Bakit everytime na papalapit na ang start ng next school year nagiging issue ang University or school na papasukan ng isang estudyante? Pati yung mga sinasabi na,“ wala sa school yan nasa estudyante yan”. Hindi niyo rin naman pwedeng sabihin yun e. Wala lang feeling ko lang. Para sa kin kasi, nagtutulungan yang dalawa e. Yang school na pinapasukan mo at ang mismong estudyante, magkarugtong sila pareho. Paano kung matalino  ang isang estudyante pero ang quality ng edukasyon na inooffer ng school niya e mababa? Mahihirapan rin siyang makipagsabayan sa mga estudyante ng isang school na mataas ang quality ng pinag-aaralan. Tsaka hindi naman porket tamad ang isang estudyante e bobo na siya. 

Mapua Institute of Technology The IT degree here has ABET Accreditation, which gives them the bragging right of the same level of education rating to those in the United State offering I.T. degree….

Maybe late reaction to this post. But still, We’re on the TOP 5. Haha. 

“it will definitely urge you to think more critically and become more resourceful!” lols, Definitely true. :)

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Aaaaaah I really don't know what to do about my university choices...

Help me please, tumblr? :)

At the moment I have six universities I’m thinking of applying to, but I can only put down five on my UCAS form. I’m having trouble deciding which one to not apply to… :/

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Brandeis University in Boston, Mass, decided not to give an honorary doctorate to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali is an atheist who grew up in  extremely devout Islamic Somalia. She is a fierce critic of Islam, someone who never grew up in such an environment could never really know.

Her book Infidel was a force of nature, talking about her beginnings and the dramatic change from the medieval word of Islamic Somalia until she arrived in secular and Enlightenment Western Europe.

Now, she takes a view of Islam that might even more critical then such atheist thinkers/writers as the late and great Christopher Hitchens.

Such an approach got her doctorate taken away. Islam is a set of beliefs, and a set of beliefs with way too much power in too much parts  the world. It is not like a race or sex.

Religion deserves no inherent respect, none. So she will not get an honorary doctorate at a university afraid of its’ own shadow, but she has achieved and earned so much more.

“Re-reading Mann’s pre-WWI novel in the context of the current economic crisis, there is a striking parallel between Mann’s sanatorium and today’s great educational institutions, safe havens where students worldwide seek comfort.

[…] “By means of the feverish seclusion on the magic mountain, our simple hero is raised to moral, spiritual, and sensual adventures of which he would previously not even have dreamt,” remarks Mann. Such a “story of intensification,” or Geschichte der Steigerung, to use Mann’s phrase, is what university students worldwide aspire to. To live carefree in their campus bubble, experimenting different medicines, different subjects, in the hope to find a glove that fits.

[…] Today, the university microcosm no longer represents a guaranteed lifeline that will lead to a well-paying job. In fact, one might say that they don’t secure employment at all anymore.

[…] So where is the safe haven in contemporary society? Competitive high school to elite university to high-paying job – the formula has been broken.

[…] Thomas Mann’s sanatorium eventually rendered patients incapable of returning to everyday life. It left them in a state of boredom, an anesthesia of the senses. Mann himself refers to the sanatorium as a Lebens-ersatz: a substitute for life.

[…] Mann’s hero finally leaves the sanatorium to fight in the war. Today’s graduates will need to battle for their well-being, exerting themselves and creating their own paths in an evermore competitive market – no quick remedy at hand.”

People who can’t find the jobs they want are settling for something less, pushing the less qualified down the ladder. The biggest losers are the people at the bottom, who get pushed out

Fries with that BA? The declining value of a degree

Ok, here we go again.  Another scathing attack on Arts degrees in the media.  No wonder Arts faculties cut courses.  It makes you wonder if the powers that be who cut funding to Quebec universities figure there is no value in a degree that teaches you life skills and how to think critically, but doesn’t have a perceived direct path to productivity.

ok i apoglize for my tags which have extra letters or dont make sense because im in norway right now and im at my sisters universty and shes let me on the computers in the uni and all of them are norwegin obviously so when i type in English it trys to correect it so i have to purposly spell some Words wrong or itll chånge them to norwegin Words like ‘goo’(With one o ) chånges to 'og’ which is why i have to use 2 o’s lol

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lmao i watched this documentary about sex workers and the prostitute told a woman working in a lingerie shop what was her job and the seller told the prostitue she chooses the “easy” way to make money. lmao like being a seller isnt easy, i dont see you with a doctorat while the prostitute was a student at the universty before being a sex worker

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Since I’m interested in Old stuff and everything related to art “The theatre” is one of my “Fun to look at” books!! It talks about theatre’s history, the costumes and everything in between!
I’ve bought this book last year from Kuwait Universty Book store -Shwaikh.