No, having an abortion isn’t linked to anxiety and depression

  • Abortion opponents want women to believe terminating a pregnancy won’t just lead to regret, but wider mental health issues as well.
  • Informational pamphlets distributed in nine states allege abortion is linked to anxiety and depression.
  • According to the Atlantic, a handout provided to patients in Texas suggests undergoing the procedure may lead to “depression or thoughts of suicide.”
  • A new study from the University of California, San Francisco sheds doubt on these claims.
  • “We found no evidence that women who have abortions risk developing depression, anxiety or low self-esteem as a result of the abortion,” said UCSF social psychologist M. Antonia Biggs in a press release.
  • In fact, after interviewing and observing 956 women, Biggs said her team found the opposite to be true. Read more

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"Many families would love to adopt the baby".

Here is my response to people who suggest that pregnant women, under any circumstances, should carry out a pregnancy because ‘many families would love to adopt that baby’.

A 2014 study by the University of California, San Francisco found that hospital charges for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery ranged from $3,296 to $37,227, depending on the hospital. This is not including the price of ultrasounds and doctors visits leading up to the birth. Completing a pregnancy could cost tens of thousands of dollars to someone uninsured. A woman could be in debt for the rest of her life for having a baby she didn’t even want. Now let’s say a woman was raped and impregnated. This woman could end up in unbearable financial debt for the rest of her life that will be an extra reminder of a horrible trauma.

Now, there are currently 400,000 children in foster care without families. No, 'many families’ would NOT love to adopt this hypothetical baby. This baby would likely end up in the brutal foster care system, living in horrible circumstances where they may be on the receiving end of abuse, and where they will likely have no guidance to help them create a financially stable life for themselves upon being kicked out of foster care.

So when you say women should not be able to have an abortion early into pregnancy, you are saying a bundle of cells is more important than a woman being in immense debt for the rest of her life. This bundle of cells is so important to you, until it becomes an actual child who will have no family and have a life full of hardships. You care more about CELLS than you care about REAL, LIVE PEOPLE.

THIS is an issue. THIS is a problem.

So many of you are so incredibly naive when it comes to the right to have an abortion. You all claim that pro-choicer’s are savages who want fetuses ripped violently from the womb at 6 months. NOBODY FEELS THIS WAY. THIS IS NOT A REAL THING. Late-term abortions are only legal in situations where the child is severely disabled and will not have a chance. IT IS THE HUMANE THING TO DO. Should a woman, who is told at 6 months into pregnancy that her baby will die within moments of birth, with their brain on the outside of their skull, be forced to remain pregnant for the next three months, dragging out her terrible loss? Absolutely not. Doctors induce a pregnancy, and allow the woman to give birth to her child and hold it. Or they inject the baby through the womb to stop its heart and then remove it. NOBODY IS TEARING APART LIMB FROM LIMB A LIVING BABY. And NOBODY DECIDES AT 6 MONTHS THEY NO LONGER WANT A BABY! Late term abortions are done to WANTED babies. DO NOT SHAME GRIEVING MOTHERS FROM A DECISION THEY HAD TO MAKE.

Please, open your eyes. Educate yourselves. Do research. Listen to the DOCTORS who are sharing this information, who are far more educated than you on the subject.

Our people are living in poverty, our people cannot get jobs regardless of tens of thousands spent on degrees, our people cannot afford the healthcare they need, our soldiers are being sent to die in illegal wars, our people are paying high taxes while the rich are paying less than the poor, our people are being jailed for smoking a harmless plant while rapists get parole. THESE ARE ISSUES. THIS IS WHAT MATTERS.


SO for my final for sound design 1 we had to recreate the sounds and voices for a movie scene of our choosing. Me and my group did Big Hero 6! We worked hella hard on this and had fun while doing so. Enjoy!

Lesbian History:

Diane Sabin

  • lesbian feminist activist in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • founded Sabin Chiropractic, a community clinic in the Castro
  • does activist work to improve the health of lesbians and the LGBT community through representation in the larger health care institutions and research
  • Executive Director of the Lesbian Health & Research Center (LHRC) at the University of California, San Francisco, Associate Director for the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health
  • co-founded 100 Lesbians and Our Friends, a lesbian philanthropic community initiative. The group held periodic meetings modeled after lesbian pot luck or CR groups, designed to re-educate women about the power of philanthropic giving. The philosophy was that girls are miseducated about their relationship to money from early youth and needed to rethink how they used their economic power and how they might support each other
  • serves on the board of directors for the National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • responsible for the production of the early San Francisco Pride stage in the 1980s

BONUS: has been with her partner Jewelle Gomez since 1993, married in 2008

One of my favorite places to catch a couple of hours of work: Workshop Cafe in the financial district of San Francisco. Designed for people who prefer working from a coffee shop, this location provides the perfect environment for productivity.

My dad just sent me this photo he took of me in front of a mural I painted back in 2001. It was in the faculty lounge of the University of San Francisco. I snuck  in a year later and they had painted over it! Too edgy I guess.

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Will you be raising Tate gluten free? What do you think about sourdough vs whole wheat bread!

organic wheat for the majority of wheat.  I love all types.  Bread is life, just not the kind covered in shitty chemicals that they lie and say don’t get absorbed, but when everyone’s urine is tested they find them in their urine…

93% of the urine tested by the University of California San Francisco lab tested positive for glyphosate residues.