N. Negovanlis: I also have this memory of summer after first year of Universty of just walking through gay village in Montreal and like being so frustrated that it was tailored more towards men and like the club scene because I was like that’s not me I didn’t know what to do and I was like I want to meet some like older queer women. and I just wanna hear their stories or like understand like how they come out.

Facts about Dylan Bennet Klebold (I meant to do this awhile back. It was also requested by an anon.)

Dylan was born September 11, 1981 in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dylan was 6 ft. 2.5 in. tall.

He was born to Thomas Klebold and Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold. He was the younger brother of Bryon Klebold

Mr. Klebold was 52, Mrs. Klebold was 50, and Byron was 21 at the time the shooting occured.

Dylan attended Normandy Elementary School in 1st and 2nd grade.

He transferred to Governors Ranch Elementary School where he was part of a gifted program called CHIPS. CHIPS stood for challenging high intellectual potential students.

Dylan’s parents told investigators they believed Dylans transition from elementary school to Ken Caryl Middle school had been difficult because he was so quiet and shy. Changing from elementary school to high school is often difficult, so his parents weren’t overly concerned.

In earlier school years, Dylan played T-ball, baseball, and soccer.

He was in Cub Scouts with Brooks Brown. He had known Brown since the first grade.

Dylan met Eric Harris while attending Ken Caryl Middle in the 7th or 8th grade.

Dylan eventually introduced Brooks Brown and Nate Dykman to Eric Harris. All of the boys became good friends.

In 1995, all the boys moved up to Columbine when they went to the 9th grade. The school had just undergone a 15 million dollar makeover.

Dylans participated in school play productions as a light and sound coordinator, video productions, and the CHS Rebel’s news network.

Dylan helped out Rachel Scott when performing “Watch the Lamb.” When the music messed up, Dylan was able to provide a backup tape so the show could continue.

He was also a computer assistant at school and helped maintain the school computer server.

Dylan often played fantasy baseball. Other players said they heard him talking about the plays that would go on the week of 4-20. He had gave no hint he wouldn’t be around after that Tuesday.

Dylans locker was #837

He drove a black 1982 BMW.

Dylans parents claimed they had no idea there was anything wrong with him. Years later, Dylan’s parents admitted to looking over the facts of how unhappy he really was. They said they had not seen clues that were there the whole time.

Dylan had planned on going to the Universty of Arizona and studying computer science. On March 25, 1999 the whole family drove to Arizona to pick his dorm room.

Columbine had their prom on 4/17/199. Dylan went with his friend Robyn K. Anderson. Dylan and Robyn went to the event as friends and NOT love interested. It was reported by Nake Dykman there was no indication about what was to come and the night went “perfect.”

Robyn Anderson had been a “middleman” who had helped Eric and Dylan purchase the guns used in the shooting.

It was reported that Eric Harris had a strong influence on Dylan.

Others who knew Dylan described him as “painfully shy,” but not quick to anger. The memories of his shy manner were not reported by those who knew him best in the months before the shooting. He and Eric had got into trouble many times while working together at Blackjack Pizza. Dylan was once written up for bringing a pipebomb to work. He quit shortly after, but was rehired when Blackjack needed Employees.

After Nate Dykman had witnessed Dylan making a purchase behind Blackjack pizza, Dylan admitted to him he had bought a gun.

Weeks before the shooting, Dylan had wrote a graphically violent school report. The teacher refused to grade the paper until she talked to him about it. The teacher told his parents about the report. Eric’s explaination was “it’s just writing.” His explanation was accepted easily by his parents.

Dylans parents fully cooperated with the police following the shooting. At first they refused to release Dylans autopsy. It has been released since.

Other evidence confiscated by police includes 5 tapes the teens recorded in the basement of Eric’s home. In the video, we can see Dylan is no follower to Eric and clearly wants to hurt people on his own desire. He and Eric both rant about the “stuck up bitches” they go school with. They refer to two by name: Rachel and Jen.

There was controversy over Dylans death as he had shot himself in the left temple. At first, it was believed Dylan was right hand. Therefore, he would have shot himself in the right temple. Later it was confirmed by Dylans family he was left handed. As we see in the videos, Dylan does shoot the gun with his left hand.

fluid motions i

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characters: min yeri (oc), jeon jungkook, min suga (brother) and more!

pairing: college!jungkook x oc

genre: fluff, angst, mature themes (drugs, swearing, eventual smut)

chapter 1/2/?

word count: 4k

summary: starting afresh at Seoul National University, driving her passion for swimming forward, Yeri has attained the sturdy course of Sports Ed. as her four-year study.

During Yeri’s first week, it’s trouble at home but nervous glances and sweaty palms as she meets bio-engineering student Jeon Jungkook, who is currently living on campus. Jungkook was everything the perfect male college student was. Tall, lean, smart, not necessarily on the football team but he was something that Yeri almost yearned for.

The only problem was keeping this whole thing a secret from her asshole, drug-addict brother, Min Yoongi.

a/n: hi, angel here! this will be my first chaptered fic i’m posting here on tumblr so i hope you guys like it! it won’t be more than 10 parts (hopefully)! i’ll also be opening requests for small drabbles for a short time too so you guys get to be more familiar with my writing! enjoy :)

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Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 03

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                  ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02

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note i remember the first time i wrote for chimchim was for my bestie , it was a great experience check it out if you’d like  why he read my diary

good luck for tomorrow @pinkrima

**chap 3 Accident !

Min yoongi pov

it’s been three months now and finally y/N was getting better i really don’t want to remember any of that bad days after she found out about her ex-best friend pregnancy even she tried hard to be strong she would never hide of me -me her best friend

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I’m back againnnn !!! well, this week only I got nothing to do so I finished it before stop doing translation for about 2 week (universty things + I want lazy around + fangirling chikage like there’s no tomorrow)

ahh…Then again I rumbling around…just go to main point

Like always english and japanese aren’t my first language ( all of you definitely know it from long ago) so bear with it

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Clexa AU fanfic recs

Finished multichapter:

Amnesia Modern AU! Lexa has been in an accident and can’t remember that she and Clarke broke up. (So good omg, all the feels)

The system high school AU!  Clarke gets sentenced to do community service, and there she meets Lexa. Lexa thinks Clarke is a spoiled princess and Clarke thinks Lexa is beautiful. Only time will tell if Clarke can change Lexa’s mind about her. (so good! lots of feels, lots of cuteness, and the most amazing Griiffin parentals you will ever meet in your life)

We looked like giants College roommate AU! Lexa is Octavia’s cousin and moves in as the fourth roommate, Clarke is a happy bisexual. (Funny, sweet, fluff, semismutty)

We are bad at dating AU modern AU! Series of oneshots where Clarke and Lexa are bad at dating, or better said bad at dating anyone but each other. (Sweet, cute, short and snappy and a teeny bit of smutty goodness)

Unsung heart Modern AU! Clarke is a medical student and she gets to know Lexa, singer of a band and they become instant BFFs, only Lexa is crushing on her new bff really bad, but Clarke is straight, or is she? Spoiler she isn’t. (probably the best fic I have ever read! There is discovering your sexual preference, there is love, there is angst, there is smut, and it is so good) CHECK THE WORK IN PROGRESS SECTION FOR THE LINK FOR A SERIES OF ONESHOTS FROM CLARKE POV

The blind side of love moviestar/starving artist AU! Lexa is a famous movie star who seems to have everything but is actually very lonely. Clarke is a starving art student who is unhappy in her relationship, but all that changes when they start talking to each other via email. (It’s good, it’s long, and Bellamy is awesome in this)

She Universty roommates AU! Clarke is known as the party girl, Lexa is known as the arrogant nerd. But when they become roommates they discover that each of them has their reasons for being the way that they are. (Sad/angsty Clarke, Lexa needs a hug, reaaalllly good!)


home is in your arms (this little moment of ours). Modern AU! Clarke can’t resist cuddling a sleeping Lexa (just cuteness)

High as a kite Semi-canon aka Lexa isn’t dead AU! Lexa is injured and has a reaction to the medication. (A little funny but mostly feelingsy)

Your love is my drug (i’m so high) Modern AU! Lexa just had surgery and she’s so high on pain medicine she forgot who Clarke was. (so funny and fluffy!)

out of mind High school AU! Lexa is new at school and Clarke can read minds. (fluffy cuteness)

How it ends Semi canon aka Lexa isn’t dead AU! Lexa is a vague bitch and tells Clarke how it ends. (very good but very sad, NO LESBIAN WAS KILLED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FIC)

Work in progress:

Oblivion has its enticements High school AU! Very angsty, very sad, a little difficult to get into if it isn’t your thing)

Help I need somebody (not just anybody) universoty AU! Clarke has started volunteering at the peer support hotline at her university, and Lexa is a smol sad bean that deserves to be protected and cuddled at all cost. (Sad and sweet, and amazingly well developed minor characters too, the whole gang is there).

Little orphan Anya CEO/Assistent AU! Lexa is a young CEO trying to become the mayor of new york, Clarke is her personal assistent and suggests she adopts a kid, which is Anya. (Sounds harsher than it is, actually it is very cute and fluffy for the most time)

Song in my head Unsung heart but from Clarke’s point of view. (read it, read it READ IT!)

In full color Soulmate AU! When your soulmate says your name you start to see the world in colour, but Lexa doesn’t want a soulmate, and Clarke doesn’t know she has one. (smol sad bean Lexa, cute and angsty)

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golden-sunflowerr  asked:

Hi I had a question, I'm a freshman in high school and I haven't been doing very well in school and my gpa is low its in the 2's and my dream is to go to johnhopkins universty but I don't know how to study could you help me please😊

 Hey! A short answer would be: read your books, always do practice questions and homework. Ask for help when you feel like you’re a little bit behind. Make flashcards for term memorization. Sit down and shut down your electronics to avoid temptation.

Here are some posts to help you get started :

25 Inforgraphics with Tips and Tricks for Studying (mine are featured!)

~ What helps us memorize stuff better

~ Avoiding Procrastination

~ Studying for Finals: some ideas

~ Stress Relief

~ The Pro’s and Con’s of Multitasking

~ Studying for Math

~ The Power of Naps

~ A FUN psych fact

~ Ways to prepare for a test

~ Studying for a Foreign Language class

~ Preparing for Exams

~ Conquering Science 

~ Note-Taking Techniques

~ How to Improve your Test Scores