WTNV - Ep 58 - Monolith


2. What skill of Michael Sandero’s proved to be invaluable to the Michigan offense?

5. The monolith appears to be made from this type of colored rock (2 words)

9. “You’re finally free to be the ___ ___ you’ve always dreamed of being.”

12. Alicia’s Bichon Frise is the size of what kind of car?

13. According to Carlos’s quote, what item does God kick up the sidewalk?

14. What did Night Vale abolish long ago?

15. The City Council reminded us that this person is a CIA created myth

17. Juanita Jefferson is the head of which organization protesting the monolith? (4 words)


1. Today’s sponsor is silent self ___

3. According to Carlos how often do the constellations change in the desert otherworld? (2 words)

4. God is fidgety because he recently quit what?

6. Cecil thinks that he hasn’t had a vacation since he visited this country

7. Those who still worship old gods showed off rocks wrapped in strips of what?

8. The opening ceremony for the revitalized Old Town Drawbridge will be a collective shared ___ on Wednesday afternoon

10. How long have you been unconscious? (2 words)

11. What color does the monolith start to glow?

13. The City Council were drinking what a ___ colored beverage out of a pineapple

16. Cecil describes the monolith as having what kind of geometry?

18. Cecil told Carlos that he would stop saying that he is ___ in the desert otherworld

19. How many years from completion is the revitalization of the Old Town Drawbridge project?

Jeremy Young, MSE BSE Student, runs a cylinder combustion simulation in the Michigan Immersive Digital Experience Nexus (MIDEN) in the UM3D Lab Digital Media Commons in the Duderstadt Center on June 10, 2015.

The simulation allows for Young to visualize and measure velocity of fluids of different volume points of a cylinder combustion engine.

Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications and Marketing


In her “wild garden,” Lynn Conway is an architect, but only inasmuch she shapes the landscape to both enjoy and encourage a healthy natural environment. Conway has been this kind of architect for much of her life. From her contributions to the evolution of computing, to her gender transition, to her advocacy work with LGBT awareness and understanding, Conway has and continues to encourage positive growth by questioning the status quo and finding new ways forward.

This video was produced as a companion to a written story, “Life, Engineered: How Lynn Conway reinvented her world and ours.” Both are part of a digital multimedia experience to be explored here:

Lynn Conway is a professor emerita in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Produced by Marcin Szczepanski and Evan Dougherty / Michigan Engineering Multimedia Producers