New Amp Day: Univox UX1501

First impression; it sounds MASSIVE!

I picked up a USA made 1971 Univox UX1501 head (apparently it was their finest model head and it’s gotten pretty rare.) As it sits, it rocks four USA made 6550 tubes, two 12AX7’s and two 12AU7’s for the preamp slots. It’s point to point hand-wired, has huge transformers and it’s all original and clean on the inside. Also, it’s huge! It makes my Sound City, Ampeg (v4) and Twin Reverb all look like miniature models. Stoked to spend more time with it. 


Vintage Book And Record Set - Man-Thing: Night Of The Laughing Dead (#Pr16) (1974)

Art by Mike Ploog

From The Grand Comics Database
“Includes 45 RPM record. Sound is produced by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Sanders for the Charlotte Russe Synthesizer by Univox. This set is produced by Power Records as part of a series of promotional superhero and monster records with a comic book included. The 7’ inch 45 R.P.M. record has been especially designed so that the reader can read the story and follow the record word for word.”

Why yes I would love to talk about bass gear!
Currently i’m running different combinations of these 4 boxes depending on the venue/application.

Univox U1246 bass:
Paired with the 1x15 gets me good solid low end but not much headroom which makes it great for Lou Barlow/Lemmy style dirty bass tones at “reasonable volumes”. Before the amp starts to break up it sounds perfect for really thumpy/muted vintage style bass tones ala Carol Kaye.
Pairing it with the 2x15 gets me a bit of additional headroom but mostly lets me move more air with the same tones in a medium to large venue as long as there’s a mic on the cab.

Fender Supertwin:
I think the Supertwin was a massive failure of Fenders R&D department. Did they even have an R&D department in 1976? The thing is that they sound sooo good and with the graphic eq it’s possible to get a ton of tones! But…
Not when it’s in a combo format! The standard open back, twin sized cabinet is way too small for 180 tube watts!
After trying the speaker out into closed back 4x12 and 2x12 cabs I knew i had to get it out of that little open backed cab!
And it is sooo good for bass. Fenders 1x15 Studio Bass combo from the same era is essentially the same amp with no distortion or bright switch and modified eq frequencies.
Through the 1x15 it’s got a huge bottom end - I usually only set the bass around 3. It can get plenty of mids and a nice detailed top end. Surprisingly modern until I start pushing the speaker hard. I usually don’t crank it too much because i’ve legit blown speakers rated at double the amps output rating. I use this combination for small and medium sized venues where I need headroom and power.
Paired with the 2x15 the bottom end begins to fill a whole room and I can push the amps power section harder for some mild breakup. This amp really does sound and react much like a 180 watt SVT probably would. I’ve used it through an Ampeg 8x10 and it sounds unreal!

So with these 4 boxes i have “all my basses covered” and the best part is that i spent zero dollars on bass specific amps! I mostly use both amps and the 1x15 for guitar and the 2x15 was recently given to me!
Sorry for all the exclamation marks!