standing back up.

Capturing your lips in a feverish kiss he ran his hands down your torso to your thighs. you could taste yourself on his tongue, kissing him harder then pulling off his shirt wanting to be as close as possible. Sensing your eagerness he rid himself of his tight pants pulling down his boxers with them, his hard on sprung free you didn’t realize how hard he was until now. Gripping your thighs he signaled for you to jump, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist. Running a teasing finger down your slit he tested your wetness though he knew you were already dripping for him. You cried out for him to just fuck you already, his teasing fingers becoming too much for you. Pressing the tip of his hard cock to your slit he gathered your wetness before pressing it to your entrance, he pushed his already throbbing hard on into your cunt slowly; wanting to relish in the feeling of your tight walls clenching around him. Setting a slow pace he thrusted in and out of your dripping cunt, he was switching between thrusting into you and pushing himself inside you all the way to the hilt then grinding against you. The movement of his hips were hard and passionate, wanting to bring you both to a climax quickly. Reaching down he rubbed tight circles into your clit, bringing his head down to your neck he sucked dark marks there. The feeling of him filling you up so perfectly mixed with the delicious pressure on your clit sent you tumbling over the edge into your impending climax, Your hot juices squirting onto his cock and dripping down his thighs. the sight of your liquids going all over him sent him into an unbelievable climax. Streams of his searing cum shot into your pussy your juices mixing together while you rode out your highs. Once you both had caught your breath he placed you back down, he walked out of the room returning quickly with a rag to clean you both up. When you were finally clean he pressed a loving kiss to your lips then lifting you up bridal style and taking you to your soft bed where you could both drift into a blissful slumber.