Guys, my cousin has been missing since Sunday morning. If anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area has any information, please contact the police. He was last seen at The Flats at the University of North Florida wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. Any bit of information helps.

Hope you don’t mind me making this public! It makes it a lot easier to respond and I can respond with more information.

  • If you plan on bringing a car and want to save on gas, I would definitely bring a bike. It’s much easier than traveling via shuttle and there are bike racks all over campus. It’s also useful for riding to and from the Town Center (I’ve done this, it’s really not as dangerous as it seems). Also, since there is a shuttle that goes from the UNF library to the town center, you can cheat the system and just park your car then then ride on campus.
  • There are always movies playing at the student union so if you want to save money and don’t mind waiting a few months after it has been released, you can see them there for free! 
  • For financial aid, if you have any questions definitely just go to One Stop rather than calling and emailing. I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes and still no one answered the phone. And it’s usually just easier to ask the person face to face (though that’s just me personally) 
  • My dorm experience involved living in the Fountains for Summer B of 2011 and  Crossings for Fall 2011 - Spring 2012. I actually applied very late for the Crossings and ended up with a nice room on the third floor way in the back. It was great because I didn’t have to worry about my room being broken into or any noise pollution.
  • Get a mini-fridge and go grocery shopping for food rather buying it on campus or getting a meal plan. I know UNF claims to have healthy meal options, but you’re much better off (and you save a lot more money) buy shopping at the Publix down the road. If you’re really into saving money, definitely check out those sale adds, especially their buy one get one free. 
  • Also when it comes to eating (ignore this if you don’t like cooking/can’t cook) try to get a cheap rice cooker or even a crock pot! They are allowed as long as you don’t keep it plugged in when not in use. Trust me, cooking with these two things is super easy and they can make a ton of meals. You should also bring an average sized pan, skillet and some simple cooking utensils as well. Both the Crossings and Fountains have nice kitchen areas. I don’t have experience with the others however.
  • Of course bring a microwave! Toasters are also allowed although the same rule applies with the rice cooker and crock pot.
  • UNF dorms do have wifi, however where my dorm was located meant it didn’t have a good connection. If this does happen, the dorms do have two plugs in the walls to use ethernet cords. Yeah it's inconvenient, but it’s better than sitting in the library.
  • I used the washing machines in The Crossings and never had an issue with people stealing my clothes or my clothes getting damaged! It’s a tad expensive, but it really works. I never had a problem with them smelling bad also.
  • If you are ever sick, don’t hesitate to go to the clinic on campus! A friend and I have been there and had really good experiences. I have issues with reoccurring urinary tract infections and for a diagnosis an prescription it was only $10! They also told me that the medicine I was prescribed is free at Publix, which was really neat.
  • Student Government gives away free Scantrons of all colors and Blue Books at the Student Union, which really saves you from having to buy them before the test. Personally, I stock up on them at the beginning of the semester because I get on campus right before my classes and don’t have time.
  • The LGBT center has some really great, friendly people and if you’re ever in need, they supply free condoms! They even tell you which condoms should be used for what (like not using flavored condoms for vaginal sex)
  • Be friendly to your barista at Starbucks. I order soymilk in my iced coffee, which is usually charged extra. But because I hit it off with a barista who really likes Harry Potter, she usually doesn’t count it!
  • I don’t care what major you have, take Nancy Soderberg’s Global Issues class. She has a Wikipedia page, that’s how important she was. She is a great professor and person and will help you when it comes to internships. I know people who got to intern in see Tanzania, Thailand, France and the White House because of her. 
  • Professors to take along with the classes they teach (that I was in): Albright (Earth Science), Fenner (Intro to Philosophy), Mao (Astronomy lab - this is if you take astronomy! If so, take Anderson. The other professor who’s name I don’t know is bad), Soderberg (Global Issues in Contemporary politics) and if you decide you want to take Chinese for some reason, choose Wu.
  • Wait until your first class to buy the textbook. Sometimes the book store supplies the wrong one or you don’t need the book at all! This is especially important if you don’t have a book voucher.
  • The ACE center is great and take advantage of it!
  • Make sure to look at what classes your major will need later on because being a business major may sound fun but taking accounting and calculus classes is not.

This is all I can think of. If I have any more, I’ll let you know! If anyone wants to add or has a comment about something I said (some people may have more or different experience with dorms, professors, parking, etc than I and it’s good to hear all perspectives!) please feel free to add!