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Hi Shannon, name's abby, friendly neighborhood anon and I was re-reading trc and it's mentioned that it's unknown what Monmouth manufactured. What if...what if Niall Lynch dreamed it and it's where he went to dream when he thought he might bring back something risky ("something had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls"). That's why Gansey bought it- he can feel the magic internally but didn't know what it was (ley line and all). (1/2)

(2/2)And Ronan doesn’t completely hate it, maybe his greywaren senses pick up on the dreams imbued in the walls and it makes him feel safe (ish). Obviously Ronan is even more comfortable at the Barns, but Monmouth has more magic than the dorms at Aglionby ever will. Ronan can subtly feel the potential for dreams Niall left behind, can unconsciously read the protections (failing bc Niall isn’t there to maintain them)built into the walls to help protect the outside world if a nightmare came back.

This is the coolest fucking TRC meta I’ve read in a long while. Thank you for sending this friendly neighborhood anon because I love this concept so much!

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This is my family. Treat them nicely. Clockwise from top centre: 2013 Schecter Hellraiser Solo-6, 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Ltd Edition “Gothic”, 1999 Squire Stagemaster, 1972 Columbus Les Paul, 1986 Marlin State of the Art Series, 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Ltd Ed TV Silver w/ EMG’s, 2009 Hofner Shorty, Gibson Les Paul custom aged “Jimmy Page No.1”, date of manufacture unknown. Fuck yeah.


Panzer Fabrik has a German WWII-style field kitchen trailer up on Ebay. Bidding starts at $3,700. Description: 

Late WWII style, early post war, German field kitchen.  Date of manufacture is unknown so assume that its Post War.  Works great for WWII Reenactment or displays.   Brought to USA in approximately 2005.  Kitchen was disassembled and damaged components restored or rebuilt.  Modified for propane use.  Original firebox and heat vent system is modified to fix propane burners directly underneath cooking compartments….Assume some tinkering to get propane heating just like you like it.   On multiple occasions this kitchen has successfully fed approximately 50+ men at one meal.

Listing here.