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In Night Elf culture natural is beautiful. This means unkempt hair and beards, afros, and unibrows. Not just natural, but nature itself. This means teenage girls desperately trying to coax a bird to make a literal nest in her hair, flower crowns adorning every head, using vines and tree branches to tie and pin hair back *bangs fists loudly on table* BLIZZARD JUST GIVE ME CURLY HAIR

Confirmed, because this makes significantly more sense then the actual canonical night elf culture surrounding physical beauty. Queen Azshara never shaved her legs and no one can tell me otherwise! 

My sister just got an Allure magazine in the mail and in the back of it it has a section called “How to get an Afro for straight haired people”. I’m gonna talk about why this is wrong and appropriative.

When you say “afro” it means afro-hair, the natural styling of afro-American hair, the texture and everything. Saying “how to get an afro for straight haired people” implies you’re speaking to a nonblack audience. It takes a part of black culture that we as black people are ridiculed about and puts it into the mainstream to be adopted and glorified by white people, when it’s a different story for us. Allure goes into a detailed step by step guide for how to get an “afro”, teaching white people, because lets be honest thats what they mean by “straight haired people”, how to achieve the texture that is needed for an afro. It’s unkempt when we as a black society have our natural hair out but edgy and fun when they do it.

The model for this article is Marissa Neitling. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s appropriation.