random ass tips for getting into USC (specifically SCA of USC)

I went on a tour of USC and got some insider information that I feel guilty knowing because I know that a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to fly out to colleges and take tours, and a lot of people don’t have access to family that works in colleges that can give you this information, so to remedy my guilt i’m sharing the shit I learned, hopefully there’s someone out there who desperately wants to get into USC and is searching the nooks and crannies of the internet for information:

 - USC specifically looks for international applications and they try to get around 15% of their student population international, so it’s great if you’re looking to apply in the US

 - they don’t accept undecided applications so you gotta declare your first choice major (it’s easy to change major once you get accepted)

 - If you’re applying to the cinematic arts school (SCA), you likely won’t be admitted to a section unless you list them as your first choice major (they’re looking for interest)

 - In interactive media, they’re looking for a 50/50 gender split and people who can code, so learn C# or java especially if you’re a girl

- when submitting sample material, you can literally shoot it on your iphone, they don’t care, what they’re looking for is storytelling and an original narrative voice: make a short about a struggle you or someone you know experiences to show that you’re an interesting person with interesting perspective

just in general show that you’re an academically competitive, interesting human who is specifically interested in this school as your first choice (as you know this is applies to a ton of schools)

USC is really great at teaching you how to get a job. They will get you in the business (especially film & production), so for a lot of people, the crazy tuition is worth it. 

Hey all!
So the story behind this picture is that I’ve decided a few days ago, that I am totally fed up with the boring, old green color of my room, so it was time to repaint it. And I have also made the decision that I would show the result to you. 
This has become my new study area! :) 

Have a very nice day guys!  

With Love, Arvael 

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Hi Doc! I'm starting medical school in London this September, I have a history of depression and GAD (although I've managed it now), I was wondering if you could tell me what could be potential triggers/stressors from medical school (e.g. work load)? I've heard a lot about students entering uni and developing a whole host of mental illness idk what's in store for me given that I've already been though it. Thank you.

Hello, thanks for writing in :) Congratulations on getting into med school :D London is an awesome place to study medicine; lots of interesting pathology, a multicultural class, plus you have a 1/5 chance of sharing an alma mater with myself ;) My med school had the BEST medical library.

I’m glad to hear that the depression and GAD are managed; everyone deserves to feel on top of their mental health, though that’s a feeling you don’t miss til it’s gone. Many people in medicine suffer from stress or problems with their mental health; some before they start their studies, others during med school. Many of us are affected when we start working, regardless of our experiences with mental health before.

The good thing about having experience with mental health is you know what to look out for. You know the signs, and know that there are avenues of help available. Awareness is really important, because sometimes when people aren’t aware of what it can be like, they can suffer for a long time without realising what it is. The earlier we seek help, the less we suffer, and the less alone we feel, so it helps to reach out early if we are struggling.

One of the potential stressors is deadlines; leaving things to the last minute can cause a lot of stress when the deadline has crept up but you haven’t done the work. the best thing to do is to plan your work so you start things early. I used to try to revise/do homework on the day it’s covered/assigned. I was better at this during my biomed degree than in medicine, but it does make things a lot easier.

The workload can be significant, but again if you do a little every day (or at least every week), it won’t build up all at once before exams. If it gets too much for you, universtities offer counselling services, extra support and understand that students sometimes need to get better before they can deal with the workload. I’ve known multiple people who’ve had to seek help or take time out in university; help is available.

Placements can be full-on (you probably won’t be having any for a couple of years),  but you can take them one day at a time. You don’t need to stay til late, just make sure to attend ward rounds, clinics that are recommended, and ask the junior doctors if there is anything interesting going on in the afternoons.

You haven’t menitoned if you’re a Londoner, or if you’ll be moving over from somewhere else. Even Londoners often want to live in student halls for a year to get the student experience, but there’s nothing wrong with staying at home with your parents if you’d prefer. Lots of people do that to keep the cost of university down, and that’s OK.

Making friends can be scary, but you don’t have to be a heavy drinking party animal to make friends. Although the sports societies are rather known for their drinking culture, there are lots of societies geared towards other activities. For a lot of people, they provide a way of meeting people with similar interests, particularly if you don’t live in halls. Though to be honest, just being friendly and open to having a chat with people now and again is usually enough. You will make friends that suit you. Every rotation is a chance to meet new friends, every speciality is a chance to learn something new and interesting.

You’ve got an exciting, slightly scary but truly transformative experience ahead of you, and I’m so excited for you. I remember wondering what med school would have in store, and I hope that all of you budding med students have an amazing experience.

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Have you done oisuga because I'm daisuga trash but I LOVE OISUGA JUST AS MUCH AND ASDFGHJKK Also Kurosuga. Pls and thank you.


okay so Oisuga:

okay so university au. they’re both at the same university and havent seen each other since high school. Oikawa’s just studying in the library on one of the computers at the back one day and notices a familiar head of silver hair walk past and is like ‘shit is that mr refreshing??’. Suga sits at the computer next to him but doesnt notice its Oikawa and just goes about his work. Oikawa, on the other hand, tries to think of a way of catching his attention without seeming weird or desperate. After several failed attempts of accidently nudging Suga’s foot and breathing loudly on purpose he opens up a word document and types in huge font ‘Fucking notice me already I’ve been sat next to you for half an hour and idk how to start the conversation’. Suga sees it, laughs and goes “normal people would just say hello y’know?”

Bonus: Suga was aware of Oikawa the whole time but didn’t say anything because he found it funny. 


another universtity au because I love them. Kuroo and Suga are both on the volleyball team. In volleyball practice they’re always on different teams for the practice games, so Kuroo is always really observant of Suga (since he didn’t see him play much in high school and wants to know his strategies and shit). After a while it occurs to him that ‘wow Sugawara’s actually really pretty’ and ‘oh shit he looks so graceful when he sets the ball’ and ‘woah his legs look rlly good in those shorts??’. Kuroo develops a crush and comes up with excuses to hang out with Suga outside of practice. For example:
“hey i lost my notes for literature class, can I borrow yours??”
“Kuroo you don’t even take literature..”

Bonus: Suga agrees to hang out with him regardlessly and it turns out they have a lot in common!! they hang out more often and everyone on the volleyball team ships it.


December 10, 2014
Today the students in Macedonia protested once again against the reforms in the higher education proposed by the government. Thousands took to the streets shouting : “University is the voice of freedom!”, “No justice, no peace!”, “Can you hear us now?” “It was enough silence!” and “Autonomy!” I’m proud to be one of them.

These reforms a state test, which, if not passed will mean that student cannot continue his higher education, despite spending time, energy and money for 4 years.

These reforms are against the constitution of Macedonia, and will destroy the universities autonomy, as they are the last places not under government control.

The government is saying that the students are PUPPETS of the opposition and refusing to acknowledge their requests.

Many high school students who wanted to join the protesters were LOCKED in their schools and classrooms.

95% of the mass media is controlled and saying there were barely 3000 people in the streets, all paid and organised by the opposition.

The corruption of this government knows no limit.

Please signal boost this.

Writing again..after I dont know how long..

Good news first or bad news??

Good news! I got a confirmation letter from the Uni I applied in and im sooooo happy :D Now instead of waiting for another year i’ll be able to go to uni this year :) and im especially happy because this is the course I WANT TO DO…not the course my PARENTS WANT ME TO DO. sooo yeah ^____^ free hugsss. :P

So the bad newsssssssss…….My parents are being …parents funnily enough..not wanting to let their first born loose just yet..and so they’re doing their best to keep me from accomodating near the uni and instead they want me to travel all the way there…you might think ..travelling there is easy..well its not..let me tell you what i’ll have to do everyday for 5 days.. :D so. I wake up at about 5am..get ready eat blah.. get to the bus stop b4 6.20 am..travel to the train station which is about 30 mins or more depends really..get on the bus before 7:03 if not ill have to wait for the 7:28 train..stay on the train for about 1hr10mins… 8:30 onwards ill get to the station…after getting off the train..gotta WALK to the campus..45mins WALK..by the time I get to class im tired. soooo day goes on.. dont know what time classes will finish..lets say 5?…sooo..walk bk to the train station. 45mins again. get on the train..lets say 6:28…travel 1hrand10mins bk…so get to the station at about 7:30..gotta wait til 8:10 for the bus home as its every hour after 6…thennnn. on the bus for 20mins. then 10-15 mins walk home …arrive home at? 8:45-9. Eat …do homework if I have any..or course work.. sleep at about 12 ish? and do it all over again…for 5 days. Will I survive this? I dont know. Plus its really not safe to travel at night :|

soo uh..ill let you guys decide..

Would you be able to do this?

LEave me your thoughts and suggestions :) ?

Things are changing

I have been so counter to change my whole life which had led me to be rather an uninteresting person. Maybe it is about time for me to fully embrace some form of change. I am going off to school (most likely at brock) and I think that it the time is now for some good old drastic changes to my life. I have lived with such discontent as of late yet I knew not why, but I have decided to look at every aspect of my life, and keep what I enjoy and rid my life of anything that is either fake or I deem to be unnecessary. I think this is going to be a very positive part of my life, even if I myself feel so conflicted. Time for me to get down to homework (another part to my change :P)