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Korra, and Zuko running away/towards their respective identities.

Both characters have an important question to answer: who are they?

Who is Zuko if not the honorless, banished prince? Who is Korra if not the Avatar? Should they run away from their faults, and defeats, and revoke their previous identities?

Or, should they change?

  • Sam: Who said we were done? That won't float.
  • Nathan: Well ship. Wreck'en I'll have to think of some others.
  • Sam: We will sea. Weed have to get creative.
  • Nathan: I shrimply can't think of any others.
  • Sam: Oh buoy. Neither can I.
  • Nathan: We might need an act of cod.
  • Rafe: *loads gun*

Sophia Martineck (German, b. 1981, Naumburg, Germany) - 1: Life Guard for a children’s book which shows 26 professions from A–Z  2: Book Intro  3: Unknown  4,5: Illustration for the Hans Meid Competition: Carson McCullers’ novel The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter  6: New York  Drawings: Pencils, Colored Pencils, Mixed Media

Holiday Tryst - Christmas Prompt - Peter Hale

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Christmas Prompt: #4. Character A and Character B broke up, but now they’re at the same Christmas party. – Requested by Anon 

Warnings/Labels: Language, Hot and Heavy Makeout Session 

Approx. Word Count: 530

A/N: Again, might seem a little odd for Peter, but I see this being after some sort of redemption arc.

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