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It's frustrating how Louis's contribution to the band are erased or unknown. Most interviewers don't really know about how 1Ds sound progressed over the years-- how it provided a great stepping stone for Harry and Niall's solo sounds. I wish people did care about that sort of thing bc Louis was instrumental in all that. If he hadn't put up a fuss, Julian never would have come on board to shape their growing sound. Its an interesting moment in 1D history and no pop culture journalist knows it.

Thats very well put anon and… all true sadly. Louis is paying the price, the others (and their labels & teams) are reaping the rewards and pop culture journalist have no idea what Louis true role was mainly because they’re now so lazy they just sit there and take the information thats spoon fed to them by the PR arms of the large entertainment corporations . If they’re fed in the cuttings, the narrative that Louis is musically and vocally untalented, chaotic, aggressive and has nothing to offer/is the guy at the back whose solo career is a huge gamble/is likely to fail– thats the formula they blindly follow. Every celeb has their own cut out and keep  by number image – thats the one Sony have cemented to Louis name.  You do get the very rare maverick celeb jpurno who refuses to be obedient for a quiet life  (like the Harvey W journalists) but most are either in full and eager collusion like Dan W, or just churning out what there told to say without ever bothering to look deeper like the BBC Music writers

 Who can say if Louis is being made an example of or if its also to do with Larry/solo harry or the tying off of the loose ends of very messy, historic punishment (BG).  But the fact is that Louis is the No Man in that very telling cartoon (how much more obvious can he be??). Even his enemies have revealed that it was Louis bravery and vision which forced even Sony and their paid hacks to allow 1D not to become just another formulaic unimaginative boyband used up and thrown away in the set 5 years. You’dd think Sony & the hacks whose professional names are linked to 1D would be feting Louis in fact,  wouldnt you? But thats not how the entertainment/music industry with its huge fetid, repellent and sadistic egos works. It would be wonderful if the Harvey W effect spread to the music industry but I suspect the outrage is already fading out.

so for those of you who watched the daniel craig interview on 8/15 and were wondering…

here are the interviews from a year ago where even then, people could tell that stephen colbert had a major crush on rachel weisz (and who doesn’t really… i was a kid when the mummy came out and i’m still in love)


August’s Featured Game: Land, Sea, Entropy

GENRE: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
SUMMARY: Land, Sea, Entropy, is a story-heavy action role-playing game with elements of mystery and horror. You live beneath the sea in a small village called Tidemoor. To the North is a labyrinth inhabited by strange monsters… and their numbers are only growing. So as one of Tidemoor’s warriors, your job is to thin the beast’s numbers and protect your town. But you get too greedy, go too far, and reach a point of no return.
You find yourself in a world far different from your own, but it isn’t all full of monsters. There are peaceful places too, areas that are completely safe and untouched by any beasts. As you come to meet the inhabitants of this new land, and seek to return to your own, strange phenomena begins to occur and a mystery surrounding the unknown world unfolds. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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I’d like to ask a little help from die hard Keanu Reeves fans out there. I’ve had these screen-grabs for several years but I don’t know what they’re from. Does anybody recognize this interview or know where to find it on the web?

Edit: Thanks for the answers, folks. Unfortunately this interview doesn’t seem to be available on the internet at this time. *sigh*


It doesn’t quite hit him until he steps through those office doors. They shut behind him with a click far too loud for a room which suddenly feels so small. Erwin’s desk is exactly as he left it; papers strewn across the dark oak top, the lid of his ink pot sitting not where it should be but on his note papers, the ink now an unsightly crust around the rim.

If this had been any normal expedition, Levi would tut right about now and start clearing up. In no time the papers would be organised, the ink splotches wiped away and the dust that had settled would be swept up.

There’s hardly any point now. He could clean, but Erwin isn’t going to walk through those doors and give Levi that tender smile of his as he thanks him for clearing up, all while assuring that there wasn’t really any need. Sometimes, after the more disastrous missions, he would even rest his hand on Levi’s shoulder and linger, just for a little while. It had always made his heart stutter

But there will be none of that this time.

Levi circles the desk with small, cautious steps, unaware of what frightens him so, but he reaches the chair and as his fingers brush along the armrest he feels dread set heavy in his stomach. How often had he brought the man coffee to help him power through those long evenings? And despite that, how many times had he stepped into this office later that night to find Erwin asleep in this chair, forehead pressed firmly to the desk?

There had been far too many occasions where Levi had come so close to brushing Erwin’s hair from his eyes, apt as it was to come loose when working endless hours. It had never ceased to trouble Levi, the undying need to know how Erwin’s skin would feel beneath his fingertips.

It was nothing short of cruel that his body was already turning cold on that bed when Levi could finally hold his palm against Erwin’s cheek.

After a moment of hesitation, he pulls out the chair from under the desk. It’s never felt so heavy. He then does something he’s never done, no matter the amount of time spent in this office; Levi sits himself down, and he has never felt this insignificant. Just to sit at a desk so large, so many documents piled on either end; with this desk comes responsibility he knows he could never cope with. Fortunately, Erwin had the oversight to not do something as stupid as appoint Levi as the next commander.

No time at all passes before he starts to feel restless, fingers drumming a slow beat against his thighs.

An unwelcome curiosity burns in the pit of his stomach, it flares as his eyes fall on the drawers to his right. What sort of things did Erwin keep in there? It can’t be anything of importance, Erwin was far too cautious for that. But Levi can’t help but think of how the rules and boundaries of a commander and his subordinate are meaningless now. Anything sitting in those drawers is of no worth to anyone, but they were once, just like the papers atop the desk. Regardless of how little they concern Levi, they were everything to Erwin.

Were his drawers as messy as his desk? Filled with random notes, scrawled thoughts and theories and reminders. Or perhaps the complete opposite. Levi had only once entered Erwin’s bedroom, and he wondered if his desk was just as bare, completely lacking of personal items, nothing of sentimental value.

Levi remembers how it dawned on him that day, that for Erwin Smith there was only his dream, and room for nothing else.

He pulls on the handle of the top drawer, surprised to discover it unlocked. Inside lies a neat pile of parchment paper, and several pens yet to be dipped in ink. The middle drawer boasts not much more, packs of envelopes, wax for his personal seal, everything for his role as commander. Whatever had been fuelling his curiosity seems to dim, but never one to leave a job half-finished, Levi pulls on the final drawer and finds it locked.

Throwing his eyes about the room he tries to think where the key could be, it certainly wasn’t one of the possessions Erwin was carrying with him when he died. He had gone out with nothing more than his stubbornness and that damned bolo tie.

With a low sigh, Levi pushes himself up from the chair, kneels in front of the drawer and removes his knife from his boot. Apprehension about damaging Erwin’s property and violating his privacy stalls him only for a moment.

With a splintering crack the drawer opens, and the disappointment that washes over him comes as a surprise. It looks just like another pile of documents.

He pulls out the papers, feeling himself deflate as and more and more bureaucratic nonsense spews onto his lap, lines detailing finances and beneficiaries and stores stare up at him with each sheet. He slides to the floor, feet beneath him, the papers becoming sand in his fingertips.

He didn’t realise how much he wanted to discover something more about the man, anything to humanise him outside of that dream of his. Erwin had been allowed to die as a human, and Levi didn’t realise until now he needed something to prove he in fact lived like one too.

An ache in his knees and shoulders is what moves Levi to scoop up the papers off the ground. When he lifts them up, however, something slips out.

He drops what he holds into the drawer and reaches to grab the small slip of paper from the floor.

It’s a newspaper clipping, and when Levi sees what has been saved, he can’t stop the air rushing out from his lungs.

A year after joining the Corps, Levi’s adeptness in the field had become well known and the newspapers were desperate to interview this unknown man who had been bestowed the title of Humanity’s Strongest. Initially, Levi had refused, of course, but Erwin persuaded him to go through with it for the sake of improving the Survey Corps’ image.

Without having a name for it at that point, Levi had loved Erwin even then.

Those writing the article had wanted a picture, to put a face to the man with the strength of a thousand.

And it is that picture that Levi holds in his hands now, no bigger than the palm of his hand. Levi frowns; even the artist couldn’t make his face look less miserable. It was the only portrait Levi had done of himself, and he doesn’t doubt that this is one of few copies left.

It’s clear that it has been handled often, but with care. The edges are slightly worn, threatening to fray, but there isn’t a single tear. Levi inspects it more closely and notices the ink detailing his left cheek was beginning to fade.

Of course. The weight of realisation hits his stomach like rocks. Erwin had felt the same way, and only now can Levi see what a fool he was to not have recognised this years before.

His fingers flitter, an internal struggle within him, tempted as he is to rip the damn thing to shreds. In a stuttered breath, every word and touch between them loses all meaning, they twist and tangle, becoming something new. And Levi can only taste the bitterness of it all, like ash on his tongue.

But this is how it was, and had Erwin survived, had Levi made a different choice, then this is how it would always be. Stupidity and stubbornness would have reigned over them both, each denying themselves what they desire. It is only now that Levi only sees it was for all the wrong reasons. Death has always come accompanied with a touch of cold clarity. Levi’s anguish is hollow. Rather than a soul-splitting pain he only feels a numbness crawl over his entire body, a blankness that washes over his mind and thoughts.

The clipping in his hand is far too heavy. He wants to put it back where he found it, as if he could undo ever discovering it, but the thought of someone else sitting at this desk, clearing it out, and coming across this makes his stomach lurch. It is a fragment of Erwin that Levi is unwilling to share. He slips it into his pocket, refusing to think of why he is unable to rip it and throw it into the fireplace, to have it burnt come the first day of winter.

Despite his unwavering trust and belief in him, Levi has never understood Erwin’s desperate pursuit for knowledge and truth. Too many times he had to watch the man teeter on the edge of euphoria following a new discovery, only to watch it fade, swept away in a tide of ugly obsession.  

There are only so many doors you can open, before the monsters starts following through afterwards, and before long you forget where you started.

Unpleasantness claws at his chest as he wonders whether Erwin had always known.  Levi doesn’t doubt that he was keenly aware of how they both felt, but refused to acknowledge that which he deemed unnecessary, a distraction from his purpose.

Levi casts one last look at the office; it is the last time he will stand in it as something of Erwin’s.

His feet drag along the floor as he makes his way out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him. Dust kicks up in the air, swirling this way and that, before settling once more in the rays of the setting sun.

The man was such a fool, but to Levi, there is nothing more human than that.  

A Day In The Life (Edit Piece Takes 1-4 + Unknown Outtake) / Interview w/ Bob Boilen (Excerpt, A Day In The Life)
The Beatles / Giles Martin

February 22nd, 1967 (Studio 2, EMI Studios, London) / May 23rd, 2017: On NPR’s All Songs Considered, Giles Martin shares a couple of recording outtakes from the Sgt. Pepper’s sessions - one of John, Paul, Mal, and George Martin playing the everlasting E major chord at the end of ‘A Day In The Life’, and another of the band (amongst others in the studio) singing the note as a choir. (Note: Three grand pianos and a harmonium, by the way. The choir session was presumably conducted on February 22nd as well, although it may have happened earlier.) 

PAUL: Okay? One, two, three… [playing falters; laughs] That’s stunning! Just – okay. 

JOHN: [laughs] I was waiting for four.

PAUL: No, well I won’t say four, just imagine four is the—

JOHN: Yeah, I mean I was doing the others. 

PAUL: Alright? [laughs] We’ll stop on it. The eight. Now I’ve got to try and remember to count eight. 

GEORGE: Come on, we’ll all subconsciously count eight. 

Police interview with unknown Wobbly, around 1920
  • Cop: What's your nationality?
  • Wobbly: None!
  • C: Well what country are you a citizen of?
  • W: I am a citizen of Industry!
  • C: "Where is your home?"
  • W: Cook country jail, Ohio!
  • C: Before that.
  • W: County Jail, Cleaveland, Ohio
  • C: And before that.
  • W: City jail, Akron, Ohio!
  • C: Look, are you a citizen?
  • W: No! I am an Industrial Worker of the World!
My anti Stydia master post:

Stydias are still ignoring the fact that their ship is nothing more than fan service… Holland was only ever signed on for one season. Her character was originally only a one season character. It was why Lydia’s fate was left unknown. In an interview JD said that if Colton hadn’t of left he’d wanted to explore Jydia (After Lydia had resurrected him with her love) - side note: he was also going to be Peter Hale’s son - and in Season 3A they were setting up for Stora, which became Stalia after Adelaide had left. JD didn’t think that Teen Wolf would get a Season 5 so he’d ended S4 with happy Stalia, Scira, and the set up for Marrish. So this argument Stydias have: “set up since the first season” is insanely incorrect. It looks like they did everything in their power to go against Styida then… Also, may I add, Jeff wrote almost every single Stalia and Marrish episode whereas his terrible writers wrote most of Stydia ;)

Moving on to the fan service - which started in Season 3. First with the panic attack kiss. A kiss while having a panic attack like that? It would only make things so much worse. Moving on to Season 5a+b. “Stiles still likes her” 1) that was out of nowhere. 2) it was so OOC for Kira and Scott to talk like that as if Malia didn’t exist. The Stalia breakup which was riddled with terrible writing. THE BIG ONE: the Lydia rescue… there was so much fan service in this episode. From when they drove the Jeep instead of Natalie’s faster car so Stydia could have their moment in the backseat, to Lydia’s scream that knocked both Scott and Deaton away but somehow shattered the glass inward so Stiles could play the part of the hero (defying the laws of physics). To season 6: when everyone was forgetting Stiles, Malia saw Lydia - her friend - panicking but didn’t chase after her. When the Americanised Ghost Riders were after Stiles they patiently waited by the jeep so Stydia could have their moment… Stydia is so blatantly fan service. The awful writing and OOC moments prove that.

Lydia Martin - Banshee… Okay I’ll start off with the fake Banshee abilities. I know I only just talked about awful writing but it plays a huge part in Stydia. They have set up Banshees to know death - to sense. To have the scream. So now Banshees have remembrance abilities? Do they now somehow tie in to the Wild Hunt? I know Stydia’s love their “emotional tether” argument but 1) it hasn’t been mentioned, brought up, or shown in two seasons… 2) if this is how emotional tethers work then why didn’t Scott behave the same way Lydia is right now when Deaton was in danger - kidnapped by the Desert Wolf? Why didn’t Scott have visions of where the Desert Wolf had taken him? … if that’s how these emotional tethers work.

Bringing up the fan service again; Season 5 showed us how strong the Banshee and Hellhound connection was; showed the friendship between Lydia and Jordan. Now, four episodes in, they’ve had zero interactions. It had showed us that whenever the Hellhound or Banshee are in distress one will find the other. Lydia will be in distress next episode (eye roll) so by ACTUALLY CANNON - CANNON THEY’VE SHOWED US the Hellhound/Parrish should find her - the Banshee would reach out to him. But that won’t happen. They’ve dropped that built up ship/connection. Why? For fan service.

More of Lydia: her character destruction. Season 5 showed us a new side of Lydia. The best side of her. The badass, independent, flirty, selfless, kind Lydia Martin. It made me, someone who didn’t care for her in the past, love her character. But that Lydia is gone now. What we have now is a crybaby who is selfish - will only help the Pack when it involves Lydia (her entire arc now is revolved around Stiles; Stydia). We’re also seeing the resurgence of Season 1 Lydia. Already the selfishness, but now we’re seeing her go after her friends ex. “I think I loved him”… when he was with Malia? When Malia still had/has feelings for him? This is Season 1 Lydia all over again. They’ve ruined Lydia’s amazing character development for fan service.

Stiles Stilinski - a user… My feelings towards Stiles is no secret. I hate him for so many reasons. But I’d found him more tolerable during Season 5 - when he was with Malia. But to find out that he’d used her all that time. You may argue that he’d “cared” for Malia. Someone how “cares” for someone wouldn’t use them. They wouldn’t take others feelings for granted and play with them. They wouldn’t leave someone when the times got tough. They wouldn’t use someone. So not only did they destroy Lydia’s character to fan service, they also did it to Stiles. 

So there you have it. It wasn’t planned since the beginning. It’s nothing more than fan service. They dropped an entire season of buildup of Marrish and the connection they had. And they destroyed Lydia and Stiles’ character.

Did I miss anything?


ANOTHER MAN / HARRY STYLES inspired Netflix series.

 Cheshire Fields

An entire series that will teach viewers self love, how to relieve stress, and respect others. Harry Styles introduces the world of yoga, meditation, and love through his every day routines and interactions with other people.

 Devoted Collectors

The collecting of art from around the world is an extremely underrated interest. Harry Styles spends his time interviewing artists (unknown & known) to explore their inspiration and their stories. A thoughtful, intelligent series that artists and non-artists will enjoy.

 Stand Out & FIT IN

Breaking gender boundaries and socially constructed norms seems to be a trend in the new age. Harry Styles is an avid endorser of both of these concepts, demonstrated mainly through his style. Follow Styles and his fashion journey as he designs his own, boundary-breaking clothing.

 Je Vole

After taking a break from the band One Direction, Harry Styles is exploring different sections of the industry that will allow him to practice his multiple talents. A series that will not only allow audiences a sneak peak into Harry’s current career life, but also a sneak peak into how he’s maintaining relationships with the other boy band members. Spoiler: It’s all going well.

One Direction Vine Masterpost

Idk if anyone has done this yet, but watching little snippets of them makes my day so I made a list of a bunch of vines, send me your favorites if they aren’t on it and I’ll keep adding to the list! 

Please share it around with others, because it took me 4eva to make this.

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Armed with a repaired video camera, an unknown interviewer tries to pull information from Tom Mason’s oldest boys as they make their way around Boston.

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Cris was't dawbell suppose to do the PR for just hold on?! Cause for now all I see is sjpr...

That’s what they said, but what kind of control either one of those UK-based PR firms have over US radio interviews is unknown to me.

We do, however, know that Jessie Martin of Syco, Russell Eslamifar of JGG, and Mike Navarra of Columbia were around all day yesterday, so I think they bear the brunt of the blame more than Dawbell or Simon Jones (and you KNOW I blame Simon Jones for global warming, so I’m not just being nice)


 Amy Winehouse ‘Back to Black’ Interviews 

Jools Holland (x)
Joe Mace (x)
On The Couch (x)
The Guardian (x) (x)
Napster (x)

Audio Only:
Craig Charles (x)
Amy & Mitch Interview  (x) (x)
Swiss Radio ‘06 (x)

Unknown Interview (x)
MTV (x)
ITV.COM (x)  
CNN (x)
MuchMusic (x)
Brit Awards 2007 (x)
French Interview (x)
Cntact Music (x)
Norway (x)
Interview @ Virgin Festival (x)
Asked & Answered (MTV)  (x)
BBC Sessions  (x)
Interview by Kelly Osbourne  (x)
South Bank  (x)
The DL Show  (x) (x) (x)
E  (x)
The Fader  (x)
Escenario ( CNN )  (x)
Interview @ Lollapalooza  (x)
Hugo Urban Rules  (x)
PopWorld  (x)
MTV NEWS ( Long Version )  (x)
Vanity Fair  (x)
Brit Awards  (x)
Lollapalooza Backstage  (x)
South by SouthWest  (x)

Audio Only:
Radio Eins, Germany  (x)

Nelson Mandela’s Birthday  (x)
Nelson Mandela’s Birthday ( Short Interview )  (x)
Brit Awars Interview  (x)
Short Interview at the Brit Awards  (x)

BBC Short Interview  (x)

In The Studio with Tony Bennett  (x)