Can they hear?

I just came home from the gym and took a quick shower,

“Kian? Jc?” I shouted

“In here!” Kian shouted

I headed into the editing room where kian and Jc were with headphones looking at their rather large computer screens. I smiled and went to give kian a kiss, he was so focused… Which made it extremely attractive. He quickly kissed me and laid his eyes back on the computer screen while moving the mouse around and replaying some clips over. I could tell he was tense, so me being witty I glanced at Jc and seen he was too into editing to even notice his surroundings which meant I was in the clear. I stood up looking over kians shoulder and rested my chin on his shoulder while moving my hands up and down slowly behind his back. I got up and started to rub his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it by the way his eyes relaxed at each time I unknotted a knot. Sneakily I slid my hands down to his waist and gripping not too tight his bulge, I looked at him and giggled as he bit his lip. He took off His headphones and sighed in sexual frustration looking at me,

“Baby what are you doing?” He asks

“Nothing, I’m just… Helping you relax?” I say giving him puppy dog eyes while I bite my lip

I could see his eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips,

“Jcs right there… And I’m editing… You’re making it really hard to” he says

“He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and am I? Maybe we could…” I say signaling him

“You know I would but I have to finish up this video” he says

I get closer to him and whisper in his ear,

“Maybe you could finish me” while lightly nibbling on his ear

He groaned, “fuck..” He says under his breath

In that room we both felt heated, but Jc on the other hand… He was just editing away

“Jc!” Kian shouted

“Yeah?” He says taking off one ear set

“Uh.. I think I’ll finish editing later. I need to help y/n with something” kian says

“Yeah no prob. Just make sure to finish it” Jc says

Kian nodded then we headed upstairs, I was in front of him walking up the stairs. He slapped my ass and it made me giggle running up. He slammed the door shut and locked it,

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you baby” he says in a husky voice which caused me to bite his lip

“Please do” I responded

As we laid down we started making out, he gripped my ass and began to spank it which I yelped because I loved when he did that

“Now get on your stomach” he demanded

I did as told and lifted my ass into position, “God this is so worth it…” He says

I could feel his tip teasing me, “just do it!” I say

“I will, but you have to be quiet, Jc downstairs and Dom is a couple rooms down” he says

I nodded, then I felt him. He trusted in me and out of me. So fast,

“Fuck baby, faster… Harder” I moaned

As he continued to thrust into me he managed to continue to slap my ass and moaned. After we both finished we laid there, hot and sweaty.

“So why out of all day did you choose today to be so sexual with me?” He asks

“I like to see you edit, it’s turns me on” I laugh

He laughs too, “you’re weird babe” he says

We throw on our clothes and head back downstairs where Jc gave us the look,

“Dude I could hear you guys through my EARPHONES” Jc laughs

Kian laughed and there came Dom rushing down the stairs,

“Kiian Kiiiiian faster!” Dom mocked

“Shut up Dom” I laughed

“Surprised that you don’t like to be called daddy” Dom jokingly said to kian

“You’ll hear a lot more” kian responds

So much for being quiet…

Spencer Reid Imagine #1

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Requested by anon

Could you do an imagine for having to share a room with Reid.

Word count : 481

“ I can take the couch” he suggested fidgeting with the strap of his bag. You dumped yours onto the side, standing beside him crossing your arms over your chest to examine the couch. “Spencer you are 6 feet tall, there is no way you can fit in the thing” You said, waving your hands to emphasize how small it was. You ran a hand through your hair , unknotting the bun your hair was in. You noticed he was looking at you, slightly blushing. 

“I can take the couch, I’m short enough to sleep on it. I’m like a cat, tiny and extremely bendy” you joked. “You are actually not that small, the average height for a woman is 5′4 and your only 2 inches below that mark.” He said. You grinned “Yeah, but your still tower over me,face it your above average in all aspects even height” You stood on your tippy toes and messed with his hair.

You kicked your shoes off and stepped into the bathroom, showering and changing out into your pajamas. Once you stepped out, you saw Spencer standing next to the bed. “We could always share, I don’t mind. But if you don’t want too..” 

You looked at the bed. It was so fluffy and comfy, like a marshmallow or a cloud, or a ball of cotton. “Okay Doctor, but I’m warning you, I toss and turn a lot when I sleep.” Before he could give you any sort of fact or stat you jumped onto the bed. “I call right” you grinned. He chuckled. “Now go shower, I don’t appreciate body odor while I take my beauty sleep” 

“You know beauty sleep doesn’t actually mean sleeping to be beautiful thought it’s what we think when we hear the phrase. It comes from the term beauty rest..” “Spencer” You said. He blinked at you “Go shower” you smiled, squeezing his forearm slightly. “Right” he tossed his bag to the side and walked in. You clicked on the TV , news, news, murder in the valley, FBI are here. 

“Like I didn’t already know that” you grumbled. Doctor who marathon on channel 7 .“Thank the Lord” you sighed, cuddling up under the sheets. By the end of of the episode Spencer walked in, hair still wet from the shower. “You watch Doctor Who?” He asks surprised. “Uh huh” you answered not taking your eyes off the screen. “Why didn’t you ever mention it?” He asked , sliding under the sheets, sitting beside you, arms pressed close to each other. “You never asked” you grinned.”Now shhh the next ones about to start, here I have some extra donuts from the coffee break” 

You handed him a chocolate donut and grabbed another one for yourself. “Hey Y/N” he said nudging you slightly. “Umyay” you mumbled, mouth full of donut. “Thanks” he smiled. “For what?”

“For being you”

“As soon as Ax had human arms we slipped his Controller’s suit and shirt on him. We’d all seen Ax try to put on ‘artificial skin,’ as he called it. We didn’t have time to wait for him to figure out the difference between arm holes and leg holes.

Then we tried to put on the tie. Just one problem: Cassie had picked up the tie he’d dropped and nervously unknotted it.

None of us guys had a clue how to retie it.

For about ten seconds, Marco and David and Tobias and I just stared at one another and at the tie and back at one another.

Then Rachel whispered, 'Oh, good grief, you guys are pathetic. None of you has ever tied a tie?’ She snatched the tie out of my hands, whipped it around Ax’s neck, tied it neatly, cinched it up, rebuttoned his shirt using the buttonholes we’d managed to miss, buttoned the top button of his jacket, straightened his lapels, and pushed his hair into place. All in less time than we’d wasted staring blankly at one another.”

- Book #21: The Threat, pg. 111 (by K.A. Applegate)

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81: “Hold still.”

“Robert, I swear, if you don’t stop moving around, I’m going to smack you.” Aaron threatened, pinching Robert’s hip as his boyfriend kept moving about, making it close to impossible for Aaron to concentrate.

“I’ll just be perfectly happy about being tied to our headboard then, shall I? Your mum can come and find me in the morning when you go to work, it’ll be great bonding for us.” Robert snarked, earning himself another pinch before Aaron continued with his tedious unknotting. 

Hold still.” Aaron practically growled, shifting so he was half sitting on Robert’s chest, stopping him from moving completely. Robert threw his head back, sighing as he finally stilled, letting Aaron work at the knots.

They’d always had a great sex life, the two of them. They’d managed to avoid anything particularly disastrous too, until that very moment. Robert had come back from a full day of meetings in Leeds, wearing that stupid maroon suit that drove Aaron crazy, and Aaron had lasted all of a half an hour downstairs in the pub before he was making their excuses and dragging Robert upstairs by the end of his tie.

Then he’d decided tying Robert’s wandering hands to the headboard was a good idea (it had been) but quickly discovered after he’d cleaned them both up, that well, he’d gone a bit too far with the knots he’d made.

“You owe me for this.” 

Aaron rolled his eyes, finally managing to work the last of the knots free, tossing Robert’s tie aside.. “You got two orgasms, you can shove it.”

Robert wiggled his fingers, flashing a bright smile at Aaron, the kind of smile that dropped Aaron’s heart into his stomach, even now, after months of this, months of them being together properly.  “Let’s make it a third then.”

send me a number and i’ll write you a drabble

I’ve always failed in suicide high
I never did enough to let myself die
I threw up the pills
And I unknotted the rope
I came down from the stool;
Clinging on to false hope
I knew I had failed
Tears spilled from my eyes
I was the only student
Still standing alive
The principal shook his head
While the teachers just stared
I couldn’t admit
That I was fucking scared
A failure, a disappointment, a waste of a life
All I had to do was pick up the knife
My problems always seem to exacerbate
So this year, I’ll be sure to graduate
—  graduation (aborderlinesuicide)
Man's Hands

@oriona75 here’s some Jared for you

You could fantasize over them for days. The way he would hold a warm coffee mug in two hands, fingers interlocked to trap the warmth.

The way he would cock a gun, handle a blade, the litheness of his fingers, the resolute of a fisted punch while playing his character on screen.

The sinewy phalanges, taut with deftness, the way they would comb through your tresses, unknotting whatever nested in your hair.

The way one digit, then two, would play at your folds, teasing, wanting entrance, and you’d relinquish yourself to him, the calloused pads of his fingers adding to your orgasms.

He’d hold your hands after making love, splaying one across your back, tracing your spine.

His hands were just one facet of why you loved him, an ode to each part of his Adonis’ body, a tribute for another day.

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Sex doesn’t start with a physical touch, it starts with your mind flooding. Your skin aches and your senses run wild and your mouth dances. Finger tip to finger tip, and you begin to make a wordless conversation. The kiss on your forehead is as much as the grab of your hips. You find a quiet moment to look and lay back, and speak again hushed. There’s no rush, no movement, just the quiet moment. It can’t stay because neither of you can contain the laughter rumbling in your belly. Lips touch every part, no inch unloved. You find the ears soft, the shoulder smooth, the small of the back perfect for your hands. Hairs rise, eyelids flutter. Legs knot and unknot. Has it been hours or moments? You find another quiet pause to talk and laugh about something you two heard today. Entire bodies entwined, then separate, then entwined. There’s no wrong connection. Each place of heat is magnetic no matter which of yours seeks it out. It’s like magic, it’s ancient. 

 We’re not machines, it’s beautiful.

((I accidentally deleted the ask where someone requested a FAHC!MichaelxReader where the reader is really sweet and domestic. But here it is! Food, alcohol and cuss words ahead.))

The smell of sugar and blueberries wafted up to your nose as you popped open the oven. Your phone was pressed between your ear and your shoulder as you slipped on an oven mitt, talking to the worried woman on the other end of the line.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Anderson, Max is doing just fine. It’s perfectly normal for a five year old to be a little rowdy once in awhile,” you listened to her chatter as you pulled the the muffin tin out and placed it on the counter “I understand. It’s not a problem. Have a wonderful day.”

Michael came up behind you as you put your phone down and unknotted the ties on your apron. He kissed and nipped on the side of your neck and you let your apron fall the floor. You tilted your head to the side to give him more access to your soft skin as you giggled:

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I was thinking about Praxos and plants and wrote a tiny thing! Thank you to everyone who’s following @prax-amos, I’m so glad there are so many of us Praxos fans out there. ❤️️

The Expanse, Prax/Amos, rated G

There’s a plant called the Mimosa pudica, the shy plant, so called for its seismonastic response to touch – the lightest touch will cause it to shrink away, leaflets folding themselves up one by one, a chain reaction to protect itself from harm.

When Amos takes Prax’s face in his hands and kisses him, Prax feels like M. pudica in reverse, unfolding himself piece by piece. His lips part, his spine straightens, his stomach unknots. The reaction is fast, a trembling openness that sweeps through his body, all the way down to uncurl his fingers. M. pudica makes itself small and sharp in response to touch but Prax finds himself open, defenseless.

Would any touch trigger this response? Perhaps it’s only Amos’s – his big, sure hands, the confident pressure of his mouth, the slow warm push of his tongue. Not a seismonastic response, then, but something different, something tangled up in the entirely human realm of connection and trust.

For once, Prax is satisfied not knowing the exact mechanism. It’s enough to experience it, leaning into Amos, his body unfurling, his heart blooming in his chest.

Shower Songs//A Leo Valdez Imagine

Anon said: Your Leo imagines are perfect ! Can you please do one where you’re a daughter of Apollo and you’re a really good singer and Leo listens to you sing while you’re in the shower and you catch him when you get out or something ??? Thanks, babe. <3

You got it babe


You stood under the hot stream of water, letting it unknot the muscles in your back. You shampooed your hair and sang a song softly under your breath.

“Shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, been a long time comin’ for the working man, shake it shake it and we’re movin’ again, when the money’s high, we can start to spend.”

Being a daughter of Apollo, you were good at two things: archery and music, but you didn’t usually let people hear you sing, but it was something you loved to do.

You finished your shower and toweled off and got dressed. When you finished, you grabbed your stuff and headed for the door. Suddenly, you heard someone clear the their throat. You turned around and saw a certain son of Hephaestus leaning against the wall, flames dancing across his fingers, 

“Your voice is really good.”

Your face flushed red. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Eh, long enough.”

“Ass,” you muttered.

He grinned. “You love me.”

Your face turned even redder. “In your dreams, Valdez.”

His face was suddenly very close to yours. “Yeah.”

“S-sorry, what?”

He pressed his lips to yours. “I really like you, (Y/N).”

You giggled. “I mean, I hope so. Otherwise that kiss would’ve been a little awkward.”

This time, it was his turn to blush. 

12x03 coda

Castiel takes his time in the bathroom of the cheap motel, slowly and methodically unknotting his tie. Ever so carefully hanging the suit jacket as to avoid wrinkling it. Carefully scrubbing his teeth with the minty fresh toothpaste he’d forgotten to return to the Bunker. Right now, he just wants any excuse to not have to face Crowley in the other room.

It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, how well they work together. Not in a Sam and Dean way, those two pair seamlessly, but more…fire and ice. Good cop, bad cop. Two wild opposites that just manage to subvert any law of logic saying they shouldn’t work. But they do, and Castiel hates it. Because if he fits with Crowley, well, that’s just another sign he doesn’t fit with the Winchesters.

He can’t help but feel a minor surge of irritation towards Mary as he spits out a mouthful of toothpaste. Mary belongs with Sam and Dean just by nature of the fact she birthed them. She won’t have to earn her place, she won’t get turned away. Still, as quickly as these thoughts come, Castiel expels them as he rinses his mouth. It’s not fair to Mary that he’s jealous of her, after all.

As he prepares to leave the bathroom, no doubt Crowley will tease him about this too, his phone rings. It’s an unknown number, but Castiel’s been in the game long enough to know you always pick up your phone. Just in case. He swipes the answer button and presses the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

To his surprise, Mary answers. “Castiel?”

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by silentgong 

Sometimes we become tense without even being aware of it.

The muscles strain and become knotted with worry and stress.

Take some time today to pay attention to your muscles, to your breathing, to how seriously you are taking yourself.

Provide the space to let these things relax. Breathe a few times and visualize the muscles literally unknotting like a tangled rope.

It may improve the rest of your day.

Honestly i refuse to let this experience and pain make me into a bitter and cruel person. To lose love is to continue forward and slowly unknot the string dragging by your feet that was freshly cut that held you and your love together. And winding it up with each step until you find the proper dispose for it.

continued from x with @thelonelyandroid

        Helga took a few deep breaths, her peripheral observing as the holodeck simulation halted at Data’s command. It, at least, was one less thign to worry about now.

        “Alright…” She let the backing drop to the floor. It could be retrieved later. The blonde leaned in a little, trying to relieve any of the tension that might make the unknotting process worse.

        “Sir… Is cutting an option?” Not that she wanted to take that step. Even the smallest snips would show. “Maybe if we just… take this slow… we can get it out.”

I am the embodiment of a night owl. I thrive at night. I am at my most comfortable after the sun goes down. My shoulders are down my posture is perfect. My skin is clear and my hair is soft. My stomach is full and unknotted. I am unclenched. My body is hydrated and relaxed. My mind is awake, my heart is open and beating steadily. Beware the night owl 🌙✨

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suga, tsukki, and akaashi playing with their s/o's hair?

my holy trinity (prayer hands emoji)

“_____, come here,” SUGAWARA would say, gesturing for you to sit in front of him on the floor. You had just finish taking your shower and your hair was still damp. You could only infer that Suga was going to dry it for you, the blow dryer in his hand confirming your hypothesis. It was odd how relaxing it was to have his fingers run through your hair gently, unknotting any tangles as the warm air blew onto your scalp. You couldn’t help but think about how much Suga spoils you, but it was just an excuse for him to play with your hair.

TSUKISHIMA would hold himself back most of the time from running his fingers through your soft locks. He wouldn’t want to be caught dead playing with your hair by you, so he usually waits until you were asleep to gently stroke your hair. He would even move away the stray strands of hair from your face, just to be able to admire the perfection that is your face. It’s quite sad how smug Tsukishima feels after playing with your hair, but you didn’t have the heart to tell him that you were awake the whole time.

AKAASHI is also one of those people who wouldn’t want to be caught doing something so intimate by their partner. He cringes just thinking about the post embarrassment that would surely come with it. Though, there are times when he can’t help it. His hands would find their way to your hair, twirling pieces of them around his finger as you two cuddled on the couch or bed. Sometimes, he would also absentmindedly braid your hair when you two were engrossed in watching a film.


Top images: Roman mosaic in Sicily ( Alain Cochet) Carved pillar in Indian temple, Chennai (Arul Lakshminarayan)

The Borromean Rings in Mathematics - Knot Theory

The link first appeared in a mathematical context in the earliest work on knots: Peter Tait’s enumeration of 1876 [Tait]. Tait used the Borromean rings and another link of similar construction to show that what he called `belinkedness’ (now called linking number) is not sufficient to distinguish links. His two figures are shown above. Each one shows an alternating, 3-component link such that each component is unknotted and no two components are linked. Yet, he concludes that the two links are non-trivial and different.

Links which become trivial after the removal of any component were studied by Hermann Brunn in another early work [Brunn], and such links are now called Brunnian links. He referenced Tait’s examples, but neither he nor Tait called the link Borromean. The next Brunnian link in the sequence started by Tait can be found in the sixth century Marundheeswarar Temple in Chennai, India (above right) where the symbol is associated with the goddess Tripurasundari, conqueror of the three cities of the demons - see Arul Lakshminarayan’s Blog.

The earliest use of the term `Borromean’ found in the mathematical literature is in a 1962 overview of knot theory [Fox]: on pages 131-132, Ralph Fox uses the Alexander polynomial to prove that the Borromean rings are truly linked. The inseparability of the rings can also be shown using simple colouring arguments [Nanyes].

Another topological `claim to fame’ for the Borromean rings, of a much more technical nature, concerns their universality. A link L is called universal if every closed, orientable 3-manifold can be obtained as a branched covering over the 3-sphere with branch set L. The Borromean rings and the Whitehead link were the first links to be shown to possess this property [Hilden et al].

From: Liv.ac.uk

As a former ER nurse, trauma and high-stress situations had been familiar to her even before the world had crumbled, but she could only keep her cool for so long before needing a break. Alana had taken one last walk around the infirmary before exiting, hastily unknotting the scarf from around her face and taking in a deep breath of fresh air. Having hoped for a moment alone, she bristled when it looked like someone was approaching her. “There’s nothing new to report; we still don’t know anything.”