unjust capitalism

I love how much these people talk about making a “new capitalism” by “removing unjust elements of capitalism” like you CANNOT bring up socialism if there’s any change it has to be “capitalism 2.0 extended version”.

that’s honestly the most annoying part of liberal reform politics they do often reach the point of criticizing capitalism but HAVE to remain loyal to it 100%. hell if you bring up socialism without saying the word socialism they’ll probably agree with a lot of it which is the sad thing

At the age of sixteen, Willie Francis had a death sentence on his head for murdering his boss. As with most crime of 1945, the state of Louisiana could not prove that this young man was a murderer, instead he was just suspected, charged with little evidence, and sentenced.

When it came to his date with the electric chair, something went horribly wrong. Spectators reported that the teenager screamed in pain from behind the leather hood, and exclaimed: “Take it off! Take it off! Let me breathe!” as the supposedly lethal surge of electricity was being applied. Willie became the first person in American history to survive an execution by the electric chair. It was later uncovered that the chair, nicknamed Gruesome Gertie, had been set up by a drunk prison guard.

After his ordeal, Willie was left with horrific burns on his forehead, not to mention the psychological trauma. Hearing of the botched execution, a young lawyer by the name of Bertrand DeBlanc decided to take the case. He argued that it was unjust, and cruel and unusual punishment, as prohibited in the Constitution, to subject him again to the execution process. He took the case to the Supreme Court, but lost against an all white jury. Two years later, Willie returned to the electric chair to meet his fate. His last words were “I’m about to meet the Lord with my Sunday pants and Sunday heart!” 

Marx was adamant: The problem with capitalism is not that it is unfair but that it is irrational, as it habitually condemns whole generations to deprivation and unemployment and even turns capitalists into angst-ridden automata, living in permanent fear that unless they commodify their fellow humans fully so as to serve capital accumulation more efficiently, they will cease to be capitalists. So, if capitalism appears unjust this is because it enslaves everyone; it wastes human and natural resources; the same production line that pumps out remarkable gizmos and untold wealth, also produces deep unhappiness and crises.
—  Yanis VarourfakisHow I Became an Erratic Marxist
‘We live in a contradiction,’ Badiou has observed: “a brutal state of affairs, profoundly inegalitarian –  where all existence is evaluated in terms of money alone –  is presented to us as ideal. To justify their conservatism, the partisans of the established order cannot really call it ideal or wonderful. So instead, they have decided to say that all the rest is horrible. Sure, they say, we may not live in a condition of perfect Goodness. But we’re lucky that we don’t live in a condition of Evil. Our democracy is not perfect. But it’s better than the bloody dictatorships. Capitalism is unjust. But it’s not criminal like Stalinism. We let millions of Africans die of AIDS, but we don’t make racist nationalist declarations like Milosevic. We kill Iraqis with our airplanes, but we don’t cut their throats with machetes like they do in Rwanda, etc.” The ‘realism’ here is analogous to the deflationary perspective of a depressive who believes that any positive state, any hope, is a dangerous illusion.
—  Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher

“Just because we don’t support the death penalty doesn’t mean we agree with him and it doesn’t mean we don’t think black lives matter…”

If you want to see proof of how black people are utterly dehumanized in this society than watch the reaction to Dylann Roof being found guilty on all counts.  They really are talking about this trial like he’s being railroaded.  “Don’t wish death on him, he has a family”.  Yeah.  HE does.  He’s clearly the only human being involved here, and he’s the only one who matters. Black people don’t feel grief or pain, we just “forgive” or else we’re “bad” and need to be lectured about how “mean” we are to mass murderers.  His family (of enablers) and friends (who likely think the same way he does) are the real victims here.  Sounds legit.

THIS is what happens when you humanize white supremacists while people of color are actively being dehumanized in our society. 

I’m sure the black people he murdered would prefer to be home with their FAMILIES.  Oh wait.  They can’t.  They can’t prefer anything.  Because HE stalked and murdered them all. 

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A year ago I asked if Karl Marx was, in certain respects, right about capitalism, and argued that class struggle was making a comeback.

The German philosopher believed the capitalist system was inherently unjust. Capitalism, Marx predicted, would inevitably concentrate wealth in the hands of a few while impoverishing everyone else. There is ample evidence that Marx’s theorizing is becoming reality.

According to a recent report from the International Monetary Fund, income inequality has risen in nearly all advanced economies over the past two decades. In the U.S., the share of income captured by the richest 10% of the population jumped dramatically from around 30% in 1980 to 48% by 2012, while the portion grasped by the population’s richest 1% more than doubled, from 8% to 19%. Other data shows that since 2009, the 1% captured 95% of all income gains; the bottom 90% of people got poorer.

True, because the wealthy have the money to put out the propaganda that the problems of the middle class are due to the poor. Now if the middle class were to sit for a moment and really think about this, they would see how absurd the allegations really. The poor have NO money, they have NO power of any kind, and they are completely ignored and marginalized by everyone, especially politicians and the wealthy. The poor can no more cause problems for the middle class than a kitten could hope to harm a pitbull ~ it’s NOT going to happen. But it works for the wealthy because while they have the middle class distracted and attacking the poor, the wealthy are busy robbing the middle class blind! Nice trick if you can pull it off.