I am trying to decide what classes to take next term, as possibly my last classes EVER, and for sure my last classes as an undergrad.

I HAVE to take culture and ideas.  black death to the french revolution.  Same teacher as part 2 had over the summer, shouldn’t be too challenging or too fun, but it has to be taken, so it shall be.

I HAVE to take two studios, but I have 3 choices.

1 - advanced photography.  I am in it now, but I can repeat for credit.  I’ll still be working in the photo lab, so it makes some kind of sense to take it again and keep a focus that I can talk about in job interviews.  But the prof also doesn’t change the assignments much from term to term, so I wouldn’t really learn anything new and challenging.

2 - printmaking.  I really want to take it, I feel like I would make some really excellent art.  and Victor teaches it, which is awesome, because he is super cool and everyone loves him.  It’s also an evening class, and really expensive.

3 - digital media.  I know how to do this stuff, I usually enjoy doing it, and it’s cheap.  I wanted to take it this term but it wasn’t offered.  I don’t really know the prof or anything, but it does help me keep my contemporary art literacy up.

SO, knowing what you do about me and how I roll, which 2 do you think I should take?  which 2 would you take?

edit: and whatever class I do not register for, I will not take at all.  because space is SO limited (like, physical space, not just number allowed in the class) art classes don’t really allow anyone to sit-in on the class or anything like that.


Today in class we had someone come in to give a lecture about “media” and at one point she started to mention tumblr. She asked “So how many of you go on tumblr? Let me rephrase that- I  your shoelaces…” so i screamed from the back of the auditorium “THANKS I GOT THEM FROM THE PRESIDENT”

The amount of joy she displayed when I said that was just so precious 

Today is A Very Potter Musical's opening show!

If you’re in the Windsor area, come see A Very Potter Musical at the Jackman Centre at the University of Windsor today at 2pm or tomorrow at 6pm. 

I’ll be playing Hermione Granger :) The amount of product I’ve had to put in my hair this week to make it frizzy makes me solely responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. 

All proceeds from the show go to the Sick Kids Hospital in London, Ontario. 

Tours Tuesday and Wednesday to provide introduction to Leddy Library

Start the school year on the right foot (and then the left) with a tour of the Leddy Library and see what you’ve been missing!

Tours leave from the building’s lobby every hour on the hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, September 19 and 20.

The tour takes about 20 minutes and includes a walk around the Leddy Main and West buildings. Guides stop at service points to explain borrowing policies, collections and help services.

“It’s a great way to become familiar with the basic services and physical layout of the Leddy Library,” says librarian Mita Williams. “Please join us!”

Credit: UWindsor Daily News