12x03 coda

Castiel takes his time in the bathroom of the cheap motel, slowly and methodically unknotting his tie. Ever so carefully hanging the suit jacket as to avoid wrinkling it. Carefully scrubbing his teeth with the minty fresh toothpaste he’d forgotten to return to the Bunker. Right now, he just wants any excuse to not have to face Crowley in the other room.

It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, how well they work together. Not in a Sam and Dean way, those two pair seamlessly, but more…fire and ice. Good cop, bad cop. Two wild opposites that just manage to subvert any law of logic saying they shouldn’t work. But they do, and Castiel hates it. Because if he fits with Crowley, well, that’s just another sign he doesn’t fit with the Winchesters.

He can’t help but feel a minor surge of irritation towards Mary as he spits out a mouthful of toothpaste. Mary belongs with Sam and Dean just by nature of the fact she birthed them. She won’t have to earn her place, she won’t get turned away. Still, as quickly as these thoughts come, Castiel expels them as he rinses his mouth. It’s not fair to Mary that he’s jealous of her, after all.

As he prepares to leave the bathroom, no doubt Crowley will tease him about this too, his phone rings. It’s an unknown number, but Castiel’s been in the game long enough to know you always pick up your phone. Just in case. He swipes the answer button and presses the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

To his surprise, Mary answers. “Castiel?”

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AKA NESTA ARCHERON, TRYING TO INSTILL SOME MANNERS IN HER  600 YEARS OLD BAT ANDD FAILING MISERABLY but she loves him just the way he is, even if he talks with his mouth full.

they will ask me, before i die,
and i will tell them:

thursday nights, lying in his
lap as he unknotted my hair,
remarkably gentle. 

conversations about tests we
worried over and things we
found to be beautiful, like 
nothing else in this world.

pressing my cheek against
his chest to remind myself
that this miraculous thing
was real. 

they will ask, and i will not
have to think.

that is joy.
that is a body full of light.
that is love.

that is what makes the dying
worth suffering through; that
is what we end with.

—  “before the after”, Emma Bleker
Can they hear?

I just came home from the gym and took a quick shower,

“Kian? Jc?” I shouted

“In here!” Kian shouted

I headed into the editing room where kian and Jc were with headphones looking at their rather large computer screens. I smiled and went to give kian a kiss, he was so focused… Which made it extremely attractive. He quickly kissed me and laid his eyes back on the computer screen while moving the mouse around and replaying some clips over. I could tell he was tense, so me being witty I glanced at Jc and seen he was too into editing to even notice his surroundings which meant I was in the clear. I stood up looking over kians shoulder and rested my chin on his shoulder while moving my hands up and down slowly behind his back. I got up and started to rub his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it by the way his eyes relaxed at each time I unknotted a knot. Sneakily I slid my hands down to his waist and gripping not too tight his bulge, I looked at him and giggled as he bit his lip. He took off His headphones and sighed in sexual frustration looking at me,

“Baby what are you doing?” He asks

“Nothing, I’m just… Helping you relax?” I say giving him puppy dog eyes while I bite my lip

I could see his eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips,

“Jcs right there… And I’m editing… You’re making it really hard to” he says

“He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and am I? Maybe we could…” I say signaling him

“You know I would but I have to finish up this video” he says

I get closer to him and whisper in his ear,

“Maybe you could finish me” while lightly nibbling on his ear

He groaned, “fuck..” He says under his breath

In that room we both felt heated, but Jc on the other hand… He was just editing away

“Jc!” Kian shouted

“Yeah?” He says taking off one ear set

“Uh.. I think I’ll finish editing later. I need to help y/n with something” kian says

“Yeah no prob. Just make sure to finish it” Jc says

Kian nodded then we headed upstairs, I was in front of him walking up the stairs. He slapped my ass and it made me giggle running up. He slammed the door shut and locked it,

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you baby” he says in a husky voice which caused me to bite his lip

“Please do” I responded

As we laid down we started making out, he gripped my ass and began to spank it which I yelped because I loved when he did that

“Now get on your stomach” he demanded

I did as told and lifted my ass into position, “God this is so worth it…” He says

I could feel his tip teasing me, “just do it!” I say

“I will, but you have to be quiet, Jc downstairs and Dom is a couple rooms down” he says

I nodded, then I felt him. He trusted in me and out of me. So fast,

“Fuck baby, faster… Harder” I moaned

As he continued to thrust into me he managed to continue to slap my ass and moaned. After we both finished we laid there, hot and sweaty.

“So why out of all day did you choose today to be so sexual with me?” He asks

“I like to see you edit, it’s turns me on” I laugh

He laughs too, “you’re weird babe” he says

We throw on our clothes and head back downstairs where Jc gave us the look,

“Dude I could hear you guys through my EARPHONES” Jc laughs

Kian laughed and there came Dom rushing down the stairs,

“Kiian Kiiiiian faster!” Dom mocked

“Shut up Dom” I laughed

“Surprised that you don’t like to be called daddy” Dom jokingly said to kian

“You’ll hear a lot more” kian responds

So much for being quiet…

💥Failed experiment💥! Last night I finally tried out my aurora band- I watched a ton of videos from the company saying how easy and effortless it was to get Hollywood style curls! Boy what a mistake! I put it in my slightly damp hair before bed and found it VERY difficult to wrap my hair around- even though I got the adult size it was tight to my head and I couldn’t get the back of my hair tucked in by the time I got to it. After I was squared away I went to sleep! This morning to take it out I unrolled it and it created a HUGE knotted nest- it was litterallly as if someone tied my hair in knots. Only attempt this if you have someone you trust nearby to help you get it out! After a excruciatingly long time of pulling and unknotting could I get it out. Check out my voluminous Hollywood style curls!! #fail #auroraband

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Treefoil - Trefoil

Knot theory is a branch of topology which considers the different embeddings of a cycle into three-dimensional Euclidean space, R^3. The simplest type of knot is the unknot, which is just an ordinary circle (which can be ‘thickened’ to form a torus). The second simplest knot, the trefoil knot, is obtained by doing a bog-standard knot in a piece of string and connecting the ends.

The usual way to show that two knots are not equivalent is to develop some kind of invariant which is preserved when you do elementary operations (known as Reidemeister moves) to a planar drawing of a knot.

And, Treefoil is a cycle (walk which visits no vertex more than once, except the start/end vertex) in Z^3 (three-dimensional integer lattice) with the following properties:

  • The three projections parallel to the unit vectors are all trees;
  • The cycle has threefold rotational symmetry;
  • The cycle is a trefoil knot.

The cycle (Image 2) named the Treefoil, inhabiting a 9 × 9 × 9 box. You can see the three projections and a three-dimensional perspective view above.

Source: Complex Projective 4-Space ’s blog - [https://cp4space.wordpress.com/page/35/]

As soon as Ax had human arms we slipped his Controller’s suit and shirt on him. We’d all seen Ax try to put on ‘artificial skin,’ as he called it. We didn’t have time to wait for him to figure out the difference between arm holes and leg holes.

Then we tried to put on the tie. Just one problem: Cassie had picked up the tie he’d dropped and nervously unknotted it.

None of us guys had a clue how to retie it.

For about ten seconds, Marco and David and Tobias and I just stared at one another and at the tie and back at one another.

Then Rachel whispered, 'Oh, good grief, you guys are pathetic. None of you has ever tied a tie?’ She snatched the tie out of my hands, whipped it around Ax’s neck, tied it neatly, cinched it up, rebuttoned his shirt using the buttonholes we’d managed to miss, buttoned the top button of his jacket, straightened his lapels, and pushed his hair into place. All in less time than we’d wasted staring blankly at one another.
—  Book #21: The Threat, pg. 111 (by K.A. Applegate)
if you asked me for maps

the loose nails of broken rosaries
the godless hour swallowed as psalm

the poultice consoling the stage
-whisper of sorrow in your sinew

the seascape dressed as a stopwatch
a tapered parsimony of clueless moments

the velveteen coral of coxcomb alcoves
of questions clothed in that rhapsodic red

the anemic moon; a bird-stirred marble
castled in the exhale of beechwood

the night as a glowworm miming a boat lamp
a lesson in light & loss entombed in the waves

the twisted braids of fingers scant to unknot
the sea as a lachrymose lullaby of a pink pupil

the hills prodigal in their vermouth seedling
a forest blackens its knuckle inside the forgetting

the daybreak crystal as an unused knife
the poised gravity of our own heartache

Scherezade Siobhan©

Man, I was having a real rough week, but then we talked about knots in my algebraic topology class and I got too excited and I’ve been floating around the math building ever since going “Psst. Hey kid. Wanna see a diagram of the unknot for which Seifert’s algorithm produces a genus three spanning surface? Genus THREE.” 

Basically I can’t be around knots for five minutes without turning into your friendly neighborhood math dealer. 

Shower Songs//A Leo Valdez Imagine

Anon said: Your Leo imagines are perfect ! Can you please do one where you’re a daughter of Apollo and you’re a really good singer and Leo listens to you sing while you’re in the shower and you catch him when you get out or something ??? Thanks, babe. <3

You got it babe


You stood under the hot stream of water, letting it unknot the muscles in your back. You shampooed your hair and sang a song softly under your breath.

“Shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, been a long time comin’ for the working man, shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, when the money’s high, we can start to spend.”

Being a daughter of Apollo, you were good at two things: archery and music, but you didn’t usually let people hear you sing, but it was something you loved to do.

You finished your shower and toweled off and got dressed. When you finished, you grabbed your stuff and headed for the door. Suddenly, you heard someone clear the their throat. You turned around and saw a certain son of Hephaestus leaning against the wall, flames dancing across his fingers, 

“Your voice is really good.”

Your face flushed red. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Eh, long enough.”

“Ass,” you muttered.

He grinned. “You love me.”

Your face turned even redder. “In your dreams, Valdez.”

His face was suddenly very close to yours. “Yeah.”

“S-sorry, what?”

He pressed his lips to yours. “I really like you, (Y/N).”

You giggled. “I mean, I hope so. Otherwise that kiss would’ve been a little awkward.”

This time, it was his turn to blush. 

by silentgong 

Sometimes we become tense without even being aware of it.

The muscles strain and become knotted with worry and stress.

Take some time today to pay attention to your muscles, to your breathing, to how seriously you are taking yourself.

Provide the space to let these things relax. Breathe a few times and visualize the muscles literally unknotting like a tangled rope.

It may improve the rest of your day.

“Phase two,” Ren says, flipping his hair back with unnecessary flourish, “Is unknotting your various energy blockages. It allows for a deeper understanding of the mind.”

Quick late night fanart for Down Memory Lane or “the porn doctor,” as I named this file, by @hollyhark……….. It was such a good short fic with half laughs and half angst feels and another half of porn, I thoroughly enjoyed! 8D

Today my brother brought over a piece of the ark
wrapped in a white plastic grocery bag.
He set the bag on my dining table, unknotted it,
peeled it away, revealing a foot-long fracture of wood.
He took a step back and gestured toward it
with his arms and open palms — 
           It’s the ark, he said.
           You mean Noah’s ark? I asked.
           What other ark is there? he answered.
           Read the inscription, he told me,
           it tells what’s going to happen at the end.
           What end? I wanted to know.
           He laughed, What do you mean, “what end”?
           The end end.
Then he lifted it out. The plastic bag rattled.
His fingers were silkened by pipe blisters.
He held the jagged piece of wood so gently.
I had forgotten my brother could be gentle.
He set it on the table the way people on television
set things when they’re afraid those things might blow-up
or go-off — he set it right next to my empty coffee cup.
It was no ark — 
it was the broken end of a picture frame
with a floral design carved into its surface.
He put his head in his hands — 
           I shouldn’t show you this — 
           God, why did I show her this?
           It’s ancient — O, God,
           this is so old.
           Fine, I gave in, Where did you get it?
           The girl, he said. O, the girl.
           What girl? I asked.
           You’ll wish you never knew, he told me.
I watched him drag his wrecked fingers
over the chipped flower-work of the wood — 
           You should read it. But, O, you can’t take it — 
           no matter how many books you’ve read.
He was wrong. I could take the ark.
I could even take his marvelously fucked fingers.
The way they almost glittered.
It was the animals — the animals I could not take — 
they came up the walkway into my house,
cracked the doorframe with their hooves and hips,
marched past me, into my kitchen, into my brother,
tails snaking across my feet before disappearing
like retracting vacuum cords into the hollows
of my brother’s clavicles, tusks scraping the walls,
reaching out for him — wildebeests, pigs,
the oryxes with their black matching horns,
javelinas, jaguars, pumas, raptors. The ocelots
with their mathematical faces. So many kinds of goat.
So many kinds of creature.
I wanted to follow them, to get to the bottom of it,
but my brother stopped me — 
           This is serious, he said.
           You have to understand.
           It can save you.
So I sat down, with my brother wrecked open like that,
and two-by-two the fantastical beasts
parading him. I sat, as the water fell against my ankles,
built itself up around me, filled my coffee cup
before floating it away from the table.
My brother — teeming with shadows — 
a hull of bones, lit only by tooth and tusk,
lifting his ark high in the air.
—  Natalie Diaz, “it was the animals,” Poetry (March 2014).

HANNIGRAM FIC RECS : A few lovely humans have asked what I like to read when I am not writing Transcendent Suffering. These are some of my favorites in no particular order!

Consenting to a Dream x Emungere : Seduction through physical objects
”Hannibal unknotted the scarf around his own neck and looped it around Will’s before tucking it down into his jacket. “Not anymore. Cashmere and silk. Please look after it properly.” “No, come on–"Will pulled at it, but Hannibal stopped him with a light touch at the center of his chest."Take it,” he said. “You’re underdressed, and the walk was my idea. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” The light fabric held the heat of Hannibal’s skin close against Will’s neck. He didn’t want to give it up. “And it was customary for a knight to carry his lady’s favor into battle,” Hannibal said, face perfectly serious, except for the teasing glint in his eyes. Will had to smile. He looked down and shook his head. “Now you’re just making fun of me." ”

Where All Ladders Start: Ladders Series x Emungere
: Passages of time.
“"Where are you?” Hannibal asked, finally. “Inside my nightmare.” “Tell me about your nightmare.” Will shook his head hard and backed away from the bars. “Can’t.” “So I see.” Hannibal paused again. The silence was longer this time. “Suppose there were a way to wake up,” he said. “Is that something you would want?” Will glanced at him sideways and rubbed a hand across his mouth. “How?” “Suppose that I could get you out,” Hannibal said, more definite now. “What would you do for me in return?” “Out of here?” Will took an involuntary step closer to him. “For good?”“Yes.” “Anything. Anything you want."“

A Great and Gruesome Height x Mokuyoubi : A fantastic post S3
“Hannibal surges against him, coming to life. He draws them chest to chest, arm a steel band around Will’s back. They rise, light filtering through slowly but surely, as Hannibal effortlessly cuts through the water. Closer to the surface, the current is stronger, and they are buoyed up. Will gasps for the air while he can, before they’re pulled under again. The waves are relentless. Calm in the daylight, the bay is roiling angrily now. A storm is building, and Will isn’t entirely sure how much of it is real and how much is in his mind. They’re tossed against the cliff face, three times in quick succession, and again Hannibal takes the brunt of the impact. His fingers dig into Will’s skin, but he is soundless. On the fourth swell, they move as one, scrambling to find purchase. The striations bite into the tender flesh of his palm and it’s impossible to say whether he’s slick with water or blood. Everything is black in the shadows.”

The Goat’s Song x Lovelylaceandlilac : Dark lyrical poetry prose
““Emblem of Dionysus. “ Hannibal had proclaimed with warm humor.“ The Greek protector of outcasts from conventional society. The divine symbol of the everything exulted that escapes human reason and understanding.” Hannibal had leaned forward with a gleam in his eyes. “A representation of mystery and enlightenment.”Will had cracked a smile.“Chaos and awe.” Hannibal chuckled darkly.“ Danger and the unexpected.” The autumn light had been orange and red. Hannibal’s worlds were colored with acceptance. Admiration. Will did not know that all of Dionysus’s followers eventually went mad.”

Fascination x writtenbyizzy : A complete seduction of Will Graham
“Good evening, Will.” Says Hannibal. It is even and calm, borderline glacial. Will dismisses the thought that such a fire could ever burn beneath such a tranquil exterior. He dismisses what he had felt, even as his heart pounds and his blood rushes in his ears, caught between fight and flight, elated and terrified and not entirely unable to shake the feeling that he is prey. “H-hello, Dr. Lecter.” His throat clicks, he distinctly avoids looking directly at the other man as he settles in a chair across from him. Will catches the sight of his gleaming shoe, his crossed legs revealing slips of pale blue sock, which disappear beneath the exquisite lines of well-tailored pants in a pattern Will cannot even begin to describe, and averts his attention to the floor. “You look–” “I know, I look like hell.” Will interrupts. “Not exactly breaking news, Dr. Lecter.”   

Hungry Before We Are Born x eatthebunny: A dark romance
“Hannibal’s eyes narrowed as he watched Will talk. The substance of his words wasn’t important. Confusion, self-doubt - very normal human emotions. Dull emotions. Hannibal resisted the urge to rise out of his chair and strike him, hold him down and break his bones beneath his hands. This was not what he wanted out of Will. Gone were the heady ups and downs of anger and true fear. Instead, a miasma of despair clung to Will’s shape; grey and greasy and unappealing. Watching the muscles of Will’s jaw bulge beneath dark stubble as he talked, Hannibal contemplated his situation. Will Graham was as close to a friend as he had; he had a certain… fondness for Will, if it could be called that. Whether Will lived or died was an unimportant detail, but there was something there. Something that called to the tiny, jagged wisp that glided over the serene planes of Hannibal’s mind whispering: where is my heart?”

Blackbird x emungere : Sub/Dom Hannigram that is heartwrenchingly beautiful and dark
“The chime rang softly for the end of the hour.Will squeezed his eyes shut. "Can I just stay here for a second?”“As long as you like. Come a bit closer.” Hannibal tugged gently at his hair until he shuffled forward enough to rest his forehead against Hannibal’s knee. Hannibal cupped the back of his neck and squeezed lightly. “Very good,” he said.Will braced his palms flat on the floor and concentrated on breathing. And on not thinking about where he was or what he was doing. As long as he could manage that, it was strangely peaceful.He shifted just a little to feel the wool of Hannibal’s pants against his cheek. They were soft and smooth. The plaid was good to focus on, dozens of subtle color variations to catalogue while he tried to crowd out his own thoughts.“

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Making Love and Loving Making Mistakes x PinkToby: Hysterical comedies of where Hannigram sex goes wrong
““Trust me, nothing about this entire situation is ‘hardly exciting.’” Will chuckles, “Not every day I get dropped during sex.”Will takes a seat on the floor next to Hannibal and playfully bumps into his shoulder.  Hannibal can’t quite disguise an answering wince, but he smiles ruefully all the same. “It might be of comfort for you to know that you’re the first person I’ve ever dropped during sex.”“It does, actually.  After all, you never forget your first time.”“I couldn’t forget this if I tried.”  Hannibal shifts his back a bit to test out the pain.  It’s still a little much, but not unbearable.  “Would you be so kind as to help me stand?  I’d rather not spend my evening on the floor.”“

Literally anything written by DarkDreamsofHannigram x theconciousdarkness are fantastic reads! (I highly recommend Pedagogy of Necrosis as one example!)