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8 years ago? EIGHT YEARS AGO??!?!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought she had kidnapped him 5 years ago not 8. So this new information it’s kinda disturbing me because he was what? 13/14 years old when she starting drugging him ??!!?? SAERAN WAS A KID. HE WAS A KID WTF.
But she just snapped when Sally died, RIGHT?

And look how he was thinking of his brother!! How lonely and desperate he was. I CANT DEAL WITH THIS.


The Boy & Sister Alma - It’s You

Been listening to the Infinity Train Inspirational Music Playlist on Spotify, and man it really makes me want to see this show come to fruition :O 

Me as a parent
  • Child: Mommy, sing me a lullaby please~
  • Me: Okay.
  • Me: I just got your messages~.....Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound. Picking up my cell phone that's been ringing-

It’s digitalized! WOO! I can’t wait for next week’s episode! X3 AND WE GET TO FIND OUT THE NAME OF THIS UNKNOWN LIZARD DUDE! XD Hehe…This ship fuels me…

(EDIT: Apparently has a cloak and mechanical arm…and a NAME!!! X3)
Unknown route?? (SPOILERS)

-Dude what if Saerans route would be like you go with him in the beginning
-and you fall in love with him
-and he falls (he denys it at first) in love with you
-and then what if Rika was like
-“this girl is a threat to us, we need to kill her”
-And Saeran is told to kill you
-and he realizes he can’t
-And and what if he then turns on Mint Eye
-and completely destroys them
-cause he’s totally badass like that
-and runs away with you
-and yall live safely together
-He’s still a total grump though
-but you love him anyways
-I’m dying yall I need a route for him

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with you OQers? Do you really not give a fuck who is Regina's LI as long as you can ship her with some man? Do you really not care about a story or if it makes sense or what kind of character he is as long as you can have your het ship? Because this guy hasn't even been cast yet and already OQers are jumping ship and supporting Regina/unknown unnamed dude. You don't even care enough about your own ship to be upset that Regina's getting a new white male LI when she could've had RH.

Oh boy Nonnie chill. We don’t even know if the new character has anything to do with Regina. If he does - we don’t know their storyline, we dont know if its good or bad. You dont know if its good or bad.

And of course I’d like Robin to come back but that won’t happen. And of course I’m not shipping anyone with Regina before I haven’t even seen him or her. Neither does the rest of the OQ fandom but unlike you they are not jumping the gun on this.

Oh and next time chose a different blog to send your oh you only want Regina with a dude…I’m a known multishipper who very loudly ships Swan Queen, Dragon Queen, Red Queen, Mayor Queen and Beauty Queen and quite a few others f/f .

So goodbye dear and maybe think about drinking some tea…you need to relax a bit

They’ve shown Killian being quietly jealous of all the men in Emma’s life. Person, Walsh, his past self. Now August. It would have been weird if he wasn’t. It’s an unknown dude who has some sort of history with Emma that he didn’t know about. He’s allowed to be curious.

But you know what? Emma just quietly reassured him. Not just with her words, but with her touch. She immediately turned toward him and put her hand on his shoulder. She’s WITH him, she’d IN this relationship just as much as he is. Earlier, she hugged him when he was worried about her. That’s what they do; they share those soft intimate touches to show they care. Because they get each other, these two broken people who’ve had very little physical affection in their lives.

I just love that about them. The crazy hotness is just a bonus.